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  1. Beasley retired two weeks after joining Tom Brady “He is ready to be with his family after playing in 11 seasons and it’s time to be a full-time dad and husband,” Turner said. (It’s hard not to wonder whether that message will register with the team’s starting quarterback.)”
  2. Last home game 1974 Dec 1 Last home this year is Jan 8.
  3. Who is this poster? Marv didn’t win SB either, what’s your point? Go home. PIT at Orchard Park, 1st away rook QB. I might take that bet +14.
  4. This guy is wacked. PIT is a mess. They’re now wandering in the QB woods. Will not be a problem at OP. Really glad to have them now with our injury back end.
  5. “My mystery guys in the booth made me look sooo HIGH LEVEL, I need to take a LOW LEVEL big dump”
  6. Seriously? That’s creative stuff. You only need fool the other guy a couple times a game
  7. Romo Nantz 100% better than Charles Davis, that guy is worthless. Romo has timely pre play insight, he previews the choices for in game decision making—looking around the corner
  8. McDermott today “those guys in the booth did top level instruction” <last few min> So, the Wookie and co. can read a watch.
  9. McD “high level stuff from upstairs at the end”. Including Singletary not scoring theory. really? Clock mgt 101
  10. Wilkins grabbed for a DeBellas meat lovers sub and got a fist full of Wegmans Josh sub instead. alright. Over to game thread now kids!
  11. Meh “weather doesn’t matter” bahahaha Man, weather key factor in 4 of last 8 games. wind, rain, heat, snow, froze. Geez. Football player or mailman?
  12. Baltimore is only 5.5 hrs from Rochester. I know several cars going down. easy game for travel and seats. Should have been decent weather
  13. Kim, Terry may well have other priorities. Noticeably quiet. i am glad that GM, HC are quality, trusted, established—a plus for both us and them.
  14. Rain, some wind = helps Bills decimated secondary. I view this as a net plus — when it typically would be a minus for BUF (pass) vs BAL (run) rain/wind may help limit Lamar pass and keep them one dimensional.
  15. Concussion is brain getting bruised. My daughter spaced out. I thought I knew what a concussion was prior—until my daughter’s brain weirdly shorted out for 2-4 wks I concluded—> one only fully grasps the nasty brain injury with a VERY close person behavior afterwards.
  16. You’d never play your daughter or son concussed on Monday and again on Thursday. Yep, he’s paid but it’s bs talk that they protect or lie. Dude couldn’t walk 3 days ago.
  17. The only thing besides a coin flip that stops Josh Allen? Flipping weather. Now a freakin hurricane and Baltimore run game.
  18. That’s ridiculous. I’m not going to lose my finger if my work coffee spills. …. #2 guaranteed millions $$ is a big deal
  19. EGO! Not smart to pass on #2 pay or $100M++ guaranteed when you could have nothing at any given play. Your family is cared for for 3 generations. (Or Lamar is so full of 💩 he can’t see anything but brown)
  20. I guess our fullback is for show only JA was clutching his hand on sideline on that grounder to Dirty in the end zone. It’s over if that hand is _____ <anything>
  21. Maybe the team gels around this ugly mess and springs ahead
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