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  1. The odd thing about this is that is two best deep passes (in terms of accuracy) later in the season were both to John Brown in the Denver and NE games. In the Denver game, the ball was right on the money, but the important context is that he was throwing directly into a ~30 mph wind. In the NE game, he got hit hard as he threw it. In almost every instance, such passes end up short. Neither did in this case.
  2. Between 2014 and 2019, the Patriots played in 12 playoff games. Brady threw 50+ passes 4 times, 40+ passes 9 times, and never below 35 passes. Over that timespan, Patriots won 3 SBs, played in 4 SBs, and played in 5 AFC championship games. They have been the gold standard postseason team for a very long time.
  3. 'Good on Dolphins coach Brian Flores, letting a couple guys go for promotions. Jerry Schuplinski gets to be the quarterbacks coach with the Giants (removing “assistant” from his title) and join a guy, in Joe Judge, whom he was to join in Indianapolis as part of Josh McDaniels’ staff two years ago. And DC Pat Graham gets to add “assistant head coach” to his title in New York. Allowing guys to seek career advancement, and make personal decisions, has a way of giving a head coach a reputation of being the kind of guy people would want to work for. That, in the long run, will be of benefit to Flores.' (also @Hapless Bills Fan) https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/01/20/nfl-playoffs-super-bowl-liv-49ers-chiefs-patrick-mahomes-kyle-shanahan-mmqb
  4. Also, the backup RB who did play vs TN totally flubbed a hot route that saw Mahomes' pass hitting in the back of his jersey. Mahomes was clearly irked by that.
  5. There were two coaches who were all in on Mahomes: Andy Reid and Sean Payton. That tells you all you need to know. (KC traded with us to get ahead of NO, who drafted next).
  6. Honestly, with regard to those teams’ fast rebuilds, it is literally ALL about their QBs. They are all basically .500 to sub-.500 teams without those QBs (ie, SF last year). Allen isn’t nearly as good right now as Wilson, Garrapolo (who is incredibly accurate and a great processor), Wentz, or Goff (who, lest we forget, was great in 2017 and 2018). If the Bills get to the next level, it will be because Allen begins to excel and improve upon the major holes in his game. After watching Mahomes and Wilson continually hit on deep throws, I believe that Josh A will never become a true franchise QB if he continues to be notably poor deep thrower. It is up to him.
  7. Poyer led the NFL in td returns on attempted onside kicks!
  8. To be clear, I am a very hardcore Yankees fan. The Yankees overperformed in the postseason a bit that year relative to their regular season performance because Tanaka -- a truly league average pitcher the last three seasons (and slightly below league average in 2017) -- just dominates in the postseason (1.76 ERA and 0.78 WHIP over 46 postseason innings).
  9. The best comparison I think is Bountygate (not Spygate), and the punishments seem pretty similar. Bountygate was a lot worse. The Yankees were definitely not the best team in baseball in 2017.
  10. Yeah, they had a bunch of games where they gave up loads of points, but they gave up 13 or fewer points in 7 of their games.
  11. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you should read more of the thread to get better context. This is kinda fake news. It's not even accurate given the larger context of his postgame comments.
  12. Not really true. The Rams were at least decent on D - 13th in yards allowed, 9th in turnovers forced, 9th in defensive DVOA, 10th in yards per drive, and 11th in points per drive. They were 17th in points allowed partly because their offense turned the ball over a lot - the offense was 22nd in avoiding turnovers. The collective team defensive passer rating was 86.8, which is quite solid.
  13. See my post at the bottom of page one of this thread — the SI story about him firing up the kickoff returner when they were down 24-0. The premise behind this entire thread is basically false regardless of his interactions with Kelce.
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