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  1. He played in two playoff games and lost them both. They blew a 16-3 lead in 1984 and lost 17-16, and they lost 22-20 to Birmingham the next season. Joe Cribbs was the lead running back for Birmingham (16 carries for 70 yards). In fact, you can watch the whole game right here:
  2. Seems like the sort of study that’s going to be a classic example of the replication crisis in the behavioral sciences. I don’t believe these findings to be even remotely accurate.
  3. Tyrod is now available and is ten times better than Trubisky as a backup. Just sayin' ...
  4. Achilles tears are not the injuries they used to be — at all. I won’t be shocked if he’s fine by camp. We shall see.
  5. I'll just point out that he had a pretty good third season - the year the Browns went 11-5 (95.9 passer rating and 65.5 QBR plus a 14 AV rating via PFR). Brady was actually very good last season. They couldn't run the ball at all because of line issues, and that killed their play action game. In the run game, they were literally 32nd in rushing yards, 32nd in rushing TDs, and 32nd in yards per attempt.
  6. Mayfield has proven he's a pretty good QB. Why the Browns got rid of him remains a mystery to me. He was playing with a significant injury his final year there and gutted it out. The year before, he was good. And he was good this year. Almost rallied to beat the Bills after being down by a lot.
  7. I am assuming no trade, which is the real issue because they lost a first round pick in the process. Not good.
  8. Just to clarify, Mike Evans was gone by the time the Bills would have picked (at #9). Beckham was still on the board, however. He went at #11. I will say this about Sammy Watkins: before the injuries began to chronically diminish his game, Watkins looked as good as any of those other receivers. People forget how Watkins could at times utterly dominate opponents in his first couple of seasons.
  9. I'd also add that in 14 non-Bills playoff games since Mahomes became QB, KC has averaged 29.1 points per game. And that includes a 9-point Super Bowl game when they were missing both of their starting OTs (take out that game and they've averaged 31 points over 13 playoff games against teams other than the Bills). Maybe, just maybe, they're a really good playoff offense.
  10. Ugh! I was stupidly looking at the wrong column (first downs!). Thanks for the correction. The point about the yardage in the final five games stands, though.
  11. The offense got worse over the season, though. In their final five games, they didn't get to 300 yards even once. And they had 10 turnovers in those five games.
  12. He had bad numbers THIS YEAR and not because he’s bad at it. He’s had tons of great throws in that area over the years. But if you are 0-15, that’s not marginal, and it’s a big part of the field to surrender.
  13. I get the design, but 0 for 15 is still pretty ugly.
  14. It's now starting to make sense why the Steelers didn't cover Kincaid on his TD in the playoff game and why Shakir ran free on the second-down play on the Bills final possession in the divisional round game. The Bills proved all season that they're terrible at connecting on deep middle throws. The only success they had was the Kincaid catch in the playoff game! In the regular season, they were an unbelievable 0 for 15. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2024/1/31/24055184/2023-bills-season-analysis-buffalos-deep-middle-passing-game
  15. "The Jets lost five games by 20 or more points and extended the longest playoff drought in the four major North American professional sports to 13 years." The Sabres saw this and want their streak back.
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