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  1. I mean, honestly outside of the Patriots who just dominate year after year, this is how most teams end up in the post-season. Look at the Carolina Panthers 15-1 super bowl year. Their schedule was soft as hell, especially intra-division. Can the Bills repeat success year after year? Don't know. But this year, they look to be among the best in the business.
  2. Guy could probably start on an XFL team. Maybe.
  3. More like every year. The guy sells out for interceptions but is brutal any time he's not picking the ball off.
  4. Allen is a great weapon from five yards out because he can roll out and the defense has to either commit to stopping his run or stay disciplined against the pass. Either way its an almost guaranteed score. McKenzie on the jet sweep feels like it's been an auto-TD down there as well.
  5. The biggest thing that’s going to work against him playing Sunday is that he’s going to miss most all team work this week, and McD is a very conservative coach, esp regarding injuries and preparation. If he thinks Barkley is “better prepared” from the full week of reps he’s getting this week, he’ll start Barkley even if Josh is medically cleared to play.
  6. Sack moved him back 5 yards. Pats lineman jumped illegally, no flag. And a lot of fans tend to underestimate how difficult New Era is to kick in. You see good kickers come in and miss on our turf all the time. Lots of players to criticize this week, but Hauschka isn't one of them.
  7. That's big of them. Regardless of whether the assault allegations are true, Brown has been just a travesty of a human being for well over a year now.
  8. They did. Bojo has really turned it around since the preseason. Hopefully he can stay consistent throughout the year.
  9. If that's the reasoning behind these match-ups, I'm strangely comfortable with it.
  10. Ain't no coach in the NFL who can lose a locker room like Adam Gase. The guy seems to do everything in his power to ensure his players just openly revile him.
  11. It really irks me that none of the major online stat resources take that into account.
  12. I'm wondering if anybody will. Could be another 16-0 season for them, realistically. Baltimore has a chance. Your instinct tells you that Belichick will shut down that Lamar Jackson offense, but remember that Greg Roman / the other Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick ran an extremely similar style of offense and won in Foxborough during CK's peak years. KC is the next best chance, but just like the playoffs, that game will likely come down to whosoever has the ball last. Bills might be one of the best defenses they play this year. Not many other teams are going to keep that offense in check. The question is can our offense have enough success without turnovers to go point for point with such a stacked team? I like the bold prediction, but I'm more comfortable saying we go 3-1
  13. ESPN is the absolute worst at everything. The absolute worst.
  14. I thought the refs called the game mostly fair, for once. This was probably the most egregious one to disagree with, and it was early and didn’t cost us in the long run. Compared to what we usually deal w, I’m good.
  15. So after all that they just go ahead and give him what he wants? That's getting off too easy. Suspend him, fine him, place him on the exempt list if he doesn't show back up. Gruden and Mayock let Brown tea bag their faces with impunity for two weeks and then just go ahead and cave in to his final tantrum. Shameful.
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