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  1. I mean, it definitely indicates the depth of our slump that Fitz could be considered the best QB during that time but...well, there ya go.
  2. Fitz' comeback win against the Pats will always be one of my favorite Bills games. We had lost 15 times in a row to them and when the Pats went up 21-0...if there was such a thing as having less than a 0% chance that would've been it. But somehow he did it. For those of us too young to really remember Kelly, Fitz is the 2nd best Bills QB we've seen. A well deserved retirement. Perhaps the most universally liked player in league history?
  3. I think the Titans win this game but Burrow makes a statement nonetheless.
  4. The Bills, Chiefs and Cowboys are the three teams that have given massive contracts to the younger generation of QBs. One of these things is not like the others.
  5. I remember all the times during the Losman/Edwards era when I had to hear about how we'd gone 7 consecutive quarters or whatever without a TD. When Josh retires (in 25 years) I sure hope we don't go back to that bullcrap.
  6. All I can say is that if your stance is that 97% of teams' seasons are unacceptable failures and then 3% of the time it's "Ok you did your job and won a championship" then you're entirely missing the point.
  7. One of the ways you beat the Chiefs is by not letting Kelce turn 5 yard gains into 30 yard gains. I also think Taron Johnson is instrumental toward that.
  8. Sorry to open this can of worms but Tremaine Edmunds qualifies as an unsung hero because he's got more haters in the fan base than any of the other 52 guys and yet he's the QB of the NFL's #1 defense. He's also one of the most durable players on the team, starting 66 of 70 career games.
  9. I think it's only a Hail Mary if you're just generally throwing to the clump of players in the end zone. From the 25, the receivers would run diverse routes and the QB would target someone specific.
  10. I think in no particular order the Bills, Chiefs and Packers are the three best teams right now and everyone else remaining is a tier below. In that sense it kind of sucks to face one of those teams in the divisional round. On the other hand if we beat the Chiefs we probably become the betting favorites to win the SB.
  11. By the time we play there will only be 5 teams left. Why not us?
  12. I think by the end of this game KC will beat Pittsburgh as convincingly as we beat NE, and since both teams were hot at the end of the regular season and KC will be at home...I really doubt it's anything but -3, -3.5 or -4 for them. Pretty standard home 3 points.
  13. Tomlin is playing exactly the right strategy of ball control/possession. It's just that the offense can't even play small ball.
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