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  1. 1973, went to the regular season opener against Jets...my first "big league" game in any sport. Never forget walking into Rich and seeing the...ahem... bright green AstroTurf. Bills won that game without scoring a touchdown, 9-7, on the strength of three John Leypoldt (RIP) field goals.
  2. It lasts longer? I find the grocery stores, and even Ace Hardware, sell a lower quality feed. Been getting Wagner's and Kaytee from Amazon and Home Depot. I usually give it a couple of days before I fill an empty feeder as well.
  3. I'm going through 30 lbs. of bird food every two weeks...one feeder. I'm spending more on their food than the dog. It's reaching a breaking point soon.
  4. It's the "Aloha" for Western NYers.
  5. Would hardly call his response an "outburst" and I'm sure money is not an issue with Fitz. His wife (he wears his wedding ring when he plays ) is a good friend of Harvard alum Mark Zuckerberg and was an original investor in Facebook.
  6. Yes, it made The Today Show on NBC this morning.
  7. Watching Spain trend on Twitter and other fanbases, especially Chicago's, salivating.
  8. Did you see the game last night? Did you notice the weather conditions? 52 yard FGs are rarely "very makeable" in the type of conditions played in last night and probably 50-50 under perfect conditions or in a dome. People treating the Bass miss like it was a chip shot... No, you were right...the defense should have stopped a THIRD AND TWELVE play and given the Bills offense the ball for a chance to win the game.
  9. Not to be Debbie Downer, but if you're going by past years, remember the last time the Bills started 4-0... 2008: The 4-0 Bills fly into Arizona only to be demolished by a Cardinal team that took out Trent Edwards and knocked the living snot out of him and he was never the same...ever...again. Team finished 7-9... The NFL is a week-to-week league and we've been high for a month. You're only as good as your last game. Last night stung, a lot, but it's in the rear-view mirror and the ship has to right itself against Mahomes and company or we're going to think the sky is falling and continue to fall until our next win. The Bills were exposed last night, pure and simple. Porous defense, anemic run game but with a gunslinger that can beat you. We're not the 1990 Bills or even the 2008 squad...we're somewhere in between...and only time will tell.
  10. From the aerial shot, it looked like two Bills shoved Norman out of bounds and that he had a clear field ahead of him for the TD.
  11. Not quite. I watched it on ST live here in Virginia. Correct. The game is on CBS nationwide.
  12. While less than optimal, this looks like a do-able solution.
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