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  1. Watched one of my all-time favorite movies, the classic Davy Crockett on Disney+ the other night...and noticed the "warning." Let's just say the native Americans were not looked upon too kindly...
  2. Great play and player, yes, but I don't care to see another clip from that game ever again.
  3. I'm for keeping the 16 games schedule...less is more in the NFL. Not wild about expanding the playoffs either.
  4. Keith McKeller: so much potential they named an offensive scheme after him.
  5. All these posts and not a call for the red helmets? You guys are slipping
  6. Go back and look at the play...there's no chance Allen gets that pass off to the left, where Beasley is, with the edge rusher in his face. Everyone needs to stop pointing to how open Beasley was on the play...if the edge rusher was at least chipped, yes, he had a play there, but the rusher broke up basically any play to the left of the QB.
  7. "...hardened human waste made retrieval impossible, so surgeons were forced to cut into the man’s abdominal cavity." This is the content I come here for.
  8. That was the key here...JA couldn't go to his left because of the pressure on that side...it's obvious in the clip.
  9. I'm in Annandale and we missed the storm until about 9:00, which was great for the kids. We had a lighter turnout than usual it seemed, however. Probably a group of kids every five minutes or so, from 6:30-8:30...50 total.
  10. Sadly, Grevey's is now a Five Guys. I started going to Grevey's in 1991 before they had Sunday Ticket, and had to use the huge satellite dish to manually find the games. Some fun times and memorable games there. Why did this thread get moved to "Off the Wall?" Jeeziz, it's specifically a Bills-related topic.
  11. Love the throwback, but why can't the BLUE throwback be worn anymore? It's been the white on white for several years now...very disappointing. BTW, this will be the fifth different uniform the Bills have worn this year in as many home games.
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