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  1. Never could. His defense with the Bills was horrible vs the run.
  2. What do you want to bet that Pettine gets replaced next week?
  3. Beane ought to go out an get both Bosa brothers and both Watt brothers. Why not, right?
  4. Yeah, they sent them Hoculli!
  5. Okay, I can accept that criticism. I don’t like FF and won’t take the time to fully understand what you said. It is however, about the individual more than about the team.
  6. I think he was pretty candid and honest as was McDermott. I like what I saw and what these guys represent for the team and for WNY.
  7. There's always gotta be someone. Apparently, you're that guy.
  8. Just don’t fully extend your arm, locking the elbow, and you’ll never get called. This is something that should be taught and practiced. It probably already is.
  9. Fantasy Football is a major contributor to the false narrative that young fans have today. This is because FF is all about numbers. Remember it comes from the baseball game which IS all about numbers. NFL football has always been called the ultimate team game. This is diametrically opposed to fantasy football where it’s all about the individual stats. Case in-point is where so many truly believe that Josh Allen isn’t good because he doesn’t throw for 300+ yards. He’s not good for your fantasy league, but nothing about FF correlates to real NFL football. By the way, FF has created a new breed of fan. This new fan really doesn’t understand much about the game. This is too bad, because in my opinion the best part of watching NFL football is following the art of team building from the GMs, the scouting, contracts, personalities and of course, coaching. None of this means squat in fantasy football. Nowhere is this more evident than with the QB position. A good example is with Eli Manning. Nobody in their right mind would have considered Eli a great FF QB. Yet, he is a 2-time Super Bowl champion and an MVP at that. He’s likely going into the Hall of Fame. The same is true with Frank Gore. He was never a breakaway runner. He never had the flashy plays. Yet, he is legendary in that he played so many good years, has bypassed most all of the greatest RBs of all-time, and he is surely a Hall of Famer. Yet here, we read over and over how he’s a worthless player that should be cut immediately. Somehow he just keeps plugging away and gaining yards even if it’s at 3 yards a clip. For those of you who disagree, take some time and study the game of professional football in-depth. It’s a fun way to spend your free time and it’ll give you new-found perspective. After all, guys like Bill Belichick, Don Shula, Sid Gilman and Gil Brandt became great BECAUSE they are the most diligent students of the game, not because they got wrapped up in offensive production and numbers and certainly not because they are FF experts. This new breed of coach like Nagy and McVay look exciting at first glance, but they’ll more than likely either adapt by learning the whole game better, or fade into anonymity with the likes or Don Coryell, Mike Martz and Mouse Davis. We are blessed to be fans of the greatest sport in the world. It warrants taking the time to learn as much history and background of the game as we can to be better informed fans and to best enjoy the game we all love.
  10. Based on my eye-test, I believe he improved by around 60%. In other words, he was better than half-again over last season. The stats are too tainted to hold as pure fact anyway. Stats take into account the play of OL, receivers and backs. We had a ton of errors on those units, yet Josh more often than not made something out of nothing. Take away Gore’s ineptitude during the 2nd half of the year, Knox’s drops, poor RT play and generally less than stellar pass protections and you can see the improvement more clearly. i agree that we most need game changers added to our offense next season to let Josh’s growth become more evident.
  11. Next year we won’t need an easy schedule to win the AFCE. Yes, it was nice to get this far a year ahead of schedule. Moving forward, the Bills ought to be able to hold their own against anybody, anytime.
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