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  1. Didn’t know the Bills were so interested in gambling spreads! 😉 More seriously, Collinsworth and sons are vile - a blight on television. Also, I know you’re not naive enough to believe that NFL teams won’t on principle throw some chump change at the NBC SNF Borg to keep the network that employs the Collinsworth family happy.
  2. No. Absolutely no. I would far rather reduce it to 6. This ain’t the NHL, whose easy playoff entry system has always been laughably horrible.
  3. Vrabel was apparently not happy with the trade. He has been proven right.
  4. I'm not saying they didn't have adversity. They didn't get to practice and more importantly Allen was hurting. I'm just saying that playing in Detroit wasn't the hardship that some here are making it out to be. Christ, they won there twice in four days, and the Lions team they beat is actually a good team now.
  5. Bottom line: I’d rather play the Browns in pristine conditions given our elite QB than in snowy, windy slop given their fantastic running game. Do you disagree?
  6. It’s less that he’s slower than that teams that have great passing attacks aren’t as good in rough weather while teams that run the ball well are. The browns are a much better running team than passing team; the Bills are the reverse.
  7. I mean, technically the browns game was a road game, but it’s a short trip, the stadium was packed with bills fans, and frankly the Bills’ offense is built to excel in domes and Cleveland’s isn’t. It wasn’t a close game at the end of the day; Cleveland did well in garbage time. Yeah, totally. But again, 3 games in 12 days happens all the time.
  8. I do. I realize that many won’t agree with me, but I think Dallas would have beaten Philly with relative ease had Prescott started that game earlier in the season. I just think that the Cowboys’ overall talent level is super-bowl caliber. They have a lot of great players on both sides of the ball.
  9. 3 games in 12 days happens all of the time and most weeks of the season. Let’s not exaggerate! Any time that plays three games in a row in which the third game is a Thursday night game has played 3 games in 12 days. Literally.
  10. I should have been clearer. I think the Dolphins have steadily improved over the course of the season as they’ve absorbed McDaniel’s very good Shanahan-based system. Get that, but see my post above. I truly think Miami has improved over the course of the season. They had a tough loss to SF, but it was competitive most of the way and on the road vs the best D in the NFL.
  11. I think Prescott is a lot better than just “good” now and is the sort of qb who has it in him to make more than just one SB appearance. He has to overcome his head coach, although the defensive coaching is excellent. Now that Jimmy G is down, I think Dallas is pretty clearly the best team in the NFC.
  12. I hope you’re right about Miami, but the Bills tend to struggle against Tyreek Hill, and Waddle is the same sort of player. I am hopeful but I am certainly not chalking it up asa victory. Miami is a good team with a smart coach.
  13. Not sure about the Bills/Bengals getting home field because the Chiefs’ remaining schedule is so easy. They should by all rights go 14-3. Only one of the Bills five remaining opponents has a losing record, and Cincy has a very tough schedule too (the Browns, who they’ve lost 5 in a row too, often being blown out; at the Patriots; at Tampa; the Bills; and the Ravens in a game in which Lamar Jackson should be back). I think KC probably gets home field in the end because I have a hard time seeing the Bills going 5-0. KC has a better record than Cincy so they’re in control of their own destiny vis-a-vis the Bengals. Garoppolo was having a sensational season this year (103 rating). Since he was signed by them, the Niners are 38-17 when he has started and 8-28 when he hasn’t. Seems like a pretty stark divide to me.
  14. The Bills play the Bengals soon and are competing with them for playoff seeding. It’s entirely relevant. Moreover, this board has never just been a parochial Bills-only board. It would be a lot more boring if it was.
  15. I thought Philly was the third best team in the NFC prior to Sunday. My SB pick was the 49ers, who I think is pretty much equal to Dallas but with a better coach, but it’s hard to see that now. I think Dallas is definitely better than Philly and is only behind them because Prescott was out for a while early on. I think they have more talent and a better D. Philly is a good team, of course.
  16. Totally agree about shoulder injury in the Jets game in early 2020. He played hurt all season because of it.
  17. Can't disagree with Cosell here. Chris Simms has been saying the same thing for months. The o-line is flat out not very good.
  18. Like I said, I never take road games against bad teams for granted. Just alerting folks that the Bears are losing one of their only difference-making defensive players for the season.
  19. That may be, but he's an undrafted free agent rookie who has only played a majority of the snaps on D in the last four games. For the first seven, he didn't play at all. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/SanbJa00.htm. I'm not too worried about him.
  20. I don't take any road games for granted, so I figured I'd post this. The Bears had three really good defensive players going into this season: Roquan Smith, Robert Quinn, and Eddie Jackson. The first two were traded and Jackson appears to have a lisfranc injury that will probably end his season: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/11/29/bears-believe-eddie-jackson-has-significant-lisfranc-injury/. The Bills will be facing a Bears D that it is genuinely devoid of talent, starting a bunch of guys few here have ever heard of (if any, truth be told): https://www.chicagobears.com/team/depth-chart.
  21. Not quite accurate. He did get injured on that play in 2016, but was off to his best start ever in 2018 through 8 games before suffering ANOTHER shoulder injury on a hit from TJ Watt while in the pocket and in the process of beginning his throw. That injury was worse than the earlier one and essentially ended his career as an NFL-caliber thrower. But your basic point stands.
  22. These are great comments and match up with what I've been seeing.
  23. I *KNOW* he had an injury in 2016. And yeah, it probably affected him to some extent. Yet midway through 2018 he was still playing at an elite level. The injury that really effed him up was the rotator cuff injury delivered by Watt while he was in the pocket. He was a shell of himself after that and never recovered.
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