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  1. Shaw you write great reviews, but the continual defense of McD get's old. Yep the Bills lost two games and it was bound to happen, but the issue is always I don't see growth from the coach. Just when one get's excited we get a gut punch, which these last two weeks were. The game was somewhat close, but McD didn't do anything to help the team and we see this week after week. What exactly enamours you so much about McD? Please say it isn't the Porcess, discipline and getting the most out the talent..... All are cliches.....
  2. He too tried to shorten the game with KC. First drive was marred by a bad first throw to Beasley and then Brown dropping the third down pass. Second drive first play was as everyone knew it would be a run. Look at the play by play and they ran the ball a lot. There were 2-3 other plays that were key points in the game. Second & 1 or two around midfield and Singletary loses 6 yards & the play at the end of the third on 3rd & 1 and they don't convert.
  3. From 2018 & 19 seasons. Below it equates to a better outcome going for 2 every time 98.8% vs. 94.1% (over two TD's). So yes it made sense in addition to my scenario that they should have gone for two at 23-16. Over the course of the 2018 and 2019 seasons, kickers combined to make 94.1% of extra point attempts, meaning the Expected Points Added (EPA) for that play is 0.941. During those same two seasons, the NFL's two-point conversion rate was 49.4%, which is an EPA of 0.988.
  4. Yes but McD will probably take the opposite tact because his belief in defense first. You're going against the worst pass defense in the league, exploit it.
  5. I see 4-0, because I'm an optimist. Jets an easy win. NE the Bills get the monkey off their back. Seattle's defense as bad as the Bills & if decent weather I see Seattle losing this one. Arizona the Bills can beat, but their defense needs to be improved by then. If Frazer/McD still haven't figured it out Fitzgerald & Hopkins will have too many easy catches & Murray can run for 80+. I don't think they're that good, but the Bills Defense does scare me.
  6. Stop it & return to the 60's, where it seems you belong. I have said it plenty of times that watching the Bills was not particularly fun with the 30, 29 & 24th ranked offenses the past three year (and in the bottom half of the leaugue for 20 years). Knowing they couldn't/wouldn't throw for 300 with McD wanting to grind out 17-13 wins playing between the 20's and hoping his D would win a turnover battels was not a winning recipe and heck made for very boring football. Watch any other team with a .500 record those 3 season, and yes the Bills were a hard watch. I watch Football to get excited. I am a Bills fan and seldom watched a fun exciting football game 2017-19.
  7. Keep 'em coming. I enjoy QB's throwing for 300 yards. Makes for the most part fun games. This game I do think 300 has meaning coming off the 2 losses. You go and watch that McD, 17-13 barnburner.....
  8. Seattle's defense is just as bad but they are 5-0. They have allowed two teams to throw for over 400, two more for 300 & only the Vikings were under 300 (and they were trying to protect a lead and have a balanced offense).
  9. 300 is the new 225..... I'll take 290 if it is through 3 quarters!!!!!😜 Other teams have figured it out and there is Allen's running ability too.
  10. Trying to give the Bills the benefit of the doubt Monday. Sure I can blame some on inaccuracy, some on drops, coaching, playcalling....... This is really an important week to score points & throw for 300+ yards (& Jets would need to wait 'til 2021 for the next meeting).
  11. Monday the weather was not good & can agree it did have an affect. When you see rain on the camera, you know it will be a factor. Sunday weather looks fine and yes it is the Jets, but the Bills need to get back to 300 yards passing and establish a running game. Yes pretty obvious, but important after the prior two weeks & the Pats coming up. So yes I want the Bills to bury the Jets, but hope they score some points so the Offense needs to produce & move the ball. I did a quick review as I have just been so down on the Bills Offense 2017-19 and note the Bills averaged 18.4 points/game (28th, 30th & 24th in the league over the 3 years) & 310 yards of offense a game. For context the league averaged 22.6 points/game and Mahomes in his two seasons 2018/19 averaged 303 passing. It's time for Bills fans to expect top 10, not mediocrity.
  12. Again he was a top 5 pick, why wait & then have the same excuses year 2 that you would have in his first year. All the best QB's were thrown in day 1 (and the sad fact is QB's like Rodgers & Mahomes had to wait). How smart was KC trading Alex Smith? Manning, Aikman, Elway, Luck, Newton, Ryan...... You start them asap and figure out what you have. While I feel terrible for Tyrod & the circumstances, best thing that could happen for the Chargers & there was never an issue with Burrow. Thankfully Peterman lasted one half for the Bills, but Allen should have been the starter and wrking with the team as such Day 1!!!
  13. How about 1 the prior two years (Tennessee missing 4 fgs, was no signature win)?😡
  14. Again McD seems like a good coach to date. I've had plenty of issues with him, but definitely done some good things. What he has not shown is he is anything more then good (if that) to date. Again the issues 1. Terrible at halftime adjustments 2. Conservative close to the vest has cost the Bills wins 3. Blown out way too often 4. Record vs. playoff teams 5. Record vs. teams over .500, which is 5 wins in 2017-19 6. Terrible at challenges 7. Hasn't shown the ability to adapt 8. Named Peterman the starter in a playoff hunt & doubled down year 2 9. Only coach to go 48 games with out a 300 yard passing game from the offense 10. 30, 29 & 24th ranked offense first 3 years Also I wanted to start a new thread, but decided against it. 2017-19 the bills averaged 18.4 points/game & 310 yards of offense a game (context Mahomes in his two seasons 2018/19 averaged 303 passing) & you wonder why I clamour for some offense?
  15. The Tire Fire is the narrative everyone loves to note with Marrone leaving & Rex Ryan being a bull in the china shop (those 3 years had the same record as McD's first 3 years). 2017 Playoff wins were vs. Atl & KC, which were good wins. The 2019 was vs. Tenn, where they missed 4 fgs!!!!!! I refuse to call 25-23 miraculous. Bills fans set the bar so so low...... Let's compare them to the Jets & Giants to get excited?
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