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  1. Right on, Arcane! Actually, I usually start the semester by asking my students, "Anybody from Buffalo?". I usually get one or two hands up -- and then the rest of the term we'll be talking Bills & Sabres (all too often commiserating on Monday mornings ...). At some point some johnny-come-lately Pats fan in the class will complain to the administration that I'm favoring my homeboys/girls -- but LOL, I have tenure, so come at me!! 😎 But seriously, I'm proud that WNY is well-represented in the high-octane Boston academic community, and it's really great to add a guy like John Urschel!
  2. Thanks Lime, fantastic story! I wonder if he is aware that his Mathematics department chair at MIT (Tom Mrowka, Kenmore East 1979) is also from Buffalo.
  3. About time that some real mathematicians look into the Bills getting screwed on the schedule year after year! And as with any good scientific process, the results should be peer-reviewed. I would suggest that the chair of mathematics at MIT, Tom Mrowka, should be the lead reviewer (Buffalo native, LOL 😎 ).
  4. I think signing that British rugby dude makes us the frontrunner ...
  5. 1974 MNF vs. Raiders. Bills lose lead on Jim Braxton fumble with only 1:15 left, but Joe Ferguson caps last-minute comeback drive with TD pass to Ahmad Rashad with only 26 seconds left. What a game ...
  6. Most won''t remember him, but Lydell Mitchell was a beast for the Colts in the 1970s. Great shifty runner and prolific receiver out of the backfield (before it became fashionable). Another great back of the 70s-80s was Chuck Muncie, incredible combination of size, power and speed. The guy had stretches when he was damn near unstoppable. He scored 19 rushing TDs in 1981, I believe a record at the time. Muncie could have been the next Jim Brown -- if not for his cocaine habit.
  7. You gotta love Tre White: "Kyle at fullback, what the hell?". Is that kid ever not smiling?
  8. Hell yeah Pete! πŸ˜€ I've lived in Boston 34 years and always wear my Bills and Sabres gear proudly. I get a few sneers here and there from locals, but mostly Buffalo sports gear is a great way to attract fellow WNY transplants. We always stop and chat a few minutes; it drives my non-Buffalonian wife nuts! Last week we were heading out to Wegman's (we have one in Boston now -- but bummer, no Sahlen's hot dogs), and she said, "Do you really have to wear that hat?"
  9. Well, you know, I've lived in Boston for 34 years, and you know, with time your feelings soften, blah blah, blah ... BS. I &^%$# HATE THE PATRIOTS WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. And so do my kids. And so will their kids, so help me God. Amen. 😎
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