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  1. Did anyone notice that their thumbs up icon is a little pie? That ***** is weird...right?
  2. that's what she said! right guys!?
  3. at least meatheads aren't comparing him to tyrod anymore.
  4. i'm mentally in the 35-40% range...whatever that means.
  5. i think a lot of it is the time of the year too. i don't know about you, but we have stuff going on every day on every weekend from here on out. i'm not saying that's what's keeping me from going to the game on sunday, but december gets tougher for sure. the weather really shouldn't be bad enough to keep people away.
  6. or is the better question why does anyone care?
  7. i'm not sure it works like that. all qb will develop at their own rate. the offense may have been kept more conservative to help allen come along, or maybe allen just wasn't/isn't capable yet.
  8. i didn't. most of what i read said make sure the turkey was empty. now i'm curious if it can be done.
  9. i roll them up and drop them in. stuffing balls. maybe i try a different small animal every week.
  10. he's just not dependable enough for the money he makes. even with a reasonable salary i'm not sure he can be counted on.
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