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  1. After being in Iceland and the British Isles for 2 weeks, I can attest that the NY Yankees franchise is a huge favorite. Yankee hats and tee shirts were THE most worn items. Of course I wore Bills shirts and got some comments on the cruise.
  2. Followed closely by the IOC. I watched the match with two avid Man U supporters. They rooted heartily for Real Madrid
  3. My SIL makes wings in the air fryer and they are great.
  4. It would be interesting to hear Marv's reaction to Bud's ideas.
  5. Two West Virginia boys going at it. To be bigger than the Hatfields vs. McCoys
  6. Mrs. Lew and I have seen Alice 2X in the past 6 years. Entertaining as heck. Alas the band is not headed to my neck of the woods this tour.
  7. Adam Sandler aka The Waterboy. Watches...I have two. One for "dress" and one for refereeing soccer.
  8. Happy Birthday young fella. Fire up the grill that someone left in your parking lot ! 🎂
  9. ^^^ Annie Haslam ........ What a voice.
  10. We had no recess. No swings, jungle gyms. However, there were "field days and Junior Olympics" for nice weather days. There were soccer contests pitting one class against another. My kids think we played "Chase the dinosaur." given our advanced age.
  11. I have been a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates since 1960, so 1971 and 1979 were pretty good. Lately, not so good
  12. Well done. My grandson is a Star Wars nut, so he will like this when we watch after school today.
  13. < yawn > wait, what happened? Last I saw it was half time and UNC up 40--25? 💤 I am glad this contest tipped off at 9:20 East coast time. geesh..
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