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  1. Best sign at Rich during the Raiders game: "Nixon for President." You'll recall that Jeff Nixon was leading the league, I believe, in INTs in the young season and was everywhere on defense. He only played seven games that season due to injuries but he was a terror during the early winning streak. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/N/NixoJe20.htm
  2. I'm convinced that if the Bills had home field advantage in 1980, they would have gone to the Super Bowl. Two losses to the lowly Colts squelched any chance at that.
  3. I don't recall him requesting the trade to Oakland...he had a rather pedestrian game on his return to Orchard Park in Week 4 of the 1980 season; 3 catches for 87 yards. I was at that game and and we just pummeled the Raiders on a bright, early fall day. Recall my friend separating his shoulder diving for a football during the post-game tailgate, no doubt fueled by celebratory libations. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/198009280buf.htm
  4. These guys just look like they're having a good time and one of the best isolation gigs I've seen so far
  5. Echo in the Canyon, a documentary hosted by Jakob Dylan, about the rock scene in LA in mid-1960s on Netflix, is worth a look-see. Good commentary by David Crosby, Tom Petty, Ringo Starr and others. The sound track is very good too.
  6. Last couple of years, Waze has me getting on Rt. 22 just north of Duncannon, PA and staying on the east side of the Susq River, then hopping on 81 to 15. Reverse going north. I was skeptical at first, but it's a much better route. BTW, I've been using the 15 corridor for over 40 years now and still waiting for a Shamokin Dam bypass!
  7. Just ordered another 40 lbs. from Amazon...with just one feeder, these damn birds are going through 40 lbs. every two weeks. They're eating more than my kids, I hope they begin to forage naturally since things are starting to look green again.
  8. If the Bills win, while playing the early game on Sunday, I go to Red Zone and tend to watch SNF and MNF. If the Bills lose, I'm done with football for the rest of the weekend.
  9. Can someone who received this email/promotion please cut and paste in this thread? TIA.
  10. I think the Bumpus hounds could have played the role of the 2001-2019 Patriots as well.
  11. And yet, all you see on social media today is Star Wars...unbelievable...
  12. This post should be pinned until the actual release.
  13. Jeeziz, who pissed in your Fruity Pebbles this morning?
  14. The schedule release delay is no doubt related to Covid and I'm sure there are almost a half-dozen schedules being formulated, for example an October 4th start, an October 18th start and a November 1st start. The October 4th version may include the full slate of games, while the October 18th start may include only 14 games. A November 1st start could only mean 12 games, which I think is the cut-off for a legitimate season. What you would also see, in a delayed schedule, is the Bills being home a lot early in the season.
  15. That game, MNF loss to the lowly Giants and a blown fourth quarter lead vs. the Fish killed that season. All at home.
  16. As a Bills fan, 1973 was great...new stadium and 2003. Also loved 1980, when the season started when the goal posts came down. 1988 started an amazing run of playoff teams that we may never see again.
  17. When I was at Brockport in the early 80s, on Monday nights, Casey's 50 wings for five bucks, and $5 Genny pitchers.
  18. Former football coach at my alma mater, SUNY Brockport.
  19. I was thinking of this game also. Lot of good NFL Films music here too:
  20. I was at this game and was just walking down to my seats when Bell broke his run. Jack Kemp went up on the wall of fame at halftime and came out of the tunnel, as I recall, in full 1965-era uniform. Awful team, I believe they beat the Colts the next week, whose 2-14 record led to the drafting of Bruce Smith. Yes, with the arrival of Chuck Knox in 1978, the Bills wore mostly white at home. That changed in 1987 when they went mostly blue at home. Don't know about the "best look" however...I never liked the red helmet with the blue pants. To each his own...
  21. I was at the 1981 Pats game, stayed till the glorious end. We were in the upper deck, Pats side and when Hooks scored, I looked down the tunnel and guys came flying out of the bathroom, many with their pants still down around their ankles, to see what the roar was all about.
  22. He deserved the beating he got... Also, recall that the game was blacked out in Buffalo/Rochester...stupid blackout rules were fortunately amended in the early 1970s and are extinct today.
  23. Virginia just a couple of hours ago closed schools through the end of the year
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