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  1. Well, Paradise has already been linked, Clay Pigeons hasn't, guess that's what I'll go with Never realized Roger Ebert discovered him until today. Been listening to his music all day. RIP. https://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/The-312/October-2012/How-Roger-Ebert-Discovered-John-Prine/
  2. Alice's Restaurant True story by the way https://calendar.songfacts.com/november/26/19226
  3. Focusing strictly on the 90's, from 92-96 the Bills had 7 second round picks (3 in 94 because of compensatory picks.) Every one was a bust, Friggin' Lonnie was the best of the bunch. Parella did have a decent career for the San Diego but was a bust for the Bills. Bucky Brooks has had a decent career as an NFL analyst.
  4. RIP. Walmart is using Lean on Me in their latest add. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0av0vsoBf8M
  5. I've been cutting my own hair for years.1/4 inch all around, usually do it twice a week. Own a condo. Guess what a lot of people in my building are doing for haircuts now? 1/4 inch all around. There is no haircut so bad that a week won't fix it.
  6. In "The four falls of Buffalo," Kenneth Davis says it was the Apache helicopters flying over the stadium that blew the kick to the right. Marv Levy goes on to say the it was the first time he'd heard that one.
  7. What do oranges have a lot of (often removed from juice?) What are two types of books?
  8. Here's my attempt to add to the list, didn't see it in the OP 🍊📕
  9. I was doing a co-op job in Austin, Texas at the time. Watched the game with someone in my apartment complex who was from Buffalo. 25th anniversary Buffalo Bills poster went up in my office the next morning. Co-workers were not amused. Most didn't bother watching as they already had the game marked down in the win column.
  10. One of my all time favorites. Mentioned on the Joe Diffie thread that he's beaten cancer twice, not sure how much fight he has left for this.
  11. At least there was no mention of wide right
  12. Prine's a two time cancer survivor. Would really suck to survive that only to have COVID-19 get him. RIP Joe. Prayers to John.
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