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  1. Of course I got it & knew that someone would point to it as proof you don't need passing to win. I thought the NE game was terrible & the fact they were successful holding on with a 1 point lead the second half was frankly luck. Baltimore on the other hand continually self-destructed & panicked (much like Dallas vs. the Bills). I could also point to KC or NO's Offense..... Tired of people pointing to the top 5 passers in 2019 didn't make the playoffs as this year was an anomaly.... Dallas too has made the playoffs with a good offense & you forgot to mention Atlanta. What amazes me is while the Bills have made the Playoffs 2 of 3 years, year 1 they backed in & this year the schedule helped, that McD's coaching record is 25-25 since he started, which matches the the 2014-16 24-24 record. To me the first two years of your franchise QB, you see what you have in him. They have not done a good in that respect.
  2. Oh great, the Tannehill playoff stats.... Geez didn't see that coming...... And yes more work, confidence & play calling during the regular season & maybe the Houston game plays out differently. It is game time play that allows a QB to grow. Game manager is not what I hope is Allen's ceiling. More giving McD & Daboll a pass.....
  3. Too much respect for McD imo. The issue is that I wanted to see 2019 be the season of Allen and to have a better understanding of what his potential is. I thought way too conservative and again at half a season behind in his development. The high point is a 230 yard performance against Dallas..... Really that's the best we've seen..... I wanted at least 2 eye popping games. We didn't see it and one then wonders if we ever will under this regime and their talk. How do you attract skill offensive players? Sell the. That your team was ts to be a top 10 offense..... not 24th and the same OC.
  4. My issue with all this is that the Bills by drafting Allen should have been all in & worked hard to see what they had in him this year. Too often we heard & saw game manager & you expect more from the "franchise" qb. As others said & those who believe in the Process, we are a year further in & they should have a better idea what they have in JA. I look at bad games like the Pats (wk 4) or Philly & then saw a lot of games where one could say Allen was good or blame the OC. We saw games where the Bills were good for maybe 2-3 quarters. The only really good games were Miami X 2 & Dallas. I look at Baltimore 14 & NE Week 16 & 100% hope it was Daboll & bad play calling that stunted Allen. My point is simple as per this thread. If the Giants (or Cleveland) think Daboll so good, then that means he's gotten everything he can out of Allen and was able to with a "sub-par" QB generate the 24th ranked Offense in the NFL. I hope however I am right & in-spite of a lousy OC, Allen was able to generate the 24th ranked offense!!!!!😉
  5. And that is what they should have done this year (i.e. 3 years into THE Process)..... This was the year to see what they have in Allen. What if he really is no good? Do we start again and give the staff another 3 years? No they worry primarily about the D.
  6. I will not argue that running the ball is important, but also must be able to score points when needed. Another team was down 24-0 & then scored 51 points. Payton coached a terrible game and yep still lost thanks to a coin toss in OT.
  7. And how do KC & NO look..... Still need to pass the ball and be able to come back in games when necessary. As great as Baltimore was, as soon as they were punched in the mouth they went down.
  8. And I blame Daboll more then Allen & that is the conundrum. I wanted to really see Allen's progress this year and what he can do & felt the offense, the playcalling & schemes didn't allow that. Geez 24th ranked offense in the NFL & people are knocking on his door? To me that says Allen is terrible & Daboll was so good at hiding his flaws that he's a genius. If I'm looking for an Offensive Coordinator, I'm interviewing those looking after a top 10 Offense, not #24......
  9. Easy out..... Protect your coaches & in a position of power be able to deflect properly. Still the inability to look proficient on Offense was an issue..... I guess Daboll could show an endless loop of games vs. Miami (and yes the Dallas game too).......
  10. If we can't blame Daboll, then who is to blame? I am so sick of people happy with an Offense that struggles to put teams away, put up 20 points & incapable of passing for 300 yards. The defense was 24th in the league, which I guess is a huge jump from 29-31 the prior two years, but to be satisfied, stupifies me. No I didn't expect a jump like the LA Rams made in 2017, but yes year 2 of Josh I wanted to see a minimum of 5 games that the offense clicked for 4 quarters. Tired of this 9 new players excuse & how some here are so enamored with the Process that they push everything out another year....... Look at John DeFilippo (and no I had no idea who he was either) & how he has got 3 OC jobs & fired after 1 year in each one..... These guys all seem to rebound and some team thinks they are the answer. If someone wants Daboll, good for them & move on..... To me if they are so high on Daboll, then they are down on Allen & think he's the reason the offense ranked as high as 24th, which says little about Allen......😉
  11. Actually the Bills may have been 13-3 & gotten a bye & home field advantage...... Got to dream big!!!!!😉 Get over the trade & where he was picked. He was productive as a Bill (1000 yard Season) & under contract. He certainly was better then Gaines who we traded him for (& injured btw) or Matthews who the Bills replaced Watkins with???? http://www.nfl.com/player/jordanmatthews/2543500/careerstats Boy that was a trade!!!!
  12. Like anyone drafted by the Bills I want to see them succeed as a Bill. When they dumped him for nothing it was an indication to me that the Bills were not going all in. As a Bill, while not to that point living to expectations, there was plenty of upside & all this about attitude is dung. How about looking at Diggs in a playoff game that they're winning & talk about that? As a Bill, if they targeted him like a #1 10X's/game, I'm sure the results would have been vastly different. The thread though is from another disgruntled poster, who lays all the blame on Whaley and the prior staff and their .500 record 2014-16 & trumpets the McD era & their 25-25 record (and wildcard appearances at 9-7 & 10-6).....
  13. The only real good offense they played this year was Balt..... Dallas shot themselves multiple times in the foot, Philly was okay and NE got worse & worse throughout the year. The Defense was very good, but certainly was too a product of their schedule.
  14. I'd be selling stock on this defense. Not sure how it could perform at a higher level then it did in 2019. Even SF 49er's had some clunkers this year, while the Bills allowed over 30 points only once.
  15. Pretty much what I have pointed out. Don't need to read the article, but my concerns noted here were simply that I see McD 100% committed to the Defense & whatever offense the Bills generate is a bonus. I think Allen is the real deal, but I too see the Defense regressing or being exposed when they play a tougher schedule and this could then mirror Chicago or Jacksonville. I wanted to see more from Allen & the offense in 2019, so we could be confident for 2020, but still questions.
  16. Rah rah rah!!!! Wow better call Murph & Tasker, you're their type of caller..... I predicted 10-6, but expected a much better offense & yes the Defense was still good this year. Little did we know in the AFC Pitt loses their starting QB for the season, NYJ are terrible out of the gate, Cleveland & LAC imploded, Andrew Luck retired & Tenn misses 4fgs vs. the Bills and Mariotta is buried following the win. It was a good season as they won every game they should have, a surprising (not in retrospect) win vs. Dallas & that was about it.
  17. Again last three years prior to McD 24-24, McD 25-23..... Yep they made the playoffs at 9-7, while Marrone was 9-7 & missed it.....
  18. I think we know which way McD is leaning...... Fearless will be pushing for a 20-17 win......😉 I expect the Bills to win & expect we'll be sweating it come the 4th..... That's the worst thing..... A few easy throws to start and please don't telegraph the plays.
  19. I have no problem admitting it..... Three years & no 300 yard passing games.... Well done McD........... Only coach that has accomplished it.
  20. Yep another pointing out one superbowl to defend their position. I'm using yards allowed.... Tenn, Houston & Seattle.... Can play with #'s however you like, but again to pretend Offense doesn't matter..... As I showed earlier an interesting stat was that our Defense too played much worse then average Offenses (League average 20.7 in the league) vs. the Offense played on average the 15.7 strongest defenses). Again skewed by Jets & NE X 2, Balt & Pitt. Again too this isn't fair as every team has different schedules. However the Bills faced maybe 4 strong offensive teams all season (Philly, Dallas & Baltimore?), while also playing some of the very worst (Pitt, NYJ, Cincy, Wash & Den), including rookies & 3rd string QB's (Pitt, Wash & Den) & the 4th easiest Schedule (NE, Dall & Philly had easier).
  21. Won't argue, just will say NE saw us running way too often, so how about that on first down (play action). The ball to Knox was there but not that easy a throw that people keep saying. Many here say keep it simple and they just don't and thus Allen is throwing tougher passes in many situations. Also on 4th they had a TO, should have used it..... As said in watching they looked disorganized once first & goal.
  22. And the worst offense in the playoff???? Buffalo..... Next closest is GB (and then NE who was garbage since November), that had a much tougher schedule & did too struggle, yet somehow Rogers did have 4 300 yard passing games.... How about 5 of the top 10 defensive teams didn't make the playoffs...... Or Three teams ranked in the 20's in defense did make the playoffs.... Yes much has been written about Winston & we know others like Ryan & Stafford makes for easy fodder..... Stop your crusade......
  23. The first down play was terrible & as I say caused a chain reaction that carried through downs 2-4. A young qb needs easier reads & plays. The Duke Williams TD vs. Tennessee was a very simple play.
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