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  1. Because we don't have anyone on the team named Tribisky.
  2. He was very good that year...8 years ago, 5 or 6 suspensions ago, multiple teams ago, and many chances on the NFL stage to show both the talent and a burning commitment to win for himself and his team. That boat sailed by multiple times ago. As others have said, if he can get QB pressure, lockdown a top TE, make 4 and 1 decisions, or teach someone on the team to play guard well, then sign him.
  3. What number do you think is higher? The number of current Bills players who have played for the Panthers, or the number of suspensions in Josh Gordon's career? If Gordon had one suspension and this was 2012-2013, then yes.
  4. I think many people, including me, can get caught up in the word, "regression" because of the excitement of putting up "fantasy numbers." I don't see any actual regression in Josh's game. I think the team will run a little more for balance. I think the defense may improve and provide shorter fields for the offense to work with. He is going to be a perennial pro bowl/all pro candidate. And, as long as the roster builds depth and mainstays remain on team over time, Bills will be a top 2-top 8 team yearly over the next decade.
  5. All great insights and points made. Thanks! A couple general thoughts as I read comments. 1. Appreciate those who have the personal historical knowledge to give a player in the 60s, 70s, or early 80s their due as I have seen very little or bits and pieces. 2. Talley was unintentionally left off. My bad. He would replace Milano. 3. I found the notable cuts list to be getting so large and demanding that I left off or removed names from the notable list. Great counters and points in replies. 4. Players were not put into a depth chart, per se. I would have Cookie as my FB/3rd down option or #3 overall in his position group. 5. So much depth at all positions in team history, however, I honestly thought about not have a TE on my team at all. Curious to see your team and comments.
  6. With 50+ years of AFL and NFL history and probably 1,500 or so players that have represented the Bills in a game, who would be your all-time 53 man roster? You can find my attempt at building what I consider to be the best overall roster. How many quarterbacks do you keep? Which great player gets left off because of positional depth? Is your team represented throughout the decades or does it represent the time you first became a fan? Curious to hear your process and all-time team! Resource and Criteria 1. I used this database to help me remember and comb through names…https://www.footballdb.com/teams/nfl/buffalo-bills/alltime-roster?letter=B 2. My Criteria for choosing players was based on 4 things The player spent 2 or more years on the roster I picked players I thought would be quality players regardless of era or football rules. These players would fill their role well in any era. Position mattered. I was looking for my best team. I would rather have that 6th CB over say my 8th top RB in Bills history. I tried to look at what the player did as a Buffalo Bill and not based on what they may have done before or after their time with Bills. Offense (26) QB: Allen, Kelly RB: Simpson, Thomas, McCoy, F. Jackson, C. Gilchrist WR: Reed, Diggs, Lofton, Moulds, Evans, Beebe, Tasker TE: Metzelaars, Riemersma OT: Peters, Ballard, Fina, Wolford, Glenn (G/T) OG: Joe Delamielleure, R. Brown, Shaw C. Hull, Wood Special Teams (2) K. Christie P. Moorman ST: Tasker/T. McGhee (both listed on offense or defense unit) Defense (25) DE: Bruce Smith, Paup, Hughes, M. Williams, P. Hansen DT: S. Adams, Smerlas, K. Williams, T. Washington, P. Williams LB: Bennett, Conlan, Fletcher, Milano, Spikes CB/DB: N. Clements, A. Winfield, T. White, “Gilmore Girl”, T. McGhee, Odomes FS/SS: B. Byrd, H. Jones, Poyer, Hyde My Last 10 Cuts Ferguson, MaGuire, Edwards, Schobel, Lynch, K. Davis, Beasley, Dawkins, Richter, M. Patton Notable Defense Cuts: Handful of DB’s (tempted to keep Ko Simpson. He’s worth millions.), Cunningham, Edwards, Haslett, Guidry, Stratton, Patton, MaGuire,Dunaway, Kadish , P. C. Kelsay, Schobel, Jeffcoat Notable Offense Cuts: Joe Ferguson, Frank Reich, Marshawn Lynch, K. Davis, Henry, McGahee, Beasley, Owens (1 year), Watkins, K. McKellar, B. Rolle, C. Dawkins, R. McKenzie, Ritcher, Parker, Bemiller, Grant, Morse Notable ST Cuts: Lindell, Bass, C. Mohr What’s your team all-time Bills team? Let’s Go Buffalo!
  7. I like that he has played 38 games in the NFL and started 18 games, including RT as well as some crossover experience at LT and guard. The Lions are a messy organization, but there starting five o-line is above average as a unit with Decker, Ragnow, and Penei Sewell. I think Brown becomes a starter down the road and will be a solid backup this year. I am not as high on Doyle being a difference-maker this year. He has raw ability and measurables, but being on the PS I think will give him experience. I just personally think a guy like Crosby is super-low risk, he has starting experience, some versatility, and I believe he would contribute more this year than Doyle for a Super Bowl aspirational team. National media has also indicated Crosby as a younger surprising cut with some upside still in his game. Thus, my initial interest as a possible short or long-term OL upgrade.
  8. What are thoughts on Crosby, the RT just cut from Lions? He is 25 and has starting experience. I like our rookie Brown, but I am not too excited having two rookies as backups at OT. I think Crosby would be a nice pickup for the Oline and somebody who could be a valuable reserve.
  9. The answer is probably keeping 7 DE and taking away a DT like Zimmer, Butler, or Phillips. And, then unless their is remarkable improvement, someone like Basham will not dress on game day unless there is a rash of injuries.
  10. This is a class of very good players. I don't see a first ballot player. I think 3-5 will get in at some point, but I don't see one player that screams out as one of the most elite to ever play their position. I believe the most deserving offensive player is Steve Smith. He was his generation's Tyreek Hill as an undersized, speedy, tough, and electric player to watch. DeMarcus Ware was elite/near elite for about 6-7 years at a hybrid DE/LB. I can see him getting in. Wilfork may get in because of Goodell's love affair with the Patriots, and he was an defensive anchor on title teams. Again, I don't think these 3 get in the first year, but these 3 I believe have the strongest case to eventually don the Gold Jacket.
  11. Glad he is signed! Hope Beane and Company can get cheap players around him to keep the Super Bowl window open longer. Great news…still that is a lot of quiche!
  12. I think the Bills would benefit from giving Trey Burton and Malik Hooker a look. Burton played with Trubisky and seems like a good #2 TE that has had some success in the league. I loved Hooker coming out of college. Seems to have a nose for the ball and could really benefit from learning from great vets like Hyde and Poyer, and at 25, maybe a scenery change and a coach like Frazier can get something more out of them. Thoughts? I think they may add depth and some upside fairly cheaply. And, any idea why these guys don’t have a training camp invite?
  13. Warner is a better tackler, pass rusher, and probably a top 7 linebacker in football. Offer Edmunds 5 years, 75 million, with $30 million guaranteed. That is a reasonable offer. Wagner and Warner are better and Edmunds will still be in his 20's after this contract. Fair on both sides.
  14. When the "Coach" draws unnecessary attention to himself and not to the program and development of players, then you have a coaching issue. Add the fact that it is one of the most dynamic, talented, and outwardly arrogant personalities in recent NFL history, and you have a Circus Coach. Add in a Circus Coach that has never been guilty of talking too little and craves media attention, and you have a Circus Show in Neon Lights where the ringmaster believes he is The Show. It will be fun to follow this circus! I really think Coach Deion Sanders should "tackle" this issue.
  15. I will go 12-5. I think the Bills will rest or reduce workloads unless the best record in AFC is in play for the final game. I'd rather have a lower record and be healthy, and starting to peak at the end of the season. I also would like to see a few more dominating defensive performances. Bills, Chiefs, Ravens, Browns, and Titans make for a tough but doable playoff run.
  16. PFF's rankings are ridiculous. Josh Allen should not be rated any lower than the 7th best player. Here are the only 6 players who may have a case for being better right now than Allen 1. Rodgers (reigning MVP) 2. Donald (best Def Player) 3. Mahomes (toss-up w/Allen) 4. Tim Tebow (Chuck Norris status) 5. Ko Simpson (worth millions) 6A Q. Nelson (the one fan that obsesses over a dominant guard) 6B Brady (NE and Tampa fans) 7. Josh Allen
  17. I hope he can abide by protocol guidelines while fighting for his stance and view. I hope that fight is done in a way that does not overshadow his responsibility to the Bills' success as well as feel he is being heard by the league. With that said, he may not be able to have both. If so, let's keep the pulse on a potential younger and cheaper slot receiver as well as any possible savings on that #2 or depth corner.
  18. I would ask Travis Henry how many of his children he could name.
  19. Moses or Wilson are worth a 7th round flier on right? I know we just picked up Hamlin as a safety. What about Steven's, the safety from LSU. I am going to trust Beane, but this draft has been weird for me other than Basham in round 2 as far as positions, selections, and trades. We must be cutting some players in order to get some of these guys on the roster on the cheap.
  20. I like the Basham pick. I think he could be a great DE. No, I do not like the draft strategy. Again, Rousseau was the wrong pick when CB or another position could have been addressed. They picked two DE's for two reasons: First, they don't draft DL well. Second, more importantly, they are going to cut a few DE's on our current roster to save or create cap space. When Allen gets paid and if Edmunds gets extended, got to go cheap other places. Our DL costs too much versus production. This is why I would have preferred JOK, LB from Notre Dame in Round 1 to replace Edmunds in 1-2 years because of cost. Basham and Rousseau will replace Butler and maybe Addison. Ultimately, this is meant to replace Hughes next year. DL will have Hughes (last year with team), the new guy we got in FA, Epenesa, Rousseau, and Basham going forward. Hope youth movement will get coached up to cheap but more effective run and pass defense on DL.
  21. Samuel Jr. would be my first choice, but he will likely go 15 or so spots ahead of us. 2nd Round Choices: (Molden, Humphrey, or best OL prospect).
  22. Not a fan of this pick. Would've preferred Samuel Jr, or JOK, or a trade up for Harris/Etienne. He is talented and may be a great long-term pick. Too much risk for me and I don't think a major contributor this year. However, I am happy to be completely wrong.😊
  23. The only players I want to see picked at #30 are those who I believe can make the most impact short-term (next year) with also long-term value. For me, the players most likely to match those characteristics at #30 would be: Harris, Etienne, or Marshall on offense, or Paye, Farley (if healthy), Collins, or Phillips on Defense.
  24. Bills take Terrace Marshall with their first round pick.
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