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  1. no doubt. the more he does it, the more likely they'll dial up those plays as well. this year is just clicking so far.
  2. i have no idea why this is complicated to him. do he feel there was a conversation where the coaching staff sat down and figured, "maybe we'll be more aggressive this year...why not?".
  3. this was always my take as well. the staff didn't have the confidence in allen yet, nor should they have. i don't think they were being conservative out of want. no matter how everything plays out with allen, we can all agree on how hard he's worked to get to this point. so far so good.
  4. let's just review. you said you'd rather see a 300 yard game than a win...did you not?
  5. i don't care about 48 game droughts without a 300 yard passer. i'm only concerned with a win...like an adult would be.
  6. i'm just not happy unless i see 300 hard games . win or lose.
  7. it's strange to have a qb that when it's 3 and 22 you think, "this is doable".
  8. he's certainly in a better situation than he was.
  9. maybe they win a few games under a new coach and miss out on the number one pick. that wouldn't be bad.
  10. i'm just going to assume marcel hasn't gotten off the couch in months.
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