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  1. i'm saving my tears for the super bowl if it goes down. i not even sure if it's completely set in how far the bills have gotten this season. i have the same feeling for this game right now than i do for a regular season game. i'm sure that will change, but i really think i spent my energy on that indy game. i'm not sure going up 10-14 against kc is a big deal for them, (unless it's less than 2 mins). they can score so fast. the bills just can't milk a lead unless it's the very last drive. if they do, the chiefs will find a way to come back.
  2. that seems like the obvious formula...score quickly and often. who know though...does the defense step up and save the game again? as other have mentioned, and as they were talking about on sirius this morning, they just need to make sure to not let the chiefs have the last shot at scoring. giving kc the ball back, even with very limited time, will almost always result in a loss.
  3. this is exactly where i'm at with it. because of it, i'm really not nervous for this game at all. i'm looking foward to it. for the indy game i was a mess. it has been a long time since the bills had me that emotionally invested in a game.
  4. what's wrong with the gentleman in the picture?
  5. personally i don't think i'd have to choose. they'd both be into me.
  6. can i have your stuff when you die next week?
  7. this team should never run the ball 3 times in a row. i'm all for sprinkling in some run here and there...but three runs in a row...no way.
  8. now...that's just cheeseburgers alone. what other fast food do you eat a week?
  9. i'm of the group that doesn't feel a strong need for the run game, but it would be nice that a 2nd or 3rd and 1 situation wasn't stopped at the line seemingly every single time.
  10. i notice it among the younger 30s crowd. my wife is that age, and so are her friends and their husbands. a number of these guys are pats fans, all from the rochester area, and having no ties to new england. my assumption is that when they got into football, the pats were the dominant team and it was an easy pick. ultimate bandwagon. the irritating thing is when we would have sunday parties to watch football, they'd all roll their eyes when they had to watch the bills...like it wasn't worth their time. i don't want those disgusting freaks anywhere near this wagon. they were born into it,
  11. ok. we need to deal with this. how many cheeseburgers do you eat a week in total?
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