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  1. I had legit forgotten who their QB was, thanks for reminding me. 😅
  2. Opposing linebackers, mostly.
  3. This staff is very strong at coaching up the secondary. They get average play out of sub-average players, get above-average play out of JAG's and can unlock elite play in those who are truly gifted. However they replace Levi, we'll be fine. The only question is whether his play declines in Pitt.
  4. Kinda negates the "poison pill" aspect of it. But of course the player has to be on board as well.
  5. I think all three guys didn't get fair shakes as head coach. Not one them has anything to do with race, though. It's just at any given time 80% of the teams in this league are run incompetently, negligently, or both. Black, white or whatever else, the fact is if you're a head coach in this league there's a high likelihood you're gong to flame out for reasons far beyond your control. It's a shame, but it is what it is.
  6. Agreed, Diggs didn't get to the top of his game through sheer physical prowess, he honed his craft to do it. While I think that means no one will ever call him the "best" in the game at any given time, I think he's going to be a lot less prone to falling off a cliff than the rest of the names on that list. Looks really good stacked up to those mega deals.
  7. Hey this defense mechanism has served me damn well over the years! Actually... no, it hasn't. Every loss during the drought still pissed me the ***** right off.
  8. Seems like a fair deal for a guy with a limited body of work but who has shown upside and really helped our line get it's s--- together to end the year. When this whole ordeal started I thought it was foolish not to just give him the 2nd round tender and be done with it, but if the Bills wanted to keep Bates long term but weren't sure of his market value, letting him test FA with the security blanket of a first-refusal tender makes the most sense. It's a "player friendly" thing to do as well, which counts for some of these guys as well.
  9. If Beane is penciling in guys to start who aren't under contract, we need to revoke his "wizard" status ASAP! 😅
  10. I think it's pretty telling how many elite quarterbacks playing on a market value contract have won the SB over the last 20 years. Aside from Brady's Tampa ring and maybe Peyton's year with the Bronco's, are there any others? I think Roethlisberger signed a new contract before his second SB win, but I can't recall whether that was a top tier contract or not. Rodgers got a new post-rookie deal before winning his ring, but that deal didn't even come close to what Romo had gotten the year before, so I'm sure that wasn't top dollar for the time either.
  11. I have to imagine the Vikings could structure a deal such that the Bills couldn't match it, just like we did when we signed Charles Clay. Not that I expect him to command anything exorbitant, but it can definitely be structured in a way that's too pesky for the Bills to "match."
  12. Geez it's like Bryant Johnson all over again. Say it ain't say so, Beane! I can't go back to the days where we're spurned by tier C free agents! 😭
  13. I think Beane is open to big moves, but I also think he's the kind of negotiator who sets a "hard cap" on what he's willing to invest in a move, and if the other party doesn't operate within his parameters he moves on. It seems like we're often connected to FA name players and potential trades without the trigger being pulled, and I think the answer is that Beane truly was looking at those players but only within the confines of what he wanted to spend. It's pragmatic, but not very exciting.
  14. There's no doubt. Flores is a talented coach and he obviously got a raw deal with that clusterf*** of an organization and owner, but bringing a lawsuit against multiple teams while also playing the race card was an absolute boneheaded decision if he really wanted to be a head coach again.
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