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  1. If you're coming for the Baltimore game, bring your raingear and mukluks...Ian will be making its way up the east coast this week and even while its center will be in North Carolina Sunday morning, the rain cone will reach all the way to Maryland by then. I was at the Baltimore game in 2018 and conditions for Sunday look eerily similar. I don't see the price as worth it, especially since Sunday looks like a drencher. You're paying $125 for standing out in the rain for top-shelf liquor and corn hole.
  2. I was at this game and the one the next week at Landover against the Skins. Rare doubleheader for us in the DC area to see the Bills twice in two weeks on the road...and both games were wins!
  3. Most will remember the embarrassing loss the Bills took in the Miami heat the second game of the 1990 season. Marv pulled starters and many of the vets, most notably Bruce, voiced their deep resentment of being benched and disgust of how they played. That loss, however, turned the season around and the Bills were on a mission the rest of the year. Let's hope, save for the last play at Super Bowl XXV, history repeats itself.
  4. The NFL doesn't "postpone" games but it can simply schedule Florida September games in the 4:05/4:25 window...that would be a little better.
  5. Yeah, I know Johnny Van Rotten was having a hard time, but dang, is he that inept?
  6. I was yelling expletives at the TV when I saw JA in the shotgun on 2nd down. I don't care who was at center, you have three plays to gain three feet...go under center and power your way in...if it takes three tries, so be it. That entire sequence was abysmal.
  7. Was looking at going to the Vikings game in May and had a chance at 8 tix under $100 each...now I'm kicking myself I didn't jump on them. The price of success... Makes me long for the days before technology when I could roam the bus lot and pick up a ticket for $5 because some poor schmuck overslept and missed the bus and the group leader would just take anything to get rid of the ticket.
  8. September games in Florida should be in the 4:00 window...just sayin'
  9. Hate to see this Hokie go...I thought he played exceptionally well in the preseason.
  10. Was thinking the same thing...poor headline, we all saw the play last night.
  11. Saw Sting a couple of weeks ago at Wolf Trap here in Northern Virginia and forgot how great this song is:
  12. Seems like the customer service reps were given marching orders: Free Sunday Ticket for everyone not named @nucci 😆
  13. Especially those that major in English...
  14. I, for one, like the daily GMFB threads and don't think they should be buried with the "hype" videos. It's often timely, relevant news and discussion. My $.02 (American)
  15. Been looking for tix in Baltimore for the Bills October game there...nothing really less than $200. Looks to be the most desired game there, bigger than Steelers.
  16. Saw an excellent documentary on the Bee Gees on HBO Max over the weekend...highly recommend. Here's one of my favorites from 1975.
  17. I migrated from the D&C cyberBills site…or something like that. I’m old.
  18. Finally got around to watching the second half last night, but good gawd, Blackshear was all over the place. My daughter goes to Tech, I watch the games and I was surprised when he wasn't drafted. We'll see how he does against Denver, but he could make things interesting in an already crowded backfield.
  19. Just got a good looking two-bar helmet shirt from Homage. https://www.homage.com/collections/buffalo-bills/products/buffalo-bills-throwback-helmet Bills stuff: https://www.homage.com/collections/buffalo-bills
  20. Marv Levy was asked after a game once, "Was this a 'must win' situation?" The coach replied, "No, World War II was a 'must win' situation."
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