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  1. ah my bad I misinterpreted your post. Agree with the problem you identify, but think our prescription is different. When Mahomes is given time, I don’t know how any NFL defense copes with the versatility and explosiveness of KCs weapons, given Mahomes arm talent. At that point, you’re just picking how you want to die. Ita gonna have to be pressure. Either manufactured through the blitz or from the front 4
  2. to be fair the Chiefs DBs in that game got to play with a different set of rules than the rest of the NFL. Also the Bills WRs resembled the cast of the Walking Dead after a battle
  3. There’s just no value in cutting Star. See what kind of shape he’s in when he gets here, and leave him on the bench until he gets in better shape. You don’t really lose anything with that, the way his contract is.
  4. the bills offensive system turned him into a complimentary piece. He averaged 12 YPC - 3rd lowest of his career, and about 65th in the NFL. but that’s not meant to denigrate him in the least. He is an ELITE route runner, the best weapon in the NFL at the Z. The Bills did exactly what they should have with him - turn him into a monster under 20 yards, and clowning #1 and #2 corners in the midrange game. For someone like Josh Allen who loves to hold the ball that’s a real threat. Basically Stefon Diggs is the best Z in the NFL. I only call it complementary because he enables
  5. To be clear, adding Julio would be a massive upgrade to this team. Diggs might be our #1, but the X WR - a traditional #1 is some combo of 33 year old Emmanuel Sanders and Gabe Davis. Diggs and Beasley are fantastic complementary pieces, but you add a legit star X or legit star at TE, that takes this group to entirely new frontier - and quite possibly unstoppable given Allen’s arm talent. Imagine his deep shots with someone with the arm radius of Julio or Ertz? But Julio still isn’t possible without cutting 1-2 players
  6. This isn’t for Allen and Edmunds - those 22 hits and this actually makes it slightly harder. my guess? Flexibility for the trade deadline. Bills don’t necessarily NEED to add a player but we know Bean is an active in season shopper, and 8M in cap space empowers him quite a bit hes a bit underpaid but he probably did this knowing we’ll extend him after this season. Those 18M hits the next 2 years aren’t great. it’s always better to have money up front, I guess.
  7. I mean I didn't start the thread. It's there, it's one of my prime irritants in life, so I participated. On topic here, the way Portnoy has attacked women NFL reporters in a wildly personal manner, I'd ban him from all things NFL as well. Credentialing him gives the message they are ok with him. They shouldn't be, and I'm glad they're not.
  8. But does it get past his blatant mysogony and rape culture promotion? Sorry, I tend try to stay away from cultural issues, but Portnoy - as entertaining as he is - will always get my hackles up. “I’d like to reiterate that we don’t condone rape of any kind at our Blackout Parties in mid-January. However if a chick passes out that’s a grey area though” - Dave Portnoy. That's not a grey area. That's rape. And what he said about Samantha Ponder, is reprehensible. He can be as charitable as he wants, but IMO he shouldn't get a pass on his history.
  9. Not often I find myself rooting for Roger Goodell
  10. My belief is that you need to wait till players are able to be in their first extension to grade a draft, so that would be the 2017 draft. My grades, weighted to their round: 1. Tre White - 4 2. Zay Jones - 1.5 2. Dion Dawkins - 4 5. Matt Milano - 4 5. Nathan Peterman - 1.5 6. Tanner Vallejo - 3 Average: 3.0
  11. Fair rebuttal, even though I might disagree with it here and there. I'm hoping to see better from him with an off-season of studying what teams threw at him, as that's a really good point of offenses actually game planning against him last year, for the first time - and coaches helping him out during the OTA camps in the spring/summer to adjust and get him brtter.
  12. if you thought he was good in 2019, then why did you think he regressed in 2020, when you consider the 2nd half of 2020? That was probably his best period of play as a pro
  13. I mean we're up against the cap NOW in 2021. Even with Allen and Edmunds 5th year taken into account the Bills are slightly under their 22 cap, with their most signifcant FA resinging decision to be Levi Wallace. They literally don't have to cut a single player to retain their squad next year, while they can still gain a lot of space by extending Diggs, and cutting/restructing vets like Star. The bills are in an excellent spot, cap wise
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