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  1. I expect they’ll get destroyed by both SEA and Pitt, and they were already massacred by TN. SF is a horrible matchup too. It’s ok to lose those games; they just need to win the others and split with NE. That gives them a home playoff game.
  2. Just playing devil’s advocate, but the Bills have two wins against arguably the worst team of the past four years or so. They struggled against Miami, got a little lucky against a Rams team that dominated them statistically, and had a legit win against a decent Raiders team. They were domInated by TN and KC. The Bills aren’t a bad team, but their defense isn’t good and their offense is pretty one dimensional (all Allen). Plus the remainder of the schedule is pretty difficult. I do think they can to 10-6 if they beat AZ, which should win the division. But I don’t see a lot more than that.
  3. You love to see it: https://www.boston.com/sports/new-england-patriots/2020/10/27/patriots-nfl-draft-position-quarterbacks
  4. I watched that Pats-SF game. I thought he played hard. This is so true. Gilmore is playing well this year. Their secondary is keeping them in games (i.e., the KC game).
  5. I think "barely" is appropriate. I also think some people on this board don't quite realize how historically bad the Jets are this season.
  6. Ha! I’d expand it a little: “It’s not fun when I suck and I’ve lost my mojo.” The problem NE presents is a very good secondary and a creative pass rush. The Bills can’t run the ball well, and they are a pass-first team. I don’t expect a ton of points. Don’t look now, but the Bills haven’t scored 20 points in 3 straight weeks.
  7. Um, wow: ‘Newton, who continued to take the blame for the loss, elaborated: “The energy has definitely been off for me, and at times it’s not rewarding when you’re just going out there with this aura about yourself that’s not you.”’ He added: “I have fun playing this football game, but the performances here hasn’t been somewhat delightful for me to have fun in doing so. So I just got to be better.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/26/sports/football/patriots-49ers.html
  8. He was extremely accurate in college and then to play for some truly wretched offenses in SF. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/alex-smith-3.html
  9. Garrapalo wasn’t healthy that game. Huge factor.
  10. Yeah, I have that as a loss in my book. The AZ game is the one we need to win of those two.
  11. My takeaway: The Jets are a terrible, terrible team. That second-half offensive performance against a bad Bills D was about the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Just pathetic and inept.
  12. Interesting fact: the Bills not only didn’t punt, they had 10 total possessions that ALL ended with them in scoring position. The ideal maximum outcome? 63 points (I assume they sit on the ball for that last post-Hughes INT possession). 18 is a long way from 63. Anyway, that was a very strange game.
  13. Definitely a penalty but also not a dirty play. There was no way he could avoid hitting him at full spped.
  14. Bass 75 percent on the day. He was 67 percent going in.
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