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  1. Fred Jackson galloping in the open field ... what a beautiful sight.
  2. With Josh slinging the ball around the yard, Devin Singletary hasn't had a big chance to showcase his running yet, but he's shown serious grit with his blocking. He was smart and stout in blitz pick-up vs. the Jets -- and what a downfield block on Isaiah McKenzie's big pass play against Miami. Just absolutely crushed the safety; great hustle play. Motor also looks noticeably thicker than last year. The kid's going to have a big year ...
  3. I hear you, Buff716. Seems like if you've got a bruising tight end with 4.5 speed out in that much space, you've gotta go with the high percentage throw. It WAS a 38-yard gain, after all! Nitpicking indeed ...
  4. Well, 10. HOWEVER ... strictly speaking, we've got two unknowns and only one equation, so we'll need another equation there, sport. I mean, if you allow for sales of apple slices and orange wedges, all the answers are correct. And this is why my teenage boys hate asking me for help with their math homework. 🤪
  5. Great memories of that game, NoHuddle! I saw that game at the old Bills fan club at the Fours Bar in Boston. It was so crowded with Bills fans that I (and my unhappy, non-Buffalonian "date") were smashed up against the front plate-glass window. When Don Beebe scored his third (or fourth touchdown), the place exploded so loudly I swear that window buckled. I thought we were going to end up on the street in a pile of glass. I don't think I saw that girl again ...
  6. I hear you, arcane, but I'm a little less worried. Bills' defense could have been stouter, but you also have to tip your cap to ol' Fitz. He made some sick throws, including absolute darts into tight coverage. And that kid Gesicki is really tough ... There will be some ragging on Levi Wallace this week, but he had very tight coverage on almost all those contested receptions.
  7. Oh yeah, BBinATL, I loved Diggs' block on Smoke's flanker-screen TD. You could see the safety wanted nothing to do with it after Diggs popped him. It was also remarkable to see Diggs directing Josh on a few throws off scrambles, as you pointed out. In my half century of watching football, I've seen many receivers wave for the ball, but I don't think I ever saw a receiver point to *another* open teammate! Heady stuff by Diggs ...
  8. I hear ya, Rc. One of my favorite Bills plays ever was when Woods took out two DBs with one vicious block, allowing Tyrod to stroll into the end zone (was it against Tennessee?). Woods didn't put up gaudy numbers here, but the kid went hard to every whistle. It's been nice to see him have a successful career in LA.
  9. Damn right, Dr D! The Majik Man was spectacular in '89, before he got hurt. What a competitor! But the poor guy never really recovered from that torn rotator cuff, which happened on a blatant cheap-shot ... You just gotta love Buffalo's contribution to NFL quarterbacking -- "Jaworski" and "Majkowski". I mean, can you get any more Buffalo than that? 😃 (Oh yeah, also Chad Kelly. 😑 )
  10. Ciao Giuseppe! Actually it's sometimes a sign that your team is pretty good! Younger guys on the board here might not remember, but back in the early 90s, our first picks didn't see a lot of playing time their first season -- Henry Jones and John Fina spring to mind.
  11. I think I gotta go with Jim Plunkett for ultimate comeback QB, AlphaDawg. A Heisman winner at Stanford, Plunkett was picked first overall pick in the draft by New England, only to fade out after a few seasons. He was traded to 49ers and waived a year or two later. Picked up off the street by Raiders as a 3rd stringer, he became the starter during the 1980 season, 9 years after he was first drafted. He then started 6-7 seasons and won two Super Bowls, one as MVP. He's still sometimes mentioned as a hall-of-fame candidate.
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