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  1. Don't get me started. Both my parents were golfing at 92. 3 more average years, more than the sum of their parts, Dad sharp as a tack, Mom healthy as a race horse. Overnight Dad had a moderate stroke, they became not twice the problem but the problem squared. Dad died at 100 years, 283 days. Mom turned 101 11 days ago.
  2. The reviews I read were all positive. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so not much risk from that end.
  3. My thoughts as well. Once again I won't be voting for anyone that finishes in the top two.
  4. Have to agree, next couple weeks will tell for sure. Personally I think anyone who thinks there will be a season is setting themselves up for disappointment. Training camps open next week. Once there is an outbreak or two it will shut down quick. Look at what the PGA tour did. At the beginning of day 1 of The Players Championship they were going to play that tournament with fans and the rest of the season without. Later that day it was decided the tournament would finish without fans for the final 3 days, then tour play would stop for 3 weeks until the week before the Masters. Before the end of the day the season was put on hold until further notice. Those that finished the round received some sort of monetary prize, those that didn't received nothing. Hope I'm wrong but I see things coming to a halt that quickly for football. We'll know soon.
  5. What the heck. Now have to order food with alcohol, can't go to a bar just for a drink. Um, note to the governor...many bars sell food as as an extra, they make their money on drinks. https://www.wktv.com/content/news/Cuomo-Customers-must-order-food-with-alcohol-at-restaurants-bars-571791091.html "If you're not eating a meal and you're just drinking, then it's just an outdoor bar and people are mingling and they're not isolated at individual tables, and that's what we're seeing," said Cuomo. "Also, no walk-up bar service - all service at bar tops must be only for seated patrons who are socially distanced by six feet."
  6. Timing was perfect, first the PSA, followed 53 days later by the first win over Miami in a decade and a 5-0 start to the season. Catchy tune fit in perfectly with the resurgence of the team to above mediocrity if not its former glory days.
  7. Couldn't find a still shot but at exactly 2:07:00 of this WE'RE BACK DEAL WITH IT AMERICA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlHUNTV13UY
  8. Hard to believe it was 6 pages until this one came up. Oh well, there goes my contribution. Guess I'll go with "whoever said it's 'not whether you win or lose that counts' probably lost." Martina Navratilova
  9. Some players have no motorcycle clauses, some no snowboarding in their contracts. Beane will have to put a "no back flips" clause in Josh's next contract.
  10. Bill O Dan O John O Billy T Dave G First 3 are my brothers, last 2 my "brothers from different mothers." Fortunately it happens often with the last two, only a few times a year with the first three.
  11. Rochester and Monroe county in State of emergency as well, 9:00 PM curfew until 6:00 AM
  12. into a dancer you have grown from a seed somebody else has thrown go on ahead and throw some seeds of your own and somewhere between the time you arrive and the time you go may lie a reason you were alive but you'll never know
  13. Ha, my nephew Josh is 36 today. According to Wiki Josh A's birthday is May 21, not the 20th. Anyways I hope they both have great days! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_Allen_(quarterback)
  14. From the above about Quinton Dunbar - "Shortly before the warrant for his arrest was issued Thursday, he held a 15-minute introductory teleconference call and told Seattle reporters: "You just want to feel wanted at the end of the day. ... I just hope to repay them with the way I carry myself as a person.""
  15. At least in the Rochester area towns are giving away masks. The giveaway ran smooth as silk in my town, in and out of the town hall in five minutes without ever leaving the car, only stopped for a few seconds while the chief of police tossed a pack of 25 in to an open window. I've read where another town had an hour wait for 6 masks.
  16. I went to Potsdam U in Potsdam. 4 seasons...early winter, middle winter, late winter, and the 4th of July. Let me guess, you had a friend freshman year that flunked out of Clarkson, went to Potsdam, and raised the IQ of both schools.
  17. Did not read through three pages to see if anyone answered this. It happened in the Panthers vs Saints last year with the score tied. Original call of no PI vs New Orleans was overturned. Think the NFL was trying to send a message to New Orleans? Did not read through three pages to see if anyone answered this. It happened in the Panthers vs Saints last year with the score tied. Original call of no PI vs New Orleans was overturned. Think the NFL was trying to send a message to New Orleans?
  18. Tickets to the game, $200 Parking, $20 Beer, food, drinks for the kids, $50 Watching Jimmy Johnson wig out, priceless! RIP coach Shula.
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