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  1. They paid the Clinton's to whack him. They're really good at that.
  2. Are you sure? I have Spectrum in Rochester. It's not on anymore.
  3. I was at the prison and I saw the dude kill him with my own eyes.
  4. If you think name calling bothers me, you're wrong. Get your head out of the sand. And Epstein's death was suicide. Right.
  5. Demented Biden, at the direction of Third Term Obammy and, with training from the Clinton Foundation, had this guy whacked to justify the money going to Ukraine. So obvious. What a mess.
  6. Another botch job by Demented Biden and Third Term Obammy. What a mess.
  7. I knew you were dumb. Just not that dumb. The Ukraine-Russia war is all on Demented Biden/Third Term Obammy. They were formulating plans for Juan's right abort post-delivery, cutting down border fences, abolishing cash bail, blaming car theft on automakers, and developing new pronouns for he/it/she/her/they psychopaths. All while Russia took Crimea easy as they pleased. The precedent was sent by these two idiots. What a mess.
  8. Taking advice from a violent psychopath. Genius. This was a gang related shooting. No more. No less. What a mess.
  9. Another botch job by Demented Biden and Third Term Obammy. This is what happens when you focus on Peter's right to third term abortion, elimination of borders, and pronouns for mentally and morally bankrupt transgenders. What a mess.
  10. Get well soon. My Momma didn't raise no dummy. I dug her rap.
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