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  1. Tyrod doesn't turn the ball over enough. It's his biggest weakness. Sincerely, Jameis
  2. Wait here. I need a minute to gouge my eyes out.
  3. Frankly I think Rogers was a no good, rotten, washed up, fork tongue, black hearted, double dealing, backstabbing, alci bum
  4. Only one way to find out!
  5. Now that I don't go into work anymore due to the virus, I'm thinking about running the hockey playoff beard until it's over. Hoping not to look like Rumpelstiltskin. Not sure if I spelled that right. Who's with me?
  6. The free agency period has taken my mind off the virus. It's been really great. Thank you.
  7. Agree. Dude was almost in a wheelchair. Proud of that guy for coming back. He earned it.
  8. I read that Pennsylvania closed the state run liquor stores. Kind of has me scratching my head. Chinese Wuhan Virus should be power slammed through a burning table.
  9. Irv

    Name This Person

    Think space television
  10. Irv

    Name This Person

    No. But good try. Think television more than film. Chyna? Joanie Lauer?
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