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  1. clayboy54

    TE Tyler Kroft (Bengals) to the Bills

    Good signing if Kroft can stay healthy.
  2. clayboy54

    Lions sign TE Jesse James

    I wanted Jesse James, but i’ll settle for Billy the Kid.
  3. clayboy54

    Kyle's Last Game

    And to have Walt Coleman in the ProBowl is the biggest mockery of all!
  4. I’ll go with Billy Shaw #66. Smart, tough and a great leader.
  5. clayboy54

    Bills sign OT Jeremiah Sirles to 1 year extension

    Nephew of my Fraternity brother. I can't complain!
  6. Yes, on offensive touchdowns.
  7. clayboy54

    Tre White Deleted Bills Photos from IG

    And George Seifert.
  8. clayboy54

    What QB next year

    Where’s DC Tom when you need him?
  9. clayboy54

    Sunday Wild Card Game: Chargers at Baltimore, 1 pm on CBS

    Kraft on the phone to NY now to gift the Ravens this game.
  10. clayboy54

    Sunday Wild Card Game: Chargers at Baltimore, 1 pm on CBS

    If you put Flacco in you destroy your credibility. They announced Flacco was not in their future plans. Now he is? Plus, it kills Lamar’s progress.
  11. clayboy54

    Buffalo's reputation amongst free agents

    The Eifferts are from Fort Wayne, where I now live. Quite a few NFL players come out of here. Jalen and Rod Smith, Rod Woodson, Jason Fabini, and even the late James Hardy came from here. The top physical trainer here is a great friend and he also is the trainer of these guys during the off season. He is a former NCAA div 2 left tackle. I certainly don’t claim any inside clout at all. We do get to know and befriend some of these players and their families. That said, we always promote Buffalo and as long time fans, paint the best picture of the team and the community. You, my friend have made an interesting comment made to my wife yesterday into a poor effort at a personal attack when none is deserved.
  12. clayboy54

    AFC Wild Card: Colts at Texans 4:35 ESPN

    Game over folks.
  13. clayboy54

    Buffalo's reputation amongst free agents

    Yeah, they’re pretty good friends actually. 😏
  14. Just this morning, my wife was working out with Greg Eiffert (Tyler's dad). Of course, we always try to encourage opportunities to land quality free agents. Greg argued that the Bills facilities are the worst in the league. Why would Tyler want to go there, he asked. This is a good example of how poor the Bills reputation is among those players who have not spent time there. They just see the old stadium and assume everything else is outdated as well. We all know that is not at all the case. Going back to the Wilson regime, yes, it was the case. However, the Pegulas have spent a ton of money outfitting the facilities with state of the art technology. The is evidenced by the building of the new health and sports medicine facility that we learned about this past summer. I haven't been inside the facilities (except the fan-accessible portion) in many years, as I no longer reside in WNY. But, I do keep my eye on what's going on inside from my old friends that still work there. Sure the stadium is old and spartan. It supports the economy of the region. But the players' facilities are first-class. Here, we worry about attracting free agents with comments like "who will come to Buffalo if we cut so-and-so", etc. Realistically, it is far more important to express to the rest of the country that we are committed to providing the best training and rehab facilities rather than whether or not they should like cold weather. I found this very interesting. I'd enjoy hearing your comments.
  15. People just like to be mean.