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  1. So I used to work for Boeing in Renton, where the build the 737s. The first shift started at 7am, and the cafe opened at 6am. About once every two weeks they’d have steak and eggs. Let me tell ya, that hits different at 6:30am
  2. To be fair he also might have been drunk from the night before when he did his pre-game coke, so perhaps it normalized him
  3. Ed is a borderline elite 3T. Love that they’re getting him for this price. If you’re gonna pick between him and Edmunds you pick Oliver pretty much every time
  4. Sure, can we also cut out the incessant whining that's taken over the fanbase? Because that's what got me off kilter in this thread
  5. For example, the Jets faced the 8th most rush attempts in the League, and the 12th least pass attempts. The Bills faced the least number of rush attempts. right around the Bills were the Niners, Bengals and Chiefs (along with the Ravens and Titans), teams with excellent offenses so opposition knew they had to go big against them
  6. The Jets defense reminds of the so-called elite defenses the Bills used to have during the droughts. A lot of that was OCs game planning fairly conservatively, knowing that the Jets offense was so bad, that all they had to do was not turn the ball over to win games fairly easily. They are absolutely talented...but some of that is a bit of a mirage. You look at their roster, they don't have as many + players as you'd assume, with a team D with a DVOA that high. They're gonna fall off this year, as teams are forced to respect the Jets O a bit more
  7. And why the obsession with the Jets? If Tua is healthy, they are easily the best roster other than the Bills in the division
  8. Leading up to the Bengals game last season in the playoffs - I was thinking the Bengals would win that in a blowout, especially when we found out that Jones was out injured. That game was a perect line up for the Bills to get whomped. Heading into that, it was fairly obvious Saffold was utterly washed, that their RT was playing half injured, that they didn't have a functional secondary with Tre playing half powered, Jordan Poyer completely out of position at Free Safety, they didn't even have an NFL starting quality SS healthy on the roster, Von Miller gone ALONG with with Jones and the Bills playing COLE FREAKIN BEASLEY in the slot because that's how poorly Isiah McKenzie playing. That game should have surprised no one all things considered. They were utterly reliant on Josh Allen going superman to win that game. In terms of analytic insights this is it: When the Bill roster has been decimated by inury, and some starters are washed by age, they don't have enough talent to beat really good teams Are you INTENTIONALLY pretending reality isn't reality? That the Bills didn't add quality starters this offseason? Like what is happening? Are you posting from the multi-verse?
  9. literally just getting healthy on defense, and adding a slot and guard on offense makes the Bills the 2nd best team in the AFC and NFL. So tired of these myopic takes from the Bills playoff game, when they played awfully on top of being injured and thus out of whack in so many different ways. Just because "PLAYOFFS OMG!!!" doesn't mean the other 16 games didn't count. This is a good freakin team. Really good What you're not seeing, maybe because you don't want to, is the Bills already have an elite roster. are PAYING for said elite roster, and don't have NEARLY the margin to make up that the Jets do. And of course it's freakin relevent when you take into account the rest of my post on the Jets' lack of talent at OLine and WR compared to Buffalo The Bills put their nuts on the table when they landed Von Miller and Stephon Diggs, and traded away assets to land Josh Allen. They are far far past the Jets in terms of evolution
  10. So you mean adding 3 new starters on offense doesn't count? Or paying up to ensure they go back to having a top 5 safety bracket, to go along with what's probably gonna be one of the better corner tandems in the league? Not over spending on to retain Edmunds so they can improve the offense around Allen? But yea, the Jets added a narcisstic, ahole, 39 year old QB while mortgaging their future, while doing almost nothing to fix their OLine, and likely hacing just 1 skill player on their O who would actually start for Buffalo, in Garett Wilson - and even then would be mostly splitting snaps among a bevy of targets. All hail the ***** ***** Jets. So sick of them
  11. What would be the equivalent for the Bills? A team that went 13-3 going through an insane level of injuries and bringing back a top 3 roster?
  12. This team isn't far from a pantheon level offense folks Spencer getting 15% better at RT (which might be much more if he can recover fully from that back injury, and make a mini leap) No longer a disaster at guard (this is done with the addition of McGovern, you can not properly express how much of an improvement this is going to be), which makes the entire line better A better run game with more versatility - check, with the addition of Damien Harris, who forms a formidable 1-2 punch with James Cook, and the Bills finally have a big, fast red zone back not named Josh Allen an effective slot weapon - Dalton Kincaid, enough said here A way to make Diggs an inside/out guy. This is the the elevator to raise the bills from elite offense to one of the greatest in the history of the league. Without Hop, the Bills will have a top 5 offense with the above Bullets. With Hop? Well good luck to any Defense in the league
  13. I wouldn't mind adding either a pure X or an inside/out guy, as it allows Diggs to be more of an inside/out guy - he's far too perimeter oriented right now. You might see some of that from Kincaid and Knox though, as one of them could play that X spot, allowing the shift. With Hop, I think he's a pure X, and still a top 20 X in the League, and would be the ideal 2nd perimeter player alongside Davis. Think he's worth breaking the bank for, as he'd be an exponential addition because of how much more lethal Diggs would be, due to being able to create more friendly match ups & space for him
  14. He looks fine. Look at his calves and quads. There's not much extra fat to be seen
  15. This man's heart stopped for 9 minutes, less than 6 months ago. I don't have the proper words to explain what I think of this so I'll just say: amazed and inspired. Got a bit of an up hill battle to make the roster I think with the addition of Taylor Rapp, but here's hoping
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