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  1. There was absolutely no reason to get rid of him in 2017...... He was under contract, had worked out with Tyrod in the off season, and was healthy. It was done out of spite for Whaley & the old regime. The Offense was the bottom of the league in 2017. Please don't rationalize it.
  2. Again completely wrong. He was a rookie & put up good #'s year 1. Year 2 he played 13 games on a run heavy team & had over 1000 yards on only 7.36 targets/game. Year 3 was injuries. When you mention Kelce that's a non-starter. Kelce is a TE, he is not garnering the opposing teams pass defenders. Yes Hill commands the #1 defender, but Watkins too often is doubled or has a top defender on him (I seem to remember it was Sherman in the SB). Oh yea & yes they were banking EJ Manual being their qb of the future & they got him the receiver they needed. EJ was a bust, but that wasn't on Sammy. Oh & again the 2014-16 Bills were 24-24 vs. the juggernaut that has gone 25-23 2017-2019......
  3. Actually averaged 820/season as a Bill with 982 in his Rookie season, 1047 in 13 games in year 2 & yes only 430 in 8 games (injured) in year 3. Add to that a low # of targets for a #1 he did damn well in Buffalo. In KC I don't expect huge #'s, because they will throw primarily to Hill & Kelce (as an outlet), but he will contribute.
  4. Maybe not directed at you, but at lot here who seemed to be upset the Bills traded up to draft Watkins & seem to blame the injuries he had on him. He was productive as a Bill (including a 1000 yard season) with minimal targets. As a Chief again he is the third option, however draws difficult assignments. For some reason the Chiefs want him back & they are the favorite in the NFL because of their offense & players like Watkins.
  5. Which is typical of Bills fans here about every high drafty pick. They all are over paid & the Bills did the right thing dumping them. Funny how Sammy has teams happy to have him & pay him...... Please remind me again that killer 2017 receiving corp the Bills had????
  6. Haters continue to hate...... Boy it would have sucked to have Watkins in 2017 on...... For a decoy and maligned receiver (only in Buffalo), he's amassed a pretty penny..... Oh yea & produced when it counted for KC...... Boy that 2017 Bills receiving corp was something special, wasn't it???? The good news is Bills fans won't debate signing him as a decoy if he had been waived.......😉😄
  7. Yes I was more laughing at all the "big" names the Bills were going to sign with $90,000,000. By my count it is 0. They made a big trade & are gambling (and I like it) on one big name Josh Norman on a one year contract.
  8. I admit I am only really focused on the skill positions. Norman is a flier & probably a good one. Diggs cost the Bills a lot, but happy we finally have a replacement for Watkins😉😄 three years later..... But came at a steep price. Everyone talked incessantly at all the cap space & seems by the #'s all the FA's are just shuffling players & no big names or $'s. Trust me I'm thrilled about the 2020 year (if & when it is), but just wondering about all these players.
  9. Yes his play in the last two playoff years really pissed off a lot of people..... As does his salary. I can only imagine when the Bills start paying to keep some of their players & the reaction if they don't play commensurate with those $'s.....😉
  10. Well for those who hated him, I guess if he stayed, TT put up better #'s & the Bills offense wasn't ranked 30th in 2017 then maybe no JA and where would they be now. Conversely, same 9-7 record in 2017, a little excitement on offense and a #1 for JA in 2018 & beyond. The point is the trade to LA was stupid (seemed to be out of spite regardless of what anyone says) & the Bills offense still has a long way to go & the search for a #1 receiver continues.
  11. A cut to probably $10,000,000/yr & signing bonus. Torched Sherman a # of times. He'll be fine & seeing what he is capable of, it will be interesting if he can put it all together. I'd say the Jets, Jax or Balt (needs a real wr), would be good landing spots.
  12. Here we go again..... How terrible it is to have a transcendental player & have to pay them..... Maybe Tre will price himself out for the Bills. And it JA has a great 2020 he'll cost too much too?
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