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  1. I actually thought you were joking,,,until I saw @Buffalo716's post below yours and then looked it up. I don't often see you joke, so I was impressed.
  2. And NBC 10 in Boston. So what are the nicknames for Mac jJones? On this board alone, I have heard: Mac Noodle Mac 'n Cheese Hack Jones Meh Jones McCorkle Also, someone had a good one in the game thread yesterday, but forgot what it was.
  3. Thanks...and lol. They also must have loosened the drumsticks, because you have to put in some effort to pull them off.
  4. Buffalo is 0-2 all time on Thanksgiving vs. Detroit. In 1976, OJ Simpson set the single-game record for a Thanksgiving game for most rushing yards, with 273 yards on 29 rushes, with two TD's. At the time, it was also the most ever rushing yards in a game. He also did it against Detroit's number-one ranked defense. Unfortunately, the Bills lost 27-14. What a "Billsy" thing to do. Your running back rushes for 273 yards, and you lose???????? How is this even possible? Buffalo QB Gary Mangini was 4 for 21 for 29 yards, 0 TD's, and one interception. His Detroit counterpart, Greg Landry, was 8 for 20 for 143 yards, two TD's, and one interception. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/197611250det.htm At least the Detroit fans cheered ecstatically for OJ's feat (easier to do when your team is winning). This is a short clip of OJ's highlights from the game, from 6:32 to the end:
  5. Bet they wish they had kept Geno Smith. I hope Wilson returns in time to play the Bills.
  6. I feel sorry for UK fans who get New Orleans at SF for the late Sunday game, not the Rams at KC. Makes no sense. No, we get Tracy Wolfson:
  7. It should be pretty much automatic he gets in this class. The committee has never failed to vote in a seniors or contributors finalist presented to them. They vote on each one, and he just needs to get 80% of the vote to be enshrined.
  8. I wish the NFL would be like MLB, where cold-weather locations often don't have late March/early April series at home, like the NY Yankees. It would be very difficult and undesirable to do in the NFL though, unless teams like Buffalo would be scheduled for no home games November-January.
  9. Yeah, he was last eligible for the Moder Era nominees for the Class of 2022. This year, he didn't even make it to the semi-finals as a first-time senior. Chuck Howley, Joe Klecko, and Ken Riley are the three senior nominees for this year, and each needs 80% of the votes to get in in January.
  10. Because the NFL thought Denver would be their nemesis this year. They still have to play them twice, as well as the Raiders, who were also supposed to be good.
  11. First Year of Eligibility (5 players): offensive linemen: Jahri Evans and Joe Thomas defensive lineman: Dwight Freeney linebacker: James Harrison defensive back: Darrelle Revis All Modern-Era Semi-Finalists (28 players): CB Eric Allen DE Jared Allen OT Willie Anderson DB Ronde Barber WR Anquan Boldin WR Henry Ellard - final year of regular eligibility; first time making it to the semi-finals G Jahri Evans LB London Fletcher - first time making it to the semi-finals; former Buffalo Bills player DE Dwight Freeney LB James Harrison S Rodney Harrison PR/KR/WR Devin Hester WR Torry Holt WR Andre Johnson CB Albert Lewis - final year of regular eligibility DE/LB Robert Mathis CB Darrelle Revis WR Steve Smith Sr. RB Fred Taylor OT Joe Thomas LB Zach Thomas WR Hines Ward DE/LB DeMarcus Ware RB Ricky Watters WR Reggie Wayne DT Vince Wilfork LB Patrick Willis S Darren Woodson Already Nominated as Finalists: Seniors: Ken Riley Joe Klecko Chuck Howley Contributor: Don Coryell The committee will trim down the Modern-Era semi-finalists to 15 finalists in January, then to 10 then 5 at the Super Bowl.
  12. Wow...I love that image. Helps me understand a lot. Thank you for posting that. I'm sorry for your condition, but it's good that people who are color blind can usually see some colors/shades.
  13. I think they would still pick up the digital signals with a converter antenna. I remember the FCC giving a credit to anyone who purchased one in the late oughts. EDIT: also, people who are color-blind would only be able to see in grayscale I think (or monochrome?), even with a color TV.
  14. Yes, wouldn't silver vs. white cause problems if anyone still uses a black and white TV? I know in the color rush game vs. the Jets (Bills in all red and Jets in all green) in 2014 I think it was, the announcer apologized to fans using a black and white TV since they wouldn't be able to tell the teams apart.
  15. Someone posted this in the Lions forum. They said the Lions should not blitz Josh Allen, as he is the best in the NFL under pressure according to this chart. This is awesome if true. We have the best QB in the NFL.
  16. Michael Jordan = Chiago Bulls MVP Jordan Poyer = Buffalo Bills MVP thus: Michael Jordan Poyer = super MVP
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