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  1. dave mcbride

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    He has caught 18 of his last 25 targets (72 percent).
  2. dave mcbride

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    He's a valuable asset if surrounded by more physically talented receivers. He's a good route runner and his hands are winning me over.
  3. dave mcbride

    Matt Barkley (asking for a friend)

    Irrespective of the topic here, Barkely probably earned himself another 5-7 years as a backup in this league yesterday.
  4. Have you not watched Allen highlights? He clearly has a cannon on the field too. That td throw in preseason against Carolina was blazing.
  5. dave mcbride

    Saw an NFL Offense today - Not from an X & O's expert

    They fielded a team with a LOT more speed yesterday, and it clearly made a difference. Speed kills.
  6. dave mcbride

    Saw an NFL Offense today - Not from an X & O's expert

    He can’t do it more often because he’s been working with terrible talent. Daboll is not the problem.
  7. The eyeball test?? Really? Vick ran a sub-4.4 40 time (allegedly 4.33) but come on. He doesn’t compare to Allen, who hit freaking 66 at the senior bowl. Favre supposedly hit 63 and people didn’t think it was toppable. Vick threw 60 max on his best day (which is good!). His speed and cutting ability separated him from the pack, especially when combined wih a genuinely strong arm.
  8. He literally has broken every record. He was throwing 92 in high school as a pitcher, and he wasn’t a travel player robot who had been trained for speed since the age of 8. It was natural.
  9. Allen has a significantly stronger arm than Vick.
  10. I like McDermott as coach despite the offensive problems this season.
  11. Agreed, but how often are teams getting to the red zone? The Bills' D is 3rd in the league in yards given up per drive and 8th in plays per drive. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/buf/2018.htm A huge problem for the D is that the O is 31st in turnovers given up.
  12. Is it factually one of the worst in the league? That is an honest question. I don't know the answer.
  13. One came after a long return on a punt. That was a short field.
  14. Well, if they don't win it all, going 14-2 is a pretty nice consolation. Even if they don't win it all, though, they put themselves *in position* to win it all. They are currently as good as any team in the league. They may lose to a good team like NO, but it's not because they're worse. If they play each other 4 times, my guess is that they go 2-2.
  15. It only seems bad to people who overvalue draft picks (as I think many do). He helped get them up off the doormat last season, and while didn't have a ton of catches, he had a lot of TDs and a high ypc. That's important for an offense.