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  1. And take Kamala with you. Otherwise, be careful what you ask for.
  2. You do understand the difference between deficit and debt? Expected deficit for 2022 is 1.15 trillion. That's trillion with a T. Most of any non-pandemic year. At least according to Joe the pandemic is over.
  3. Great Punter, Great quarterback, great defensive back. Yet, what he is most remembered for is his comment to a sports writer after the Redskins lost to the Bears 73-0 in the 1940 title game. After the Bears opening scoring drive, the Redskins were about to tie the game when a receiver dropped a sure TD pass on third down, followed by a missed field goal. A writer asked Baugh if the game might have had a different outcome had Malone not dropped the pass. Baugh replied sure, we would have lost 73-7.
  4. Certainly the incident was a setback of monumental proportions but his live was not ruined. Don't know if it cost him millions or not, but he did make millions from football and presumably more on the doc. Also has a beautiful wife, daughter, and son on the way.
  5. On a serious note, with winter approaching, here is a simple method to convert your lawn mower to a snow blower. BUY HER A SHOVEL
  6. No shortage of Bills bars in Rochester. I watch away games from Silk O'loughlin's, very north end of St Paul Blvd in Irondequoit. Owner and many locals big Bills fans, his brother is a big Dolphins fan. Keeps things interesting. They get all the games so fans of all teams welcome. Watch home games from the 300 level so won't be there Sunday. https://silkoloughlins.com/
  7. Letitia James, continues to claim we need MORE DATA A local radio host a couple months ago likened this to telling someone to keep their hands on the top stove longer, you're getting burned because you're not leaving your hand on long enough. What's that Irv says...oh yeah...what a mess.
  8. It's all in the delivery. Want to make drifting, living on handouts, getting stoned sound good? Go to 16:40 of this clip from Taxi.
  9. Well, I'm not a tech guy so can't help you with the video, never heard of Osteen, so can't speak to his blinking. As to the part of getting rich from preaching, I don't even know if that's wrong. But Luke, Matthew, and John all have references in their books as Jesus saying (depending on what translation is used) "And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."
  10. Here in Rochester there's a local radio show where they count the "McLies" when McD speaks.
  11. Not getting involved in the whole Hydroxychloroquine debate, just an fyi quercetin really helps with the absorption of zinc in to the cells as well as having some antiviral properties of it's own. Zinc is the nail, quercetin the hammer analogy.
  12. Make that 52 out of 135...38.5%. That's almost a third!
  13. As others have said it's the price of success. On another note, being in the spotlight so often should help if we make the playoffs as preparation for the non-traditional times of playoff games won't be foreign to the team.
  14. According to the article they were "...his appointees include a record number of women and racial and ethnic minorities, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of data from the Federal Judicial Center." Boggles my mind how those that accuse others of racism/sexism etc don't view giving favoritism to people based on their ethnicity/sex as racist/sexist.
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