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  1. Good find. I was at this game and when you look back, how strange it is to see hardly anyone in the stands wearing NFL gear. There's a hat or t-shirt here or there, but nothing like today, where everyone is decked out in jerseys, hoodies, etc. Also, nice Haven Moses sightings.
  2. Picked the Fish this week over Broncos...Forgive me Father for I have sinned.
  3. That's my problem...I'm an O's fan in the Baltimore region.
  4. I miss MLB Network, which YTTV pulled right after I joined, and one of my local RSNs, MASN. Other than that, it's been solid.
  5. Respectfully disagree on this point...Big Ears rambled on too much during the action, I like how YTTV just let's the network announcers call the game without butting in. Also found that YTTV switches from game to game a lot faster...liking that feature as well.
  6. I went to a restaurant on the moon once...food was good but no atmosphere. I'm here all week.
  7. Anybody try the Navage machine to help stop snoring? https://www.amazon.com/s?k=nose+cleaner+navage&hvadid=580580366073&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9008123&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=17176576349005125935&hvtargid=kwd-370172524213&hydadcr=21635_13322771&tag=googhydr-20&ref=pd_sl_925v7xa23a_e
  8. Only con for me is that the games were all at the bottom of my listings and Red Zone was near the top...need to change RZ down to the bottom of the listings with the other games.
  9. Not all ABC affiliated stations are owned by Disney...NYC's channel 7 is; Buffalo's channel 7 and Rochester's channel 13 are not. That's why they're still available in the Buffalo and Rochester markets.
  10. Jimmy's excursion is sold out, but may want to check them out and get on the standby list. Hearing he has six busloads of Bills fans going.
  11. Hearing that Jimmy's game package is now sold out. UPDATE: Hearing six busloads of Bills fans coming from Jimmy's.
  12. They could wear pajamas as long as they win, but the blue jerseys with the white pants is the better look. The monochrome looks more like a college or XFL team.
  13. I go back to This Week in Pro Football, where Pat Summerall did the NFL highlights and Charlie Jones did the AFL highlights. With the merger in 1970, it was Summerall and Tom Brookshier doing the show. They were a great pairing both on the highlights and in the booth for CBS.
  14. That's actually a good question that I don't think has been resolved yet.
  15. I had DirecTV for 23 years before dropping them this past January and I can count on one hand how many times weather affected reception. Not as much snow here in northern Virginia as in NY, but we get heavy rains from time to time and it rarely affected the dish.
  16. Looks like a student discount is in the works...dang, should have waited. https://cordcuttersnews.com/youtube-tv-youtube-adds-a-new-monthly-payment-cheaper-student-plan-for-nfl-sunday-ticket/
  17. Always been a fan but like others, haven't followed him on Sirius. I'll never forget listening to him on 9/11 and his short-lived Saturday night show on WOR was a hoot.
  18. @Hammered a Lot put something on Twitter today about folks looking for RV parking; call 716-846-1439 and tell them Hammer sent you.
  19. What is your primary reason for being on TSW? The same is when people are asked "Why do you climb Mt. Everest?" Because it's there.
  20. Same here, I was one of the refugees from the HyperBills board. To quote a famous band of musicians, "What a long strange trip it's been..."
  21. Great memories and team but a 1-3 mark down the stretch cost the Bills home field throughout the playoffs. This team was good enough for the Super Bowl but playing the AFCCG at Cincy was just too much to overcome.
  22. What I use to like about StubHub was that you could indicate a max price you wanted to pay for an event and if tickets at that price or less became available, they would notify you. That feature's been gone for years however.
  23. Yup, the Bills only come here once every eight years, so it's a hot ticket. Listening to the local sports station the other day, WJFK, and they were talking about if the Snyder-less Commanders can win back the fans. There was much talk that the home opener vs. Arizona will be packed with Commie fans but they conceded that the Bills game may look and sound more like Orchard Park...😆
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