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  1. Shoulda taken them to the Bus and Limo lot. At least somebody can say they went there this year.
  2. Can't remember him ever making a big play. I would cut him after camp. If you don't cut him then I'd offer $25K per year and two autographed Zay Jones frying pans. Maybe the Jills could use him. Another Whaley blunder.
  3. Zay stole my panther pendant. But he dropped it on the way out. Bam!
  4. Personally, I think the Wall should include inanimate objects: Slippery Mat Beast Mode's Front Fender Dareus' Bong Thurman's Helmet Karlos William's Taco Bell Eat-For-Free Card Shady's Champagne Bottle
  5. On extra points - start walking off the field prior to the kick. Hissy punch other players. Throw water on the head of the baseball announcer. Oh. And stay classy!
  6. I really can't think of one. Maybe it's a sign of the prior years purges and the team sucked last year, but I think we have a GM that knows what he is doing.
  7. Bloody good news. Perry is a slashing runner. If he doesn't get cut, the jersey should fit like a glove. If he does, he can always go to Denver and be a Bronco. Either way, it's a killer move by the Bills.
  8. Hopefully Wood will not be like Dierdorf. The dude commented about the guys in the trenches as if there were no other players on the field. Awful. That's funny.
  9. If he doesn't get no-called tackled every play! Dude gets tackled every play.
  10. Agreed. He's so terrible, I lost it there for a minute and went overboard. Instead, he should be given a swirly. No. Make that 2 swirlies, 4 noogies, 7 purple nurples, and then banned from broadcasting. Operations Manager for JTG Daugherty Racing. One of the owners is Kelso's/Kazoo's college roommate. One of the other owners former NBA player Brady Daugherty.
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