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  1. Can hardly wait 'til McD starts touting the running game and complimentary football and further sabotages Allen. I'm happy to move on from Diggs, but not a high powered passing offense.
  2. We'll never get an answer, but as a good coach he can fall on the sword and say it was me and I thought the best course was not allowing a Hill return and wanting to protect against a 30 yard reception on first down. I wish I could have a chance to do it again as we would do things differently. Is that so hard?
  3. Yes I remember those college days and being a loyal customer of Classic Luxury Rentals too and those $1,750 daily rental fees.😉 Rashee must have come from a very rich family.
  4. Yep beating a dead horse, but Poyer discussed it and it was a story. Suffice to say that the Bills those 13 seconds basically did everything 100% wrong and what made it so sad is they called 2 timeouts and still couldn't figure anything out. McD froze in the moment.
  5. That's why I said a short kick to the 5-10 yard line that needs to be returned (minimum 3-4 seconds off the clock). A good sqibb kick works too. Isn't that what they practice all year for these situations? BTW Christies squibb in 2000 was horrible too.😉
  6. There was no difficult coaching involved. The mental gymnastics amazes me. Very simple sqibb or what the Bills did well that year was high kick short of the goal line to the 5 forcing a return (fair catch was introduced in 2023). Second rush three and and don't let Kelce or Hill off the line. Two TO's means sidelines are not an issue. That's it, that's all.
  7. You want to cry looking at the second & third pix. I for one was thrilled when Hill scored on the first pic with so much time. Can I add, great coaching by Mc D there. Remember he called timeouts too prior to both plays and came up with nothing.
  8. I seldom come during the offseason, but the Poyer comments popped up on my phone so yep, like a glutton for punishment I had to read them. He was very diplomatic to say the least, but acknowledged KC was better prepared (and then they blew it the following week). Anyhow 100% error after error and all falls on McD, who too used his timeouts and still didn't prpare for the palys. Squibb (was shouting at my TV, with friends over watching), followed by inexcusable defense from a coach claiming they were trained and prepared for every secenario . After the TD you grab the kicker and and pickoff team and tell them squib/or kick high and to the left/right side and remain in your lanes. Defense you then tell to not let Kelce Hill off the line (even if you need to hold them)..... McD failed miserably.
  9. Again the only reason the Bills didn't dominate and win by 20, was Johnson being beyond bad the entire game. One of the worst playoff qb'ing performances I ever watched.
  10. Really we're going to rehash this? Johson's performance vs. the Titans was putrid. Any coach would have had him pulled at halftime (or earlier) for the QB who started the entire year. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/200001080oti.htm Review the play by play. Bills were down 12-0 @ half, He had been sacked 4-5 times, fumbled and lost it and sacked for a safety.
  11. Wow winning the last week in a game that meant nothing for either team and then 57 minutes of maybe the worst football ever in you're defending him? Oh yeah and you really proved themselves after you signed the contract as well. Any competent qb'ing that day and the bills would have won by 20.
  12. Yes I read somewhere he ranked 12th and corrected it that hebwas in a cluster with 9 coaches. 19 got A- to A+ grades, so seems nost coaches are liked. Belichek and some others being the exception. Regardless I read little into it.
  13. I think Ralph Wilson was listening to Chuck and 100% am convinced he made the call to start Rob Johnson in the playoffs (one of the worst ever QB performances I ever saw) over Doug Flutie as he had spent the year denegrading and calling Flutie a midget and having the fanbase in an uproar. Listened to way too much of him. RIP
  14. So 11 coaches ranked higher then McD??? McD was in the second wave (3 got A+, 9 A and 7 more A-). And Pegula's A- is 8th.
  15. I said later I am okay they went for it, just that they haven't had him kick at all.
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