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  1. Allen is a qb who has shown improvement, but needs to show more. This shouldn’t be very hard.
  2. Yikes. The benefit of doubt you give this the Jets organization is shocking.
  3. there is a definite bills curve involved here.
  4. i'd put him in the b to b+ range right now. it just depends how this year finishes out. if the bills get into the playoffs this year, that will be 2 out of his first 3 years here he's done it, (i'm a wizard at math...i know) and for a bills coach, that's phenomenal.
  5. Out...standing. The only way this could get better was if it was on someone’s face.
  6. my hair is fantastic. only a couple of grays for a guy in his early 40s.
  7. should i admit that i though zay jones could lead the team in tds? should i?
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