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  1. Seneca Hickory Stick is a fine course. Each time I have played there, the greens have been in top condition.
  2. When I referee a Middle school soccer match, I'll ask a player what grade they are in. No matter what year, I reply that I loved grade X and was there 3 years. Quizzical looks and some laughter occur as the player realizes I am kidding with them. Your joke about 7 years in HS was great
  3. Back in the day, growing up we did not have midget , peewee or Tyro football. We just played in the yard, full tackle and no equipment. In 9th grade the school started its first freshman team and I played on that. It was the first time any of us used equipment. Those shoulder pads were huge. Played 2 more years then blew out my knee on the FIRST day of practice senior year. I am not a fan of the little kids playing full tackle games until they are 12-13 years old.
  4. Great pics. Thanks for the memories.
  5. I was fortunate to see Return to Forever in college in 1975. Little did I know how good they were. I was just a young whippersnapper then and did not know better RIP to one of the giants in the musical world.
  6. Don't be in a hurry to get a new or renewed passport. Regardless of the reasons, getting Mrs. Lew's renewal passport took awhile. We mailed the documentation and check on Nov 30. The check was cashed in early December. The new passport arrived today Feb 8. A nine week process. And yes we are going on a cruise sometime in 2022.
  7. Happy 73rd Birthday to Alice Cooper. This is my favorite moment from an AC Concert.
  8. Sir Lawrence Olivier ?
  9. What happened to the salary cap ? LOL Included is a $130M signing bonus and a $90M 'loyalty' bonus. ???? The Barcelona FC is $1.3Billion in debt.
  10. How about Ralph Wilson ?
  11. Great progress for Josh and the team. Year 4 will be awesome. I am already excited for 2021
  12. Very good review Shaw. It was a crummy ending to a great season. KC has a great team and THE best coach in the NFL. Good luck settling your real life matters !!
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