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  1. I'm nearly 100 percent certain I've had it - I started having a very dry and persistent cough (which I never, ever get) 20 days ago and it still persists. That was followed a couple of days later by a daylong bout of diarrhea and, after that, about five days of fever spikes (with one evening in the middle of it being particularly nasty). My 23-year old daughter had symptoms too, including the inability to taste anything for a week, a cough, and very mild fever spikes. Despite the nagging cough, which is finally diminishing, I'm fine now. Basically 100 percent. Neither of us are sick enough to get tested given the situation in Brooklyn.
  2. Also NYC related: https://gothamist.com/news/surge-number-new-yorkers-dying-home-officials-suspect-undercount-covid-19-related-deaths [Thanks for posting - seemed inappropriate for me to "like" tho. 😥 This is pretty common in an epidemic situation. Very likely happened in China and is happening in Italy/Spain and elsewhere too. When the dust settles, statisticians look at seasonal deaths from previous years and calculate an "excess death rate" which may be attributed to the disease]
  3. The better argument about Gore is noting that his three most productive seasons (yards from scrimmage; ypa) occurred in the previous decade! https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/G/GoreFr00.htm
  4. Why would he retire? He'd have to surrender money. He's never, ever going to play again, but from a financial perspective it's far better to not retire and let the team either cut you, IR you, or reach an injury settlement with you. If you retire, the team doesn't have to do anything.
  5. Not sure why you're arguing this point. All good baseball players have tons of bad games. For even the best class of hitters, it's a sport pretty much defined by probable failure.
  6. Mike Trout had more than 30 statistically terrible games in each of the last five seasons. No player is perfect every game.
  7. I do. He tailed off in the last 2-3 games back to normal, but in the first 13, he was as lockdown as lockdown can get.
  8. I think prescott is a good player but not the best qb in the league. The production numbers at every level back that up, as does the eyeball test. He is playoff caliber. Elliott in my opinion is overrated vis a vis that team’s success. Prescott is way more important. Anyway, they are about to experience a measurable decline in o-line quality with the retirement of Frederick, so we’ll see how important that o-line is to his production.
  9. The Cowboys are 40-24 in games Prescott has started. In baseball terms, that’s a 102-60 season. Seriously, try to avoid being a dumb Bills fan. This site has been really good at chasing the morons off, or at least shaming them. Be better.
  10. He was *literally* voted the NFL defensive player of the year for 2019, and this after a great 2018 season and a phenomenal SB vs the Rams (forced fumble and key INT). Just stop, guys. I think more highly of Watkins than most here, but I’ll agree that it’s arguable. His postseason performances the last couple of years have played a big role in shaping my opinion.
  11. The hate here for two very good NFL players Who happened to also be good players for the Bills is freaking hilarious. Jeezus.
  12. Actually, in his rookie season, the bills went 9-7 - their first winning season in a decade. He was the team’s best offensive player too. And they were over .500 the next two seasons when Taylor started.
  13. And Bruce’s best season was 1996, two years after this time comparison.
  14. You do realize that Belichick is currently engineering the cancellation of the 2020 season via his pandemic unleashing skills, right? He planned for this.
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