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  1. Mailed my taxes in late March, still haven't received my return. Soon it looks like I'll be getting audited before receiving my return. Maybe these resources should be spent on processing returns instead instead of auditing them.
  2. Thanks, '95 was the one year wonder season I was thinking about, the numbers looked a little lower than I remembered in 93. Then they fell off a bit in 94 and I didn't look at 95. Rookie mistake!
  3. Bills offered Wolford as much money as the Colts, it was the escalator clause they couldn't match. Something along the lines of being paid more than any defensive player and being the second highest paid offensive player. Bills had Smith and Bennett on defense, Thomas, Reed, Kelly on offense. Bills couldn't match those salaries. NFL allowed the clause but no others. Ralph went to his grave being pissed about that one...so will I! Lots of good names, I'll add Bill Brooks. in 93 he had 60 catches, over 700 yards and 5 TD. It was a different era, Kelly had 18 TD passes that year.
  4. Really? You work for a packaging company, it's either corrugated or paperboard.
  5. What did Marv used to say about depth...oh yeah...depth is a great thing, until you have to use it
  6. You can't look at individuals since there have been no repeat champions, you need to look at sponsors. The Rocky Mountain News sponsored 7 winners between 1957 and 2002. Or was this a rhetorical analogy?
  7. Once again it appears I was the only one expecting this to be a "would ya" thread
  8. Not to dwell on the obvious but Ruth would had to have been at least in his 90's to face those guys. All right, went for humor first but editing with a few little known facts about the Babe. Lou Gehrig is the all time Yankee leader in stealing home with 15. Babe is second with 10 (tied for 32nd all time.) Babe held the record for consecutive scoreless innings pitched in world series for 43 years until Whitey Ford broke it (it's since been broken again at least once.) Last Boston Red sox pitcher to have back to back 20 game win seasons was Roger Clemens in 86-87. The last Red Sox pitcher to accomplish the feat before that was Babe Ruth in 16-17. Was a much better trivia question before Clemens won his 20th in 87. 2.28 career ERA is 15th all time
  9. Never understood the Chewbacca defense. It makes no sense.
  10. Haven't read through 4 pages but my shoulder surgeon told me Nolan Ryan would throw a football to warm up to get that pure overhand motion. What's unnatural isn't the pure overhand motion but coming from the side like I did for 40 years of playing softball. Ryan didn't have the surgery even when it was recommended by Dr. Jobe.
  11. re zinc - while it does have some absorption in to the cells on its own, best to take it with quercetin...zinc is the nail, quercetin the hammer if you will re D3 - another good one, my PSA has gone from over 15 to under 4 in the 6 years I've had prostate cancer. Only difference I can put my finger on is taking D3 daily. When first diagnosed the good folks at Roswell wanted me to participate in a vitamin D3 study that would be 9 months actual supplement, 9 months placebo, 3 months nothing in between. I declined the study but took the advice and so far everything has stayed in check without treatment (while not a vital organ, the prostate sure is a useful one and I'm going to keep it as long as possible.) Omega 3-6-9 (commonly found in fish oil, I take a supplement that is a blend of different plants and oils to avoid the dreaded fish burps) can help with cholesterol, especially improving the good.) re C - should probably take daily but do not, only when coming down with something.
  12. Rams traded up to the Bills spot at 8 to get Austin, Bills got EJ, think it was at 15 or 16, then took Kiko with the Rams second round pick and Woods with their own
  13. I like this...Rational and sound planning sounds a lot better than only so much even I could piss away so figured putting it in the retirement plan was as good a place as any for what was left over🙂
  14. It was on tnt. Not sure there will be a replay, better off watching the YouTube highlight replay
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