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  1. My beef with Singletary - who I actually think is non-terrible - is that he's not a good receiver. I want a back who is all purpose and actually good, like Kamara. I'd prefer to get him later in the draft, but sometimes other teams want guys like that too. I agree about the line, but tackles aren't the problem. The Alabama center appears to be pretty good. The guard for OSU seems good too. You can get a top center/guard in the mid-30s, so you'd be able to trade down and pick up, say, a late third/early fourth.
  2. What do you think of Michel's postseason performance in 2018? Also, He was hurt a lot this season, but he did average 5.7 ypc on 79 carries, which -- excluding QBs like Lamar Jackson -- was second best in the league after Dobbins. That's Gillislee level stuff! (I kid.) Anyway, he did look pretty explosive this year when he was in there. I did watch that Eagles/Saints game, and to be honest, I thought the Eagles were going to blow them out early on -- that is, until the Saints started completely dominating, which was well before halftime. Bad drop by Jeffrey, for sure, but there wa
  3. The Saints had 420 yards to the Eagles 250 in that game, and the Saints won the turnover battle too, getting 2 and only giving up 1. Not sure what you're referring too -- they utterly dominated the Eagles statistically. They had the ball for a ridiculous 37:50 to the Eagles 22:10 also. Also, the next time Singletary rushes for 336 yards and 6 TDs on 71 carries in three postseason games -- which Michel did in 2018 -- let me know.
  4. A referee who doesn't make one of the worst non-calls ever, for one.
  5. I'll believe those RB numbers when I see it. I just don't see teams spending a lot for the decline years of RBs, especially this year given the cap decline.
  6. You really think Drake gets that? I doubt it, but who knows? Lynch turned out to be a great pick (just not for the Bills, although he was quite good in his first two seasons)!
  7. Well, Sony Michel, who was legit good in 2018. Seattle got a top ten draft pick for a song (Lynch), and I'm down for that if such a player is available for trade. I'm not saying spend a first rounder or early second rounder on a RB, by the way. That was never my point, but it can be a wise expenditure in certain situations.
  8. Another point about championships and rushing the ball: 2018: NE was 3rd in rushing attempts and 5th in yards 2017: Philly was 6th in attempts and 3rd in yards 2016: NE was 3rd in attempts and 7th in yards 2015: Denver was 17th in attempts and 17th in yards (better than their passing numbers; they won with defense anyway) 2014: NE was 13th in attempts and 18th in yards 2013: Seattle was 2nd in attempts and 4th in yards 2012: Baltimore was 12th in attempts and 11th in yards Last year, the Chiefs were 27th in attempts and 23rd in yards, and
  9. Or a trade down from 30, which would be preferable given that it'll land the Bills an extra pick.
  10. I get the scoring, but in the playoffs you have to be able to switch gears against good teams. They couldn't run against any of the teams they faced, and if not for the pick six, they're winning by the skin of their teeth (and maybe even losing to Baltimore) because they can't get more than mid-20s level points. Same thing with KC. I'm talking about an ingredient for a championship-level team, not about scoring 48 points vs. Jacksonville in early October.
  11. I think he was in their doghouse because of fumbling. That may be the sort of thing they saw in practice and which we didn't know about. When he fumbled early last year in the red zone, we saw very little of him afterward. Historically, though, he hasn't been a particularly bad fumbler.
  12. Johnson was the DC for Reid in Philly. (And actually, Spags, Harbaugh, and McDermott were position coaches under him.) My point is that the Philly defense was better coached than KC's even though I think Spags is an upper echelon DC. Reid hired the DC, so he gets the coaching credit. Finally, coaches that win SBs tend to be heavily reliant on the quality of the QB. McNabb was good, but you simply can't compare him to Mahomes. Mahomes is a potential GOAT. Reid in KC before Mahomes was basically Philly-era Reid. I don't see any difference.
  13. Good post, but the thing about Kamara is that he is a great route runner, which is everything to me. He can run WR routes, RB routes, etc. I actually think Yelden is a decent receiving back, but the other two aren't. But Yelden is likely gone and is basically a JAG overall. I just think it adds another dimension to an offense that needs to get to KC's level in order to beat them. You have to account for a player like that on every play he's in there. As for Drake, I've seen enough over the years to think he's a good dual threat. His numbers were down this year, but they were excel
  14. I don't disagree, but at pick #29, I think it's OK if he's clearly a better player talent than the alternatives. It's strange to say that the Bills have a lot of needs, but they do. Of course, first world problems.
  15. I know, I know, guys like him are hard to find. But a RB who is both a talented runner and an excellent receiver out of the backfield would take the Bills' passing game to an even higher level (not to mention the running game). The Bills' passing game is awesome, but it's awfully reliant on WRs. Is there anyone with a Kamara profile in this year's draft? If not, Kenyon Drake--a free agent who turns 27 today--would be my target. He's not Kamara, but his game is similar, and he probably has 2-3 good years left in him.
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