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  1. Awesome! Will have to check out one of our hometown boys games.
  2. By that way of thinking, Gronks hit on Tre White would be nothing to be upset about as he was not carted off the field. I’m certain you don’t think that Slim, but using “carted off the field” or an actual injury as the measuring stick doesn’t fly.
  3. You’re right. That was a tad too low throw by Allen. Mosley looks back and that’s a pick.
  4. That fumble was mostly on Mitch. He just needs to warm up. Get ready for turning point of game. Here we go!
  5. Seriously. I’m asking the veterans and experts on here. Is there some conspiracy theories out there or what? Does not make sense.
  6. Just watching NFL Live and the talking heads said they had to send him letter and that is normal practice and what the must do. Not sure we can assume that mayock didn’t sit down with him first either. I’d assume he likely did. Agreed 100% that Mayock should have kept his mouth closed and kept it out if media. Never like management spouting off - like Jerry Jones just did with Zeke.
  7. Doesn't this quote from the article fly in the face of "Miami emerges as the leader..."? Or am I missing something? "We don’t know all of the intricate details as to why Clowney fired his longtime agent. What we do know is that in the past few days, Tony Pauline was told that Texans head coach Bill O’Brien has been pushing a trade to Miami because of his relationship with Brian Flores. However, Jadeveon Clowney does not want to go to Miami because he would prefer to play for a contender."
  8. Oh hell yeah! Are we doing an egg draft?!?! I’m in! #1 draft pick - over easy.
  9. I’m with you on not giving up a first round pick. Next draft will be loaded with WR’s in the first and we need one. Having said that, I’m on board with what some of the vet posters here are saying - mid round pick and player(s). Another aspect to think about is Brady. We HAVE to invest heavily in our D as there is no way we will match NE’s offense until he retires or falls off the cliff. That could be another 2-3 years.
  10. Yes - see teams with smothering defense and average offense, they have won their share of SB’s. We could wait until we have the greatest show on turf but I’m not holding my breath. I think our O will be at least average to above average this year (with an above average run game).
  11. Out kicker stinks!!! You need to make the 48 yarder. Him and Murphy need to sit.
  12. And Singletary can catch!! Barkley dropped it in the bucket to him. Not an easy catch. Holy cow am I getting pumped for this team.
  13. Live in the DMV. Crazy talent. Gonzaga College High School has THE premiere QB (and probably one of the best teams in the country) Look up the tape on their win against Dematha HS last year - an epic game(I was there). Alabama and Clemson both came knocking on Caleb’s door last year after the win.....and he was a sophomore (he’s the Zaga QB). If I’m reading it right, Christian is headed to Dematha?
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