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  1. As much as I like Brown and would love the Bills to keep his speed, skill, and positive attitude as a Bills player, this is his last season in Buffalo. Too many holes, not enough money, and Allen's massive contract mean that Smoke is a too expensive luxury going forward. Hope he has a monster game or two to keep Ravens backpedaling into a loss.
  2. Maybe Tannehill will be recognized as a Pro Bowl replacement (online and in his imagination in a game that will not actually occur) while Allen is busy playing in the Super Bowl.😀
  3. Praise be to Micah Hyde! My heart skipped a few beats as we nearly gave it up at the end. How fitting that despite some sloppy play it was Hyde's defense that covered our Hyde today! Here's to another home game and another chance to show the Bills belong on the big stage!
  4. What was your favorite/most memorable Bills-related gift you ever received or gave? What made this gift extra significant to you? For me, I received a Bills "Starter" Jacket. I remember not even asking for one, but this was the cool type of jacket to have of your favorite sports team, so I was beyond shocked and grateful. I received it from my mom, and I wore it thatday while sledding at my aunt's house.
  5. Wow...that is awesome about the offense challenging the team's single-season total for points. More so, it illustrates how dominant the 1991 Bills team was to score that many points 30 years ago when compared to the rest of the NFL at that time. This year's team is definitely special. Hope we keep the current trajectory that the Bills of 1989-1995 did; however, admittedly, it will be tougher with today's salary cap rules, free agency flexibility, and the exponential growth in salaries. With that said, this 2020 Bills team very well could be a dangerous #2 seed.
  6. Quoting from a Mighty Ducks movie, "that was not a win. That was a STATEMENT!" Go Bills Mafia... I Billieve!
  7. I live in the Denver area. Local sports show radio hosts and sportswriters have all indicated that Denver only has a punchers chance. Most pick the Bills winning by 10-14 with the Broncos maybe scoring late to make game appear closer. Fans I interact with say Lock has starter potential. He has only played 16-17 games in his career thus far, but his potential is limited because of a poor offensive line, changing systems, and a lack of reading the field well. A few friends said he is young and has a quality arm, but they would be happy with a young Alex Smith or Tannenhill as fa
  8. Agree...hard to compare past champions to these Bills in a hypothetical matchup. Bills have the potential to go far. Play 4 quarters of mistake free football with the offense and defense playing at a high level, they can make noise. I believe that the Chiefs are the only team that is superior in talent. I believe that the Steelers and Saints have a stronger history of consistently good coaching. Other than that, playoffs are just one game at a time, so anyone can win. Go Bills. Let's take care of SF this week.
  9. The lack of offense holding calls is one factor that has impacted Hughes lack of sacks and other splashy-type numbers, for sure. Hughes as a pro bowl alternate? Sure. Hughes as an all-pro? No. All-pro would be what we saw from Bosa today and much of the season.
  10. Appreciate the thoughts. There are two camps primarily on such wins. Those that revel in a victory and rightfully so, and those who are somewhat pessimistic in a win because the expectation after 20+ years is to be a consistent and perennial playoff team for awhile. Neither line of thinking is bad; however, I fall in the second camp as this is what I believe is Buffalo's next step toward competing for a championship in the near future. Appreciate the thoughts.
  11. Yes, a win is a win. And, yes, Daboll's offensive playcalling and Bills scoring has improved. Kudos and cheers for a win. But, it is time to move into the level of contenders. I think what separates our playoff-bound Bills from the Chiefs, Steelers, and Titans is not executing consistently or with a killer urgency. Against the Chargers we can get away with an undisciplined, sloppy, and the inability of not finishing off opponents. A critical fumble, an interception, multiple unsportsmanlike penalties, and the lack of finishing an opponent at the end if
  12. Joe Burrow's injury is a reminder of two things to express gratitude for with this Bills team and season. #1. Thankful that Josh Allen is huge and is getting better each game when he chooses to run or throw the ball away. #2. The investment in the OL. Pass protection is a strength and linemen depth is a strength. Thank you, Beane, McDermott, and Oline pass game. Yes, our defense needs youth, more playmakers, depth, and success, but after seeing Burrow's injury, I appreciate the investment and continual investment in protecting Allen.
  13. I would trade Allen for Mahomes. I know that may not be a popular take, but Mahomes has a title, an MVP, and he is under a long-term contract throughout his prime with a lot of talent around him. No knock on Allen at all. Top 5 player this year if the season ended today and signs all point upward. Is Allen getting closer to such recognition and Mahomes' situation? Absolutely! Love the person and player. However, if a trade were offered today, all quality GM's, including Beane, would be foolish to not see if they can bring Mahomes in and 99% would make the tr
  14. Jacksonville and Carolina. I know they were 90s expansion teams, but the lack of a rich history is a factor. Despite Washington being a dumpster fire (as a team, business, and political climate), the team is historical. I can't say Detroit because of the Thanksgiving games, the longevity as a franchise and Barry Sanders. I have also wished that the Oilers name could be brought back rather than names like the Texans and Titans. I always liked Warren Moon, the powder blue jerseys, and the Bills greatest playoff comeback in history against their franchise.
  15. Cardinals 41-Bills 34. The road trip, COVID players out, and a 10th straight game I believe hurts an already thin defense. Offense will do well, but Hopkins, Kirk, Fitzgerald, and Murray's dangerous feet and arm are too much for our secondary and linebackers. Bills lose in a shootout, but go into the BYE week with division lead, a continually promising offense, and some rest for COVID guys and injuries.
  16. I like Milano. He was considered a tweener and really was a lotto ticket that provided a surprising return. Now to negotiations. Is he a starter? Yes Does he look a lot better than he is because the Bills are a very weak overall linebacker group? Yes. Is he slightly above an average starting NFL linebacker? Probably slightly. Cut one of the underperforming defensive lineman and give that to Milano. About 6 million a year for 4 years. No more or less in years or AAV.
  17. As the OP of this thread, I have enjoyed the various viewpoints. Ironically, ESPN, whether loved or hated, made reference to this win as a Signature win. This was probably the most complete game by Buffalo this year and in recent memory in all 3 phases of the game. On to the next challenge and continued momentum to be a tough out in the playoffs.
  18. Studs Josh Allen (He wills the team) OL run blocking (especially Williams) Moss Zimmer's game saving play Duds Run Defense Coaches who can't teach tackling Secondary was below average today given the players on offense for NE
  19. I can agree with you that some of it is coaching. Almost all of it is a non existent defense that can't rush, misses tackles, no 2nd/slot corner, and Tre White is disinterested.
  20. Agree...tackles are not the problem. Feliciano will make a difference for continuity and consistency when he returns soon. A stronger running game is needed going forward, no doubt. With that said, coaching the "D" up or finding a way to stop the opponent's run game is the need.
  21. The Bills have not had a signature win in my opinion in the McClappy era. Some may argue the Cowboys win last year or even Andy Dalton's gift in breaking the playoff drought. We have had some good wins, but I started thinking... What do board members believe constitutes a signature win? Is it a dominant performance in all 3 phases of the game? A road victory against a frequent playoff team? Putting a blemish on a team with their first loss? A playoff win? A gutty come-from-behind victory? Beating the less formidable Patriots next week? I believe the Cardinals and Steel
  22. I moved to California and was not a football fan yet. It was 1988. Everyone in northern Cali was a 49ers or Raiders fan. I did not want to jump on the Montana/Rice or Bo Jackson train, so I picked the team that was from my birth state and had patriotic colors. I learned about the K-Gun offense, Thurman's versatility, the D, and it felt great to root for a young and exciting team I knew little about. Been hooked ever since! I live in Colorado now and look forward (weather/COVID policy willing) to watch the Bills play Denver on 12/20.
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