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  1. Puke. Couldn't they have tracked down someone related to whoever owned/played on that team? What the hell does our crappy mayor in 2019 have to do with a team from a hundred years ago?
  2. Yep that about sums it up. I feel like the Bills should bring on fan consultants specifically for Patriots games. When guys on message boards get it but the "pros" don't, it's just pathetic. It doesn't help that these cocky teams still treat the Patriots just like "any other team." They aren't. The Eagles showed how you beat them in the Super Bowl -- you treat them like the best team you've ever played and you throw everything plus the kitchen sink at them.
  3. I asked this question of my friends before the game: are the Patriots that good, or is the rest of the league just that bad? Seeing factoids like this push me further to believing the latter. Even ultra-smart, talented coaches like McVay just constantly do the wrong thing -- especially when they play the Pats. It's maddening.
  4. Probably as part of a transaction for a Kiko Alonso jersey.
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