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  1. What did Darius Leonard say about Josh Allen? Keep him in the well? Well that's what you do to Lamar. A couple of things here. You don't trust the Raven's to consistently pound the rock up the middle. They'll inevitably attempt the ZR with Lamar, or a playaction, or something. That's when you gotta pounce Bills might be the rare team to be able to contain Lamar on the outside. Both safeties fly to the football and are reliable tacklers. The Linebackers are both sideline to sideline. Hughes, the slimmed down AJ Epenessa, Quinton Jefferson, Ed Oliver and Mari
  2. My initial thought is that Lamar is going to break some runs, make some big playaction stuff. That’s just gonna happen - he’s too good. But overall I think the Ravens run with more speed than power and I believe that plays into the Bills D strength. They put a lot of speed on the field, front to back. offensively, the Ravens have a solid D Line, and can bring it. But I believe Allen will have his way with them. get a lead and attack Lamar when he’s in obvious pass situations
  3. Not entirely. You get down to 8 teams and you’re always facing really good teams
  4. Yup losing to the Steelers or ravens is well within reasonable expectations. here on out I just hope fir a good performance without expecting a win
  5. Not sure I would watch another game of these playoffs
  6. I mean I wasn’t expecting Rivers to be that effective on 3rd. Bills struggled in their coverage up the gut but Rivers also had about 3-4 desperation throws that were completed
  7. if they could get Sherman at a low price that would be ideal
  8. Oh and both Brown and Beasley are clearly not at full speed. something to watch for next weekend as them getting speed back makes this passing attack pretty close to unstoppable They’re playing at home no matter what
  9. I honestly forgot Gaines existed but Wallace ain’t it
  10. The guy was running a spread vertical offense up 3 with 3 minutes left. Because that was the only way for the Bills to win. that’s why you don’t put much blame on him for the fumble.
  11. Bills need a 2nd corner. Unlikely they’ll get torched that badly by the TE again but Pittman did a number on them and I think a 2nd corner helps there. Think that’s the obvious and easy call unless an EDGE slips that you had high on the board. colts oline really handled the bills dline, though that’s likely the best oline in these playoffs
  12. haha I’m getting happier but that was super stressful. Mostly my feeling was “god I hate the playoffs”
  13. Neither the Ravens nor Browns are nearly as balanced as the Colts. That was an 11 win team that was top 10 in all 3 phases
  14. You spelled “Josh Allen” wrong
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