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  1. I think the Bills would benefit from giving Trey Burton and Malik Hooker a look. Burton played with Trubisky and seems like a good #2 TE that has had some success in the league. I loved Hooker coming out of college. Seems to have a nose for the ball and could really benefit from learning from great vets like Hyde and Poyer, and at 25, maybe a scenery change and a coach like Frazier can get something more out of them. Thoughts? I think they may add depth and some upside fairly cheaply. And, any idea why these guys don’t have a training camp invite?
  2. Warner is a better tackler, pass rusher, and probably a top 7 linebacker in football. Offer Edmunds 5 years, 75 million, with $30 million guaranteed. That is a reasonable offer. Wagner and Warner are better and Edmunds will still be in his 20's after this contract. Fair on both sides.
  3. When the "Coach" draws unnecessary attention to himself and not to the program and development of players, then you have a coaching issue. Add the fact that it is one of the most dynamic, talented, and outwardly arrogant personalities in recent NFL history, and you have a Circus Coach. Add in a Circus Coach that has never been guilty of talking too little and craves media attention, and you have a Circus Show in Neon Lights where the ringmaster believes he is The Show. It will be fun to follow this circus! I really think Coach Deion Sanders should "tackle" this issue.
  4. I will go 12-5. I think the Bills will rest or reduce workloads unless the best record in AFC is in play for the final game. I'd rather have a lower record and be healthy, and starting to peak at the end of the season. I also would like to see a few more dominating defensive performances. Bills, Chiefs, Ravens, Browns, and Titans make for a tough but doable playoff run.
  5. PFF's rankings are ridiculous. Josh Allen should not be rated any lower than the 7th best player. Here are the only 6 players who may have a case for being better right now than Allen 1. Rodgers (reigning MVP) 2. Donald (best Def Player) 3. Mahomes (toss-up w/Allen) 4. Tim Tebow (Chuck Norris status) 5. Ko Simpson (worth millions) 6A Q. Nelson (the one fan that obsesses over a dominant guard) 6B Brady (NE and Tampa fans) 7. Josh Allen
  6. I hope he can abide by protocol guidelines while fighting for his stance and view. I hope that fight is done in a way that does not overshadow his responsibility to the Bills' success as well as feel he is being heard by the league. With that said, he may not be able to have both. If so, let's keep the pulse on a potential younger and cheaper slot receiver as well as any possible savings on that #2 or depth corner.
  7. I would ask Travis Henry how many of his children he could name.
  8. Moses or Wilson are worth a 7th round flier on right? I know we just picked up Hamlin as a safety. What about Steven's, the safety from LSU. I am going to trust Beane, but this draft has been weird for me other than Basham in round 2 as far as positions, selections, and trades. We must be cutting some players in order to get some of these guys on the roster on the cheap.
  9. I like the Basham pick. I think he could be a great DE. No, I do not like the draft strategy. Again, Rousseau was the wrong pick when CB or another position could have been addressed. They picked two DE's for two reasons: First, they don't draft DL well. Second, more importantly, they are going to cut a few DE's on our current roster to save or create cap space. When Allen gets paid and if Edmunds gets extended, got to go cheap other places. Our DL costs too much versus production. This is why I would have preferred JOK, LB from Notre
  10. Samuel Jr. would be my first choice, but he will likely go 15 or so spots ahead of us. 2nd Round Choices: (Molden, Humphrey, or best OL prospect).
  11. Not a fan of this pick. Would've preferred Samuel Jr, or JOK, or a trade up for Harris/Etienne. He is talented and may be a great long-term pick. Too much risk for me and I don't think a major contributor this year. However, I am happy to be completely wrong.😊
  12. The only players I want to see picked at #30 are those who I believe can make the most impact short-term (next year) with also long-term value. For me, the players most likely to match those characteristics at #30 would be: Harris, Etienne, or Marshall on offense, or Paye, Farley (if healthy), Collins, or Phillips on Defense.
  13. Bills take Terrace Marshall with their first round pick.
  14. I would like to hear one of the following 5 names with their first round pick: Kwity Paye, Caleb Farley, Zaven Collins, Etienne, or Harris 2nd Round I would like to hear one of the 5 following names: Jabril Cox, Friermuth, Brevin Jordan, Dylan Moses, or Asante Samuel Rounds 3-7: best 1T, and best players available matched with need that weren't filled with picks in Rounds 1 or 2. Basically give me two starters from either DE/CB/RB/TE/LB in the first two rounds. Give me a DT, a versatile OL, and whatever front office feels
  15. As others have said, I would pass on this guy despite a high-level of talent. Too much risk and not enough process. Not much left on the 4-3 DE market though. Costs are high and the DE pool is pretty shallow according to all of the draft sites and magazines. Two guys I would love the Bills to go after in some kind of trade scenario. Brian Burns He is a Carolina Panther He is 22 and on a rookie deal. Seems to be a star in the making that gets sacks and forces fumbles. I wonder if Carolina would love to jump and snag the #4 spot from Atlant
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