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  1. Not really once in a lifetime...Rich Gannon never excelled until his mid 30's, Patriots wanted to convert him to running back when drafting him. Not the high pick that Plunkett and Rosen were though but to your point, just takes some people longer for their stars to align. I'm sure there are other examples as well.
  2. Actually if you type correctly, they are separated by an entire hand. B is typed with the left hand, M with the right!
  3. Mine says "potential spam." Like you, until recently when my mom passed (at 101) I simply had to take all calls as it might be something important. When I see the potential spam notification I answer "Hello potential spam;" if it is I then say "goodbye actual spam." But there have been two instances when the calls were something important related to my mother.
  4. For me it isn't even close. Since he is the producer I guess you can say he has home field advantage but there's a reason companies sometimes promote from within even though they do due diligence and look outside the company...those that have been with the company for a while know the business. If guest hosting has been the interview, he gets the job.
  5. Um...haven't you ever seen the movie Second String? Though not as noticeable with the current charging buffalo as it was with the standing buffalo, the bills logo is the only one in pro sports which shows genitalia (sorry if this has been mentioned, didn't look through all 5 pages.)
  6. I'm confused...clicked on this thread expecting a simple "would ya" and I get a philosophical debate😕
  7. Eric Washington (Bills D line coach) was his D line coach & D coordinator in Carolina
  8. Banning something like this would not be precedent setting. The escalator clause was a big source of controversy in Will Wolford' contract. Bills would have matched the dollar amount but the escalator portion would have cost a lot more for the Bills than the colts. They were banned following the Wolford contract but it was allowed to stand. From his grave Ralph is still trying to get a draft pick for this one. "Wolford would get the difference between his $2.55 million salary and the salary of his highest-paid offensive teammate, in 1993 and '94, and the team's highest-paid non-qu
  9. His second loss was against a Rochesterian, Willie Monroe. RIP to both.
  10. Even with all that fan abuse, what a gig!
  11. Was busy yesterday so I'm a day late with this one. Anyone living in Rochester remember what you were doing 30 years ago? Chances are you were walking, not driving around. The great ice storm hit 30 years ago yesterday. It was Monday morning, woke up at 6:00 AM in spite of power being out. Called the police department to see if the bay bridge was open so I could get to work (seasonal swing bridge wasn't open until 1998.) Response was "everything's closed sir, stay home." My power was out for 12 days. The guy who took the video in the link below must be absolutely crazy...it was taken with a fu
  12. A few years back there was an add that mentioned several of us know someone who has lived well in to their 90's. When listening to that add my thought was I don't know anyone that hasn't! Dad died 82 days shy of 101. Good lord willing Mom will turn 102 in July. Wouldn't bet against her. To your point about drinking and smoking, Uncle John literally smoked 5 packs a day was the guy that was passed out on the sidewalk after closing. Broke his hip when he was 77, Dr's said his liver and lungs weren't that bad, if he quit drinking and smoking he could make 100, if not he wouldn't live another 5 ye
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