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  1. Heartbroken when I heard the news yesterday...B. Robby and F. Robby were the heroes of my youth and they're now both gone. Sad day in Birdland. Tp paraphrase a great line, in New York, they name candy bars after Reggie Jackson; in Baltimore, we name our kids after Brooks Robinson.
  2. With the Comeback Game, winning in Pittsburgh (which I was at), winning in Miami, scoring the first touchdown in the Super Bowl, I thought for sure this was the Team of Destiny. But the only thing they were destined for was more heartbreak. 😭
  3. Good find. I was at this game and when you look back, how strange it is to see hardly anyone in the stands wearing NFL gear. There's a hat or t-shirt here or there, but nothing like today, where everyone is decked out in jerseys, hoodies, etc. Also, nice Haven Moses sightings.
  4. Picked the Fish this week over Broncos...Forgive me Father for I have sinned.
  5. That's my problem...I'm an O's fan in the Baltimore region.
  6. I miss MLB Network, which YTTV pulled right after I joined, and one of my local RSNs, MASN. Other than that, it's been solid.
  7. Respectfully disagree on this point...Big Ears rambled on too much during the action, I like how YTTV just let's the network announcers call the game without butting in. Also found that YTTV switches from game to game a lot faster...liking that feature as well.
  8. I went to a restaurant on the moon once...food was good but no atmosphere. I'm here all week.
  9. Anybody try the Navage machine to help stop snoring? https://www.amazon.com/s?k=nose+cleaner+navage&hvadid=580580366073&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9008123&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=17176576349005125935&hvtargid=kwd-370172524213&hydadcr=21635_13322771&tag=googhydr-20&ref=pd_sl_925v7xa23a_e
  10. Only con for me is that the games were all at the bottom of my listings and Red Zone was near the top...need to change RZ down to the bottom of the listings with the other games.
  11. Not all ABC affiliated stations are owned by Disney...NYC's channel 7 is; Buffalo's channel 7 and Rochester's channel 13 are not. That's why they're still available in the Buffalo and Rochester markets.
  12. Jimmy's excursion is sold out, but may want to check them out and get on the standby list. Hearing he has six busloads of Bills fans going.
  13. Hearing that Jimmy's game package is now sold out. UPDATE: Hearing six busloads of Bills fans coming from Jimmy's.
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