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  1. He's waved the white flag & loves him now (though pissed he's a Bill and in the same division as the Pats). Yes he tried to be critical and like many wanted to focus on the concerns, but has admitted he was wrong. Certainly he is no Nick Wright (who is there just to agitate). He loves to talk himself into his opinions. Seems like one of the guys, which is what makes him a great listen.
  2. No idea the picture would be included.... Sorry, hit me too as a gut punch.......
  3. I had a whole thread on that following the game and as soon as I saw Bass doing his full 7 yard approach on the kick I knew it was a touchback. Every kick to the 5 yard line was his FG approach of 3 yards. 60 Yard FG lands at the 5. No wind and perfect conditions and those kicks were always to the left side (narrowing the field too). They did this often during the year and they practiced it. I don't remember any squib kicks.
  4. And Joe Rogan wakes $'millions do a podcast. Yes a lot easier then writing. His Book of Basketball (now 10 years old as said an incredible read and I posted the link as reviewers too for the vast majority agreed). I thought Grantland was too highbrow at times (just the name showed you had to understand the history of sports journalism to get it). I watch the MCU, was hooked on GOT and understanding the stories in such detail is great listening. Yes he shoots the breeze, includes his friends and for the most part they are knowledgeable and yes I like to skew younger and hear their (Ringer Staff) takes on shows like Yellowjackets, Ozark, Euphoria and others. To me a 2 hour podcast breaking down movies I love and do watch when on TV is great. So I'll shill and say I enjoyed articles on the Bills & Josh Allen during the year, as they are national in scope and not local homers. I have a subscription to the Athletic and yes there are plenty of Bills articles, but they are local in nature, so means less to me (though for most here they carry more weight).
  5. This is classic Buffalo little brother syndrome. Simmons is very good and has a vast knowledge base when it comes to sports & pop culture. His Basketball book is one of the best there is. https://www.amazon.ca/Book-Basketball-NBA-According-Sports/dp/0345520106/ref=sr_1_1?gclid=CjwKCAiAgbiQBhAHEiwAuQ6Bks5VCcQ-Xstp6YkUTM4WvAV_G6JkyG2fTTymD3zLv4voGDDUJs2XDBoCxdYQAvD_BwE&hvadid=229974942435&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9000918&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=12508176298884055782&hvtargid=kwd-309558707701&hydadcr=1997_10289626&keywords=big+book+of+basketball&qid=1645117542&sr=8-1#customerReviews Many of his podcasts are irreverent and fun listens. The Rewatchables, Prestige TV, Discussion about MCU, Game of Thrones, David Chang, Wrestling..... The Ringer has great writers and articles on more than just sports. So JoPoy88, what do you have against him? Just curious as I did start this thread to get some insight on as said, some peoples dislike of him.
  6. That's what I said way back and started a thread on the subject and agree with you. Never saw Bass do a squib, but saw plenty of kicks to the 5 and he was money. I actually did a Zapruder breakdown of the kick😜 to confirm he was kicking it for a touchback.
  7. Well there is now 7 pages on Peter Schrager (who's actually on a podcast with Bill). Schrager, like Wright are paid by Networks, Simmons runs a significant platform..... And yes all should check the site (lot's of Bills & Allen articles if you do a search). Sorry to post a thread on an opinion.
  8. And Simmons didn't use KC too. Explanation? Or just because he's Boston native.
  9. So he's a Boston fan, and will talk himself into backing the Patriots, Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox, but he is a great listen, knows his stuff and The Ringer has great podcasts and articles, but when mentioned here, always a few have to announce they dislike him. Loves pop culture too. Not sure why people here feel that way or need to announce it, without ever an explanation. Is it because he's such a Boston homer & thus a result of how the Pats made the Bills their whipping boys for 12-15 yards? Is it because they are upset at his success and friends? Anyways he was talking about the SB and in two separate podcasts said about the game just 'how bad Josh Allen and Bills fans must have felt watching the game in disgust, knowing how much better they were'. He also lamented seeing, Allen, Burrow, Mahomes, Herbert, Jackson(not on the same level) in the conference, and the Pats have Jones. He talks like someone here on TBD who's a fan. Great cast of characters and contributors too.
  10. You are a great contributor, know your stuff and write many great posts, but your continual defense of McD is way too much. Has McD ever screwed up in your opinion? He did here, in some way, shape or form. I was screaming (friends were over) with 13 seconds to squib or to force a return (and I know nothing). That was the key play.... Take another 3-5 seconds off the clock. Then it is simple, do whatever you can to ensure Hill or Kelce don't catch 20+ yard passes. On the Kelce pass the DB was playing 40 yards off the LOS!!!!!! He used two timeouts and still accomplished nothing. McD regardless is the person responsible for communication. If they can't communicate a squib kick, that is on him. His protocols & communication was terrible if that was the call (squib).
  11. Lot's of time, but a first down was all that mattered at that point.
  12. They needed 1 yard. Why is your best receiver going long? Those one yard completions should be simple. BTW Burrow had no way of seeing that as the already headed to the ground.
  13. I saw Higgins facemask on Ramsey immediately. It was obvious. As for the defenses, both played well, but I wasn't impressed by either QB's play overall, though stats show they both played okay.
  14. There are going to be mistakes throughout the game by coaches. However you can not rationalize the last 13 seconds vs. KC.... Trust me the Bills & KC had coaching blunders throughout that game too.
  15. They were stopped, sometimes it happens & yes was not a great playcall in any way shape or form, but how about giving Donald credit? As for the Kupp play, give McVay credit as they too failed on third & 1 and had a play ready (Bengals didn't), and more importantly knew the importance and went for it on their own 30..... I expect if that was McD, he would have punted and relied on the defense to get the ball back....
  16. At worst 50/50.... If it was Josh then he threw it too hard or led the receiver too much.😜🤣 Nothing questionable about it..... It was OPI!!!!
  17. The Officials gifted the Bengals a 75 yard TD. Sorry any make-up call afterwards, just evened it up.....😜 For a 23-20 games, it was meh at best. Neither QB was overly impressive (stats make them look better then they were). What was Collinsworth doing blaming Stafford's second int on the receiver? It was not a good pass. Defenses played well, but game felt disjointed. Must admit too, I just wasn't into it regardless.
  18. Yes & No. You're right about SB XXV. There were a lot of reasons for that loss and frankly "Wide Right" was only the last play. However there were mistakes leading up to the game (only one week between the AFC Championship, an overconfident team not prepared for the Superbowl limelight was huge) and during the game plenty of mistakes. Here it was all coaching and 13 seconds. It was not perfect for 59:47, but it was good enough to win & the McD and the coaches out & out blew it. Forget Buffalo, I use NO as the example of how tenuous it can be. One year a physical/mental breakdown by a player vs Minnesota a mistimed leap and deflection and Diggs scores a last second TD to win. Next year, no doubt the worst non-call ever on a PI and they settle for a fg instead of first & goal @ the 1. Nevere has the NFL seen coaching screw up the final 13 seconds like that. No excuses.
  19. Think you're missing a word. That is why we continue to obsess. This year everything seemed in place. Not to say the Bills won't have many an opportunity, but things can go sideways in a hurry. The Rams may win it all and look at how they almost blew it vs. TB or SF coming down to the last 2 mins. Cincy has frankly been lucky in all 3 games. Again every game you can question calls, missed penalties, bad reads, dropped passes throughout the game. This came down to a colossal F'up by the coaches over the FINAL 13 SECONDS.....
  20. You don't let a pop-up drop on the 10 as there is a very good chance it doesn't go into the endzone, which is the point of the popup. Actually I've never seen it fall to the ground. BTW look at the squibb Cincy did. That was not going through the endzone.
  21. Though I swore I was done with the site until September, just think how much needs to go right to make, much less win a Superbowl. Heck until last year even Tom Brady's SB's were almost all decided by a FG and the last minute (or the games leading up to it). The next # of years could be a real challenge when you look at the QB's in the AFC and those rumored to be coming (i.e. Rodgers, Wilson....). So no absolutely not over-reacting and just think how many bad decisions went into those last three plays (kickoff and two passes). A physical error is one thing, but coaching or a lousy flag is another. I point out NO, one years a complete brainf@rt and Diggs reception and then the next the non-call..... Then last year both Brees and Brady were terrible (Brady less so) and now NO's window probably closed.
  22. No everyone plays three rounds (as three courses) and cut is after Saturday. Don't worry, Allen will get plenty of play tomorrow.....🤣
  23. Allen is playing Pebble Beach on Saturday, which means the obligatory interview on 17, sure it will be aired and a lot of shots if he hits anything well. Yes he is a big deal this year.
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