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  1. The eagles made the playoffs the past two seasons and should have made the 2018 championship game if not for a jefferies drop. Last season, the playoff game was marred by a totally cheap killshot by clowney on wentz. Clowney should have been ejected.
  2. Just like the quants are often wrong about polls, they are certainly wrong about recommending that you always go for it on fourth down close the goal line. Football is as much a game of scores as points. Get a score there.
  3. Yep, but Garrapolo is a LOT better than Mullins. That matters at the margins.
  4. Did you watch the second link, where the now-grown up kid talks about worrying whether the balloon was going to hit the 2000-degree stadium lights?
  5. This was the killer game of that season: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/197510260buf.htm. This is painful to read: https://www.nytimes.com/1975/10/27/archives/dolphins-rally-to-conquer-bills-3530-5th-in-row-for-miamioj-is-held.html
  6. I have been wondering the same thing. He's a major upgrade over Mullens.
  7. Here is the full story of the runaway balloon. This is without question the craziest halftime show story I have ever come across. They don't do this sort of thing anymore! https://www.vikings.com/video/surprise-surprise-the-runaway-balloon-16107027
  8. Yup, 1 fumble over 138 touches is actually very good. He had 4 fumbles on 180 touches last season.
  9. I disagree. But I think you know that by now! This is not a guy who was outrun by diggs: . He dropped it, but an int really was a viable outcome. Dbs play db for a reason. That’s all i am saying.
  10. I literally saw it happen today for another team. Didn’t make the pick, but he was in position to. Totally blanking on the db, but the player is better than average. If I remember, I’ll let you know. Diggs can definitely run those routes, but his game is being able to run ALL the routes. He is brutal to defend against.
  11. Agree with this. Just to nitpick slightly, the only reason there was a second deep ball was because it was a free play. Not a criticism!
  12. I really felt he had kept up with Diggs and had it covered. But again, he didn’t turn around. It was a bad play by him in the end. No doubt about that. But Diggs didn’t outrun him and the db was in position to make a play. I see the good dbs make that last second turnaround all the time. Good dbs are hard to find, however.
  13. I thought he was absolutely right on Diggs, but he just didn’t turn around. To be fair, the Bills may have suspected that’d be the outcome. I don’t think it was a bad throw.
  14. He was covered and if the DB had turned around it may well have been a pick. It wasn’t a terrible throw, but a better db can make that a pick.
  15. The Bills have signed or traded for an inordinately large number of Carolina players who actually made the Carolina roster. This is not actually debatable. Whether it’s good or bad is an entirely separate issue, and reasonable people can disagree about that. But when they’re signing the corpse of Josh Norman (who was terrible in Washington) or trading for the non-blocking tight end version of Kelvin Benjamin, you know it’s a thing.
  16. They are on thir way to their 4th straight dominating win right now.
  17. Saints. They are the best team in the NFC right now.
  18. He did not play very well. He’s in a little bit of a funk right now. His play still qualifies as “pretty good,” but the bad play ratio has skyrocketed of late.
  19. Is it OK to say that this game was truly ugly? Just a bad football game. I’ll take the W, of course.
  20. I cannot see the Jets going 0-16. I strongly believe that they are going to win one of their remaining games, and why not this one? Miami is better, but they’re not that good and this is still an any-given-Sunday league. This is their most winnable game (by far, actually) of their remaining six, and I guarantee you that a) Gase does not to go winless and b) Gregg Williams does not want to be the first coordinator in history to preside over two 0-16 teams.
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