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  1. $48 million decoy. sure with the Bills fa money they can find a decoy at that price.
  2. 30 degrees..... wouldn't worry about hands. footing yes.
  3. And as expected, the Bills were near the bottom with their rrp play calling. Of course many here still think running the ball is the key to winning 14-10.
  4. And again as soon as it seemed TT was developing chemistry with Watkins they blew that up to start 2017........ Still concerned as to the Bills commitment to offense.
  5. Well then the Cowboys knew 70% of Seattle's plays as they were all runs and they did not take advantage or use Russell Wilson like they should.
  6. Billsfan1972

    Cool Detailed Analysis - Zay Jones

    Seen very little & I think the stats bare it out. I hope he makes a huge jump in 2019, and then will come the question that seems to be the Bills bugaboo...... Paying players at skilled positions....
  7. I for one did not think Lamar was that good down the stretch during the regular season. A great defense and certainly very athletic and Baltimore took advantage of his skill set. He did not throw a whole lot or had a good completion %. The issue is when they had to rely on Lamar to win the game, or create offense they had no idea what to do. I compare him and the narrative to Allen and nothing but positive press for Lamar, while Josh still has many critics. When watching Lamar, his passing mechanics and throws just are not very good.
  8. No Rob was the reason the Bills weren't up 14+ and the game over well before the kick. The defense played as good a game as any in the last 20 years. McNair did almost nothing that game. Unfortunately Rob kept on giving them the ball back.
  9. Also noted that with Lamar, Baltimore seemed to employ a Buffalo Bills scheme whereby they expected every game to be close and rely on the defense. Hate that style of football.
  10. Interesting note. Flacco averaged 274/gm before his injury. Lamar played with the lead in every game and never trailed by more then one score. Also 204 yards was his most passing yard (included a 68 yard td on a 25 yard pass).
  11. Sorry lousy receivers, not catching the ball, drops, running first & second downs, setting up a third & 8, fumbling at the 5........ There was a lot that went wrong that game. Very simply the Bills need to draft & sign players (F's) that can help JA. Very few designed running plays or options, which is in stark contrast to Baltimore.
  12. The OL & terrible receivers in addition to no RB's (McCoy barely in the game) and on the road didn't help.
  13. Well I'd say Wade vs. Tennessee as Rob Johnson was trotted out over & over, but am convinced Ralph Wilson made that call. Was Lamar Peterman-bad? That is a leap for me to make. Baltimore's Defense was the only thing saving it from a blowout.
  14. http://www.espn.com/nfl/playbyplay?gameId=401038955 Not fair to blame Lamar, but they were atrocious (and can see how to defend Lamar Jackson). Watching Lamar it is apparent he needs a lot of work throwing the ball and will be interesting to see if he improves there. Right now I think his mechanics and skill is way behind JA. All of a sudden getting flashbacks to Rob Johnson vs. Tennessee.....
  15. Billsfan1972

    Sunday Wild Card Game: Chargers at Baltimore, 1 pm on CBS

    Some garbage time yards but he was terrible.