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  1. Because Allen was 15 and using “n*ggas” while sophomorically quoting rap lyrics, a genre he appears to be a big fan of? Huge difference between a young kid doing that and a Bible-Belt holier-than-thou type (look it up) *actually implying that whites are a more elite people* (regardless of whether he was joking or not). It is figuratively apples and oranges.
  2. @DrDare and @Cantankeous — you have both expressed skepticism about my posts that this is all highly problematic for Fromm, particularly in the context of the team. Explain yourselves given that the best player on the team hands down - Tre White - is retweeting posts by multiple pro bowl players (Sherman, Adams, Lockett) taking Fromm to serious task. Plus there is the Jerry Hughes issue, who has been quite vocal about this stuff. They are both ten times the player that Fromm is and genuine team leaders—gamers who always show up and play through injuries. Hughes was badly injured late in the season but was the best player on the field in the Buffalo-Houston playoff game.
  3. If he said it, it's a problem, even if he was joking.
  4. It is part of a thread, and Fromm allegedly says that guns are good (not a problem), that he should be allowed to get suppressors (silencers), and that they should make suppressors expensive enough so that only elite white people could get them. The response is basically "Wtf, you think you're elite? Look at your profile picture." If legit - and I am not saying it is - it's super-problematic for the obvious reasons, but also because Fromm has painted himself as Bible-quoting devout Christian whose hobby is praying. (I'm not making the last part up). https://sportsspectrum.com/sport/football/2019/08/30/georgia-qb-jake-fromm-follows-god-embraces-pressure-as-he-chases-elusive-title/
  5. It's pretty simple and doesn't require translating.
  6. It's a top trender on twitter right now ...
  7. He basically took the Pats out of the hunt last season by taking away their annual bye week.
  8. He never really recovered from the leg muscle tear he suffered in OT vs. the Bengals early in the 2003 season. It took a couple of tenths of a second off of his 40 time.
  9. The Jets did one thing and one thing only in that game: completely choke away a game they had in the bag. Darnold's situation pales in comparison to that.
  10. Um ... Emmanuel Sanders is a REALLY good player who has had a terrific career.
  11. I was one. To be fair, I had no idea that the planar dimensions section of the Dungeons & Dragons core rulebook was basically his guide for living.
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