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  1. Yes, I believe it can and I've heard that the NFL won't release the date/time for that game until after next Monday's (Dec. 5th) game.
  2. I've been around since the Rockpile days as well and I don't recall many using "Jackie" Kemp regularly...maybe it's my feeble mind, but again, I just don't recall.
  3. I'm old school...don't go for two unless you absolutely need to.
  4. Good gawd, this is very telling.
  5. You lost all credibility with that one.
  6. I actually thought the same thing afterwards...poor Rifleman, put into that position by a coach who was nothing more than a typing teacher.
  7. The MNF game last year at Tennessee on fourth down and a yard to go.
  8. A sporting goods store that is a nickname for Richard...and whose name the censors caught!
  9. Watermelons around the world getting the last laugh today...
  10. I'm now oddly at peace with the fact that Josh probably is out this Sunday. A ball control game with a stout defensive effort can win this game. A lot of swing passes to Hines and Cook, some hard running by Singletary and a Milano/Miller-led fired up defense are all key. Oh, and a loud Ralph is also needed (but that's a given). Let's get the win and start getting the walking wounded back on the field vs. Cleveland.
  11. There was a great documentary on Amazon Prime a while ago on Peter Green and that era of Fleetwood Mac. Cost $1.99 to watch now, but well worth it. https://www.amazon.com/Green-Peter-Story-Man-World/dp/B01KI263NW The Peter Green era, then the Bob Welch Mac, produced some fine music.
  12. I was at that game and as I recall, with one second left, the Vikings did the fire drill on the kick return, which seemed like it took five grueling minutes to end.
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