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  1. Oh so close for the Rockets..
  2. I read this as most memorable home opener I attended. So here goes. 2008 Home opener against Seattle. 1. First ever NFL game for my new Son In Law. 2. SIL cooked at Kenny's Pinto 3. Bills won 34-10 as Trent Edwards had the first of his 5 good games (that all ended in Arizona when Trent got hurt) 4. That was the day Brady got hurt against KC and the murmurs at the Ralph sort of rejoiced at this news. smart phones were in their infancy and the news spread slowly in the crowd. alas the Bills finished 7-9 and the Cheatriots finished at 11-5. Second favorite Home Opener was Sept. 2000. Sunday night contest versus the Titans 9 months after the events of Jan 8, 2000. Again my attendance is involved in my decision
  3. We saw them in MI on Sat night and it was a great, great concert. There is speculation that KC's North America touring days are at an end. Fantastic musicians and the three drummer set up works well.
  4. I just received the 50 year anniversary edition. Amazing now as it was then
  5. If this is a contest, then Hammer wins hands down.
  6. Imho, this recording is timeless. My 8 year old grandson loves it.
  7. I think the sugar or high fructose corn syrup sweetener has been slightly reduced over the years.
  8. Ginger Ale or Dr. Pepper I can not drink Coke now or my stomach goes into revolt. In college I drank Coke all the time and several years later it is payback time. The only downside to Dr. Pepper imho is that is does not mix well with any alcohol except a spiced rum.
  9. Mrs. Lew and I just attended our 50 yr HS reunion. Two questions arose. Who are all the old geezers ? AND What have they done to all our HS friends ? Seriously we had a great time. We took a tour of the school building we were supposed to graduate from. Delay after delay blocked construction progress, so it was not finished for the class of '71. So what we call the "New School" is 50 years old. There have been some remodeling and updating There is a fitness club that rivals any professional fitness clubs. We just hope those darn whipper-snappers appreciate all the stuff they have there.
  10. Jay North of "Dennis the Menace" fame is 70 today. It ok to feel old
  11. One more month until KC in Lewiston at Artpark Followed by a show in MI that Mrs. Lew and I will attend.
  12. 2 of my new neighbors are Bills fans. They are both younger and were drawn to the Bills during the Super Bowl years and Darryl Talley of WVU fame. I have also met several Bills fans on the multiple cruises Mrs. Lew and I have taken to the Caribbean.
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