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  1. I agree with comments about these players possibly not being a fit, too overpriced, overrated, etc. My interest in them or others is I believe each team will have multiple players opting-out plus normal injuries. With a more limited pool of players, playoff contenders may pay a small premium if we overload some positions with talent/depth. While it may be true that Clowney and Ryan are not stars, they are better than average and may be better than several of our starters. I see neither as a long-term answer, but they could make us an even more formidable defense in the playoffs. They also are knowledgeable of some tougher AFC teams (Houston, Tennesee, and New England) as former players. And, before the year is done, we can flip them, if desired, for a few additional 2021 picks. Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. If Clowney and Logan Ryan could be picked up for say $20-$25 million for this year on one-year deals, would you want Beane to make that offer? (Say Clowney at 13-14 mil and Ryan at 7-8 mil). Clowney would be no worse than a #2 DE. Logan Ryan would be a for sure #2 as he is better than all CB's minus Tre. Essentially, it is a more expensive but low-risk one-year tryout for two guys who would make the defense even stronger for a team that needs its QB to be a top 15-20 QB. Last year, the 49er's made a Superbowl with a 15-25 level QB and a top 5 defense. Hughes, Clowney, Oliver, Star, Edmunds, Milano, Klein, White, Ryan, Poyer, Hyde, and depth on Defense coupled with a weakened AFC East sounds like a reasonable chance to make the 2nd round. ***Clowney and Ryan or guys they replace become possible draft picks by flipping them too other teams, especially as teams lose depth to COVID opt-outs. Worst case scenario is we get two guys that add depth. Best case, we make a stronger run with these two or we turn these two into 2021 picks that are cheap but valuable assets that go nicely with our salary cap for when we pay people like White, Edmunds, Dawkins, or Milano.
  3. There probably is a list of approved sayings vetted by a "non-partisan" board of people. People chosen will be appointed by mayors and governors of cities that have had the most protests that became riots, inner-city turmoil, and violence against others and building property damage rates. Increased percentages of media coverage generated on specific media outlets can factor in. Social workers will be appointed to serve as game commentators, referees, and security at events.
  4. There are only 4 teams I feel are accurately depicted as "more likely" to be a stronger team the next three seasons based off of franchise assets and recent history: Chiefs, Ravens, 49ers, and maybe the Seahawks. After that, Buffalo is as competitive as anyone with their continued trajectory.
  5. I appreciate his time and dedication to the Bills. A great example of a pro's kind of pro by carving out a career built primarily out of being a team-player and strong work ethic. He has been a "process guy." Not interested in having him back now. The younger LB's need to develop, he is only partially committed (part of season), and he is a liability in coverage, a need out of our linebackers.
  6. "The key to winning this game is to score more points than the other team or give up less points than the other team." - John Madden as a sports commentator
  7. Certain individuals with specific backgrounds are allowed to say/do things that other people can't at this time. It has happened, currently does, and it will happen throughout history. Right now, people with social media accounts, football fame, money and look like DeSean Jackson are in that category. He is "woke" which translates to "I can say whatever I want." In 15 years, it will be another group, race, philisophy, or a different wealthy group that will be next.
  8. I can't see us paying what he will want in a long-term deal after this year, so I would pass on him. We have our own people to pay first. Talented, but I as a one-year rental when the ball already is going to be with Diggs, Brown, Beasley, Singletary, Moss, and some of Knox, it will be hsrd yo get hid touches. Njoku wants to be a #1 option for his stats and money, but he is much more athlete than football player. Nothing wrong with that, but I would pass unless Njoku is willing to take a below market 2-3 year extension if traded to Bills. I can't see that happening and I would only bite on him if Bills are one offensive and defensive player away from AFC Title. We are still 1-2 years away from that being an AFC Title contender, so no to Njoku.
  9. I am good with the name change. I can see the rational and need to do so. Either way, Dan Snyder's team will suck. On a less serious note with the name change, I request a time machine (aka DeLorean) be made available. We can go back to SuperBowl XXVI against the Washington ________ with all the knowledge of the plays and schemes they run to give us the win. It is not like that can happen, right? Or, could it? Signed, Bill Bellicheat what name would you give the team?
  10. You started off great...#1 through #3 is accurate. After that, you got all Jetsy (this is a term to accept in your life until [if] you ever have a competent coach and GM again.) Essentially, no matter how much you hope and wish, you'll end up with a Butt Fumble. As Bills fans, we get it. Your best QB in the last 20 years was Chad Pennington or Mark Sanchez. You had a wet dream when Christian Hackenburg was drafted. You forgot that Sam Darnold had a dozen great college teammates and looked great against Western Idaho online's freshman junior college practice squad. The Bills were similiar until a few years ago except we had GREAT fans, Buffalo Wings and actually played in New York. The Bills are heading up. The Jets are heading nowhere. We accept that this sucks. Please go back to you AOL dial-up account, watch some end-of-career Favre "big moment" interceptions, or go for a walk. While doing so, please respectfully socially distance yourself from our Bills Board. Sincerely, Bills Mafia
  11. Definitely the antithesis of a "process guy," I heard that most employees become a representation of the personality, culture, and leadership (or lack thereof). Sounds like Jamal is a representative of two of Jets most common traits: hype and headaches. Unfortunately, his third trait is a lot of talent, so Jets will get a decent return. Stay classy Jets & Jamal!
  12. McDermott will send a message. Even if he receives a 1-2 game suspension from the league, McDermott ought to add another game. if Oliver wants big boy money or that 5th year option, this better be a one-off for Oliver. I'd bring Kyle Williams in for a one-to-one, and then have the team captains specifically have a meeting with Oliver that this is not Bills football, the process, or acceptable. Oliver better be a model citizen and still get at or near 10 sacks after a suspension.
  13. I can't see Beane making any major trades after getting Diggs, free agent signings, and the draft. I could see some guys who have had NFL success recently signed to a one or two year deal. Linebacker Ogletree is available in FA. Pretty good in coverage and a former 1st round pick. He is probably better than all LB's save Edmunds and Milano. Running Back Lamar Miller is a solid vet, and I believe has more upside than Yeldon catching out of the backfield. Offensive Guard/Tackle Resign Glenn. He knows the team, city, and offensive concepts. He can be the swing tackle or compete for RT. At worst, he would be the best backup lineman. Corner Sign Prince Akumara (spelling wrong) to a 1 year deal. Punter When you have two punters, it means you have none. Bring in UDFA Turk or other vets. The winner of that tryout group joins training camp competition for punter position.
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