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  1. I see this happened in the bus lot...future incidents of this sort will be eliminated with the introduction of Tailgate Village!
  2. That one comes to mind as a classic and I remember it went on for quite some time.
  3. The All in the Family episode was terrible...had to leave 10 minutes in it was so bad. Harrleson's acting seemed forced. Jeffersons was tolerable, Foxx saved that episode. How about Norman Lear at 96? And flying over 50 combat missions during WWII? For that sir, I tip my porkpie hat to you.
  4. @ShadyBillsFansez in another post that, yet unsigned, Knox has been at OTAs.
  5. There's something about third round picks and available years that seems be the reason he's the only rookie still unsigned. Seems like half the league hasn't signed their third rounders. A nice TBDer turned me on to this site: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/draft/round-3/
  6. That's it, HyperBills! Old, feeble mind playing tricks on me again...ugh.
  7. I've been on here since the old D&C "BillBoard" (was that the name?) days and I can safely say that the homework thread was the greatest of all time. She was being attacked by all sides but gave no quarter...you messed with her at your own peril. RIP.
  8. Seeing Jeff Lynne in DC on July 11. George Harrison's son Dhani will be playing with him.
  9. Mainly through this board, I have found that the ones getting the good annual discounts are those who also have an AT&T wireless account. My whole family is on Verizon for wireless and interwebs and I'm not switching because Verizon has been very stable. Being bought by AT&T has turned out to be a curse on the non-AT&T DTV customer.
  10. A SUNY Brockport staple in the early 80s.
  11. Ah yes, the good old reliable (?) DirecTV threads...always find these helpful. My contract ends in August and I'm giving it one more try to get a decent price on ST. Last season was the first one I haven't had ST since 2000...the price was simply too high and I couldn't negotiate a discount. If the same happens this August, it's adios DTV. And by the looks of things, this may be the last season DTV has the exclusive ST contract. The NFL is looking to expand its streaming options, and DTV doesn't look to be in the running for 2020.
  12. Cool site, thanks for sharing. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/draft/round-3/
  13. You can get a sense of which games were shown on a weekly basis in Syracuse, or anywhere for that matter, here: http://506sports.com/nfl/index.php Scroll down to the bottom of the page for previous years' archives.
  14. I'm old enough to remember this classic NFL on CBS opener: CBS' pregame opener was a classic as well: Buffalo-native Don Criqui narrates both
  15. From the opening theme through the accompanying music throughout the series, nothing beats Victory at Sea. Steve Sabol once remarked he tried to emulate the power of the Victory at Sea soundtrack when he selected music for his NFL Films bits.
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