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  1. I was being sarcastic. Edmunds is critical to this defense. After the last couple weeks of his absence he may be the most important player. Not the best player, that’s either Milano or Poyer, but the most important one.
  2. Yeah I mean Edmunds has an undeniable physical prowess but there's something about Klein that I like, something that I just can't put my finger on. He's a real gym rat who bring his lunch pail to work. First in, last out. Plays the game with intelligence and grit and respect, the kind of respect that you used to see in a simpler time in our country. Man I love white old school LBs.
  3. Also, notice how the goalposts move. Last year we were too dependent on blowout wins and had zero one-score victories proving that we couldn’t win close ones due to poor coaching. This year we have 4 such wins, proving that we can’t pull away from teams due to poor coaching.
  4. What’s happening is that the first couple games of the season made people think we’d just roll over everyone and then the Dolphins loss broke their brains.
  5. This post’s premise is so flawed. There’s no debate where the options are keep McD forever or consider replacing him. Obviously if something happens like we miss the playoffs a couple years in a row or have 2-3 straight wildcard exits he’ll be a goner. His supporters won’t say “I was a keep McD forever guy”. What I’m tired of is being 8-3 and Bills fans saying we have no shot THIS year all because we’re in a slump (if you really want to call a 3-2 stretch a slump) that is so obviously caused by a glut of injuries that will heal.
  6. Singletary is a really solid runner but the single biggest reason he'll continue to see 70% of snaps is that he's in Josh's inner inner circle of trust. People who are expecting James Cook to supplant him as RB1 this season for any other reason than injury are wrong.
  7. Every single fan base feels that they get screwed over by the refs and have conspiratorial thoughts about why the NFL doesn't want them to win. The fact of the matter is that refs make mistakes and there's negative and positive variance within that.
  8. He's a rookie. I know that's an unsatisfying thought for a team with SB aspirations but every coordinator who went on to become a great coordinator had a rookie season and they'd probably all tell you about the bounteous mistakes they made. By the way we average the second most points in the NFL, so there's that.
  9. I have to admit I stared at this puzzled for about 30 seconds before remembering Crowder is a person who exists.
  10. The Elam pick was, among other things, an acknowledgement that Dane Jackson isn't a starting CB. He's just been a starter all season due to the injury bug. Hopefully in the playoffs he'll barely see the field.
  11. I agree with you insofar as we haven't had a consistent slot guy as a safety valve.
  12. Stefon Diggs might be the best possession receiver in the game. Having a second WR who's mostly a deep threat isn't a problem. We just haven't seen nearly as many of those splash plays as we thought we might after the KC game last year.
  13. So reading this thread, it appears that the fans don’t want to win close games after all.
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