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  1. Correct..... It was one more drive @ 35-3 and we were out of there......😁
  2. The game was blacked out so a friend & I went to a bar at an older Toronto uptown hotel (now a homeless shelter) as it was nearby and the game was on. Very few were there and pretty depressing. Had our chicken wings and were just getting ready to leave & IO said, we'll watch the first drive of the second half & call it a day..... A great call & spectacular game obviously.
  3. What was interesting to see and we continually are hard on the Bills is the Chiefs did not adjust on offense. I'd say for the most part their play calling was abysmal. On defense the officials made it a point of emphasis to call penalties on the Chiefs. What I don't know is whether the Bucs were called to the same degree. Another thing I saw was that Mahomes really looked to no one else but Kelce & Hill. Take them away (i.e. chip Kelce off the line) and Mahomes was in trouble. The second int Mahomes was throwing it to Kelce regardless. Watkins was lo
  4. And the ball was thrown into the first row. Uncatchable. Gabe Davis was held off the line the entire way. Here the receiver ran into him in the endzone.
  5. The TB Interception that was over turned by a ticky tack holding penalty and yes the second timeout on third & two, followed by two PI's (second should never have been called and no chance to catch that one for sure)..... 29 yards in offense, 42 yards penalties.... Add to that when the Refs decided that close coverage on TB's receivers wouldn't be tolerated.....😉 But KC looked like the Bills did vs. KC, completely lost and unable to adjust. As great as Mahomes is, he was just too intent to look at only Hill & Kelce all game too.
  6. Allen made some insane passes during the game (like he does every game). Sunday he forced throws, that was unusual. The TD to Isaiah was an incredible pass. But as said the pressure he was under was relentless and that is on coaching/play calling & the Oline.....
  7. I thought that too.... If the throw isn't there, don't force it & run. Near the goalline both times I think he should have run, especially when one was a 2nd & 4. He did I thought make some very good passes, but again when the Oline was embarrassed what chance did the Bills have? I read that Allen was pressured 55% of his passes, the highest amount all year. That is piss poor coaching & adjustments imo. Better prepared (memories of Buf/NYG Superbowl).
  8. It was a catch you have to make and unfortunately a crucial time when the Bills needed to reassert themselves. Like everything in the game, just a little off (and did not seem prepared).
  9. And again 3-4 plays on offense and woulda/coulda/shoulda.... 1. Singletary drop at a crucial juncture 2. Lousy Redzone play calling and execution against the worst red zone defense. On one the Bills were second & 4 from the 9 and again a weak run play set up a third down, which again was a bad call). 3. One extra point actually created problems.... (21-13 at half a little different situation)
  10. Working on the Draft or Free Agency..... This is a place to vent. Get used to it.
  11. Daboll has gotten plenty of the blame here & deserves it. Frazier didn't do anything to confuse or make KC work. Allowed Kelce, who everyone knew was getting the ball get off the line easily and always WIDE OPEN. McD is in charge and didn't have the team or coaches prepared. Allen made a few bad passes and a few that had no chance of success and you just wonder what he was doing or seeing on those plays. Between series they'd show him on the sideline and there should have been coaches & other people talking to him or discussing options. Yep take t
  12. Yep let me get it off my chest. The Bills were terrible in almost all aspect of the game. Bass I guess gets a pass (but the PAT could have been an issue).... The defense I'll let others address, but talk about pathetic. You know Kelce is getting 12-15 targets a game and absolutely no effort to disrupt him off the line or be prepared? Heck the Bills did okay vs. Andrews last week and Knox was covered during the game. Every pass was simple for Mahomes with plenty of separation and easy reads), while Allen had so few easy ones. Mahomes made one g
  13. The point was he could have ran more as once he broke containment he had open spaces. Maybe this was the game for some QB runs (vs. scrambles)?
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