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  1. This is against an elite defense and Kalil Shakir as his best WR and literally no deep threat on the field. Josh doesn't need to do anything more than he's already doing. It's the rest of the team that needs to get better. I'm not far from concluding that Josh is a better QB than Mahomes
  2. People got to get away from WR1 vs 2 vs 3 thinking - at least upfront. This is Justin Jefferson against the Bills last year. Ja'Marr Chase And Cooper Kupp. All 3 have one common factor - they're WR1 of their offenses. Outside of that, they all have hugely different approaches in how they're deployed. So when thinking about this Bills, I like to think about what they have vs what they don't have, and then figuring out who my favorite target is based on how well a WR does in his preferred route tree. The Bills have like 3 guys who can run that Cooper Kupp and Ja'Marr Chase route tree. When Diggs is healthy he can do it as well as those dudes. What the Bills DON'T have, is someone who run a variety of intermediate to deep routes at a reasonable level and speed You can call that person a Wr1 or 2, it doesn't matter. But that's the sizable gap in the bills offense that needs solving. They tried doing it with bargain basement speedsters, but that's not gonna cut it Minimum 2 if Gabe isn't resigned, and Shorter doesn't blow up in the off season. He can be a deep ball specialist where he runs the DK Metcalf route tree, but there's a massive way to go there. The Bills need to get a legit WR this off season
  3. Not if you extend him out 5-6 years and stack his back end years, and give him a really solid signing bonus. You can absolutely fit him in the cap for like 6-8M hit this upcoming season
  4. Do what I said above - resign Davis, draft a deep threat in R1, and you have both Diggs and Shakir along with Kincaid running those routes Beasley was running and that’s a win
  5. Think they got pretty good value out of him considering he was a 5th round pick
  6. I’d rather have Gabe over any of those guys. He’s pretty underrated right now because of the struggles of the Bills WRs in general, and because he’s a specialist. Thing is he’s got the tools to be a top 5 downfield WR. It’s not a speed thing. It’s body control, eyes, hands and instinct. But all of that means the Bills probably can’t afford him.
  7. I’d bring back Ty Johnson & Harris and then draft a RB in the 5th or so
  8. He really wasn't. Teams can easily scheme away explosives when you have exactly 1 downfield threat. You want to bust 2 high looks, have 2 dudes who can hurt you deep. When Davis was at his best, he had Emmanuel Sanders (who even in 2021 was a 4.3 40 type legit downfield dude) and a faster and more dangerous Stefon Diggs. That helped unlock Davis in that playoff game in a huge way. I really wish the Bills could afford to re-sign Davis. Because I'd love to pair him with someone like Xavier Worthy who can take the top off. Ideally you could do something like this: Deep Option 1: Davis Deep Option 2: Worthy Intermediate/Underneath: Diggs & Shakir Intermediate/Underneath: Kincaid/Knox And mix and match as you go.
  9. Joe started putting together his offense when he was with Sean Payton and the Saints, and continued to evolve it with LSU as the Pass game coordinator. Being wide and vertical were both hall marks of this offense at LSU. So in Carolina, the problem was that they had a horrific OL and a non-mobile QB in Teddy Bridgewater, so couldn't take advantage of a pretty good skill core. They went from middling in 2020 to terrible in 2021. Brady probably also learned some tough lessons in not trying to force concepts you don't have the talent for. I think if Brady could get his ideal prototypes, he'd have an offense that attacks downfield and intermediate, and uses the run game to keep defenses honest and especially use the RBs in the pass game. He's why CEH was a 1st round pick. He showed remarkable maturity this season in going away with what he showed in all his early years, recognizing he simply didn't have down field weapons this season, and transformed the offense into a power, grind offense. If he can add a couple of downfield weapons I think he'll really engage Josh Allen's true strengths
  10. Nah, just AJE, or really none of them. Time to reset the DE depth, you can't do much other than hope Von fully comes back next season. Otherwise the Bills are gonna have to be really creative with their blitzing
  11. Also McDermott was elite in defensive playcalling this past season. Let this dude ramp up being owner of the defensive game plan, and then eventually take over playcalling
  12. And the 6th One Direction member will continue his career in Buffalo
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