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  1. If McD made the right call to begin with there would not have been any confusion. By the way I saw a directional kick to the five was the right call.
  2. The fact (if true) that McD called a tb originally, he has no feel for the game in the big moment. Us rubes all knew the right call on the kick and the next two plays.
  3. I imagine the response will be "No Comment" or more likely "I did what I was told". But yes beating a dead horse.....
  4. Yep nothing new, but a very good assessment of the last 13 seconds nonetheless.....
  5. Ha ha ha..... It was a good article and I posted it. I get the Toronto Sunday Sun and it was there 2 weeks after the Superbowl, thus 5 weeks after the the massive screw-up, so they felt it newsworthy to do a 2 page spread and I only read it yesterday. I didn't need to go back pages to append it to another thread. If the Mods want to, go ahead. Yep not over it.
  6. https://www.pressreader.com/canada/national-post-latest-edition/20220226/282338273323081 Appeared February 26th, and just saw it. Still bothered by the meltdown and usually disappear from the site until September, but do peak in to see if anything of interest here. The first half talks a lot again about just what JA did in those two playoff games. The second half eviscerates the coaching & defense.
  7. What I read is McDemott got his way and it was kicked through the endzone. The wrong call.
  8. Do you not huddle before the kick? Did 10 players know the call & Bass did not? Wouldn't that have come out? Shaw I don't care about the other 59:47. It was a well played & coached game, but there were bad (or wrong) calls throughout the game, like there are every game. Get the last 13 seconds right (heck just one play) and the Bills win. The Coaching decisions & calls were screwed up three straight plays. Mahomes, Kelce and Hill did not make plays, the Bills coaches handed them 43 yards. Stop defending McD!!!!! He blew it.
  9. And again watching the replay of the last 13 seconds yesterday, there was Romo saying something along the line "oh no they kicked it long". So can hardly wait another year of McD excuses......😜
  10. Again don't excuse McD. Coaching decisions, begin and end with him. I always love how his "fans" turn these things into positives. Yes according to some he is not a micro-manager (though from what I see from McD, I expect that is not the case), but with 13 seconds left in the game, you have to be.
  11. Of course at the most crucial juncture it is his responsibility (i.e. The Buck Stops Here). BTW again never answered, but don't special teams huddle before the kickoff. Again I just don't it that if the play was called, Bass the most important person didn't know.
  12. No it is at the spot of the catch. It is brought to the 25 yard line in College Football. While I do believe they were gassed, the defense was so bad, it had nothing to do with Patrick Mahomes driving them 43 yards. Buffalo gifted them those yards.
  13. A great 59:47, no need to warch more. There were mistakes on both sides, but a very cleanly played game.
  14. I just rewatched the 13 second nightmare. Simple routes, simple passes and no defense. Shaw66, please stop with the Belichek comparisons. McD is a good to very good coach, but to me the last two years has been more about talent then coaching. I know it may be unfair but show me a game in 2020 or 2021 where it was all about the coaching that won it.
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