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  1. Thanks for the knowledge drop and help man, I really appreciate the opportunity to get better at knowing Ball! I think you diagnosed my issue. Where I was seeing man, was actually pattern matching zones
  2. But wasn’t it starting the 3rd drive they started playing more man/man zones? It is worth noting that after the first quarter the Bengals scored 13 the rest of the way (3 quarters), and the lone TD was hugely aided by a bad DPI call. Really, the offense was much more to blame than the defense
  3. They played mostly man for about 3.5 quarters, with corners who were at a disadvantage against man and a Dline that was playing its worst game of the season. They also started bringing a lot more blitzes What change would you have suggested of Frazier?
  4. Like I feel like I’m losing my mind. Basic football fundamentals. When do you go “aggressive”? When you can’t stuff an offense playing base. When do you go exotic coverage? When you can’t stop a pass game by moving/hurrying the QB + struggle to cover their WR, or feel it’s a plau rheyre extra protect and you want to confuse them. So Von Miller? He makes the rest of the lineman better, which means the bills don’t at all need to ring pressure to stiff offenses. They had one of the 5 best pressure rates WHILE having one of the lowest blitz rates in the NFL - while Von was playing. And THAT is why you pay that man 20M a year. lMy biggest criticism of this defense is they don’t go disguise coverages often enough. Teams will load up in pass pro and just send 3 out, knowing we’ll be in Cover 1/2/6. I would love to see more disguise coverages because we have the backers that can go from LOS to middle third. Why do I know this? Because I’ve literally SEEN Edmunds do this in of the few times we called a Disguised zone. Here’s the thing, QBs guess when you have everyone close to the LOS. Literally know QB can “know” the coverage when you have everyone out of position. I would love to see more of that once we get Micah back, and a better cover SS in there
  5. Or Von Miller. like people understand why they’re paying him 20M right? RIGHT?!!
  6. That’s a hyperbolic way of describing the defense. It was flat out good when they had Von. Again look at the chiefs game or even the first Dolphins game
  7. They a million percent play MUCH MUCH Better. Von got hurt week 12, and weeks 1 - 11 the Bills were something like 5th in pressure rate. 12 - 18 they were 22nd or so, and add Jones makes an immense difference to the run D, and Hyde makes 2 positions far more effective. In fact I’d go as far to say that the Bengals wouldn’t have scored 20. The much bigger problem is the Bills offense scored 10, and probably still loses the game
  8. I would suspect they’ll be more complex in coverage disguise and schemes with more experienced - and capable - players back there I mean….Josh Allen is still on this football team.
  9. No, I expect them to have a minimum of 4 new starters on offense. Guard, Right Tackle, RB, and Slot.
  10. Because the Ravens pass rushers played far better than the Bills pass rushers did, and gave a much better platform to their 2 elite backers than the Bills 2 elote backer got. The fonts are easy - beat the man lined up across from you. The ravens did a lot more of that than the Bills did
  11. Respectfully disagree with the financial part (I agree you can make a lot of scheme changes). Just think there’s very little space there
  12. Haha took me awhile to figure out what you were disagreeing with me on, and finally figured it out with your last sentence. You’re right though, there’s a lot of upside with this current group
  13. As far as ACL issues go, von got lucky. They called it an “ACL Injury”, with at minimum a partial tear - they were doing surgery to fix a meniscus/cartilage issue when the doc decided the knee wasn’t as stable as needed. So I’m pretty hopeful of a quicker, and full recovery. Tre on the other hand, suffered a full tear of his ACL.
  14. So, this wasn’t what I was saying at all, and there good reason to believe if the Bills had a healthy Von Miller they would have been much better on Sunday They can’t afford to make any changes on the DLine
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