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  1. Shall I say they did everything wrong last week? I've already acknowledged and congratulated them Captain Obvious.
  2. Seen the player pushed over the goal line. Singletary made sure that couldn't happen.
  3. Raven's fans still think that he was going to go in for the touchdown. It was then big that Allen got the 1st down without scoring also which insured sure that there'd be no time left on the clock. The Bills did everything right the last 2 mins
  4. There I'm agreeing & praising McD..... What a difference a week makes!!!!😝😉
  5. What more can I say to defend him? I said he's improved and given him props and kudos. My comment was to those who seldom question him and say he's 100% responsible for all this (yes paraphrasing). I also said all coaches make mistakes.
  6. McD has a huge following and there are some who see absolutely no wrong in anything he does. He's improved dramatically as a coach, particularly on the offensive side of things. Again I think this is 90% due to Allen, but he has done a much better job. Still there are plenty of calls to questions, but this is the same with all coaches. But yes and I've call them this before, there are a segment of posters here who are 100% McD apologists. Yesterday I frankly was never worried and thought the Bills would win. Their toughest foe was the weather.
  7. This team is 100% reliant on Allen. The offense has stagnated a bit the last two games, but weather played a major role. Agreed Davis has been bad (dropped TD was big as has been him being invisible the last two games). Want to see a big game vs. Pitt, prior to the KC clash. Maybe the issue is Bills fans expect too much?
  8. Am I unhappy about the win???? Sure Josh Didn't throw for 300, they didn't win by 10+ and they didn't score a TD the last possession and cover the 3.5 spread.😝 Yes I'm very unhappy, thanks for reminding me.😉
  9. You used the word "culture". You don't care, but sure others have found the term "culture" to describe McD "Grating".....
  10. He did. Remember it is the ball not the body and he reached & got it in my opinion. If there had been a booth review too (last 2 minutes) that would have settled the Bills down regardless. Lots of factor and I too agree it was the right call to win the game then (like Harbaugh yesterday).
  11. And I agree, thought that culture word and how it was thrown around his first two years did grate on me.
  12. Pretty much proven as the Bills walked down the field. On third down, Allen got the First Down and they spotted him short.
  13. The constant is McD. Tampa too if I remember there was the bad sequence to start OT (and a missed holding call on Diggs on third down too). Vs. Tenn a bad spot on 3rd down was probably really what lost the game. And I thought vs. Miami they did a poor job executing and time management. No way should they not have gotten at least a fg attempt. Unfortunately too 13 seconds seared in my memory and McD (or the special teams or the defense, even calling two timeouts) made error after error.
  14. Again McD has grown on me (yes I'll keep repeating this line), however like every coach he has his warts. Great to win a close game after 7 losses where many could be blamed on coaching (in the last two minutes) in that time period. But this board have too many people with this mad crush on McD that I don't really get.
  15. The defense has played great, but let's not overlook that Baltimore drove 93 yards their last possession. Great goal line stand.
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