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  1. Bring it on haters, I totally agree! Football is entertainment and now that we have a top-tier team the next level of entertainment will be a fierce divisional rivalry.
  2. Very very cool. When I first saw the title of this post I thought someone had taken the song and replaced the lyrics with Bills stuff and I cringed, but glad to see I was wrong.
  3. We've had plenty of 5 or 6 minutes drives with almost nothing but short throws. The game is move the ball and stop the other team from moving the ball.
  4. I couldn't even enjoy that fantastic catch by Johnson because every time the ball leaves Brady's hand I want an incompletion or INT.
  5. A little but Brees has the arm of a beer league guy. He's still canny enough to get some completions but he's done.
  6. Well most NFL players are decent people who do just punch at the ball. Then you have the guys who aren't. I could be remembering wrong but I think it was TJ Watt against us last year who just straight up punched one of our players.
  7. I think any NFL coaches who just watched that play are thinking the same thing. Eventually the NFL would have to make a rule against doing that intentionally because it would be bad for the game.
  8. This is the kind of close game where field position means a lot, especially the punters. It may very well be a matter of a Pinion.
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