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  1. Always good stuff. In the 1969 opener, the Rockpile crowd actually cheered the Jets during introductions for beating the Colts in SB III. The Jets win was for the entire AFL and all AFL fans appreciated it. I believe by 1969, NFL Films was handling the AFL as well. With the merger agreement, AFL Films was absorbed by the Sabol family.
  2. Remember the play well...told my mother that if 49ers get the touchdown, I was throwing myself into the Christmas tree. Alas, the holiday was saved.
  3. Ah, my bad. Blacked out in WNY? Wouldn't have thunk it.
  4. The Jets with draft picks are like a mule with a spinning wheel...no one knows how he got it, and dang if he knows what to do with it.
  5. It wasn't sold out in time to be broadcast in WNY? And being that is was against the Rams, the game was surely broadcast in the LA area.
  6. Any game in those gawd awful monochrome dark blue uniforms is automatically disqualified. The 2011 game against the Patriots to go 3-0 is the only choice...and it was done in the classic royal blues with the white helmet.
  7. Yes and his pronunciations need some work. Fred "Smer-loss?" I was at the game, took a bus from Ester's in Rochester...stayed in the stadium for a little while then hightailed it back to the bus lot; it would have been a long walk home.
  8. Correct. Al Meltzer, Rick Azar and Ed Rutkowski made up the Bills radio booth for several years between Van Miller's stints.
  9. 9:50pm...I know it's a Saturday night, but jeeziz, that's a late one.
  10. Odd that there was nothing said in the release regarding Sunday Ticket...NFL still has two years to suck off that teat, so they'll just continue to suck that thing dry and hopefully, find a suitable out-of-area partner.
  11. From what I'm seeing, these deals don't start until 2023...I could be wrong, which is often the case.
  12. The great John Facenda and you can almost hear Curt Gowdy, Al DeRogatis, Jim Simpson, Charlie Jones and others calling the action. Al Davis wanted the AFL and the NFL to come to peace but he also wanted the leagues to remain separate, similar to MLB. I sometimes wish that was the case; there's a lot of good history in the AFL.
  13. I thought I read, maybe even on this forum, not too long ago that DTV has ~16 million subscribers and only about two million of those subscribe to ST. True, ST is DTV's one big hook, but it's also a loss-leader. I'm surprised DTV didn't jump the NFL ship this year when all the TV deals were getting done...DTV can only hold on to this albatross for so long.
  14. Players already have agreed, reluctantly, to the 17th game...it was in the last CBA. I don't like it...the NFL is a "less is more" scenario. To me, the appeal of the 17th is simply not there. Not happening. Although the league has started the regular season on Labor Day weekend in the past, the NFL has stated it's strong desire not to do so again.
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