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  1. Truthfully, honest evaluations of past years doesn’t show much except for the Super Bowl years. As a fan since 1963, we really never had a front office give us much of anything to look forward to. It can be argued that was the way it was designed by Ralph. Either way, the Super Bowl teams were the exception to the rule until Beane. Time will tell, but the correct steps are clearly being taken. I fully expect it to show on-field.
  2. On a weekend bender? this is the best trajectory the Bills have been on in years and years. Who cares if the fans like blood.
  3. I didn't even know Rochester had a Mayor!
  4. To a dee-lux apartment in the sky?
  5. Good signing if Kroft can stay healthy.
  6. I wanted Jesse James, but i’ll settle for Billy the Kid.
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