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  1. People actually buy those new fangled gizmos? What a waste of money. Trust me, they'll never catch on. Whoever owns one probably owns an 8-track as well.
  2. I'd replace candy land with stratego and leave the rest of the list as is. As to Bills games... 5) Monday night vs Dallas, 2007. Lost the game but the first 59 plus minutes were great. 4) First home playoff game at what is now New Era field vs Houston, New Year's day 1989 3) 2011 Bills vs Patriots streak ender 2) September 30 1990 vs Broncos. Down 21-9 in the fourth quarter, Denver attempting a 30 chip shot field goal to put the game out of reach (no 2 point conversion back then.) I was standing in the tunnel about to make a B-line for the exit if the kick was good. Bennett blocks and returns 80 yards for TD. Followed quickly by a Leonard Smith pick-6. In my opinion the block turned the season around and started the Bills AFC dominance. 1) Seriously, no love for the comeback? 2-5 on the list could be in any order, number one not even a close call.
  3. Kind of liked her speech. Gave credit by name to those that had a positive influence. Didn't mention names of those that she blasted, just pointed out that she also learned some valuable life lessons from them.
  4. all 100 on the list have one thing in common. They're all making some guy miserable😉
  5. 9 year career, not bad for a sixth round pick in a league where the average career is 3.3 or 6 years (depending on if you ask the NFLPAor NFL.) Best of luck Arthur!
  6. Saying that was he was attempting to bunt is like saying he attempted to catch passes. It was a great bunt that would have made Rod Carew envious.
  7. A lot of those comments were just plain rude. I don't do twitter. Can't he delete posts, or tweets, or whatever they are called?
  8. Of course it's okay. I'm sure I've repeated myself in more than one thread on more than one occasion.
  9. 😉You said pretty much the exact same thing in my thread about having both knees done at the same time a few months ago.
  10. Steve O


    Really? You post this right after my rant about your and you're being used interchangeably? Ahhhhhh
  11. Steve O


    1) At my golf course we have a local rule entitling the player to relief from French drains. How am I supposed to know which drains were made in France and which were made in the US? And why am I not entitled to relief from the drains made in the US? 2) People who don't cover their mouths when they yawn. 3) People who use your and you're interchangeably. They have totally different meanings. 4) People who say something is very unique. If something is unique it is by definition one of a kind, no need to quantify how unique it is. Let's face it, bad grammar in general annoys me.
  12. In favor of drafting running backs in the first round, it is the position most likely to have immediate impact on the field, in part because there is so many fewer new things to learn than other positions. In defense of Bills fans (including my own) disgust with drafting them in round 1, look at the Bills history with them. Neither Spiller nor Lynch could beat out Freddie, a UDFA. McGahee couldn't beat out Travis Henry. Going back further, Antowain Smith was a disappointment, many pulling for him to be replaced by late (7th?) round pick Darrick Holmes. Ronnie Harmon was replaced by a second round pick. Booker Moore, for good reason I should add, never panned out. Terry Miller was replaced by a second round pick in Cribbs. That OJ guy turned out OK, at least for the Bills.
  13. Not that I mind getting hooked up, but I'm friends with the owners of the bars I patronize and don't want to see them go out of business because their employees are looking for a quick buck. It's not like bar ownership is a gold mind. Also, my brother owns a bar. He's there every day so this rarely happens to him.
  14. Actually I've never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm, but will watch this episode tonight. But from what I've seen watching replays, Wilson was going to be safe not matter what. There's no way Buckner would have beaten Wilson to the bag, Stanley was nowhere in the picture, and even if he had been Wilson would have beaten the throw. Anyways RIP Bill.
  15. I don't mind tipping $1-$2 a drink. What I don't like is when I go to a place, start a tab, have several beers, and only get charged for half of them. I mean if someone is having 3 or more drinks they are probably entitled to one on the house. But it's tough to run a business when the profits are given away in the hopes of a big tip. Which admittedly I give, often upwards of 100% when this happens, which probably makes me part of the problem. And while we're ranting, when did "no problem" replace "you're welcome" as the proper response to a thank you? Nothing irks me more than thanking the wait staff and being told it was not a problem. I wasn't expecting it to be a problem, it's their effing job! Okay, there's probably a lot that irks me more that that, but I find it really annoying. Does anyone else?
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