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  1. I don't know what he said privately, but publicly he was classy when leaving... https://buffalonews.com/2017/11/01/marcell-dareus-letter-to-buffalo-i-want-to-thank-the-amazing-buffalo-fans/
  2. RIP Here's a link to his tumblr page for anyone interested https://buffalobillsphotos.tumblr.com/
  3. So you're saying Whaley was right
  4. For the next decade or so we'll need to find a way to get past Jackson and/or Mahomes to make it to the Super Bowl. If he runs a 4.3 he can be used as the spy.
  5. Didn't read the entire thread, apologize if this has already been posted https://www.gq.com/story/everson-griffen-mental-health
  6. You actually may have a point. Article says the husband has been to at least 150 games. He would know this isn't exactly atypical behavior, that incidents like this happen at almost every game. Might not exonerate liability completely, but might lower the judgement if there is one.
  7. I once heard a fairly famous personality asked what his favorite golf course was. His response was that you had to take Augusta National out of the conversation because nothing else compares to it. In that same mentality I think you need to take Freddie out of this conversation as he is loved by so many here. With that in mind, I agree with those that picked Aaron Schobel.
  8. Would love to get what we gave up to trade up to 22 for Losman. 2 and 5 this year and that 1st round pick next year. If Herbert or Love are still there maybe someone will take the deal and I can finally let that trade go.
  9. There were several Philip Rivers in 83. Next QB after Elway was Todd Blackledge at 7, some guy named Jim Kelly went at 14, then Tony Eason at 15. Marino went at 27 shortly after O'Brien. What Elway had for leverage along with baseball was the USFL option.
  10. You had plastic bags!?? Had to carry my books in my arms.
  11. No one could have imagined this 50 years ago....oh wait, maybe Rod Serling.
  12. Guess I misinterpreted what you were trying to say. Thought you were adding him to the list of Clemson busts when your point was not all Clemson receivers taken in round 1 were busts. My apologies.
  13. No way Butler was a whiff. Averaged over 800 yards a year under ground Chuck (interpolating the strike shortened 82 season to 16 games.) ROY in 79, first team all pro in 80. Knee injury in 83 really slowed him down (missed half of 83 and all of 84.) Still, almost 800 yards on a 2-14 85 team, held on to the TD pass that resulted in career ending injury in 86. Buffalo Rumblings had him on the Bills' 50 man all time team (in 2009, probably wouldn't make it now.)
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