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  1. Damn. Losing Hyde really hurts from his talent, professionalism, and as a true culture creator of the Bills' identity and defense. I think Johnson is a serviceable starter and Hamlin gives alright depth. Any safety vets on non-playoff teams that may reasonably be looked at in a trade?
  2. With a top shelf passing game and a solid defense (only going to get better when the CB's and DT's) get healthy, there are no complaints whatsoever about scoring 28-40 points a game with Allen at the helm running a pass heavy offense. I am curious about the vision the team has for the running game though. Is there an ideal split for carries? Do the Bills plan on having three or four capable backs and churning over new ones every few years for salary to be used on other positions while Allen is a top 3 QB the next decade? Do we have 4-5 passing options each down and keep doing that until a team learns to slow the offense a bit? I think it is awesome that the Bills barely utilize a running game. Other than Singletary having like two big games last year to get over 800 yards, our RB's have averaged like 500-600 yards the past 5 years when you take away Allen's running skills. I wonder if the Bills will have a bell cow back again, or if RB is likely the 4th option on most plays. Thoughts? Would you like to see anything different or are you indifferent like me as long as we win?
  3. Avengers as the best Team Assembled 1. Hulk and Drax as DE's 2. Iron Man genius/rocket arm QB 3. Captain America, MLB 4. Black Panther as RB 5. Groot long arms make for an OT 6. Rocket and Hawkeye as Safeties 7. Spiderman at WR/Sticky CB 8. War Machine as a Guard 9. Falcon as a WR/DB 10. Thor as a TE redzone threat 11. Bucky Barnes as a SLB 12. Black Widow as a shutdown CB 13. Vision as OC 14. Scarlet Witch as DC 15. Dr. Strange as Special Teams 16. Nick Fury, Head Coach Star Lord, Gamora, Wong, Mantis, Nebula, and some other players off the bench. Greatest Assembled Team #2 1992 Dream Team Throw off Christian Laettner and expand the roster to include college beast O'Neal, Olajuwon, I. Thomas, and Dominique Wilkins if he was not hurt.
  4. Yes. Mahomes has 8 playoff wins. I don't see Allen playing until he's 40, so give me 10 more seasons, 3 Super Bowl titles, an MVP or two, some all-pro nods, and ten years of competing in the playoffs, and Allen will be both the greatest Bill of all time and among the inner circle of QB's with the likes of Montana, Brady, Elway, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, etc.
  5. 4 QB's in Bills History have a postseason win Jim Kelly 9-8 Jack Kemp 2-2 Frank Reich 2-0 Josh Allen 3-3 (present) Postseason wins, consistent deep playoff runs, and titles are what it is all about for Allen. Minus Brady, here are some QB legends' playoff win totals. Montana 16 Bradshaw/Elway/Manning, 14 Favre/ Big Ben, 13 Aikman/ Rodgers, 11 Flacco, 10 Warner/Wilson/Brees/McNabb, 9 Young/Marino/E.Manning/Staubach 8 Tarkenton, 6 Rivers, 5 Unitas, Ryan, Stafford, 4 Allen 3 Allen will be among the most winningest playoff QB's by the time his current contract is finished.
  6. Let the media have their moment. What happens in their world doesn't matter. Facts rather than talking heads will be put to rest on Sunday, February 12th! Winning in Arizona is the goal. Let's "Find a Way" to get it done on that day. Let's Go Buffalo!
  7. Definitely the defensive line. Play like this all year, and this team is going to be solid at all three phases of the game! Josh Allen...one pick was not his fault and he looked pretty close to how he ended on a terror during last year's playoffs. O-Line did well. A-overall only because of the fumbles in running game. Let's Go Buffalo!
  8. Defensive penalty (12 players on the field by the Rams).
  9. I really only get anxious in games against other playoff caliber teams, especially those in the AFC. The playoffs bring on real anxiety. I don't feel anxious until kickoff as work, family, and other commitments keep me busy throughout the rest of the week.
  10. All worthy choices. Smart call to be sure Miller's HOF voice is heard and our safety duo! I would've preferred seeing Bass and Oliver over Jones and Mataveich
  11. Agree that it is surprising Williams has not signed with another team. Personally, I would prefer Williams as a tackle/guard backup/spot starter than Hart or Von Roten for his starting experience with the Bills, versatility, and the unwritten law which includes that our team NEEDS a "Williams" on this roster for luck and for posterity's sake.
  12. We all have our favorite 2-3 guys that we want on the 53 man roster. For me, Matt Barkley is one of those guys. I get it. He's the 3rd string QB on most predictions. He likely would be inactive each week, but he can still fill-in I just think what he adds to the QB room, his knowledge of the offense, and his willingness to try to fill a hole in a pich is valuable. So, who do I cut? I would cut whomever is the 5th or 6th special teams guy or that 9th or 7th guy at a position.
  13. I think Settle's contributions will be felt in those 3rd and 4th quarters of games when a defensive stop is our best offense. Rotating Phillips, Jones, Settle, and Oliver will be a boon to our DE's ability to make opposing QB's uncomfortable.
  14. These depth charts are fun top look at, but much like a mock draft, I don't take much stock in them until the the first two games are in the books.
  15. Until Tre White is on the field making plays again, and we have Elam and Jackson as the projected starting corners, I can't see the harm of bringing Waynes, Haden, Harris, Rhodes, or Sherman in. Their experience and understanding of the position, schemes, and other player tendencies alone is worth shuffling a few dollars to one of them and bring that vet presence alongside Hyde and Poyer. I know that Haden has been reported as an interest to some current Bills. Has Beane brought any of these guys in for a visit?
  16. Considering the contracts of Cousins, Watson, Murray, and then the very likely extensions to Jackson, Burrow, and Herbert, the Bills got a solid deal!! Let's be honest though, they all are making ridiculous cash.
  17. It's a solid landing spot and business decision by Julio to rebuild any value and compete in the NFC. I hope he has a bounceback year personally and then have his team get bounced early in the playoffs.
  18. 4 League-Wide 1. Broncos win AFC West 2. Ceedee Lamb leads WR's in TD 3. Baker Mayfield plays well enough that he is given a multi-year extension with Carolina 4. Desmond Ridder is the starting QB for Atlanta after week 6. 4 Bills 1. Josh Allen is worthy of but does not make 1st or 2nd team all pro because the Bills running game takes a big leap. 2. Roger Saffold makes the pro bowl because of how much the offensive line improves the run game. 3. Bass-o-matic joins the 60 yard field goal club setting a new Bills field goal record. 4. Jamison Crowder catches the go ahead touchdown of SuperBowl MVP, Josh Allen, as the Bills win 30-21 over the Cowboys much to the media coverage's delight of interviews and shots of meltdowns by Jerry Jones in the press box.
  19. I'd pick Kyle Williams because he was a solid player and by all accounts a hardworking and down-to-earth guy. I'd pick Allen for the same reasons as my current player. I'd pick Will Ferrell for his stories and playful craziness or Robert Downey Jr because of his interesting rollercoaster career and experiences. I would be doing my son a solid as well as a result of his Marvel Fandom.
  20. I have always seen myself as a safety. I'm worth millions, but I don't have to tell everyone that. Lately, I feel more and more that I'm a first round talent but I was an undrafted receiver because a few people thought I had a questionable work ethic and character concerns. Sincerely, Ko Da'Rick Simpson Rogers.
  21. I think Roger McCready, CB from Auburn. I believe he will be one of the highest rated CB’s when Bills pick. Why Him? The obvious need for a CB and coaching staff strength in utilizing/maximizing talent in this area He is viewed as a late first/early second talent. Good height, 6’2 and SEC experience against quality WR’s. Publications and websites list his coverage skills and footwork as best traits. Chiefs, Titans, Chargers, Raiders, and Browns all improved WR units.
  22. By all accounts, he was a pro's pro in the media, confident and skilled but not arrogant, and I honestly liked his down to earth style of speaking too. As others have stated, very sad. Madden and Clayton were two different but uniquely talented pioneers at telling the story of football.
  23. Roster Spot Needs (No Order) 1. Veteran Backup QB 2. A Rookie QB (may be on PS) 3. A RB #2 (Moss is RB #3) 4. Big slot WR (early draft pick) 5. 2 OL if Bates goes, vet & rook 6. 1 LB (ST ability and backup) 7. 2 CB's (veteran & early draft pick) 8. Best punter available or FA For me, that is 10 legitimate spots left among free agency, draft, and players who have not had more than a cup of coffee or two on the roster.
  24. Alexander appears to not be resigning with the Vikings. He played against Diggs in practices, a former 2nd round pick, and he has 25 or so career starts and 6 years of experience. I think he and a CB pick within the the first 3 rounds would go nicely with T. Johnson, Jackson, and White's return. Anyone know if this guy would be both a good fit and reasonably priced?
  25. I am a fan of this offense, but no, the 2022 offense is not going to be the best offense in history. Some teams in the last 30+ years from the 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots, Rams, and a few others are closer than this team currently from making such an argument. Let's win a ton of games, put up video game numbers, get Allen an MVP, be dominant in the playoffs, win the Championship, and then this discussion has both merit and relevance.
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