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  1. Out kicker stinks!!! You need to make the 48 yarder. Him and Murphy need to sit.
  2. And Singletary can catch!! Barkley dropped it in the bucket to him. Not an easy catch. Holy cow am I getting pumped for this team.
  3. Live in the DMV. Crazy talent. Gonzaga College High School has THE premiere QB (and probably one of the best teams in the country) Look up the tape on their win against Dematha HS last year - an epic game(I was there). Alabama and Clemson both came knocking on Caleb’s door last year after the win.....and he was a sophomore (he’s the Zaga QB). If I’m reading it right, Christian is headed to Dematha?
  4. Niagara Crossing in Lewiston is your best bet. Theres nothing up up there unfortunately. Agree with the stay in Canada if you can. Having said that, Niagara Crossing is decent and Lewiston has some decent bars and restraunts, and not too far from NF. Yes - not a house, but a hotel. When I loooked for houses, they weren’t too good. Spent 3 summers up there for a week long sports camp (the kid, not me, but we had to travel in as we don’t live in Buff any more). To give you perspective, my usual haunt while traveling is Westin hotels. None in Niagara Falls.
  5. You guys are a bunch of millennials. Seriously - to let a clever post like this to wallow when he’s trying to bop his way back to Coney Island. Warriors....come out to play!
  6. Maybe it’s time for a poll: drugs gambling woman randomn Crazy fans on a binger
  7. I'd like a Chris Brown/Eric Wood show. And as soon as Fitz retires, WGR should have a radio contract in hand for him (though the national media will be clambering for him).
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