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  1. This was Jim Kelly's first game for the Bills in 1986. He drove on the opening drive to throw a TD pass to Greg Bell, giving the Bills a 7-0 lead vs. the Jets. Unfortunately, they went on to lose the game 28-24. This would be a great game to post the video of the week we play the Jets at home this year. Who is that poster who does these threads?! [Edit: the poster is @Buffalo03.]
  2. Indy is actually quite close to the south; less than two hours from Louisville, Kentucky. [BTW, Cincinnati is even closer.] Yep, long time rivalry with the Bills and Patriots.
  3. I like them for Good Morning Football. And I like them better than watching ESPN all day.
  4. Except Allen can throw in the rain. Not so sure about Lamar.
  5. I see your point and respect it. They are healthier and Harbaugh is a great coach. But Josh is also on fire (currently leads the NFL in passing yards) and the Bills play great on the road. And how is Baltimore going to perform in potential rain? So, I guess I am a homer, but I revise my prediction to Bills 27, Ravens 24, lol. Bills win a one-score game!
  6. Really surprised at all the posters here saying Baltimore will win. The Bills are clearly the better team. In the Miami game, there were at least four fluke plays: The Gabe Davis dropped TD Allen missing a wide-open McKenzie for a TD The Milano dropped pick-six Bass missing a very makeable field goal Not all four will ever happen again in the same game. If it weren't those four plays, the Bills win at Miami easily by 22 or so, even with all the injuries. The Miami win reminds of the New England loss last year. It spurred the Bills into action. Plus, they will be even more motivated after Miami loses Thursday. So, I say Bills 31, Baltimore 17.
  7. This may have already been posted, but OJ says everything will be ok. Whew, I now am relieved.
  8. Denver with Russell Wilson has been super exciting this season. I am sure glad the NFL is featuring them in so many prime-time games this season.
  9. Yep. Tie-breakers do not apply until the season is over. (And, I might add, ESPN's and others' playoff standings at this early point is stupid.)
  10. You always make good jokes when applicable and insightful comments. Posters like you-- that's why I like this board so much! 👍
  11. I wish for a solid recovery for all these players injured. It's a difficult situation for them. I'm officially depressed.
  12. Two of the five Pro Football Hall of Fame "Best. Football. Day. Ever." tailgate watch parties this fall will feature the Bills: 1. October 7, 10 AM-4 PM - Buffalo at Baltimore with Hall of Famer Joe DeLamielleure in attendance - Oktoberfest themed: https://www.profootballhof.com/Events/2022/10/Bills-at-Ravens-—-Best-Football-Day-Ever "Beers. Brats. Bills. Presented by Visit Canton and Coors Light. "Best Football Day Ever" for Week 4 of the NFL Season is an Oktoberfest themed edition. General museum admission gets you access to tour the museum all day, watch the Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens on our state-of-the-art, 36-foot-by-10-foot high-definition screen and the chance to enjoy a tailgate-like atmosphere with complimentary food, interactive games, DJ B-NYCE and the opportunity to watch the game will Bills Hall of Famer JOE DELAMIELLEURE.(Opens in a new window) Beverages will be available for purchase. Doors will open early as we invite you to join us for a live broadcast of "WOIO’s Tailgate 19" featuring Browns legend Josh Cribbs." 2. November 20 - 10 AM-4 PM - Cleveland at Buffalo [NFL Hall of Famer(s) present to be determined] - Thanksgiving themed: https://www.profootballhof.com/events/2022/11/browns-vs-bills-—-best-football-day-ever/ "Two legendary franchises and proud fan bases collide Nov. 20. This Thanksgiving themed event is presented by Visit Canton and Coors Light. General museum admission gets fans access to tour the museum all day, watch the Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills on our state-of-the-art, 36-foot-by-10-foot high-definition screen and the chance to enjoy a tailgate-like atmosphere with complimentary food, interactive games, DJ B-NYCE and the opportunity to watch their favorite team with NFL legends in attendance. Beverages will be available for purchase. Doors will open early as we invite you to join us for a live broadcast of "WOIO’s Tailgate 19" featuring Browns legend Josh Cribbs." The three other Hall of Fame watch parties will be: Chicago at Dallas October 30 (spooky themed featuring Jimbo Covert and Charles Hailey) Green Bay at Detroit November 6 ("say cheese" themed event featuring LeRoy Butler) Cleveland at Cincinnati and Baltimore at Pittsburgh December 11 (holidays themed)
  13. And bad (or at best average) ones too. I just saw Trevor Lawrence in a Gatorade spot. What has he done to earn that? LOL.
  14. It was funny seeing Tony Gonzalez wearing gloves and a scarf when the other three didn't even look cold. Gonzalez should be used to a little cooler weather as he played in KC.
  15. Baltimore is 0-6 all-time at New England during the regular season. I hope it goes to 0-7. I don't want a tough AFC rival winning. I don't consider New England a serious threat (hope I am not wrong with this).
  16. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2022/09/21/cole-beasley-tampa-bay-bucs-tom-brady-nfl-injuries-breshad-perriman/ "Beasley didn’t have Brady’s phone number, so he said he hit up the Bucs quarterback on Instagram. “I’m going to be honest, I was hitting him up a lot. I slid into his (direct messages) for sure,” Beasley said. “I’m sure a lot of guys do that. It’s been awhile. He didn’t really say anything until recently. “I’ve been wanting to play with Brady for a long time, so it’s exciting for me. I’m excited for the opportunity and just ready to get back at it. You know, it’s a humbling experience kind of waiting this long. It’s the first time I’ve never been through a (training) camp. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”"
  17. Maybe he was the best available player who knew our system?? We already have Duke on the PS. Not sure.
  18. I mentioned in an earlier post he would get poached from our PS, and some people here laughed at that thought.
  19. Yes, he would be placed on the suspended list for that one game and the Bills could replace him, just like someone is taking the pace of Andre Smith right now, who is under suspension.
  20. Yeah, I haven't read the entire thread, but I heard of SiriusXM radio today speculation (don't know who it was) that Hart may be cut by McBeane, since they may not consider him a high character guy now. McD wants his players to be available when needed. They said he is not a main player, so they could afford to release him. I have no idea what will happen, but just am reporting. what I heard.
  21. Yep, his would be nominated by the senior committee since this is his 25th season of retirement. His last year of regular eligibility was for this past class. https://www.profootballhof.com/news/2022/24-finalists-named-for-class-of-2023-in-seniors,-coach-contributor-categories/ "In separate elections announced Wednesday, the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Seniors Committee and its Coach/Contributor Committee have reduced their respective lists for consideration for the Class of 2023 to 12 Finalists each. In the Seniors category, the Finalists are: Ken Anderson, Maxie Baughan, Randy Gradishar, Chuck Howley, Cecil Isbell, Joe Klecko, Bob Kuechenberg, Eddie Meador, Tommy Nobis, Ken Riley, Sterling Sharpe and Everson Walls."
  22. https://www.profootballhof.com/news/2022/129-modern-era-nominees-announced-for-pro-football-hall-of-fame’s-class-of-2023/ "Those making the list for consideration for the first time include running back Chris Johnson, offensive linemen Jahri Evans and Joe Thomas, defensive lineman Dwight Freeney, linebackers NaVorro Bowman and James Harrison, defensive backs Kam Chancellor and Darrelle Revis and punter Shane Lechler. " Formers Bills nominated are G Ruben Brown, LB London Fletcher, and K Gary Anderson (played for us only in the pre-season of 1982 before we cut him). 25 semi-finalists will be announced in November.
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