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  1. A timeless classic and a reason I'll always be an Orioles fan.
  2. Sorry, can't agree with either of your takes here. Two DBs you omitted, Leonard Smith and Nate Odomes, were certainly top-tier, thus labeling the Bills DBs "very weak" is a misnomer. In addition, the offensive line, anchored by Kent Hull, who should be in the HOF BTW, and included stalwarts Will Wolford, Jim Ritcher, and House Ballard, was certainly above average. The story of the four SB loses was simply, other than XXV, the opponents were a better team.
  3. Jeff Nixon was off to a torrid start in 1980 and by week four vs. Oakland, a "Nixon for President" sign appeared at Rich. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/N/NixoJe20.htm
  4. I miss the JOS Banks mega-sales...the buy one, get three free. Those days are gone.
  5. Saw him at the Auditorium Theater in Rochester in August 1980.
  6. Fun video of Peter Gabriel through the years
  7. Thanks for this, I may try it. We have the thundershirt and that has not helped very much...sigh... Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm thinking the THC oil may be the next alternative.
  8. A few years ago, our dog was forever spooked by neighborhood fireworks. Since then, he's become deathly afraid of thunderstorms in addition to fireworks. We've tried everything, the thunder shirt, drugs, hugs, treats, etc. and nothing has worked. Any help or advice is appreciated. TIA.
  9. Best sign at Rich during the Raiders game: "Nixon for President." You'll recall that Jeff Nixon was leading the league, I believe, in INTs in the young season and was everywhere on defense. He only played seven games that season due to injuries but he was a terror during the early winning streak. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/N/NixoJe20.htm
  10. I'm convinced that if the Bills had home field advantage in 1980, they would have gone to the Super Bowl. Two losses to the lowly Colts squelched any chance at that.
  11. I don't recall him requesting the trade to Oakland...he had a rather pedestrian game on his return to Orchard Park in Week 4 of the 1980 season; 3 catches for 87 yards. I was at that game and and we just pummeled the Raiders on a bright, early fall day. Recall my friend separating his shoulder diving for a football during the post-game tailgate, no doubt fueled by celebratory libations. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/198009280buf.htm
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