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  1. Not on Defense. KC is a middle of the road defense that frankly Cleveland was able to block (fumble out of the endzone was huge). Baker was sacked once and I don't remember unrelenting pressure. The Buffalo defense is another story, but the Offense was suspect and Allen was under pressure. Seemed they read every play. Won't be surprised if we hear that they knew the plays being called.
  2. No they are not. They are an okay D, but the worst red zone defense in the NFL, who shut the Bills down 4X's there (and the Bills are one of the best red zone offenses). https://www.lineups.com/nfl/team-stats/defense
  3. KC is not a good defense. No idea what happened with play calling, but it was disastrous.
  4. The O line disappeared along with the play calling. Redzone yesterday was just awful. The Chiefs D is not the Steel Curtain, but yesterday you could have fooled me.
  5. Has anyone ever cleared concussion protocol quicker???? But remember it was a PINCHED NERVE......
  6. I'm going with this one!!!!😜 http://nflweather.com/en/game/2020/ conf-championships/bills-at-chiefs or this (40% chance of rain and even then next to nothing). https://www.wunderground.com/hourly/us/mo/kansas-city/date/2021-01-24
  7. No it was a very catchable ball and hit him in the #'s (though he had to go down to catch it. And this was in the first two drives and changed the game almost immediately. All retrospect, but need to point it out....
  8. That last drive was pathetic. Should have been automatic an extra 10-20 yards. The whole game seemed to be mistake after mistake. Should never have been close. The biggest issue (though glossed over) imo was this was the one SB with only a one week gap and that affected the Bills significantly. They were too high on their horse, ill prepared for the media and all the commitments that week & also heard had too much fun & late nights prior. The Giants knew what to expect and were in it prior. Two weeks and they would have been better p
  9. Yes the anxiety will rise, but the first two were home games coming off an unbelievable run down the stretch that had me nervous in different ways. I went through the 4 Superbowls and yes the losses were difficult, but here there was 25 years of built up frustration, losing years and a lot of mediocrity. Just rehashing the 4 Playoff appearances prior to 2021 really played into it too. 2000 - Flutie Fumble at the 3 with :17 seconds left and lose 24-17 2001 - Rob Johnson starting (no doubt Ralph Wilson made that decision & I was 100% a Flutie backer)
  10. I completely agree. As well as the D played, just too many third down conversions both Playoff games (& 4th down). Two vs. the Ravens stood out, flipped field position & cost the Bills points 1. 2ND & 30 from the 1 yard line and allow an easy 12 yard completion and then a 20 yard one for the first. 2. Huntley's first play from scrimmage and he runs for 19 yards. Instead of a kick from the end zone, a 55 yard boot to the 24. Vs. Indy they were 9-17 on third downs and 2-4 Fourth Downs. Vs. Ravens 7-17 on third downs.
  11. No..... Was tongue in cheek about the Chiefs having the last possession. Up 10-14 with less then 1 minute & I will then be able to exhale. Houston was up 24-0, Tennessee was up 17-7, SF 20-10 & 2018 NE was up 14-0 (though they did win in OT).....
  12. Not if we just scored to go up 10-14!!!!!😜 This year I have 100% confidence in the coaching staff not to milk a 3 or 7 point lead anytime in the game. Prior three years McD would have leaned on the defense (though thought he did vs. NE this year).
  13. Not to get ahead of myself. I have no doubt the Bills will score. The question is will they score enough. Indy I needed to watch on my own (saw the end with my son). I did not want to watch with anyone. Raven's to me as I posted seemed like a referendum between Josh & Lamar & that bothered me. Now it will be scoring points and as was noted KC is the worst red zone team in the NFL, which bodes well.
  14. Because the Bills were the better team. Allen is a passing QB & the Bills are at there best on a fast track. Good weather favours the Bills.
  15. I love icing!!!! As stated though the zen state (sense of calm) is the Bills cleared two huge hurdles and yes I want the debate to be Mahomes vs. Allen, not Allen vs. Lamar.
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