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  1. You left off Todd Collins (the original heir apparent to Jim Kelly) who carried a clipboard for 15 of his 16 seasons, 4 of which he never saw the field. (apologies if this has been mentioned, didn't wade through 6 pages to check)
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/steelers-lineman-long-time-team-broadcaster-tunch-ilkin-dies-at-63-due-to-als-183621007.html Long time Steelers Lineman and broadcaster, from ALS
  3. Best I've ever had, but I'm from Rochester and never been to the Eagle House Actually closer to 200 according to their world wide website, established 1827. Will give them a try
  4. Not sure what the housing market is like in Buffalo but if the house was in Irondequoit (outside Rochester) you would have above asking price offers before you finished putting the For Sale sign in the ground!
  5. The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum by Robert Ludlum - really enjoyed the first and third, could have done without The Bourne Supremacy...haven't read the more recent Bourne series. The Bobby Lee Swagger trilogy by Stephen Hunter - Point of Impact (movie is Shooter,) Black Light, and Time to Hunt. Hunter later wrote a prequel based on Swagger's father Earl, Hot Springs, which is excellent assuming you like the first three. Also has several stand alone books, my favorite of which is Dirty White Boys.
  6. My old class goes a bit overboard with reunions. We have one mediocre reunion every year with 50ish attending, usually in Durand Park. This year's is next weekend. A few more attending this year as our big five year bash, the 45th, was canceled last year because of Covid. We also have 3-4 smaller get togethers at a local bar every year, usually around 30ish attend. usually around 250-300 for the big 5 year bash. Always make the annual Durand mini, and usually 1-2 of the smaller ones. Seems most of my old GF's have not aged well. The girls I didn't pay much attention to....let's just say Karma's a beach.
  7. Would be interesting to see where they would have ended up after the Ryan/Whaley years. Probably near the bottom, saying they gave Ryan & Whaley way too much freedom to run things, the same reasons they are given high grades now.
  8. Not exactly mop up duty, Collins was injured in the first quarter and Hobert played the rest of the game clueless. Admitted to not studying the playbook on Monday,. released on Wednesday Not really a joke, Brady had the most wins in Buffalo between 2001 and 2019
  9. To quote Dan Gable, "Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts"
  10. Guess I'm getting ornery old age approaches, but why would the Olympic committee allow two gold medals for one event? Rather than go to a jump off when they both missed at the same height, the last two contestants asked if they could both get gold medals. The request was granted. They should have been allowed to both get silver medals, not gold. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2021/08/tokyo-olympics-high-jumpers-share-gold-special-reason
  11. Racing in the Street by Springsteen never charted but is considered by almost everyone that ranks Springsteen songs to be one of if not his very best.
  12. Hey Andy, did you think violent crimes would go down when you started letting criminals go with a DAT?
  13. Stealing Home, a little known Mark Harmon/Jodi Foster movie from the late 80's. At the beginning, Foster's character has committed suicide and left her ashes to Harmon's character to dispose of. The movie is mostly a flashback of their relationship focusing around baseball and summers at the beach as Harmon grows from child through adolescence to adult. Foster is a few years older than Harmon and was his babysitter/mentor. Harmon struggles to find the appropriate way to dispose of the ashes while being pressured by Foster's parents to do something he knows she would not want. While the plot sounds like a tear jerker it really isn't, the sad stuff all happens before the movie starts.
  14. Most of mine are mentioned above, including the OP's. 3 to add: Field of Dreams, Stealing Home (No baseball fans here? Not surprised no one has mentioned Stealing Home but no mention of Field of Dreams?!?) And one way more recent, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Ending is hilarious (as is really the whole movie!)
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