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  1. Sounds like your issue is mental not technical. As the saying goes, golf is 90% mental, 10% psychological. Hundreds of books on the mental game, read one if you haven't. Only other advice I can give you is worry about your next shot, not your last one (kind of like life itself,it's a game of what's ahead of you, not what's behind you. ) I have a feeling once you break 90 the flood gates will open and you'll be shooting low 80s regularly, and it won't take you nearly as long to break 80 as it did to break 90. Search out this thread next summer and let me know when that happens!
  2. If you're driving 250+ you should be a single digit handicap. I drive 200 mid summer when there's roll, usually 180-190. On a 6,000 yard course I still hope to break 90 when I stand on the first tee, though admittedly I'm disappointed more often than not on the 18th tee when it's obvious 90 isn't in play. Watch a few youtube videos, if that doesn't work take a lesson.
  3. Mods please move this to Tailgait Central🙃
  4. Fun fact, Phil Mickelson aka Lefty is right handed, the only thing he does left handed is golf. Growing up his father and he would face each other, Phil would mirror what his father was doing.
  5. You can ground the club in a penalty area now (formerly know as a hazard,) however you still can't ground a club in a sand trap aka bunker. It's fine to do it in your mutually agreed upon soft rules, but don't do it in official events like an invitational tournament. You can however remove loose impediments in bunkers, which wasn't allowed prior to 2019.
  6. Both my parents did. I'm hoping longevity skips a generation.
  7. Didn't read through 4 pages so apologies if someone has already said this...was telling people all last week that the fans needed the bye week every bit as much as the players. The Sunday/Monday/Thursday nite games combined with the way the Denver and Philly games ended has me mentally exhausted. Hitting that deer on the way back from the Tampa Bay game didn't help either.
  8. It's actually based on only one technicality. The 2006 requirements for a planet were: It orbits around the sun It has sufficient mass so that it becomes a nearly round shape It has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit Pluto meets the first two. Re the third one, to quote Augie above, "No, I don’t know what that means either. 🤷‍♂️" But you can be sure that if someone had told Pluto in 1930 that he had to clear the neighborhood to be a planet, he would have done it!
  9. I think there might be more to their problems than an empty coffee pot.
  10. Probably the pole just in front of the stands in this old photo of Braves field (subsequently Boston University and then Nickerson field). In the video of my above post you can see it more clearly than in the original post. I'm also struggling inserting links in to posts!!
  11. http://www.bahistory.org/BravesField_Lo.jpghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPbSgGgL3X0 Patriots played at Boston University Field, formerly Braves Field. I think it's the pole shown at 25:15 of the video of the 1960 Patriots season. Looks to be at the side of the field.
  12. I was thinking a little variation on this. Just have the middle open up and let let Hurts run through for 4 or 5 yards and hit him hard from the side. Make them think twice about running it again. The rule change allowing runner to be pushed from behind never should have been made. How the hell does it improve player safety to let a runner have 300+ pound linemen push him from the front and back.
  13. First guy on the scene just got to my brother's place, said 12 cylinder Bentley motor on the ground, no way it was an accident. I have no idea what that means.
  14. I'll let him know you like it...he's very proud of it. ?My brother's text says car was coming from US...
  15. My brother's bar is 2 blocks away, he says firefighters on scene say probable electrical failure in car, not a bomb.
  16. Flo makes $2,000,000 a year doing those
  17. Little doubt there's room for improvement but how would we know? First step is to start enforcing our immigration laws. After that we can go about seeing what's working and what can be improved by changing them.
  18. yesterday may have been the smoothest trip home I've had in the 50 years I've been going to games.
  19. Must have been an end of the rack that caught the bottom corner of the windshield, front door was dented but would open, back door wouldn't even open, and there was a piece of his tail left on the tail light. Friggin thing still ran off after all that. Bet he had one hell of a headache though. Guessing he probably died at some point but he got away from the accident.
  20. For me the one positive of a so-so season is hopefully not having so many prime time games next year. Driving back to Rochester after Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nite games is becoming more of a chore than a pleasure, the next two 4:25 games aren't so great either. We hit a deer on the way back from the Bucs game (testament to Honda that we were able to drive it the last 60 miles, insurance company totaled my buddy's car.) Hope the Dallas game doesn't get flexed. The away games have been filled with prime time as well. Guess that's the price of success, but I do miss the routine of the steady diet of 1:00 o'clock games during the drought!
  21. Here's one that that almost made the list. 3 weeks ago, under 10 minutes left in the game, up 24-10 against the Bucs and people are leaving the game in droves. I'm shouting "what is it about being a Bills fan makes you think this game is over?" Thankfully the last pass fell harmlessly to the ground or we'd have to add "Hail Mayfield" to the list.
  22. re women living longer - Women have always had a longer life expectancy, at least since that data has been collected. Honestly they're just stronger. Why do you think God chose them to bear children. re other countries have longer life expectancies - With all the fast and processed food we consume in this country combined with sedentary jobs and lifestyles it would be a surprise if other countries didn't have longer life expectancies.
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