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  1. Solid game today. Don't know if Lamar threw it in his direction.
  2. I agree. Sometimes it does seem performative and it does lessen the good deed. But on the other hand, clout or not, at the end of the day it's a good cause and people are being helped. I would rather people do positive stuff like this for clout than stupid pranks or anything else that causes harm or property damage.
  3. I just realized the Ravens play the entire AFC East their first four games.
  4. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's meaningless, especially since it's a division rival. But I don't feel as bad as I normally would. We were out 5 defensive starters to start the game. Injuries piled up as the game went on, Gabe got the ball knocked out in the end zone, Bass was jinxed and missed the field goal, Milano dropped a pick six, and Allen pulled a Tua and shorted it to McKenzie, and we still lost a close game. We beat ourselves. We'll see them again. Hopefully we knock them out of playoff contention when we do.
  5. For anyone who went to the game, did it feel like the line moved faster?
  6. Same here. I got the message "the video couldn't load. Check your internet". Glad it's not me.
  7. It's fine for me. I'm watching it on my pc on the amazon website.
  8. Or better yet, the Bills play in Buffalo in January
  9. Bills/Rams starts at 14:45 if you wanna skip to it. "I don't need a lot man, I just need everything you got"
  10. His dad got it wrong. Rams won the toss and deferred.
  11. He compliments Bills Mafia at 12:45. The "chapters" are also marked. Seems to have matured a bit.
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