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  1. Ok. If this isn’t a request for me to send nude pics, I don’t know what is. Request granted!
  2. Interesting. My lab guy just bought a bad ass 3D printer, and actually made to comment to let him know if anything like this is needed. I’ll pass this along.
  3. The original Charlie and the chocolate factory is a winner with our 5 years old. Same with some of the muppet movies. Also, the never ending story.
  4. I’m guessing it’s the source of information.
  5. Yup. I had the exact same conversation with a guy that I grew up with. It was disappointing.
  6. it's a pain, but we talked about how difficult it is for parents who have to continue the education of their older kids. the high school i went to was pretty rigorous, and if i just don't think i could keep up with the same level of intensity at home.
  7. some of them were very disappointing. a lot looked like he was trying to run too early rather than concentrating on the catch. if that is the case, i'd hope it's easy to fix.
  8. It’s the parenting version of cocaine. Depending what you like internet wise, they might be familiar with you already.
  9. instead of a puzzle, i'm going to start putting together the 007 lego aston martin. anyone into that *****?
  10. i like to leave things up to the imagination. we have a schedule for our 5 year old, but my 2 year old son just doesn't stop moving. at this point we're outside with them for hours at a time to wear them out. i'm really not complaining, but give this a couple of more weeks and i'm punching children.
  11. try doing it with a 2 and a 5 year old. i'll be in jail soon.
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