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  1. Exactly. also, if Josh gets 7 on every possession, the other guys have to too. See SB 58. See Bills last game. Your team super power is 17. WR AND IT IS NOT CLOSE. btw. WR FA don’t want to play in blizzards. You MUST draft WR and QB in BUF. I know about 14 FA but there is truth here
  2. I’m a firm believer that coach is 4 pts in playoff games. I just don’t see our coach crew at the top 15 level. ST= who? DC = none OC = promoted as last man standing HC = The clapper. The lights turn off when he claps under presser.
  3. Any more proof that two positions are the diff between playoff caliber and SB winning? QB, HC. We have 1.75 of those positions LOL
  4. Not many freshly hired OCs would walk into a situation with this statement. A bit odd. When you get hired, you'd think they'd have OC role's scope pinned down. Poor Browns.
  5. 'QB arm is too strong'-->yep, we are not in the drought years anymore! 1st world complaint right there!! Cook is not a WR and became a centerpiece post-Dorsey. Cook dropping passes along the way. His drops are statistically significant.
  6. What’s more impressive? Dorsey OC CLE given the general perception of bills O after Dorsey. The W/L compare is exceedingly top of mind There was def some kind of tension thing going on. “Low positive”, Diggs. It could well be that Brady didn’t change the playbook (couldn’t). But how the ingredients were used. Josh, Dion, seemed more at ease or something Chemistry matters. BTW, even talking to fans, Brady feels more comfortable. need to get W1, W2 that can stretch like Brown did for Allen
  7. you do realize your examples are from upwards of 30 years ago? predate MS Windows, internet, free agency. probably not the strongest argument. just sayin’.
  8. If your water touches Erie, the great spirit of Red Jacket takes your dreams away to his chiefs
  9. Cliche talk. Tomlin; let’s not wait 18 yrs on McClapper. Kudos to PIT on loyalty but wow, overkill!!
  10. McD is not a top 15 HC. Look at what’s happening with HCs (Harbaugh, Billacheat). Put it this way, if McD were on his sofa, would he get a new HC gig? I don’t think so. Fine DC, Ops Mgr but bad O, OC, game Mgr. it will be tough to overcome the final 8 with McD
  11. Bills had to keep him this yr. Would have been a locker room risk to cut him. Certainly PR. Bills will cut him and he’d be smart to take his :15 min fame and work it outside of NFL. Good guy but not a great football player
  12. It should be hard to argue the distance he “came back” relative to the distances others came back. From nearly dead on NFL field and back on NFL roster. . He was never a great DB but he came back the most. See Alex Smith
  13. WR1, WR2 does it matter really? Eye test and tape say not enough. Best way for WR/QB is draft in Buffalo. No way FA WR comes to Buffalo without a larger premium. They’ve seen the videos of weather. Pickup highest WR Draft possible. Take advantage of unicorn QB now until it’s too late and explosive O, helps D anyway too.
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