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  1. And, how long have we been playing 3 Thanksgiving Day football games? Still impressive, but it seems like we have a lot of records that are meaningless. As the poster before me said, I'd rather have a healthy Tre White and Von Miller and a 2-1 Thanksgiving record than a 3-0 timeslot record.
  2. As others have commented, the Bills are and have been a contender the past few years. With Allen, making the playoffs is not the standard anymore. The standard is the Super Bowl, and before Allen's contract kicks in next year, this window is about as good of a view the team will get with this current roster. Hoisting the Lombardi is what it is all about!
  3. The quick screen passes didn't work yesterday. More playaction, utilizing Singletary in the ground game more, and getting Shakir on the field or OBJ on the roster would solve a good portion of these tendencies.
  4. For those of you living in and around Buffalo, thanks for being strong! Thoughts with you. 5 things I would like to see from the Bills today besides a "W." 1. A rushing touchdown for Singletary as a result of getting the ball in the red zone. 2. A strong second half. Score as many points or more in the second half. If leading at the half, extend the lead and leave no doubt. 3. No fumbles by Allen. 4. A receiving touchdown by Shakir or Knox. Knox needs to start earning his contract. 5. Play with some fire in their belly and fly back safely.
  5. Allen is the most talented QB in the league. He along with Lamar Jackson do more with less than anybody. Allen leads the team in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. With all of this said, Allen deserves certain criticisms for his recent play. He continues his fumbling issues, has made terrible interceptions, needs to make the easier plays, and he, the whole team, and coaching staff have laid two straight "terd sandwiches." He's making a ton of money and is the leader of this team. Criticism is allowed. Saying he sucks, should be traded, or is liability are either dumb people or too emotional to currently provide a rational thought, comment, praise, or criticism.
  6. This was posted on December 9, 2021 about playcalling and coaching.... There was absolutely no reason that the Bills should have lost this game! For this reason, the Pegula’s need to clean out some of the coaching leadership. The odds of screwing up so many times in a row in a game is probably a million to one. That comes down to poor coaching and players not executing. When players screw up and coaches can not adjust, then this means that McDermott’s coaching ceiling has already been reached.
  7. I have read both the "sky is falling" and the team is going through a "rough patch" after last Sunday. The Bills have the right level of talent and skill, and they are going to be a contender out of the AFC. It's going to take some more guts and heart. Too many anointed the Bills as easily the best team in football up until this loss. Probably some players bought into that thinking as well. Any Given Sunday, any is beatable. The Question is will the Bills remain like Rocky Balboa and take a second round beating to Clubber Lang and sit there? Or, will the Bills get some fire in their bellies. Will less talented OL step up and try and maul the opposing DL? Will Josh Allen tell himself he's an MVP-level player that has played like a backup QB and work, grind, lead, and use his mind again to match his throwing and running talent? Will the team make part of their process including stepping on the throat of another team on both sides of the ball? Both the Packers and Jets, shut the Bills down in the 2nd half. Will they play 60 minutes? Halloween and costume team-building parties are fun, but it's time to remove the mask of "we can win because we have talent." Visit Apollo Creed. Learn to work, change-it-up (whatever it takes), come back hungry, determined, and relentless. This is what the Bills need to regain their edge, win, and play tough and smart football. That fire and talent is what will get them in the ring and get a title. Go get it, if you want it, Buffalo!
  8. Where is John Franklin-Myers? Who is John Franklin-Myers? Why is John Franklin-Myers? Seriously, Franklin-Myers sounds like the name of a small rundown hardware store in New Jersey. He will record like one tackle.
  9. I see several windows. This one has probably 3 years. When Von Miller, Diggs, Poyer, Hyde, White, Dawkins and Edmunds are either gone or have moved toward the back end of their careers, we hope another window has opened with a new set of young, controllable, and less costly assets to surround around Josh. As has been mentioned, the playoff caliber team window has 10-12 years in a row with a healthy #17. Hopefully 2-3 championship windows present themselves. That is why this year is so important. This is a good window and windows like these are rarely as open as this one right now. All Aboard!
  10. Great overall list! The other current guys that come to mind, but they are not as high on my list as many that have already been mentioned. Cam Newton Michael Thomas Eli Apple And for good measure, Daniel Snyder, Robert Kraft, and Jerry Jones for being rich pricks that have had an opportunity to be better people, better owners, and have employed a lot of terds.
  11. I am not indicating that the guards are horrible. In Championship windows, a team always looks to improve in those areas that may be most vulnerable come the playoffs. Boettger may be that player needed. Still, Saffold is a shorter term addition. The team is solid, however, until a championship is won, I am wondering if there is something out there to make the team even more formidable. Just short-term and longer-term planning question/thought. It's what good businesses, financial portfolios, and teams do.
  12. I am wondering if there is a realistic upgrade at guard available. If so, any non-playoff looking teams who may be willing to do so. I do not know a lot about guards. Do you think Buffalo would look at someone with a higher pass blocking rating, a strength already across the line, or would the Bills likely favor someone with higher run blocking ability? Who might be available and what is a realistic cost? The guy I would want the Bills to call on would be Chris Lindstrom of the Falcons. I know drafting OL is a strong possibility in the next draft. Just curious if we stand pat, or what kind of move may make sense. Thoughts?
  13. Damn. Losing Hyde really hurts from his talent, professionalism, and as a true culture creator of the Bills' identity and defense. I think Johnson is a serviceable starter and Hamlin gives alright depth. Any safety vets on non-playoff teams that may reasonably be looked at in a trade?
  14. With a top shelf passing game and a solid defense (only going to get better when the CB's and DT's) get healthy, there are no complaints whatsoever about scoring 28-40 points a game with Allen at the helm running a pass heavy offense. I am curious about the vision the team has for the running game though. Is there an ideal split for carries? Do the Bills plan on having three or four capable backs and churning over new ones every few years for salary to be used on other positions while Allen is a top 3 QB the next decade? Do we have 4-5 passing options each down and keep doing that until a team learns to slow the offense a bit? I think it is awesome that the Bills barely utilize a running game. Other than Singletary having like two big games last year to get over 800 yards, our RB's have averaged like 500-600 yards the past 5 years when you take away Allen's running skills. I wonder if the Bills will have a bell cow back again, or if RB is likely the 4th option on most plays. Thoughts? Would you like to see anything different or are you indifferent like me as long as we win?
  15. Avengers as the best Team Assembled 1. Hulk and Drax as DE's 2. Iron Man genius/rocket arm QB 3. Captain America, MLB 4. Black Panther as RB 5. Groot long arms make for an OT 6. Rocket and Hawkeye as Safeties 7. Spiderman at WR/Sticky CB 8. War Machine as a Guard 9. Falcon as a WR/DB 10. Thor as a TE redzone threat 11. Bucky Barnes as a SLB 12. Black Widow as a shutdown CB 13. Vision as OC 14. Scarlet Witch as DC 15. Dr. Strange as Special Teams 16. Nick Fury, Head Coach Star Lord, Gamora, Wong, Mantis, Nebula, and some other players off the bench. Greatest Assembled Team #2 1992 Dream Team Throw off Christian Laettner and expand the roster to include college beast O'Neal, Olajuwon, I. Thomas, and Dominique Wilkins if he was not hurt.
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