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  1. You wonder how Pete Maravich would have fared with a three point line and better health. He could have been the best there ever was.
  2. The first down clock stoppage was always, to me at least, part of the beauty of the college game...however, now with four hour plus games, I think it's time it goes away. I like the compromise of the clock stoppage during the final two minutes of each half.
  3. Well, I've got Fios, 1GB down, 1GB up...so I don't think it's on my end. Could be wrong, which is often the case, though.
  4. OK, I know there isn't much love for this band, but for those of us who grew up in the 60s, it was a fun group. Micky Dolenz currently touring and playing from the Headquarters album, which the band played their own instruments and helped with much of the lyrics. Here's my favorite from that album:
  5. In the spirit of the NCAAs, first four in: MASH (the Frank Burns years) Barney Miller (even with cast changes, Fish, Nick, show kept its edge) Taxi (could do without Latka, Jim saved the show) Odd Couple (perfectly cast, even the Pidgeon Sisters) Last four out: Cheers (the Coach years) Mary Tyler Moore Show (again, a great cast) Honeymooners (the 1955-56 run, even while short, set the standard) Happy Days (until Fonzie moved in the apartment above the garage) Honorable mention: Just about anything Norman Lear touched, All in the Family, Good Times, Maude, The Jeffersons
  6. Seeing him on the 27th in DC...greatest rock showman out there. First saw him during The River tour in Rochester in December 1980.
  7. I was at that game and the play calling by the Jets on their last drive was curious, to say the least. Within the three minute mark, they seemed to be playing for a FG...and that gave the Bills way too much time to come back. I remember Norwood missing the XP at the end, and watching the telecast, Criqui remarked that he was "really having a bad year." Little did we know, it would get worse in January.
  8. The Super Bowl IV highlight film, featuring Hank Stram and the Chiefs, is still the best one ever and I watch it every year when the Super Bowl highlights are played on NFL Network. Stram, the NFL Films music, and "The Voice of God" John Facenda, all make for a great video.
  9. Moving to the ACC upset him as did the wins that were taken away, but both pale to comparison to the motor vehicle accident a few years ago. He's a hall of famer, won a ring, and was able to coach two sons at the highest level. He's deserved the right to step away on his own terms and that's just what he'll do. When, only he and his family know.
  10. RIP Gary Rossington...apologies for the poor quality video.
  11. I'm an O's fan in O's "territory" so MLBTV does me no good. MLB's antiquated blackout policies preclude me from seeing O's/Nats without cable/satellite. YouTubeTV does not want to pay the exorbitant RSN "fees" and I don't blame them here. RSNs are on life support however (really interesting subject if you have the time) and this may expedite the end of the MLB blackouts, hopefully.
  12. I saw the Rossington Collins Band in August 1980 in Rochester with Charlie Daniels as the opener. Closed with Free Bird, of course.
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