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  1. Didn't McD claim "Complimentary" football and wasn’t happy with hurry up after the quick td vs. Cicny and wanted more rest for the defence? He is responsible fpr Offence Defence and ST, and has blundered all this year. How is he not responsible for 12 men on the field vs. Denver? I see at least 1-2 heartbreaking losses coming down the stretch unfortunately.
  2. Again that is the point. How do these teams all get inside the 5 yard line or score late game over and over?
  3. And that was aftwr allowing them to march down the field 🤪Wow they stopped Tyrod!!!!
  4. How do you allow a 30 yard screen on first down. Bad scheme and play call, that's how. Don't leave TJ on an island. Better coaching and he isn't flat footed like that. Every game the Defence has blown it.
  5. Denver 12 men on the field after 2 timeouts. 100% on McD (+PI on a lousy call). Mac Jones beat the Bills 100% on McD. Phil - 2X's D failed. 100% McD. Jax 500 yards offense. McD's defense didn't get a stop. Cincy - Again 1 stop was needed
  6. McD took a perfectly decent offense (Rex) and first three years was 31st, 29th and 24th in the league. He did the impossible and not have a 300 yard passing game his first three years.
  7. Because he never has? Hot read you go inside.
  8. Yes at the 25 yard line. How many others? Wow one stop in how many?
  9. St least then the offense gets the ball back. No confidence in the defense Spears is the NFL's version of Kendrick Perkins on NBA Today (racist comments and no facts to back it up). A complete joke.
  10. And that is the issue with the Bills. I cheer them to win every week. I don't hate McD, didn't know him when hired, and judged him on his week to week performance. He's not good. He has held back Allen in my opinion and he now has decided to put blame on everyone else but himself. After the Denver game all he did was praise his defense, which again lost the game. He is the head coach if the offensive coordinator isn't doing his job he should be discussing this week in and week out with him and deciding what to do to make it better. Funny thing is I think what he was doing was undermining him with this complimentary football crap. He is 100% responsible for 3 to 4 losses this year and an all likelihood the team will not make the playoffs but if they sneak in at 10-7, guess what, he's back. Why did it take until the Eagles game to have Josh running again? Let's just look at this year. Losses to the Jets in OT. Mac Jones beating them with a TD drive. 12 men after calling 2 timeouts and knowing it was a FG attempt. 500 yards allowed vs. Jax..... There is no winning with him.
  11. I remember the laughable thread about how great the defense allowing 500 yards against Jax was. This defense is soft and when they need a clutch play almost non existant.
  12. Watched im a bar, a very quick replay and may have been. Ot was a joke call regardless
  13. Has the phantom holding call been brought up? It was offsetting penalties as Kincaid was held on thurd down and somehow the Bills were too called for a hold that did not happen. Replay down, inc and a punt. Bills were moving the ball thay pissession
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