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  1. The Al Edwards line is misleading. Beebe was far from a star in 1990, starting only 4 games and was 6th on the team in receiving yards. Also he broke his leg in the last regular season game and did not play at all during the playoffs, which did not slow the team down in the conference playoffs. It would have been nice to have the Smith brothers in the other two playoff games mentioned (yes I know they're not really brothers.)
  2. Does not make you a bad person at all. If anything, he's being incredibly presumptuous to think helping him is not an inconvenience to others. As Poojer said, he should bring someone with him, either that or hire a personal trainer. There's a guy in a wheelchair at my gym, asked him a couple times if he needed a hand but he keeps saying he's fine so I stopped offering. My bad person thing...have a friend that's 15 years younger than me. His brother was my best friend growing up (died 17 years ago.) Lives down the street from my mother...my 100 year old mother. My mother's probably in better shape than him. Help him put on/take off his compression socks. Take his garbage out. Whatever else he needs around the house. Draw the line at shopping. I hate shopping. He seems to think that if I'm going to Wegman's or BJ's anyways, it isn't an inconvenience for me to shop for him. I already shop for Mom and me, and have to fill in for her aides whenever one is sick or late or whatever (still lives in my childhood home, 24/7 care required.) He has 3 sisters living in town, says they don't mind shopping for him but he hates to inconvenience them. Doesn't seem to have a problem inconveniencing me though. At any rate, now whenever he asks I tell him not sure when I'm shopping again. Am I a bad person for not doing more? Probably. But I really hate shopping.
  3. Know it is frustrating, but there will come a time not too long from now when you will miss those middle of the night wake up calls. One other thing, vets usually have a back exit for crying pet owners who have just put their pet down to leave from.
  4. I've had to put down two dogs. Both times they no longer had any quality and were in pain. Knowing it was the right thing to do didn't stop me from crying. Once the myositis starts causing him pain it's time to put him down. Don't think it will be long. You've already gone way above and beyond, caring for a blind dog for four years. Won't be easy but it's the right thing to do.
  5. First, let me help you both get over this one. When the USFL was folding it was widely rumored that Kelly would end up in Oakland Los Angeles. When asked about that possibility, Al Davis responded there was no way it would happen, Ralph still hadn't forgiven him for Darryl Lamonica. So, Kelly may never have ended up a Bill had it not been for this trade. 2 thoughts on the original topic 1) At least we've finally moved on from passing on Brady 5 times 2) 9 other teams passed on Mahomes as well. How do you think they feel in Chicago, trading up to draft Trubisky?
  6. Agreed. Not sure if it was due to the Bills putting in a claim for McLaughlin, or if he finally recovered from Anderson's cheap shot late last season (maybe a little of both,) but he was back to being "Hausch Money" the last few games.
  7. 6 direct quotes as well as a few other reply's directly related to this, but not one "He's really not a punt returner, he's a punt catcher"
  8. Does this kind of thing happen often on airplanes? I don't fly, but may have to reconsider...
  9. Hope he gets the Giants gig...rather have him in the NFC.
  10. Steve Little was also drafted in the first round to be both punter and place kicker, however he didn't do very well at either as a pro. He and Erxleben co-hold the NCAA record long field goal at 67 yards. Erxleben was released from prison in July and is available now. Little is dead.
  11. I've gotten out of two tickets when I was totally in the wrong First time: 20 years ago, playing volleyball in a bad section of town (Flint street in Rochester,) mid-February. Missed a light by a few seconds, long light. Stopped and looked around, nothing around but some headlights on in a parked car. Knew from experience it was a long light so decided to run it. Sure enough the headlights were a cop. Pulled me over. Rolled the window down and put my hands and arms out of the window. Cop: you know you just ran a red light. Me: yes officer. Cop: Why did you run the light. Me: It's a 3 minute light red light officer, didn't see anyone around. Cop: Don't you have 3 minutes? Me: Not in this section of town officer. Cop: What are you doing in this section of t own? Me: I play volleyball down the street officer. (shorts and knee pads still on, cop realized I wasn't there for a drug buy.) Cop: Well Steve, stopping at red lights is a law. You can't just come in to this section of town and decide you aren't going to obey the law. You should probably find a different section of town to play volleyball in. Me: I think that's a very good idea officer. Cop: Go on, get out of here. Me: Thank you officer, have a nice evening. Finished out the season but never went back after that. Second time, going 75 in a 55 on my way to work Monday morning. Cop pulled me over. Once again, rolled down the window, put my hands and arms out of it. Cop took license and registration, called back to the station, came back, let me go with a lecture and a warning. Last thing he said was "Slow down, 75's too damn fast!" Now I go 4-5 miles over the speed limit and hit the cruise control. Took a year for my heart to stop palpating every time I saw a cop. Moral of the story is let the cop know he isn't in danger and be respectful. Probably doesn't hurt to be middle aged (in my 40's both times.) If the cop is giving you a lecture, listen and agree, you're probably no going to get both a lecture and a ticket.
  12. In 47 Ratterman's 22 TD passes set the rookie record for touchdown passes by a professional that stood until Peyton Manning broke it in 98.
  13. T this will take the humbug out of my bah humbug
  14. I remember listening to the end of the Jets/Rams game in the Hammer lot and saying that we could be so psyched right now as the Rams kicked the winning field goal in overtime. Oh well...
  15. Best to plan on staying a couple hours after the game unless you want to wait in traffic. Then again this game is a bit of an outlier, meaningless for the Bills, things might start clearing out earlier than normal. Plus I head east, if you're heading west things might be smoother if you head west when you get to Big Tree/20A. I usually leave from across the street around 6:00 or 6:30, there will still be a few cars at Hammer's.
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