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  1. Looks like my fantasy team is going to be: Allen, Diggs, Davis, Shakir, McKenzie, Singletary, Cook, Knox, Bass, and the Bills D 😆. Someone is getting a free win on the bye week. (Of course Allen and Diggs may be gone depending on my draft position ☹️)
  2. It was well executed the way they went back and forth with the scenes from BCS and BB. It paralleled Saul breaking bad like Walt did. Saul says to Mike "A guy with a mustache like that can’t be one to make good life choices." and we see "Gene" with a mustache like that. Mike told Saul not to bother with Walt because he was small potatoes. He does anyway and you know how that turned out. The shot where he goes to Walt's school and it turns into the cancer guy's home makes me believe he's making the same mistake.
  3. Great episode. I have a feeling this isn't going to end well for Jimmy.
  4. Just booked! Buffalo here I come! Titan Down!
  5. Speaking of the Alouettes https://www.nfl.com/news/former-bills-head-coach-marv-levy-set-to-be-inducted-into-cfl-hall-of-fame
  6. Holy cow. Someone donated $9,000 to Okonkwo to put him in 1st!
  7. Edited Does this mean I have to update this thread daily? That's a lot of responsibility 😆
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