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  1. I sometimes think UFC is fixed. Watch the Michael Bisbing vs Matt Hamill fight from years back. Hamill totally kicked his butt. But it was one of the first fights in England for the UFC. Fixed. Bisbing is from England.
  2. ESPN was ruined by political B-S. Nice knowing you.
  3. Glen Campbell Jerry Reed Roy Clark David Rawlings
  4. This will be my last post. 3-2-1 gouging my eyes out.
  5. Pandemic packets for ketchup, mustard, mayo, salt, pepper. HATE PACKETS. Messy, takes 15 to duplicate what I want from a bottle. Another thing I ^%^#$%^& hate about this pandemic.
  6. I like fries with ketchup. During the pandemic, we get $$#@#%^&** ketchup packets. DIE KETCHUP PACKETS. DIE DIE DIE !!
  7. I’ve never heard of Weekend. I didn’t read the whole thread but if the NFL didn’t select an African American there would be a s-storm
  8. Carlin, Seinfeld, Leno, Larry the Cable Guy Honorable Mention: Ellen
  9. Irv

    I'm from Buffalo

    Talkin’ Plowed
  10. My school was loaded with jerks. I think I first fought every one of them usually with good results. You get good with practice and not caring about getting hurt.
  11. What does "develop" mean? Sounds ridiculous. That could mean anything.
  12. Breaking News: John Elway does not want to play for the Colts.
  13. The early SportsCenter announcers set the tone for the network: Berman, Grande, Mees, Ley, Gumbel, Palmer, Steiner, Grande. Fun apolitical, witty. Then some egomaniac, political types got on and ruined it: Olbermann, Eisen, Kilborn, Patrick, Roberts, Scott. Unfunny political knobs.
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