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  1. Gotta love Motor; the kid just goes hard every play. Also, I know Motor grew up in Florida, but his people must have come down from the Delta. I lived four years in Houston and met tons of folks from Louisiana/Mississippi who moved to Houston for work. Motor's accent is straight-up, old-time Delta.
  2. Take it easy, everybody! We "senior" fans will recall the 70s Dolphins openly mocking the Bills for continuing to run OJ even when down multiple scores. It's nice to be on the other side for a change ... Green Bay has impressive run-blocking offensive line/schemes, two huge tight ends and a pair of terrific running backs. The Bills played only six in the box all night. The Packers were thus destined to rack up decent rushing numbers -- and also destined to lose. The only chance for GB to come back was if the Bills risked depleting the defensive backfield to load the box; Frazier and McD wisely did not take the bait. (I'll also note that on the two long completions to R. Doubs, Taron Johnson had superb coverage -- but Rogers can still drop 'em in there.) And to those grousing about that OPI call, don't forget that the Packers first scoring drive was salvaged by a shaky hands-to-the-face call against Dane Jackson, negating an otherwise drive-ending third-down sack by Ed Oliver. Penalties giveth and taketh away ...
  3. We’ll-stated, Chan! And in my personal gallery of Dolphin hatred, I would single out Jimmy Cefalo, that whining, cheating, cheap-shotting little b****. I don’t care if he’s been retired 40 years or whatever; Dolphin stank don’t wash off that easy. Mark Duper and Clayton are close seconds, even more than Brian Cox. Come to think of it, Miami’s had a veritable parade of dislikable WRs, most recently T. Hill and J. Landry. I’ll give Paul Warfield a pass, but that’s it …
  4. But I think many of us who suffered through the 70s can recall that ONE day, some 40-odd years later, when we woke up and - to our utter amazement - said out loud, “Holy s***, I actually hate the Pats more than the f****** Dolphins!!”. You too, Chan?
  5. She should definitely take the T to the Harp from there. Piece of cake: grab B or C branch of green line straight to North Station; Harp is one min walk from NS. Definitely don’t drive! I live in Brookline and always take the T to the Harp. Assuming she’s wearing Bills gear, if we spot her on our train, we’ll definitely invite her to our table!
  6. Lol, don’t be put off by Boston accents at The Harp. Lots of those kids were raised by Buffalo expats (like my boys) — and hate the Pats with every fiber of their being. Accents are acquired traits, but Bills fandom is genetic, apparently. 😎
  7. Just get well, #23 … (Now, what’s Bill Simpson up to?)
  8. Loved that rock-ribbed 99-00 defense. Rolling out Ted Washington AND Pat Williams on running downs wasn’t even fair (wish we could bring those guys back against D. Henry next week!), along with relentless Sam Cowart and (underrated) John Holocek at ILB. Add Antoine Winfield, scrappy coverage guy and maybe the best tackling CB I’ve ever seen. But, good lord — Rob Johnson had TWO blindsides …
  9. That was fun … Gilliam, Saffold, Knox, Dawkins really shined against quality front seven. Great scheming and execution. Knox drove his guy 10 yards up the sideline on one of those highlighted plays.
  10. LMAO Maynard … Josh would actually look even scarier with some blue paint daubed on his face.
  11. Good stuff, RocCity, Gabe also reminds me a lot of Moulds, with incredibly strong hands -- and even in his deceptively fast, flat-footed running style. But Moulds was angrier with the ball in his hands. It was like he would deliberately search out safeties to destroy after a catch!
  12. Didn't we also do that with Peerless Price years ago? It seemed like a good idea at the time, LOL.
  13. My brother is a bona fide, real life NASA engineer … I BS you not. In fact (ahem), he may (or may not) have been the one who placed a secret “Go Bills” message on the Mars Perseverence Rover. I will check with him on this. 😀
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