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  1. Again they beat the Pats top to bottom and this has been the case a # of times this season. But let's look at the Pats first drive, where they moved the ball and converted. Hyde made a great int. Next drive they were stopped just short of a first down and punted 4th & inches (KC will go for it his week I promise). Next they did get a sack and then a penalty and still on 3rd down allowed the 13 yard play. Finally came their FG. Tipped ball Int, TD, Punt, TD...... Yes maybe lax on D, but again I'll point out this year outside beating Mahomes, Tennehill moved the ball, Brady moved the ball and Indy too..... Beating back-ups doesn't tell me a lot. Granted if the D plays better then KC's D, the Bills will win (and heck that maybe 42-38)......😜
  2. Okay I will say it here, as people seem to not be concerned, I am about the defense vs. elite QB's. Yes the Bills annihilated the Pats, but NE moved the ball, again converted too many 3rd downs & when not were 4-4 on 4th. This week is Mahomes & not Jones.
  3. A lot of things happened that Superbowl game and just downright bad luck kept the Bills from the win. The one week between the 51-3 win and SB was the biggest detriment and the Giants were ready and knew what to expect & the Bills were not. The week is too hectic and too much going on the Bills had too much fun. Everything was just off that game and really they easily should have been 10-20 yards closer for the attempt, but lousy time management that last drive. Add to that how the Giants seem to convert every big play. End of the day I don't compare the Chiefs game to the SB game 30+ years ago. Other things to worry about.
  4. Huh????? Every time he opens his mouth stoopid stuff spews out. Want to hear his detailed reasoning in wanting Lamar over Allen. Now let's remember Saturday was a "perfect" game and that won't happen weekly. However there have been very few real bad games (and usually that is partially dues to the game plan, except Atlanta where Allen was a little off).
  5. Keyshawn is a complete doofus. I hope it was just schtick, but I've seen/heard enough from him, to know he is serious. How he has a post-NFL career just amazes me.
  6. I read here and it is hilarious to think that Allen lost a perfect passer rating on his last pass, which was a 1 yard TD....
  7. At the end of the day, who was so dumb as to blow the whistle. On top of everything all TDs are reviewed and no reason to blow a whistle when there are challenges and automatic reviews. It will be the called (or non-called) pass interference that scares me the most this week.😜
  8. You're never as good as your press clippings. The Offence played a perfect game Saturday. Can they replicate it? Yes I believe they can. I said this after the TB loss, that I thought the Bills could go 8-0, and 3 to go (first 4 I was confident about). No predictions though.
  9. Don't disagree, but I'm looking at it as what's more egregious, which is replaying the down when he completed a TD pass that wasn't affected by the whistle at all, or the right call, which is replay the down and maybe only 3 or no points. A perfect world is that the whistle wasn't blown and it was a TD as it should have been.
  10. Why would you even post this thread???? This week is the only thing to focus on. How about "Who do you want to face in the SB?"😡 As people say to me LAMP!!!!
  11. Yes it was an inadvertent whistle, but had no effect on the play.
  12. Could there be any game that could be more of a coin flip then this one?????😄 Funny though they've played 3X's the last two years and none of the games have been close.
  13. Worried come Monday Reffing will be a point of contention for both teams. I keep thinking a non-call like the Digg TB game could be a factor. Please don't let the Refs play a role in this game.
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