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  1. teef

    Bills Release Peterman

    Poor Nate. Peace and chicken grease.
  2. this is the truth for this situation. both could serve as a positive, but could work out poorly. if the staff doesn't feel that allen in both physically and mentally ready, then they have barkley ready to go. if allen is ready on both of these fronts, i can't see winning a few games with barkley being worth it. i do get both sides of the decision. either way i'd be fine with both of them going into camp next summer to compete for the starting spot.
  3. teef

    R. I. P. Stan Lee

    that's too bad. he had a long, productive life.
  4. teef

    Comments about Nathan Peterman being a "good guy"

    it's only brought up by fans trying to create an issue where there isn't one. i don't care if someone has "faith" or not, but to assume it's how this staff picks it's team is just absurd.
  5. teef

    Comments about Nathan Peterman being a "good guy"

    this is nonsense and completely untrue. prove it if you're going to throw it out there. drama.
  6. who on offense wasn't this staff able to evaluate other than the wrs? they know who is who with the ol and rbs. i'm willing to be they know which of the wrs will stay and go. whether allen plays should have nothing to do with anything other than evaluating allen. if the coaches think it's not his time...fine. otherwise this is all just made up concern. the fact that you expect allen to come in and play better because he's been out hurt, makes no sense to me. neither does the need to start a lame duck qb to figure out which wrs are good enough. i'm sure the staff has a pretty good understanding at this point.
  7. this is over blown. the only thing the qb is making more difficult to evaluate is wr, and i think we all know the state of the position. uh...other than he's a rookie and needs to play?
  8. and i don't agree with this. i don't expect allen to come in and light up the world just because he's sat hurt for a few weeks. it's nuts to think otherwise. what would be cause for concern would be if allen continues to play, and doesn't show any improvement during that time. he needs to play and learn. you are way over valuing this game with the jags. this season is over. it's time to see if allen can get better.
  9. i was all for sitting allen before the season, but that ship has sailed. if the coaches think this is best, fine, but he's going to have to get some game time under his belt. might as well be sooner rather than later.
  10. no it shouldn't. he's a rookie. i'd expect struggles out of a rookie. very much like you've seen from all rookies this year. get the growing pains out of the way. unless the coaches don't think he's ready, there's no reason not to start him.
  11. at most barkley pulls off a few more wins, and then what? he's a back up. allen is what's important this year...not to string together a few meaningless wins. if the coaches feel it's best for allen to sit longer, so be it. all things being equal, allen should play.
  12. but what does this get you moving forward?. barkley isn't the future.
  13. teef

    3-7 and staying optimistic

    do you have a little alarm in your head that alerts you when someone is happy or optimistic?
  14. the man is wildly miserable. just let him have it.
  15. yup...some people get upset after wins. it's ok to enjoy a win, even for a few seconds. it may not mean much moving forward either, but beating the jets is always a good time.