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  1. Reminds me of an old polish saying...If your horse has a broken leg, you can soot the horse, but that won't fix the leg.
  2. Weird. Allmusic.com has his birth date as 3/23/49. https://www.allmusic.com/artist/ric-ocasek-mn0000889097/biography Wiki has it as 3/23/44 and has him graduating from Maple Heights HS in 1963 which would mean 75 is more likely. However, if you go to Maple Heights HS Wiki page it shows him as a notable alumni and a 1968 graduate, making 70 more likely. "Ric Ocasek – lead singer of The Cars, a 1968 graduate..." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maple_Heights_High_School
  3. Do the math...born in 49, he was 70.
  4. Accused of DV https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2838757-bills-tyrel-dodson-arrested-accused-of-domestic-violence-against-girlfriend
  5. Though it has many drawbacks, there are some appealing things about that lifestyle. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090329/mediaviewer/rm2358739200?ft0=name&fv0=nm0000534&ft1=image_type&fv1=still_frame
  6. Careful what you wish for my friend. I've seen 100, not sure I want to make it. 7 years ago I didn't know what hoyer lifts, catheters, or UTI's were, let alone the difference between chucks and briefs. Mom still has quality though, as you say, decent health is the key. 95 would have been just fine for Dad, last 5 years of his life aged me 25.
  7. This thread was six pages long when I looked at it, was expecting to see six pages of just these two pictures
  8. Dad died following the Monday nite game vs New England last year, was still tailgaiting when I got the call. 82 days shy of 101. Mom turned 100 in July. I remember one of the guests at her birthday party saying it was the first 100th birthday party he had ever attended. Told him it was the second one I had hosted.
  9. My brother lives in Asheville, have friends in Cary NC (Cary = containment area for relocated yankees according to the locals.) Asheville consistently 8-10 degrees cooler in the summer which makes it livable to go outside. Parking in the city sucks. Micro-brew heaven if you like that. Plenty of local culture if not national. Heard something on the radio probably 15 years ago about the cities with the happiest women in the US. Asheville was one of the three mentioned.
  10. This is the first one that came to mind for me...exact same place in the movie. My girlfriend at the time was very upset when I chugged the last half of a beer during the dying scene of Terms of Endearment. Guess I should have used a glass so she wouldn't have heard it.
  11. The Craft in Niagara Falls will be opening early Sunday. Food and drink specials starting at 10:00 AM. 223 Ferry st, corner of 3rd and Ferry. The owner does the parking at the corner of Glenn and Abbott, across the street from Hammer's. Red Zone will be on for all you fantasy football players.
  12. If you can consume beer while playing and it actually improves your skill level (up to a point,) it is an activity. If you wait until completion to consume beer, it's a sport.
  13. You're gonna need a bigger boat
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