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  1. It’s the wife and kids. My daughter is at the piont where she can eat regular wings though.
  2. We had J and Ls recently and it was good. They had outstanding boneless wings actually. Even perinton pizza is good. There’s so many above average pizza places around here.
  3. that's understandable. let's look at it this way. i love going out for dinner and drinks. i love nothing more than having a nice mixed drink before and during dinner. now, as much as i love the drinks, i'm there for the dinner. that was the driving force, and that's what i'll talk about later. the outer crust is like the drinks...very important...adds to the meal, but doesn't have me talking about it later. in no world is the crust the best part of the pizza. it's just there for moral support.
  4. crust is just one of those things. it's such a personal choice. i've been on the thin crust train for a long time, so i'm not an expert. for me it's consistency. if it's not cooked enough or ends up being too chewy, you can throw that ***** in the trash. for those of us in rochester, there's a chain in pontillos in the area. for some reason, most of them have become terrible. there is one however in the bushnells basin area that's magical. it was our go to. the last two times we've ordered, i'm not sure if they rushed the pizza, but it was far under cooked. they're now dead to me. edit: oh...to answer, the inner crust to me is more important. if it doesn't hold the cheese, sauce, and toppings, (the money part of the pizza) it's useless. i typically don't finish the outer crust on any pizza.
  5. call me when the topic of those little pepperonies come up. then we have a real conversation on our hands.
  6. that's extremely positive news. that is one difficult cancer to beat.
  7. no...no, no, no. that's not who you or many other are, as much as you'd like to think that.
  8. as a resident, it's nice, but mostly for the kids. Every time i go to camp, i find myself wildly bored. i'm also not someone who sits in the stands or takes notes. i bring the kids, buy them some *****, mill around and go. it is nice for families, so it would be disappointing for them to leave. i get the logic behind the move though.
  9. her hands didn't fall off did they? she has duties. carry them out.
  10. that's too bad. he'll always be a train wreck. i never like his stand up act, but he was an outstanding co-host on that show. the writer chris isn't bad.
  11. oh god. that's taking one for the team if i ever heard it.
  12. for the most part. bc is just such a run heavy offense that rarely will you see a wr or te with impressive numbers. if i'm not mistaken, he had gotten better every year, peaked in his junior year with 500 something yards, and had a less impressive senior year. bc uses aj dillon as their work horse, so he did a lot of blocking.
  13. his biggest talent is being able to stick around. i don't feel bad for nate. he was given an opportunity to start...something most young qbs would kill to get a chance for. he wasn't good enough so here we are.
  14. ok. this is good to know. i keep seeing it floating around and just haven't pulled the trigger. now it's the next on my list.
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