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  1. It’s hard to enjoy your posting.
  2. this truly is a great debate. possibly the greatest in my lifetime.
  3. honestly...i don't remember being this disappointed with a show now coming back. as you mentioned earlier, we like the cecil hotel show on netflix as well.
  4. that's an interesting observation @Back2Buff concerning the flu shot. my wife and i get it yearly because of our jobs, and neither of us had a reaction. i did have the sore arm, and she was slightly tired, but nothing more than that.
  5. if it came from channel 10, it would be a completely different story.
  6. james taylor and the eagles?! that's my personal nightmare.
  7. I’m just looking to be a part of this!
  8. Are you one of those posters who can’t handle the bills’ success?
  9. which team made it to the afc championship game?
  10. we had two staff get the "moderna arm", and if i remember correctly, it was about a week after their first. it looked like a red, fairly large welt where they were given the shot. one of theo woman who got it also had the flu like symptom, the other just the arm. symptoms are all over the place.
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