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  1. How could this be? I read here that we all suck... except Tua. 🤪
  2. If the Colts should by chance win this, you’ll all know the fix is in. oh, never mind.
  3. I was thinking Collinsworth was a Stegosaurus because they had such small brains for their size.
  4. He’s just not consistently good yet. We will have to agree to disagree on this, then.
  5. “Just about every” is a real reach here. They’ve definitely missed completely on a few, a few have taken time to become serviceable, but just in the fast handful of years, they found Rousseau, Elam, Hamlin, Davis, Bass, Jackson, Knox, Singletary, Oliver, and of course Allen, Dawkins, Edmunds and Johnson. They’re all starting within a year or two of their selection. I hope you don’t typically expect day-1 impact from most draft choices, because that’s not realistic. This is not to say each of the above are superstars. They are high quality contributors with growth potential. So, let’s not confuse somebody saying guys like Edmunds suck with the fact they all became NFL quality players in less than 3-years.
  6. Yes, he’s had a few very good runs. “A few” being the key idea here. He has not shown enough to cause coaches to take somebody else off the field more often then they already are.
  7. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, but Teddy Bruschi is seriously mentally challenged. I mean, how can he even be on TV? He makes Rex Ryan look like a mental genius.
  8. Maybe he just can’t play at this level yet. Like Cook. With some guys it just takes a little time. Some guys never get it. Who knows?
  9. NFL football is the ultimate team game for a reason. Every cog in the wheel matter a lot. When even one guy goes down it affects the entire 11-man squad. Somebody has to change what their 1/11th is to cover up for a backup’s deficiency. That changes everything. When you have multiple guys out it forces others to play differently to cover deficiencies and bingo, the whole unit looks like trash. Next man up is nice, but unless you have 22 starters on that side of the ball, it ain’t going to fly. as was pointed out by someone else, missing Edmunds has also really pressured the backend. I would remind you that only Taron Johnson has not missed time in the secondary.
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