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  1. Again huh? You're trying too hard. But for you here goes. KC defers and Philly walks down the field scores td. KC gets ball at 2 minute warning and like the Bills get nothing and down 10 points at half. KC gets the ball to start the second half and flips the game scoring 7 quick points (Bills labour and still have first & goal and then peter out). Heck Philly then responded with their own long drive, but settle for a FG (Cincy scored a TD). These are 4 of the top 6 teams in the playoffs and games 3 weeks apart watched by millions, not just home team fans. Sorry I refuse to accept that Cincy is a better team. The Bills just were ill prepared and flat.
  2. How so? Exact same scenarios in the playoffs with equally matched teams (oh and one had homefield advantage) & one team stepped up to the challenge, the other did not. It was eerily similar imo.
  3. Exactly what this thread alluded to. And this post within it. I understand the OP comments. Seems like the "poisonous" label come more from missing out on the super bowl, suspect coaching, bad drafting etc. For me the poisonous comment stems more from (a lot) of the board members sniping at one another. This board is supposed to be fun and to share thoughts about the Bills and football. Too many posters are determined to prove their thoughts and comments are always right, even if it means in-fighting with other members. Please loose the always right attitudes everyone! It's keeping many of us from wanting to share our thoughts in a fun, respectful way. Add to that people who think they are just "too cool" and post responses like above. I had an observation (and yes noted many times after the Cincy game, my displeasure over those two specific drives by the Bills), which I thought may spur some conversation and yes I did think was of interest and this is a message board and wanted to post. You guys never cease to surprise me. Keep it up.
  4. Yesterday I noted in another thread and on Sunday with my friends I said the exact same thing as it was happening. The first half the Eagles pretty much were moving the ball at will and if not for a horrendous fumble were dominating. However it was 21-14 (KC one offensive TD). Cincy was doing the exact same with the score 17-7. KC get's the ball finally at the 2 minute warning and with the second half kickoff and this is when the game can switch. They actually bomb, 5 plays, a kick and Eagles have time (not enough unfortunately for them) and kick a fg and a 10 point HT lead 24-14. Buffalo exact same situation and actually are looking great on offense and effortlessly move to the Cincy 39 and then three lousy calls, a punt and down 17-7 at half. Now look what happened. KC is pissed, some changes at half and new found determination and score a TD in 3 minutes and it was a game. Buffalo came out moved the ball, but was laboured and first and goal inside the 10 and again 3 unmotivated plays later only 3 points to show for it. Now let's also not forget Philly on offense was fine the second half (they punted one time, which was returned 65 yards to the 5 yard line). Two games, almost identical situations and one team stepped up, the other did not.
  5. Please clarify. Absolutely right a win is a win & style points don't count, but every week many expected things to get better and things to click and they never did. I was at the forefront concerned things were off and was told "Not to worry". The Bills I'm convinced were a 13-3 team, but maybe 11-5 would have lit a fire under them and the coaching to change things come the playoffs?
  6. Yes us "malcontents" are out in force and have turned this place poisonous. I love the title of this thread and the OP and how upset he is that people post their thoughts on the Bills. During the year the Bills went 13-3 and those three losses were all mind numbing and really could be blamed on bad luck, bounces, coaching, play calls or situational awareness. But again after the bye week things slowly took a turn and some here noted that things were off and though injuries certainly played a part, the team kept winning, but in general did not seem to be playing at expected levels. And when those concerns were raised here, they were for the most part drowned out by the majority. So then came Cincy and yep what a clinker, but it affirmed much of what was said and commented earlier and yes the season and expectations dashed and as is want we crawled out from the woodwork and said "Told you so". No Cincy & KC are not head and shoulders better then Buffalo, so those who try and rationalize it I'll disagree. This is still a SB winning team and next year I hope all you "others" come here the second week of February and say "Told you so, Buffalo Bills SB Champions" Then I'll be the one to start a 2024 post saying how Poisonous this site is.....😉
  7. The point of the show is that 90% of those watching the show have never seen these performers live so it is about the performance and putting.on a show. The chores and whole look was boring. However listening to these entertainment shows all are fawning. Ot was very boring and I'm fine with her music.
  8. Agreed and maybe as said better to go into 2023 as just one of the SB contenders, as opposed to the favourite. But sorry 13 seconds was worse then anything (I canceled my SB party because of it). What the Cincy game did was unfortunately validate a lot of what many said was apparent from the second half of the GB game on and what McD didn't address or have answers for and in the Cincy game seemingly did absolutely nothing to turn it around. BTW let's compare that to yesterday and the exact same scenario. KC down 10 pts at half and failed in their two minute offense to end the half and they come out with urgency and score. They allow a FG and then score again. They came out of the halftime and reacted like champs and the Bills as stated in the same scenario were still in it and preverbally 'rolled over".
  9. And I want the Bills to win the SB in 2023 9well February 2024), so yep win in spite of McD.......😉 Do you really think that Fans "Hate" McD more then their want for the Bills to win a SB?
  10. Stop with the Process. Shaw you're one of the best people on here, thoughtful, intelligent, with an eye for the game, but have drank the McD Koolaid. He has invested way too much in the defense, got so lucky with Allen & added one offensive player in Diggs. The rest has been meh at best.
  11. And have the Bills made the SB? This get's so old as it is a circuitous debate that all really revolves around one person, McD. 1. How much control does he have over the GM and thus drafting? 2. Is he too focused on the Defense? 3. Is he too Loyal to Frazier? 4. Can he coach in the moment? 5. What the heck happened those 13 seconds? 6. How has he helped the offense? 7. Is it McD or Allen responsible for these last 4 years? To some here they have this "fake" narrative (yes I'm going to exaggerate here) that he took over a 2-14 team in 2017 and with only a pair of pliers & chicken wiring took the Bills to the Playoffs singlehandedly and thus now has a pass to only get to the playoffs, because then you know it's just a crapshoot. Others think that with Josh Allen, he struck gold and has done not enough to develop or protect him and is too focused on the defense. 90% agree you can't fire him (nor should you) and some are convinced that he's run his course and what the Bills are left with is a competitive team, that with be one of the top 4 in the league, but they'll always be an excuse and something will always derail them.
  12. Read the OP. I like her songs and was looking forward to seeing it (as I do most). It came off flat after what looked like a cool start and went nowhere. But you are right about how most people react. Everyone here wants AC/DC or Aerosmith. Last year was very good.
  13. I doubt Prince or Springsteen lip-synced. I for one actually always am for the most part interested in the halftime show (may change if a Country act, though maybe Blake Shelton or Keith Urban could work) and the spectacle, but as said yesterdays was one of the worst I thought.
  14. I was making a joke about the thread title and thinking it was about the fumble. I pointed out just how terrible it was. Wasn't meant to be a debate on Allen, more so to discuss just how bad a play it was. Obviously missing the nuance.
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