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  1. oh i know, and appreciate the heads up! royal and i have known each other for over a dozen years through bills message boards, and it's just us being us. he could never be mad at me. i was going out of my way to be obnoxious. that's the way my father was. loved his parents, but just couldn't be close to his mom. i'm starting to see that with my brother in law and his parents. he was home visiting for the holiday weekend, and he looked miserable. they have completely different views on almost all subject matters. they don't argue about it, but he has some serious resentment towards them. to give you an idea, he's a young, single gay man, and they're hardcore trump supporters. there's friction there.
  2. i'm an italian catholic, but have a number of jewish friends from school and work. at one of their weddings, i was talking with the rabbi, and he told me the greatest line. once he found out i was italian, he told me that the jew and the italians were more similar than anyone realized. why? because we can't move too far away from our mothers. i still live close to my parents.
  3. lol! I almost never wear a suit either. literally to only weddings. my brother has to every day, and it seems like a hassle. the dry cleaning alone makes me never want to own one.
  4. i wouldn't say they were snooty in the store by us, but they're a hard sell type store. the last time i was in there the guy went from showing me what i was interested in, to trying to get me to buy a cashmere sweater for my wife for christmas. that B word can dress herself. when i comes to suits, it's all about the fit. you can get a great suit off the rack, but it usually needs a few alterations to make it perfect. i had a couple of sport coats made once. the cost was gross, and i have store bought coats that fit just as well. they don't have my name monogrammed inside, but i'm over that stuff.
  5. i think we filled our quota of the, "he said something good about josh! do we love him now?!?!??" jokes. not just in this thread, but forever.
  6. i like brooks brothers, but i never though it was worth the price. on top of that, every time you walk int that store, and attendant is up your rectum.
  7. i think pools in wny are popular because the season is so short. the moment it breaks 70, we don't go back inside until mid september. the kids are in the pool every day. i probably go in 4 times a week. we hang out, grill, have drinks, etc almost every day. i find locals to be very much home bodies this time of year.
  8. this is where i may stop watching for the season.
  9. i agree with the bolded, but this is part of the problem. i don't want people to be outraged by all injustices...it's not possible, but then don't expect the same from me. i've already seen this cry for tolerance for what works for the individual, but when it doesn't involve them...meh? nah. i know this isn't as cut and dry as i'm making it out to be. i'm all for the blm movement, but in reality, it doesn't affect my life at all. since it doesn't affect my life at all, should i not be concerned about it? that's what we're seeing here. people are deciding what they should be tolerant of. this won't work.
  10. i'm not at the stalker level yet, but i do like calling you out. something tells me you've never had a stalker. something tells me you tend to turn people off.
  11. is this the point of the last few months? whether or not the situation directly affects them shouldn't matter right? we're all trying to make changes towards more tolerance, correct? for some reason, you seem to pick and choose what you feel is appropriate. you become outraged and call people on here racists, yet you were on here making fun of people for their height, and was making fun of a woman's appearance.
  12. this is it. also, there's supposedly a different culture now where there should be more tolerance and awareness.
  13. goodfellas and casino have solid/different soundtracks.
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