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  1. Moses or Wilson are worth a 7th round flier on right? I know we just picked up Hamlin as a safety. What about Steven's, the safety from LSU. I am going to trust Beane, but this draft has been weird for me other than Basham in round 2 as far as positions, selections, and trades. We must be cutting some players in order to get some of these guys on the roster on the cheap.
  2. I like the Basham pick. I think he could be a great DE. No, I do not like the draft strategy. Again, Rousseau was the wrong pick when CB or another position could have been addressed. They picked two DE's for two reasons: First, they don't draft DL well. Second, more importantly, they are going to cut a few DE's on our current roster to save or create cap space. When Allen gets paid and if Edmunds gets extended, got to go cheap other places. Our DL costs too much versus production. This is why I would have preferred JOK, LB from Notre
  3. Samuel Jr. would be my first choice, but he will likely go 15 or so spots ahead of us. 2nd Round Choices: (Molden, Humphrey, or best OL prospect).
  4. Not a fan of this pick. Would've preferred Samuel Jr, or JOK, or a trade up for Harris/Etienne. He is talented and may be a great long-term pick. Too much risk for me and I don't think a major contributor this year. However, I am happy to be completely wrong.😊
  5. The only players I want to see picked at #30 are those who I believe can make the most impact short-term (next year) with also long-term value. For me, the players most likely to match those characteristics at #30 would be: Harris, Etienne, or Marshall on offense, or Paye, Farley (if healthy), Collins, or Phillips on Defense.
  6. Bills take Terrace Marshall with their first round pick.
  7. I would like to hear one of the following 5 names with their first round pick: Kwity Paye, Caleb Farley, Zaven Collins, Etienne, or Harris 2nd Round I would like to hear one of the 5 following names: Jabril Cox, Friermuth, Brevin Jordan, Dylan Moses, or Asante Samuel Rounds 3-7: best 1T, and best players available matched with need that weren't filled with picks in Rounds 1 or 2. Basically give me two starters from either DE/CB/RB/TE/LB in the first two rounds. Give me a DT, a versatile OL, and whatever front office feels
  8. As others have said, I would pass on this guy despite a high-level of talent. Too much risk and not enough process. Not much left on the 4-3 DE market though. Costs are high and the DE pool is pretty shallow according to all of the draft sites and magazines. Two guys I would love the Bills to go after in some kind of trade scenario. Brian Burns He is a Carolina Panther He is 22 and on a rookie deal. Seems to be a star in the making that gets sacks and forces fumbles. I wonder if Carolina would love to jump and snag the #4 spot from Atlant
  9. BillsShredder83... Thank you. Someone put sandpaper on Rochester's toilet seat. He thinks trading a 1st round pick, cutting an overpriced veteran, or restructuring a deal is mortgaging the future. The future is here and now. For some reason, some fans think bringing back the roster almost entirely intact guarantees a 13-3 season and the AFC Championship Game. Yes...it is great...We are a top 4 team as you said. Unfortunately, people complain when facts are presented that it would not be cost-prohibitive now or in the next couple of years to give up a little draft capital and restr
  10. Championship in-reach requires the last pieces. 13-3 or resigning good players are great things. The whole point is to go all-in. 2nd place bridesmaid status is status quo now. The bar is being in the Big Game and goal to clear it. A better RB, a stronger pash rush (Obada) is a nice #3 DE, or a TE that causes matchup problems. Need 2 of those 3: (prefer DE/RB) impact player. No DE in draft offers that year #1. Absolutely trade draft picks, kick a can a little down the road, or create space and make a trade. No
  11. The Bills' roster is currently constructed to win the Super Bowl in the next two years. Beane has re-signed last year's squad. A solid start for continuity as a playoff contender. Now we must go over the top! This year may be the best shot to win the Lombardi. This team must go "All-In" during this brief window!This is the season where we are 1-2 pieces away. If we need a Najee Harris/Etienne, a George Kittle, a Khalil Mack-type of player, go for it! Whatever player or two will fill those missing pieces, go and get it. Kick the can down the road
  12. 4,400 yards, 32 touchdowns, 5 rushing touchdowns. The numbers are lower because when we draft Etienne, rushing yards and touchdowns go up. Also, Allen will sit our last game unless it is for a certain playoff seed. And, our defense will be better at slowing the run, so on offense, we will get better at eating the clock when needed. 😎
  13. No. However, if we are going to go outside the box, we might as well get Usian Bolt (not Marquise Goodwin) or whomever is the top sprinter in the world. 😀
  14. Only head scratcher by Beane.
  15. I could debate being an upgrade over Brown, but Sanders is great as a #3 or #4 in this offense. Sanders is a pro's pro. He knows routes, is a cheap option, and he fits well in that 8-14 yard catch range that is Allen's bread and butter. Yes...a burner will be good to sign but given the cap space and that a rookie receiver is likely to be no higher than the #3 option with Diggs, Beasley, and Davis, we can be patient with WR's. It is DE/RB/CB where high draft capital goes.
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