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  1. Great Defense if we don’t face an elite power running back.
  2. So the Titans easily march down the field with Tannenhill looking like an all pro. He completed three passes (I believe three straight which included a huge 3rd and 6) to Nick Westbrook. Westbrook did not have a target before this drive. The defensive line can’t generate a pass rush with their starting LT out and the secondary can’t stop Westbrook on three straight pass plays. On short routes in a weak sauce prevent defense, this guy was Jerry Rice/Randy Moss carving us up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Man…this is the kind of game you have to win. The offense had its missteps, but this falls on an uninspiring “D” who created no pressure and made no name receivers look solid. I expected Henry to knife his way through the Swiss cheese but a stop or one pressure would have been what you expect a team to do with some pride and guts the last 5 or so minutes. Damn. Bills should have won by 10 or more easily.
  3. Bills 31 Titan 24 This is a great test for the run defense. As long as the Bills make Tennessee completely one dimensional, then I can easily see a 10+ point win. Henry is tough but if held to under 100 yards and not too msnyblong drives, our offense and pass defense will pick up another impressive/confidence building win!
  4. Love seeing those deeper passes by Allen and feeding Diggs too! The offense is humming. Only small nitpick is when it is first and goal at the 11 after a bomb to Diggs, Daboll’s got to stop these “cute” plays in the red zone. Feed Moss and Singletary. Too short passes and a run by Allen is not punching it in. This team has so much capability that it is very realistic this game is 31-3 or 31-10 at half. The Zebras reversal on that catch seemed a little fishy. NFL has to make sure that the Bills don’t blowout Chiefs. Bet the Zebras got one of those New York office phone calls. Nice 2nd Quarter! Now put them away like a tired and overmatched Wilder against Fury! Unleash a 2nd half fury crushing all hope. Let’s go Buffalo!
  5. Both the offense and defense had some great moments (Allen’s running, making Mahomes work for completions, and the fumble recovery.) So many penalties though and mental mistakes where we just need to score on a turnover and play with greater awareness on “D.” I had to write this down now because we are so talented, yet very sloppy. Interested to see if we can change that narrative and play like the best team in the AFC when we have it all together. Let’s get this win!
  6. Dumb and unkind thing to write. With that said, if everyone was honest, it seems that the thought and moral standards police changes stances or has rules that only apply to, for, or against specific groups or specific ideologies. Imagine how many players, coaches, and fans would be left (me included) if we exiled everyone based on past comments. Why there would be as many people left as the amount of wins the Texans may get this year: 1 or 2.
  7. Wow! That was an extremely detailed and enjoyable post. Great work! Lesser skilled version of a Scouting Report on the Texans. 1. The Texans suck! 2. There best player is sort of suspended/benched/on the "naughty but no resolution list."
  8. Irv gets a smiley face just because he used the British version of skeptic. I had to look it up just to be sure I was reading correctly. For a brief moment I was wondering why Irv might be referring to himself as a waste treatment tank! 😀
  9. Overall a solid win. Many things to build on, however, my favorite stat from this game was no fumbles by Allen or our running backs! The most encouraging thing is our team can get even sharper in all aspects of the game even as we are winning convincingly. Go Bills!
  10. Great post. Warren Moon is criminally underrated historically and threw a great deep ball. Allen has all the tools and attributes. Continued consistency is what will make him truly elite. He will get there.
  11. Because we don't have anyone on the team named Tribisky.
  12. He was very good that year...8 years ago, 5 or 6 suspensions ago, multiple teams ago, and many chances on the NFL stage to show both the talent and a burning commitment to win for himself and his team. That boat sailed by multiple times ago. As others have said, if he can get QB pressure, lockdown a top TE, make 4 and 1 decisions, or teach someone on the team to play guard well, then sign him.
  13. What number do you think is higher? The number of current Bills players who have played for the Panthers, or the number of suspensions in Josh Gordon's career? If Gordon had one suspension and this was 2012-2013, then yes.
  14. I think many people, including me, can get caught up in the word, "regression" because of the excitement of putting up "fantasy numbers." I don't see any actual regression in Josh's game. I think the team will run a little more for balance. I think the defense may improve and provide shorter fields for the offense to work with. He is going to be a perennial pro bowl/all pro candidate. And, as long as the roster builds depth and mainstays remain on team over time, Bills will be a top 2-top 8 team yearly over the next decade.
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