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  1. Pats have to lose to the Bills of course, and lose to either the Bengals or Dolphins. Bills have to win out.
  2. Poor Darby. Great coverage, better throw and catch.
  3. I can see that if we win those three. We most likely would have clinched a spot with the NE win, so McDermott might rest the starters for the Jets game.
  4. They should have replied with 3 weeks is longer than he was with the Patriots
  5. That's amazing. So what you're saying is all I need is a donkey and tools?
  6. Any woodworkers here? I'm thinking about getting started. I've made a couple of crude boxes and that's it. I use my dad's jig saw and drill from the 1970s. What tools should I start with? I'm not looking to seriously get into it like building tables or other furniture. Just probably going to be casual and stick with small things. I'm going to get a workbench. I'm going to upgrade the jig saw and drill. I'll might get a power sander. Haven't decided if I need a table saw or circular saw yet. Any recommendations on brands? Just like everyone, I want something affordable and reliable. This is the workbench I'm thinking of getting: https://www.amazon.com/Pegasus-Multi-Function-Sawhorse-Clamps-Holding/dp/B01HREBZ3M/ref=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=WHM2BB1NM5NXQ3SGWJSY
  7. So you can't use paper tickets anymore? It HAS to be mobile? When did this happen?
  8. Saints can't catch a break. Roughing the kicker.
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