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  1. I hope this report is wrong but it looks like the NFL may be sticking with DTV...ugh... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/11/report-nfl-likely-to-stick-with-directv-through-end-of-current-deal/
  2. Yes, I've had that told to me in years past. The whole thing is a crap shoot...depends on the CSR, the day and who knows what really else.
  3. I hope I'm wrong, but after reading posts on this board and over at DBS Talk, seems the best deals are going to existing AT&T wireless customers. We'll see what happens when I do the dance with the AT&T next month.
  4. I'm in the same boat, 19 years with DTV. There's a similar thread going on in the Off the Wall forum. Basically, I was hoodwinked into a two year contract, which expires in August 2020. My discounts expire this August and by the sounds of things, it looks unlikely that I'll get those discounts going into next year. So, unless I'm offered an overwhelming promotion, I'm cutting them loose and paying the "fine." DTV has gone to heck since being bought by AT&T...which was once a customer-friendly operation is now a monolithic conglomerate. Are you an AT&T cellphone customer as well?
  5. Disneyland's head of security had "no comment."
  6. Don't seem to be making it easy...you need to go to Tops (they're still around?) or a gas station, get a secret "code," then go online to get the tickets. Why do you need a ticket anyways? Do the Bills think that 70,000 will show up at the Ralph for this?!?!
  7. I see. I have a Samsung TV that supports YouTube TV and YTTV also carries our local ABC station where Hulu does not. However, History station is not on YTTV but on Hulu...tough choice but the local ABC won out.
  8. Yup, a Five Guys now. Kevin Grevey is sitting poolside some place nice now, sipping a cool drink, thanks to Bills fans.
  9. Made it into Arlington right as the rains started...neighborhood in Fairfax County is saturated with many roads closed, including US Rt. 50, a very major thoroughfare. Thankfully, my home and family are dry.
  10. Let us know if AT&T reaches out to you in the coming days asking you to come back and to what, if any promos they offer. I am cancelling next month when my $60/month credit expires...curious as to why Hulu Premium over YouTube TV, which I'm looking at. I also have Netflix and Prime.
  11. I watched the game at an old Bills bar, Grevey's in Falls Church, VA and by the 4th quarter, the cooks came out of the kitchen to watch...it was that kind of game.
  12. True dat. A couple I didn't see mentioned: Tom Petty, the Live Anthology Guess Who, Live at the Paramount, IMO one of the best live albums ever.
  13. Ocean City, Maryland...our traditional 4th week get away.
  14. This movie has potential. Waiting anxiously for the first Top Gun II trailer.
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