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  1. i'm just excited i learned a new word...slapdick. i'm going to use this in conversation with my wife later, but i'm definitely not going to use it properly.
  2. it doesn't make me think at all. ***** this noise.
  3. you're alright bringbackflutie.
  4. oh wow. that would actually change the perspective for me.
  5. this is a great thread. i've always been very intrigued by a tesla. i have a friend that has the large sedan, and it's beautiful to sit inside of. i just can't get myself to commit to an electric car yet, especially a tesla. we have young kids, so a larger car is just easier at this point, but i hate the idea of not having a dealer in our area, (rochester). my understanding, and i could be completely wrong, is that they have to pick it up and take it to buffalo for any service. the bigger question right now may be can you get one? my wife is looking for a new car now, and
  6. maybe that's it. i assume the take out pizza places for the most part use frozen, because they have that chewy texture every single time. i just assumed they were always rubbery, with or without the wing.
  7. this really is the case. i have 2 or 3 places by me that actually cook them to the proper crispiness every time, (other places will do it, but too hit or miss) and that's where we go to get wings. take out wings, no matter how crispy i ask for them, are always rubbery. every single time.
  8. i always loved gabriel's gate wings, but i'm partial because i lived a block up.
  9. and does anyone really ask for a divorce? i think it usually comes off as more of a statement.
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