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  1. Maybe Demented Biden actually thinks spending $3.5T of our money IS actually free? Dude's brian is mush. Sad. What A Mess
  2. Agree with this. Went on fishing trip wiht six guys. Five of the six tested positive and had symptoms. All were fully vaccinated. These vaccines are not working or they are quickly losing efficacy. And we have Demented Biden and Forgetful Fauci blowing smoke up our asses. Dopey Joe has totally screwed up the COVID situation. What A Mess
  3. Benedict Milley just testified that he recommended to Demented Biden they keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and was ignored. The Demented One said he did not recall that recommendation. What incompetence. Tell that to the thirteen brave United States Marines you killed Biden! What A Mess
  4. Demented Biden and Hyena Harris are personally responsible for thousands of lost lives when they said the didn't trust the "Trump Vaccine". How could anyone with a soul politicize something like that? They both should be ashamed. They both join Cuomo in the murderers hall of shame. What A Mess
  5. Demented Biden is such an abject failure he can't even get his own party to agree. He's botched so many things, nobody wants to be aligned with his ridiculous tax and spend "America Last" agenda. Dude's already a lame duck eight months into his term. Gonna get creamed in the mid-terms. Should resign. What A Mess
  6. Demented Biden and his "America Last" agenda. Let's face it. None of these guys at the CDC or FDA know what to do. Demented Biden doesn't even know he has been assigned as President. Fauci is a joke. They are guessing. Demented Biden and Hyena Harris are personally responsible for thousands of lost lives when they said the didn't trust the "Trump Vaccine". They want people to die to gain more control. Murderers. What A Mess
  7. Does anybody get the sense that nobody knows what's going on or what to do with COVID? I was fully vaccinated and still got it with four of my friends who went on the same trip. But Demented Biden says only 1 in 5000 fully vaccinated can get infected. What a crock of horse *****. Demented Biden is a liar and has botched the COVID so badly, nobody knows what to do. How many died because this idiot and Hyena Harris said they didn't trust the "Trump Vaccination". Killers. Should be tried for treason and executed for that alone. Cuomo and Demented Biden. Murderers. What A Mess
  8. We'd be better off with a ball-peen hammer than this demented clown President. At least it could be used for something other than destroying the economy and systematically, purposley wrecking the country. What A Mess
  9. You must be the most ignorant person on this site. What do you think that milionaires do with their money? What do you think corporations do with it? They invest, build things, buy things, employ people. They pay out dividends to investors that do the same. Money right into other Americans pockets. Keep watching CNN and demonstrating your abject ignorance of how economies work. What A Mess
  10. Hinkley's a piece of ***** and more demented than Biden. Should have been executed immediately on television upon conviction. How much money did we waste jailing that loser. A bullet costs less than a buck when bought in bulk. What A Mess
  11. Demented Biden's "America Last" agenda has destroyed the Trump momentum. Tax and spend. Cow tow to places like China and Russia. Pay people not to work and screw landlords in the rear. Run away pissing our pants in Afganistan like total whimps. Open the borders to rapists, felons, child molesters and COVID Carrying Convicts (an Irvism right there!). What a demented loser. What A Mess
  12. Great article on Demented Biden's failing mental condition. What a dope. What A Mess
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