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  1. It's all in the delivery. Want to make drifting, living on handouts, getting stoned sound good? Go to 16:40 of this clip from Taxi.
  2. Well, I'm not a tech guy so can't help you with the video, never heard of Osteen, so can't speak to his blinking. As to the part of getting rich from preaching, I don't even know if that's wrong. But Luke, Matthew, and John all have references in their books as Jesus saying (depending on what translation is used) "And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."
  3. Here in Rochester there's a local radio show where they count the "McLies" when McD speaks.
  4. Not getting involved in the whole Hydroxychloroquine debate, just an fyi quercetin really helps with the absorption of zinc in to the cells as well as having some antiviral properties of it's own. Zinc is the nail, quercetin the hammer analogy.
  5. Make that 52 out of 135...38.5%. That's almost a third!
  6. As others have said it's the price of success. On another note, being in the spotlight so often should help if we make the playoffs as preparation for the non-traditional times of playoff games won't be foreign to the team.
  7. According to the article they were "...his appointees include a record number of women and racial and ethnic minorities, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of data from the Federal Judicial Center." Boggles my mind how those that accuse others of racism/sexism etc don't view giving favoritism to people based on their ethnicity/sex as racist/sexist.
  8. Yep...There's a reason Adam Linger played for 13 seasons. Said that one snap stands out in his mind, the game winner in the comeback game. Given the conditions he knew he had to keep it low.
  9. Don't know about week 1, but in 2018 almost 65% of those that survived the first two weeks bet on 1-0-1 Minnesota at home against the 0-2 Bills. https://sports.yahoo.com/bills-win-vikings-largest-nfl-upset-since-1992-wrecks-survivor-pools-everywhere-211650719.html "It was the biggest upset the NFL has seen in 26 years." "The game wrecked survivor pools across the country. Congratulations if you’re among the 35.59 percent of pool players who didn’t choose the Vikings this week."
  10. Obviously has to start getting her first serve in if she's going to crack the top 5. Only saw the second half of the second set but the rest of her game was solid. Shouldn't lose in straight sets when breaking six times. Don't think her age is that big of a thing, tennis doesn't beat on the body like football. Seems like she's very aware of nutrition science.
  11. Interview here with YF (no idea who YF is) talking late peak, state of tennis post Serena, Bills, etc. https://finance.yahoo.com/video/tennis-star-jessica-pegula-talks-210812431.html
  12. He's had a bad couple of days. Beat the Rams no one will remember.
  13. So, if it "Doesn't have to be fine dining or anything" (your words, not mine) I'll suggest The Craft Kitchen and Bar, corner of Third and Ferry...223 Ferry Ave is the actual address. Owner and his GF are big time Bills/Sabres fans, season ticket holders. If you stop by before Monday he might invite you to his game day tailgate party which is across the street from Hammer's. Best pizza in Niagra Falls. Full disclosure, owner is my brother so I might be a bit biased.
  14. Are you suggesting that there are better uses for tax dollars than making line dancing, Star Trek, and Gilligan's Island parity videos? Don't you know how important team building is?
  15. So one of the big things in the inflation reduction act is increasing the size of the IRS to try to reclaim missed taxes. Wouldn't it make more sense to implement a consumption tax and decrease the size of the IRS? Avoid all those federal salaries and health care policies. This would tax those that have income from alternative means, no loopholes for the rich. Japan has had a consumption tax for over 30 years, a lot of growing pains could be avoided studying that history.
  16. Mailed my taxes in late March, still haven't received my return. Soon it looks like I'll be getting audited before receiving my return. Maybe these resources should be spent on processing returns instead instead of auditing them.
  17. Thanks, '95 was the one year wonder season I was thinking about, the numbers looked a little lower than I remembered in 93. Then they fell off a bit in 94 and I didn't look at 95. Rookie mistake!
  18. Bills offered Wolford as much money as the Colts, it was the escalator clause they couldn't match. Something along the lines of being paid more than any defensive player and being the second highest paid offensive player. Bills had Smith and Bennett on defense, Thomas, Reed, Kelly on offense. Bills couldn't match those salaries. NFL allowed the clause but no others. Ralph went to his grave being pissed about that one...so will I! Lots of good names, I'll add Bill Brooks. in 93 he had 60 catches, over 700 yards and 5 TD. It was a different era, Kelly had 18 TD passes that year.
  19. Really? You work for a packaging company, it's either corrugated or paperboard.
  20. What did Marv used to say about depth...oh yeah...depth is a great thing, until you have to use it
  21. You can't look at individuals since there have been no repeat champions, you need to look at sponsors. The Rocky Mountain News sponsored 7 winners between 1957 and 2002. Or was this a rhetorical analogy?
  22. Once again it appears I was the only one expecting this to be a "would ya" thread
  23. Not to dwell on the obvious but Ruth would had to have been at least in his 90's to face those guys. All right, went for humor first but editing with a few little known facts about the Babe. Lou Gehrig is the all time Yankee leader in stealing home with 15. Babe is second with 10 (tied for 32nd all time.) Babe held the record for consecutive scoreless innings pitched in world series for 43 years until Whitey Ford broke it (it's since been broken again at least once.) Last Boston Red sox pitcher to have back to back 20 game win seasons was Roger Clemens in 86-87. The last Red Sox pitcher to accomplish the feat before that was Babe Ruth in 16-17. Was a much better trivia question before Clemens won his 20th in 87. 2.28 career ERA is 15th all time
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