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  1. Yeah, but: he's also throwing around terms like "from the neck up" and "process very quickly," "understanding," and "nuances," which are all very clearly comments on his mental approach (or lack thereof). To be fair, it might be completely true, but rarely do you see a coach call out a player in this way to a reporter. Maybe it's meant to be motivational, and I don't doubt it might work with some (not all) players when it's done in private. But to do it publicly? That's the sort of thing that may well come up in contract negotiations with other teams next year, and if I were Oliver or his agent, I'd be pretty PO'd.
  2. He’s saying he’s basically a moron (or at least plays like a moron on the football field).
  3. ,“Just continue to play the game as much as possible from the neck up. When you have the kind of talent Ed has, you have to understand situations that could mean the difference between separating yourself from the opponent (and saying), ‘I have to able to process very, very quickly so I can win my one-on-one so I can play ahead of the play as opposed to playing with the sequence of that particular play.’ “With Ed, from an experience standpoint, we need him to play ahead as opposed to with the tempo of the play so (understanding) situations, certain nuances with certain calls and understanding where he can take advantage based on his position (is important).” Hooboy. And wow. And yikes. Reading between the words isn’t required to interrupt what Washington was saying, right? Understanding situations … Process very, very quickly. … Play ahead of the play. If it reads to you as if Washington wants Oliver to do more video study and be more committed to during-the-week preparation in order to perform better in games – that was 100% my lean once I transcribed the quote.’ https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/ryan-ohalloran-to-hear-bills-tell-it-ed-olivers-final-chance-to-earn-long-term/article_cc3f0636-009a-11ee-8d28-c3fb3d9ee3df.html
  4. Yeah, agreed about the Central. Here's what I feel confident about with regard to teams in that division: Cincy: Excellent team with an elite qb, but since every team in that division is pretty good (at least), I can see a 10-7/11-6 season. Pitt: History pretty much shows that they will win at least 9 games. They'll be better than last season, so let's give them 10-7. Baltimore: They will win at least 10 games. I could easily see them winning the division too. Cleveland: If Watson steps up his game, they could win the division and go 11-6. It's certainly in the realm of the plausible. They have a really good roster overall and just need the QB to come through. I won't be surprised if he plays pretty well either. Last year, four of their first 5 losses were by a total of 9 points (all of them agonizing losses and with Brissett at QB), and then at 2-5 I just think the wheels came off. Incidentally, Amari Cooper looked to me like he was playing the best football of his career last season. They brought in Jim Schwartz to coordinate the D too, and he's obviously good.
  5. Yep. The Searchers by far is his best performance and it is a truly amazing movie. Her performance in the remake of True Grit — which I think is a LOT better than the original — was mesmerizing.
  6. They were never teammates. Lawson’s first year at clemson was 2013 and hopkins’ final year there was 2012.
  7. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/bill-obrien-deandre-hopkins-relationship-timeline-patriots-trade
  8. They actually lost their only playoff game in 2017, 10-3.
  9. Also, in 15 post season games, he had 69 catches for 1,062 yards and 7 TDs. Those were great single-season numbers for a receiver in that era.
  10. Terrell Davis played in 8 postseason games and had 1,140 yards, 5.6 ypc, and 12 touchdowns -- all vs the toughest competition. Extrapolated to a full 16 game season, it becomes 2,280 yards and 24 touchdowns -- which would be the greatest rushing season ever. And he won a SB MVP. The NFL rightly rewards postseason greatness because it's all about winning championships, after all. It's better than the MLB system, which downplays postseason numbers.
  11. If I had to pick one play that lost the Bills that game, it's at the 0:45 mark here. Allen did nothing wrong; Saffold was beaten like a drum and forced JA into an off target throw that should have been a huge gain. Before you know it, it was 14-0 and it was clear that the Bills' D had no answers. Don't blame Allen for that loss even though he didn't have a great game. .
  12. The other thing I'd say about all of this is that there's the height that's listed and the height that's inclusive of reach. Hakeem Olajuwon was 6'10" but was effectively taller than a number of 7-foot centers because his arms were so goddamn long. Wingspan/reach is key when thinking about a player's true playing height.
  13. Good post. As for gambling on guys with that upside but modest stats, I give you https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/dk-metcalf-1.html.
  14. Stevie Johnson and TJ Houshmandzedah (sp?) were both 6'2" -- not giants, of course, but still reasonably tall. They were very productive for decent stretches. Both were 7th rounders. TO was a big, big guy and was drafted late in the 3rd. It's not the fifth, but he way overperformed his draft slot. Also, Brandon Marshall - 6'4" and drafted in the 4th round. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MarsBr00.htm
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