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  1. listened to Sal and Sneaky Joe's new show today and it was great - Buffalo Bills Football talk - will be a regular listen!! On demand its even better (can pause it for a work call)...
  2. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/sports/nbcsports/nfl-roster-cuts-2021-top-free-agents-following-53-man-moves/2602902/ There are many more but here is a list of the once lofty players available for work...
  3. It was interesting that Beane said (during the game) that he had received a lot of calls interested in our Defensive Ends. Wonder who is going on the block to be traded...
  4. My son and I went to the Buffalo Museum while he was attending Niagara U - and agree the first floor was heavy on the Bills but the other floors had a nice blend of artwork, US history/war memorabilia and a cool tribute to Tim Russert. Didn't take too long but glad to have done it. Hope the new book helps them out.
  5. Any fan on here is likely to be well Above Average. Do other fans look at roster spot battles as intensely as this group of dedicated fans? I think not. As for me Born in '64 - growing up in grade school - other kids liked the current Super Bowl winners but I became a fan because my Dad was a fan and been rooting hard ever since. so many great memories with this team ( grateful to attend about 50 games including Home openers, 51-3, Comeback game - have met Darryl Talley, Andre Reed, Jeff Nixon, Jim Kelly, Thurman, Fred Smerlas, Joe D, Steve Tasker, Don Bebee, Jon Fina) and looking forward to more team successes. As stated by other brothers - Coming here for an update and reading is a daily routine that I always look forward to. I don't always chime in but I don't need to - the content and updates are amazing. Thank you for all of it and Go Bills!
  6. Kohl's has a section dedicated to Buffalo Bills, SU and Yankees - sometimes Marshall's has great stuff but not always the most recent apparel. Dick's Sporting Goods has a wide array but chances are ordering them online will save the trip unless you are looking to get out and about...Go Bills!
  7. Thank you for sharing Limeaid - There are many people that have connected with distanced relatives recently and if you really think it is you - why not ask them if they'd send the pictures to you? But totally up to you and hope this continues to intrigue and make you even more happy sir! Cheers
  8. When I heard the sad news - made it a point to watch it tonight on HBO - even years later - it is classic interaction between him and DeNiro!
  9. This day seemed soooo far away for so long right?!?! Thanks to all for the great content and your Buffalo Bill's perspective prognostication of what will happen these next 3 days! Go Bills!
  10. a DE is what I believe the brain trust wants but switching to the CB first especially if Newsome is available... In the past, after the draft - Bills PR used to show footage of the War Room banter during some of the picks - Hope they do that again! .
  11. One of the posters in another thread said he would hate RB as first pick but would be secretly excited about what it may mean to the offense - I agree with that. What I think is that if the Packers do not pick Newsome II CB with their selection - The Bills will be looking to get him or whomever they consider a better CB. This is the way.
  12. When it started - this thread was checked on by me as often as a steak on the grill...Got to wonder if there is a trade in principle and it will wait until draft day to become for real. The only thing I know for sure is this will reach 50 pages. "C'mon - yoooouu can do-it!"
  13. So you're thinking they pass on a potential prospect like this?: No. 30 – DE Joe Tyron, Washington Tryon could wind up being an outstanding value pick. He was a highly productive true sophomore in 2019 that opted out of the 2020 season. And the Bills really could use another edge rusher to give their defensive front some more juice.
  14. First thought was a dedicated group of three of us dutifully staying through the bad part and then gratefully there to be a part of to the amazing end of The Comeback Game! Although bigger dedication may have been staying until the end of the Bills/Jets Finale 2 seasons ago in the pouring rain of a meaningless/ no playoff implication game - but it was in great to me because my 23 year old son (who is a Bills fan because his ol' man is a Bills fan - bought the tickets for us to go together...
  15. I rarely post but on here all the time. It is easy to go down the rabbit hole or out in the weeds on so many possible draft scenarios - and I plan on exploring every single one lol The year we traded down for Tre White - we had all been in a sports bar to watch it and were excited we picked up an additional 1st rounder and still had the pick to root for same night. Being on EST I am already wondering how I'll feel waiting up until late of round one and they decide to trade out of the round? Selfishly I hope a highly rated guy falls to us at 30...but then I will stay up for a while reading all about him lol What would make a trade down better to get some sleep is if a team trades us their draft picks plus a player we like (the way we traded Cordy Glenn). This only works if we go into the draft with some cap room left.
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