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  1. If you absolutely have to play them, let them go this week and get them out after their first score.
  2. Man, there’s a few real pricks on here lately. No need for that, guys.
  3. Oh no, not Wydermayer! What will the fan base do now?
  4. Yeah, you know, “you can’t teach accuracy.”
  5. Then they’d never know who executed the assignments and who didn’t. This is exactly what preseason is for. you play every game to win. Film will show who’s in and who’s out.
  6. Remember, play selection in preseason is more about seeing what you’ve got and if it works. Don’t mistake play selection with regular season. That fade from the shotgun at the 2 was more about seeing if the guys on the field could execute it. They didn’t and now it’s on film. yes, Tasker can’t even get names right. Someone said last night that they thought he doesn’t put in the work. I imagine that is correct.
  7. You’re getting just as bad as Astro with all the cute names. Who the heck is Beach Boy?
  8. How many drinks did the “writer” have before you spoke? And, was his name Jerry Sullivan?
  9. I remember seeing a picture like this back when Irsay and the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis under the cover of darkness. (Cleveland too.)
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