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  1. The PI on Beasley was a no brainer called every time (he was breaking free, interfered & tripped). No idea why that is being questions.
  2. It hit him in the chest and was a great pass. Not a drop, but it was right there.
  3. Offense is not this team's primary concern. It is very evident.
  4. The Mackenzie one was right between the #'s and really not discussed. That was 7 points and thus a FG would have tied the game.
  5. That is PI every single time (unless a NE DB doing it😉).
  6. Thought the same thing....
  7. Defenses were great and a ton of mistakes too....
  8. And this is as expected from a Bills fan who hasn't seen a great game in years..... New Orleans SF was an EXCELLENT GAME!!!!! This was not.....
  9. Dropped TD by MacKenzie. I didn't see the Brown pass deflected.
  10. And the last pass to Brown also appeared to be a drop.
  11. Seattle & then won the wildcard game.... A joke...
  12. Actually it probably is. When you think you beat a good team, you feel damn good. Now however I look at the Dallas win on par with with Miami..... The Bills still only have one win over the .500 team (Tennessee, which we can thank Ryan Tannehill's resurgence for that😉).
  13. Again exactly right, but again if Dallas responded & beat Chicago and Trubisky looked bad, I'd be much more positive. Just human nature.
  14. It is just a reaction to the Cowboys. Cowboys beat Detroit & tough games against NE. Sorry but both the Bills & Bears dominated them, so the immediate reaction is they really have given up (or just plain bad). If they had beaten the Bears convincingly,, yes would make most people feel way better. The way they lost, sorry does take shine off the Bills win.
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