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  1. Demented Biden and his divisive buddies are to blame for all of this. That's all those ***** clowns know what to do. Divide.
  2. Whaley is just like Tua. Guys you really want on the other team.
  3. This is hilarious. What's next? Gay, quadriplegic, blind, black, autistic, transgender, little person who uses a support pig, for Chief-of-Staff? Where do they find these people? Oh. And she/it's French. How soon do we surrender? What a mess!
  4. Totally a Democrat inside job to desperately hang on to any hope in the midterms. Can’t believe Pelosi, Schumer, and Demented Biden would sink so low. What has this country become with them at the helm? Honestly. What a mess.
  5. BLM is a bunch of arsonists posing as fire fighters. What a mess!
  6. Looks like your free Obama cell phone is working again.
  7. OK. I tongue-in-cheek added the tag line "What a Mess" to all of my PPP posts when Demented Biden started making mistakes. But Holy Cow! I could never have imagined how much worse it has become. This administration is a total disaster. He/it or whoever is running the Executive Branch hasn't gotten one ***** thing right. Not one. He/it can't even answer questions at an Easter egg roll without ***** up. Every day I'm more and more surprised at the ineptitude. Can it get any worse? Honestly. Can it? What a mess!
  8. If she does, hopefully there is some undetonated bombs. What a mess.
  9. Demented Biden and Harris have to be the worst elected officials in modern history. What a mess.
  10. This still warrants discussion? How ***** desperate are the Dems? What a mess.
  11. Demented Biden and his loser buddies ***** things up so badly, the DNC just reverting to outright lies. What a mess!
  12. "Go hunt for your drool bucket and adult diaper." What a mess.
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