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  1. He had some really good blocks in the Miami game. I don't think he's struggling as much as just finding his way at a new level.
  2. We could end up being wrong, but today I agree 100%.
  3. Absolutely priceless! That was so much fun remembering.
  4. I remember when this was happening to the Seals. Ralph's object was to save the team. In the end, Charlie Finley did save them for a few years, gave them white skates, like the A's shoes, and invested a ton of money into a sinking ship. Oakland just could not support a hockey franchise.
  5. You really cannot get away with that. If the Referee deems that you are intentionally and repeatedly delaying the game they can absolutely hit you with an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty and attribute it to the bench. End of controversy.
  6. I just want to be the first to commend you on your brilliant insight. I hope you enjoy basking in glory! 33-0 Pats. Final.
  7. He didn’t throw it away. There was a ghost in the area!
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