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  1. Just renewed and in the fine print, it reads that ST w/RZ will automatically renew next season at the regular $349 price on August 11, 2025. Just an FYI.
  2. F no. There will be enough drunken louts routing for the Chiefs, we don't need another one.
  3. KC-Pitt; Baltimore-Houston are the Christmas games.
  4. Baltimore a little bit. Ethnic neighborhoods, good local taverns, a food that identifies the city (wings/crabs), a feeling of inferiority toward another city (NYC/Washington, DC).
  5. I go by results. Josh is the most talented QB, no question, and perhaps the best athlete the Bills have ever had. Agree to disagree. 😊
  6. Roman Gabriel's fashion statement in the opening is fire. On raw talent, sure, but until Josh gets to a Super Bowl, Kelly is number one.
  7. Waiting to see what the Bills early season schedule looks like when it comes out Wednesday night. If there's several national games slated early on, I may hold out.
  8. Thrown into an unfair situation in replacing a legend, but Murph performed admirably, especially during The Drought. Best wishes toward a full recovery.
  9. Weather here in the DC area really iffy tomorrow; it'll be a game time decision.
  10. My thoughts also...but the discount for DT on YTTV is the 16th, but it doesn't give a time like midnight or something else.
  11. Been hearing this song come up on The Bridge on Sirius/XM...good tune you wouldn't expect to hear from a serious rocker.
  12. Hearing good things about the Neil Young tour...coming to Bristow, VA next Saturday. May be worth a look see.
  13. The blackout policy (it was never a rule) was changed at the start of the 1973 season and several Bills home games were on local TV that season. Don't know about the Philly game though. You can thank President Richard Nixon for strongly urging the NFL and Congress to change the pre-1973 policy. Nixon, a fervent football fan, could not watch the 1972 NFC championship between the Redskins and Cowboys because the game was blacked out in Washington, despite being sold out. Nixon's prodding led the NFL to install a policy where if a game was sold out 72 hours before kickoff, it could be shown locally. Thankfully, this revamped policy was abandoned several years ago, where now every home game is shown locally, sold out or not.
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