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  1. Refs are out of control. KC/Bucs is the first non Bills game I’ve watched in weeks and it’ll probably be the last. Just not even fun.
  2. Don’t forget Jamal Adams for Seattle and Kirkpatrick / Drake for the Cards. Definitely been a theme this year.
  3. Bojo has always had a big leg, its his inconsistency and touch placement that holds him back from greatness. It's unlikely he can be upgraded with a street FA this year, so just going to have to take the good with the bad.
  4. The league completely shot themselves in the foot by not scheduling extra bye weeks throughout the year as a buffer. Honestly I think they should have at least 2 every year anyway, but this year more than ever it was a no brainer. Then they go ahead and schedule Thursday games as well, just being greedy and stupid. Talk about having no plan.
  5. Exactly, we're finally winning games the way the rest of the great NFL teams have for over a decade now. What this defense IS lacking however is a takeover the game kind of monster. We've got a lot of good/ above-average players, and Tre is an elite corner in zone, but if you look at the top defenses this year they almost all have at least one if not two huge impact players on their front 7. It was the hope that either Oliver for Edmunds (or both) would become that type of player for us, but so far that has yet to materialize.
  6. Yeah but how many teams are going to want to wait til February to interview him? 😎
  7. I saw someone say he was on Ford's side in the first half, and then in the second the Rams moved him over to Winters' side. I'd be interested to get confirmation if that's true or not, would say a lot about Ford as a guard.
  8. Another week, another touchdown that might have been.
  9. “What adjustments did you make at halftime coach?” ”Well, we really wanted to get our punting game going...”
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