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  1. Too many peeps in our neighborhood have lawn services and some of them will' start at any time of day. My thoughts for mowing is any time after noon is OK and same with leaf blowing. I just spent 5 hours moving leaves into the woods that are adjacent to our property. Then I tell the young whippersnappers how we used to burn leaves back in the day growing up in Lewiston. Snow blowing at any time.
  2. Chiefs Titans game looked like a home game for the Chiefs with all the chiefs fans in attendance. Titans fans must make a lot of $$ selling their tickets to the visiting teams
  3. Sore body part... legs. I have officiated 10 soccer matches this week. Middle and middle school. All playoff type matches with 4 going to OT. Alas no time and a half pay for overtime matches
  4. Zero. T n T was cancelled due to weather and shifted to Saturday. Last year we had 200. Our neighborhood is VERY popular Update.. 225 on Saturday night.. The time was set for 5:30 to 7:30.. There were zero after 7:00
  5. Roy Orbison at only 13 ? Puhleeze... Top 5 easy.
  6. Great post. The Calvin Murphy mention is A+++
  7. Instead of chopped green olives, I use dill pickles with the tuna and mayo
  8. Peanut butter and Mayo sandwich.
  9. My daughter who works in health care asked me to reach out and ask the good people at Two Bills Drive to donate blood. There is a national shortage and all types are needed. So if you are healthy and are able, please donate. Takes about an hour. I have donated 21 gallons, but a medicine I currently take is on the Red Cross 'do not donate list", so I can not donate.
  10. You wont be disappointed. tick tock tick tock
  11. Does Mrs. Lew count ? we were in second grade together...
  12. Also, I have 239 calendar days until I retire, but who is counting ?
  13. Never fired. Laid off in a RIF , but then called back in 2 weeks as my replacement could not perform the work I did, even though I spent two weeks training him. And yes, I trained him the correct way to do the tasks
  14. 90* here in drought stricken S. WV. I have not mowed the lawn since Aug 15
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