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  1. did you think pesci was a tough guy in the 90s?
  2. ask him how fresh his sushi is.
  3. this thread is tearing us apart.
  4. loved the games so i was really excited for this series. we just started it last night, and i didn't realize the first episode was so long, so we still have 20 mins left, but man was the episode intense.
  5. There’s a separate flesh wound thread.
  6. Which is still worse than a little dead.
  7. i still have a red replica helmet in my home office. i love that thing.
  8. i can! edit: i just found out the jg wentworth can help me if i'm in trouble with cash flow!
  9. if i remember correctly, oj was off some medications which made his hands swell. apparently it wasn't just the shrinking of the gloves.
  10. it shouldn't. you can be handsome in your own way, but not the michael b jordan kind of a way.
  11. i get spam emails that are more interesting that the news of oj's death.
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