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  1. Why I posted it was because the Bengals did the right thing during a similar situation (little time left and trying to create a longer field). Of course it was not an FU (sarcasm is lacking on TSW). Not sure why so many were watching the game Sunday and posting here on the game thread. I watched 5-10 mins, and would not be posting on a Bills fansite to talk about it.😜 The Squibb kick talk was on about p.15 (I had to check yesterday). Of course everyone commented that "look it is the right call and surprise of surprise it worked". So yes should have had it's own thread (the one's put up Sunday were merged into the Game Thread), and thus I started one using Bill Simmons' comment, which was humorous (if it still doesn't sting us Bills fans).
  2. He is great and a very knowledgeable good listen. Yes a Boston fan unabashedly, and nothing wrong with that, as he doesn't hide it or pretend to be anything else (just like his friends who are Yankee, Washingtion and Cowboys fans too). Of course it wasn't an FU, but funny nonetheless that Cincy did the RIGHT THING and did it successfully one week after a colossal f up..... Actually I put this up more so because two threads were taken down (merged with the game one) Sunday about the exact same thing.
  3. And then the blame lies wholly on Tyler Bass (as opposed to all the guessing over the last 9 days). As I said in earlier threads, I was screaming for the Bass pop up kick to the 5-10, which he was proficient at all year.
  4. We do know how good he was with the short kick to the 5-10 though, which always seemed to work.
  5. Would have been at the 8 yard line and yes 2 seconds off the clock. Maybe then the Bill DB's could have played 50 yards off the LOS (vs. only the 40 they did on Sunday)????😜
  6. Actually 2 people (at least) posted asking about the squib kick Sunday and somehow it was moved. I guess their threads and Bill Simmons sucks too by association.... Good to know. This is a Fan site is it not? There was a reason Cincy squibbed it then.... And lo & behold it worked (time off the clock and returned short of the 25). But our Coaches are smarter??????
  7. Guy's I've corrected the title as this was Bill Simmons take.... No sense of humor here, but the point was it worked just like it's supposed to.
  8. So why did Cincy do it? Why the thread was not kept up Sunday I don't understand, as it was a conversation point. It worked exactly as planned.
  9. Then why did they do it then and not the other kicks? Right, because that is the right play when at the end of a game or half..... I thought it was funny that Simmons called it an FU, and worked just as it was supposed to.
  10. Really was no need for it as there was plenty of time and every other kick Cincy made was through the endzone. Know this was brought up on Sunday (and then merged with other gameday topics), but just was listening to the Bill Simmons podcast and that is how he referred to the squib kick as..... A FU to Buffalo. BTW it took up 5 seconds and returned to the 19 yards line. Yep not over it......😜
  11. I want & expect Allen to lead in every offensive category next year, McD be damned. You don't think coaches tried to stop Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers...... If one dimensional (or there are flaws) like Jackson, Newton or others that's another story.
  12. Good enough to win. Very reminiscent to Eli Manning & the NYG. No problem, more just pointing out they weren't that explosive. Just a weird time and playoffs.
  13. Wow..... Who would have thought.... Aaron Rodgers is questioning the results somewhere and has floated conspiracy theories too. Maybe on Rogan later to discuss....😜
  14. But we have a whole 7-8 months to gripe (and maybe see Burrow hoist the Lombardi), but we also saw two almost perfect games from Allen and can replay them over & over and extol his virtues.....🤣 Could you imagine winning that game and then Allen melting down the second half vs. Cincy and what we'd be talking about here. Frankly that could be even worse.....😜
  15. The MCM was a comedy of errors that started when Rob Johnson was named the starter, sh!t the bed and still a # of coaching and play calling blunders. Add to that it was a forward lateral (will forever be convinced) and let's face it was a Wildcard Playoff game. This was supposedly the SB matchup between the two best teams that was lost because of coaching blunders one after another in the final 13 seconds. Sorry this was worst way to lose. BTW just listening to Bill Simmons and he called the Cincy Squib kick at the end of the half vs. KC as an FU to the Bills.....
  16. And why was that? Because McD didn't give a rats ass about offense. Same with Tyrod. Old news.
  17. I watched 5 minutes max. They were marching up and down the field the whole first half and had over 300 yards offense and then poof it all disappeared. They were 1st & goal from the 5 @ the 2 minute warning and couldn't figure out what to do.....
  18. Remember the Bills are in McD's words "The most prepared team in the NFL"..... Self anointed and he proved that false....
  19. Doesn't matter, those last 13 seconds were a coaching abomination.
  20. And then the Non-PI the next year. A player blows it, we can call for their head (fair or unfair). Those 13 seconds were 3 plays all terribly coached.
  21. Did you see the DB's? They were 40 yards off the LOS and others covering the sidelines..... Lunacy.
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