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  1. I prefer not to be bothered until bounce houses are involved.
  2. This is one weird Sunday morning around here.
  3. McD and gase have faced each other 4 times. McD has won 3 out of the 4. Why ignore that?
  4. This isn’t Scott ‘s move at all. I figured you would know that since you two are dating.
  5. there sure is. he's also a big fan of implying someone is a racist, without actually saying it. it's fun!
  6. there's a certain poster that has this as his specialty. if something good is said about the bills, it's followed up by, "well...what is he supposed to say", or, "you guys are in love with him now because he said something positive". if something bad is said about the bills, it's followed up by, "this is just how everyone who isn't a homer sees the bills", or something terrible along those lines.
  7. god that commercial is depressing for some reason.
  8. teef

    WoW Classic

    you got it! top view RTS. i still love gaming at 41, but time is the issue. C and C is fantastic. there's a number of versions, but if ever bored, i'm sure you can get it cheap on steam. the C and C red alert is probably my favorite of the bunch.
  9. teef

    WoW Classic

    not to move the subject, but is anyone kinda pumped for the command and conquer remake they have coming out. i'm assuming they're doing the same thing as wow.
  10. they really did create a sexually charged environment that they expected him to function in. he may want to strongly thing about getting an attorney.
  11. true. what if he had a coffee and a mug fetish? maybe once a day wouldn't have been enough.
  12. This thread is such a beautiful piece of *****.
  13. true. i can't imagine it's a great feeling to be told just hang in the background for now and not knowing why.
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