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  1. "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."
  2. "Everywhere is within walking distance...if you have the time." Steven Wright
  3. Remember this team well, thanks for posting. Some observations: An Al Cowlings sighting, who became best know for the quote, "My name is AC, you know who I am godamnit!" Great classic NFL Films music, including "The Happy Runner," appropriately, at the 15:36 mark Alvin Wyatt's odd single-bar facemask J.D. Hill with his entire name on the back of his jersey
  4. Kelly white Bob Chandler blue Biscuit blue (no name on back) Kyle Williams white throwback Poyer blue Kelly orange The U Bruce Smith Virginia Tech white
  5. I couldn't watch after the Pats playoff highlights...too soon. Maybe in about 50 years.
  6. For example, an "In Market" game between Buffalo and Denver, will not be on NFLN in those two cities. If you are outside of Buffalo, any Bills game is considered "Out of Market" and will be shown on NFLN and NFL+.
  7. Got tickets for Springsteen last week for March in DC. Yeah, I know all the controversy about the ticket prices and such, but I got a pair of pretty good seats for $200/each and was in and out of Ticketmaster in about 10 minutes. First saw him in Rochester in December 1980 during The River tour and have seen him several times since, the last being The River revival tour in 2016. Always an awesome three hour plus show.
  8. Not unlike these d-bags who grab a foul ball from a kid. I'm in my 60s, been to hundreds of minor and major league games, and never caught a foul ball. I'd love to catch one, and if I do, I'm giving it to the closest kid.
  9. I've always found mid to late August the best time to call if you want ST.
  10. Would be interested to see what's in the "NFL library programming on-demand (ad-free)." If it's the full catalog of highlight films from the 60s and 70s, might be worth kicking the tires on this.
  11. We know the NFL has a flair for the dramatic...maybe they'll make an announcement via a one hour special on NFL Network in the off-season, similar to the schedule release? Seriously, I'm not concerned...seems like they have a stable of offers and like any business, will take the best one. Oh, and I like how Florio took a story and tried to make it his own here...he's shameless.
  12. I was at games 2130 and 2131 for Cal. No further explanation needed. This is correct; however, fans in Buffalo, Detroit and other Canadian border towns/cities were able to see it live on CBC.
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