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  1. So the Bills, who have really good players and coaches, are supposed to learn a lesson from the Sabres about how not to have really bad players and coaches?
  2. This would be more valid if the NFL playoffs were played in 7-game series like the rest of sports. As it is, how many times have we seen a good team blow out a good team and then lose to a bad team the very next week? It happens a lot in the NFL, based on matchups but also on the simple concept of high variance in low sample sizes. Nothing that happens during the Super Bowl should change perspectives on our 2020 season which was a great season that sputtered out in a bad game.
  3. I'm picking on this particular thread but it goes for a lot of them - the vast majority of Bills mentions in the media don't deserve their own thread. There are hundreds of threads, thousands even, about Josh Allen's progress. Skip's dumb take can go in any one of them.
  4. I don't care to delve into the dad/mentor psychology or anything. I think McD's fault here was insisting on coaching against KC like they're just another opponent. KC is like the Golden State Warriors dynasty. You stand little chance of hanging with them no matter what, but zero chance if you don't swallow your pride and admit that you need to race them to 40 points.
  5. Two biggest things I got wrong were... 1) I thought Tremaine Edmunds would establish himself as a rising star, and he backslid. I'm a little annoyed that he got a Pro Bowl nod because I think it kinda complicates the issue of moving on from him as an every down player. 2) I thought Diggs would basically be the guy we saw in Minnesota, sometimes flashing as a top-10 WR and then other times dropping off the map. He insisted he was an elite player and it turns out he is.
  6. Thing is, you gotta burn the ships sometimes. Once we were down 21-9 the strategy should have been to only kick or punt in the most extreme circumstances. If they did that and lost by 40 I still would have respected it. I think McDermott will remember the lesson.
  7. Like many I thought a successful season would be winning the division and a home playoff game. Turns out they ran away with the division and won two home playoff games.
  8. Still think we win the SB this year if the freakin Browns take care of Chad Henne.
  9. So basically let's assume it's a 35% chance of converting the TD and a 90% chance of hitting the FG, meaning that the expected points for the FG is 2.7 and the expected points for going for it is 2.1. Add in that LaFleur is 100% a coward and it makes sense.
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