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  1. Again if McD & the Bills didn't screw up those 13 seconds, that would have been KC talk radio last Monday.
  2. No idea the rest of this thread, but at least they have plenty of blame to go around. That's what Bills fans wanted (heavy sarcasm)..... However we really only have 13 seconds to complain about.
  3. Not Frazier, McD..... There are many here who will "go to war" defending him.
  4. No it isn't as Bass did it all year and never an issue (Pop Up Kick). And you would have been shouted down as delusional as stats showed the Bills are #1. The McD "Truthers" (more so then those supporting Frazier) get very upset at this heresy.... The free play really bothered me.
  5. Funny the moderators buried the Cincy squib kick Threads (merged in the 94 page game analysis). I guess Bills fans can't talk about it as a thread. See how simple that was to perform. 5-6 seconds off the clock and was returned to the 19 yard line.
  6. Meh..... But at least no Brady or dislikeable Rodgers. Three straight with KC may have been too much. Again depressing thinking how random the NFL is & that really is "Any Given Sunday" and making the SB can be just getting lucky (i.e. Cincy three weeks in a row).
  7. 4-5 seconds to get to the 19..... Oh and so much for the #1 defense.... Bengals contained Mahomes.... What a joke....
  8. First and last post.... Will plan peek at game and no more..... Still in withdrawal.
  9. These are the only threads I'll open in addition to asking about how the Coaching staff botched 13 seconds. The rest I don't care. Still bothered about last Sunday and heck only has been a week. The is what the damn site is for. Some here think they're "too cool for school", but yes this is the place to vent. I too have listened to little radio or watched TV about the game, instead have come here. I want to read if people agreed with my assessment, had insight into what happened and if they did not, provide points to make me think. That's what this website is for.
  10. I think it was said this scenario has happened 64x's before and was 0-64..... Congrats McD you broke the streak!!!!!!
  11. Only one job a kicker does, ask or be told what to do on a kick. How complicated is that?
  12. I have a whole thread explaining that. If Bass didn't get the memo then as a coverage guy watching him line up 7 yards back I'd have screamed at him wtf
  13. Not what I'm saying. As long as McDermott is gun-shy on offense there will be issues. I've said he's improved let's hope he continues to. And of course there were many games where the offense seemed off. I need the number of threads this year about it. Yes those games were incredible, but Sunday vs KC and even Romo and Nantz questioned the offense had a few times. I can't help to think it had McDermott's fingerprints all over it.
  14. And we don't make the playoffs without a flute play by Dalton McD's first year. Yes the Jacksonville game sucked. But that was a series of bad plays bad decisions and that happens. Here were talking 13 seconds and something that has never happened before. The Bills were two games and 13 seconds away..... It was damn close.
  15. McD has always been defense first and no idea how much input he has on the offense but we know it is considerable. Again we look at Sunday and those runs after seven yard gains on first down and you wonder. Yes I will go back to the first two years with Josh Allen and you saw how the offense worked. They were scared. A new offensive coordinator hopefully has the wherewithal to make sure that McDermott doesn't override him. Next year's schedule looks much tougher and certainly playing some better QB's. Hope this means the offense is opened up.
  16. But how many monumental gaffes in the playoffs did he have? I know he blew a huge lead in the playoffs with Alex Smith (much like McD vs. Houston). I know there were others, and many were probably similar to one's McD makes. The next year came the the NE game..... Looks like the same trajectory for the two of them and fingers crossed.😜
  17. I just read the All-22 (yes the Athletic) and again here they claim that seems the wires were crossed on the kick. According to the stills the players were expecting a kick to the left side and were surprised by down the middle and touchback. If this was the case (not saying it is), again very much points to Bass not getting the instructions. How that could happen seems unfathomable. It comes down to coaching and ultimately McD. Again supports that Bass as far as he knew was kicking it as far as he could down the middle (which I've dissected in another thread and various posts). And then there was the defense the next two plays...... Unbelievable any way you look at it. I never got over wide right or the MCM, nor will I this for a long time, but in a week I expect to be gone from TSW until September (I know some will miss me😜).
  18. That's the point. You can point to fluky with a hail mary or tipped pass (remember Diggs vs. NO?). Look at poor NO (at least they have their SB). One year Diggs & the next the most blatant non-call PI followed by Brees showing his age & TB beating them and in a blink of an eye it's all over. Fortunately Josh is much younger.
  19. McD has often said he wants to see a balance and always is praising the run game. Can see it with Allen's stats this year. As good as they were Allen was only 10th in the league in passing yards/gm. I'd love it if McD wanted the #1 Offense in Football, not the #1 Defense. The Bills were #3 in Offense, but only 9th in passing. Funny they were 6th in rushing (thanks Josh Allen again). If anything they should strive to be better on Offense, but won't hear that from McD. What they need too is a better DL and more sacks. Again the Bills feasted on bad QB's. The only good QBs all year were Mahomes & Brady. Then Tannehill & Ryan & that was it. Then you had Newton, Roethlisberger, Wentz, back-ups & rookies. Everything aligned for the Bills. There was no Rodgers, Burrow, Herbert, Prescott, Stafford, Jackson, Cousins.....
  20. Even Brady got a lot of breaks to get to all those Super Bowls. This one will hurt. Remember the Saints 3 years ago, so much for them returning to the big game. Scorp83 was bang on. It's one thing for mistakes throughout the game however when you screw up 13 seconds like no team has ever done before that's another.
  21. I was more shocked that after the last two games that was not able run away for Allen. Without those games he would have been third. Maybe I watch with rose colored glasses but as far as I can tell there's still a lot more that Allen can do. Next year Lawrence may replace Allen in the conversation....
  22. Huh? I posted and commented on an article I saw. Really this is an issue?
  23. He has certainly improved & I have said so many times. However I also will point out when he has not done a good job. Someone started it I just made the comment about the missed opportunities.
  24. I thought it was very interesting and as explained much of what was interesting was in the comment section. If you aren't interested just pass. Sheez....
  25. How about 4th Down at 7-7 at Midfield? Or 4th and 1 first possession of the second half? Or should I go back to the Houston playoff game in 2019 and all the mistakes McD made, shutting down the offense the second half?
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