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  1. I still don't love that 14M cap hit. HE can, but he is wildly underpaid. Which is weird to say when someone is getting 40M a year. But I mean, Tua is gonna end up higher paid. So is Lawrence. He's on the same pay scale as Daniel Jones.
  2. Agree with everyone except Knox (and I'm leaning maybe your way), but Shakir I think you can lock up at a decent clip, and while you can find talent in the draft, it's tough to have ready talent
  3. In the next offseason you’ll likely see the following players either be extended or let go or risk an unhappy employee by letting them play out their contract. So here’s the game Extend (give us a number) let go (explain why) Play it out (let them run down the contract some more. Explain why though) Josh Allen - his cap hit in 25 is 60m, and he’s getting paid less than 40M, which at this point is criminally underpaid for the 2nd best player in football. James Cook - played like a top 5-10 back last year and will be extension eligible, and perhaps has more valuable in this offense than otherwise Spencer Brown - will actually be a free agent. Older for someone coming off his first contract (26) so he’s gonna want to get paid, and if he continues an upswing this season will get paid by someone Groot - got his rookie contract auto-extended as a first rounder. Hes still just 24 and you could argue his best football is ahead of him Dawson Knox - his cap hit doubles from 7M to 14M. Nowadays teams love to use 12 when TEs can play inside and out and Dawson is better inline, but he also enables Kincaid to do what he does Khalil Shakir - if he does what a lot of us think he’s gonna do, this dude is gonna have a real interesting off season. Because if they don’t extend him next summer they risk letting him hit the open market - and gain even more value - after the 25 season
  4. One of my really good friends is a Niners season ticket holder (I’m in NorCal), and we wanted to goto Bills - Niners but that went out the window when it was December lol. Weather is just too unpredictable
  5. Have heard both! But this is why you gotta try it, to find out!
  6. Lambeau is on my list as well This is pretty awesome!
  7. For me, even though I grew up in NEPA, I still haven’t been to a Bills home game (went to Bills at Rams a few seasons ago), so that’s currently on top of it. But beyond that my list includes A) becoming a football coach B) LSU night game C) going to an NFL playoff game
  8. He was 11th in EPA last season, 5th in Yards after contact, had less tackles for losses than guys like CMC, had the 2nd most 10+ rushes in the league, and had a decent prescence in the pass game. Sure RBs are a dime a dozen, RBs with him impact are actually somewhat rare
  9. For the record, I'd still like a Randy Moss type of WR on the roster
  10. I’m a Data Analyst/Scientist. I’m also currently unemployed since late Jan after my company got bought and they laid everyone off, and have been passed over by 4-5 after getting through like 4 interviews each time, so I have empathy for that dude who’s camp spot gotten taken away, but not resentful either of the people who got picked ahead of me, as ultimately people in power gotta trust their own evaluations
  11. I mean, we know who McDermott is lol. All these guys work hard though, including this guy.
  12. what exactly is the risk here? Are you worried about player #90 on the camp roster?
  13. Not for nothing https://www.statecollege.com/articles/local-news/watch-bo-nickal-micah-parsons-and-others-run-hills-with-logs-and-struggle/ Watch Micah Parsons get made to look a fool by PSU wrestlers. I mean I get it - wrestlers are just different. I dunno how this turns out, but this dude is gonna make some folks look silly in some of the workouts and maybe even the field
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