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  1. I always felt wny is a great place If you have a family. If you’re not of that age or it’s not your thing, the entire area is meh. I appreciate Rochester so much more now as I get older. I do have a feeling that I’ll grow to dislike it as I get a lot older though.
  2. i heard lamar jackson only scored 2 points in his pro bowl skills competition. is that true? i'm honestly impressed no one has called anyone a racist yet.
  3. You and my dad should hang out. Every time I see the man he asks me if I’ve seen the Irishman.
  4. i appreciate him. i hope he wins a superbowl, but even if he does, i wonder if it will all be worth it for him.
  5. i was right after that era. the priests could be mean to you, but they wouldn't hit you anymore.
  6. my roommate in college was from westford, but he was the class of 95. i didn't realize it was a wealthy area.
  7. you were a westford gray ghost?!
  8. no one is considering my bedtime here. not a single person.
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