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  1. Former football coach at my alma mater, SUNY Brockport.
  2. I was thinking of this game also. Lot of good NFL Films music here too:
  3. I was at this game and was just walking down to my seats when Bell broke his run. Jack Kemp went up on the wall of fame at halftime and came out of the tunnel, as I recall, in full 1965-era uniform. Awful team, I believe they beat the Colts the next week, whose 2-14 record led to the drafting of Bruce Smith. Yes, with the arrival of Chuck Knox in 1978, the Bills wore mostly white at home. That changed in 1987 when they went mostly blue at home. Don't know about the "best look" however...I never liked the red helmet with the blue pants. To each his own...
  4. I was at the 1981 Pats game, stayed till the glorious end. We were in the upper deck, Pats side and when Hooks scored, I looked down the tunnel and guys came flying out of the bathroom, many with their pants still down around their ankles, to see what the roar was all about.
  5. He deserved the beating he got... Also, recall that the game was blacked out in Buffalo/Rochester...stupid blackout rules were fortunately amended in the early 1970s and are extinct today.
  6. Virginia just a couple of hours ago closed schools through the end of the year
  7. Was thinking this as well...Exorcist came out in 1973, which means he was in his mid-40s when he did the movie. I thought he looked like a fossil then!
  8. Started as a Raider fan in 1968...they were always on TV, more so than the Bills because of home blackouts, and I was a huge Mad Bomber fan. Chiefs beat Raiders to go to Super Bowl IV, I rooted hard for the Vikings to beat Chiefs only to see them go down to defeat...feel in love with the Purple Gang after that. And then, on September 30, 1973, went to the first regular season game at Rich...the rest, as they say, is history.
  9. This is an emerging trend and very appealing...can the NFL, or eBay for that matter, crack down on this?
  10. This game has been dissected more than a frog in a seventh grade science class...yes, time to move on.
  11. Preston Ridlehuber (sp?) The silver helmet gave it away.
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