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  1. i lived right up the road on north street. i literally walked out of my apartment, straight down the street, and it was on my left. fantastic wings, and great fish fries, (frys?). all of their food was good if i remember.
  2. teef

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    i really enjoyed the games yesterday too. not the outcomes, but it was entertaining football. i'm not so locked in like a bills game, but this is it for months. i want to get my fix in.
  3. teef

    Who’s watching the super bowl

    i'll watch just like i watch the playoff games, (or as many as i could).
  4. teef

    Who wins more games? Bills or Browns?

    i was in show me mode with the browns and they did it. still...meh.
  5. teef

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    Wow. Just wow.
  6. I completely agree with that. If he keeps this level of production up he’s earned it.
  7. teef

    Anyone have a nice watch?

    I have an omega speed master, and a Rolex explorer 2, both of which have been mentioned. Love them, and wear them both on the regular. Fun fact...I didn’t buy either. Both were gifts. The omega was a graduation gift, and the Rolex was a gift from someone I did quite a bit of work for and didn’t charge them.
  8. I can always appreciate when an athlete gets an earned pay day. Good for him.
  9. That poster is a self hating bills fan. I have no idea who you are, our why you’re responding. I am not “self reflecting”. That makes no sense.
  10. Self hating bills fans are the worst.
  11. This really is a big moment for Reid. If her can’t take down Brady in his own house, I’ll be very disappointed. Not saying it’s an easy win, but this could help define his legacy.
  12. I’m of the group excited to watch, hoping the pats will get destroyed.
  13. teef

    Jim Kelly is cancer-free

    You didn’t hate to say it at all.
  14. i went to saratoga a couple of years ago to check out the races because everyone raves about it. it was an amazing scene, but i didn't think i could gamble because i had absolutely no idea how to. once we got to the stands, there were multiple "booths" that were staffed by employees, only there to explain how to bet on the ponies. good idea on their part.