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  1. At least Kumerow didn’t cry like a baby like Mac did with the same injury.
  2. What would a good Bills fan do if they couldn’t call for a coach to be fired?
  3. Only Kumerow went down with an ankle. The rest seem to be heat-related.
  4. Is that a demand like, “do what I say, and nobody gets hurt!”
  5. Did you watch the Cleveland-Pittsburgh game? He’s already better than Wallace.
  6. I agree. Hyde seems to be the brains of the operation back there. That won’t change because he will still be a part of the preparation. He’s been mentoring Jaquan and Damar and will surely continue to do so. I think while it hurts, not much will change.
  7. Yes, but this has been recurring for Hyde. Now’s the time to fix it before it becomes career threatening, or even life threatening.
  8. Yeah, let’s trade Allen for Dion Sanders in his prime!
  9. After two games, the Dolphins' defense has been a sieve. There is absolutely no reason to think the Bills will not score at least 40. Could Miami's D suddenly find their stride? Sure, it's possible. Could Josh slip on a mat on the way out of the tunnel and not play? This too is possible. But, if you play the odds, neither is likely to happen, however remotely possible they are. If your measuring stick is based on completely shutting down Hill, Waddle and Geisicki for a full 60 minutes, then in fact, you are correct. The Bills will fail. On the other hand, if the measuring stick is simply to win the game, I do not find any likely scenario where this does not end positively.
  10. Vontae: “get your ice cold Genesee right here!” For all we know, he might play on Sunday.
  11. You know darn well that all of our wins come against lousy opponents. If we win the Superbowl, this will have been the weakest year that the NFL has ever had. When we do lose a game, it will be, "see, I told you."
  12. Sure thing, since we ran out of them so fast. Challenges like timeouts, are a tool to use when you need them.
  13. I totally agree. That said, guys don't always turn out to be the style of player that we envisioned them to be coming in. They are however, valuable pieces in this scheme. Right now, everybody is playing well. If they are all able to chill a little at the beginning of games, and play disciplined 1/11th football for 60 minutes, there is no way this team can be stopped.
  14. Yeah but, we'll get them all out of the way early. Did you see him jumping around like a little kid after he got to punt?
  15. I just hope the Bills are not looking ahead to the league-leading Dolphins. 😛
  16. Tyreek Hill went into locker room with Lawyers (contract in-hand.)
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