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  1. We need a Disco National Anthem. Disco has been systematically discriminated against since 1978.
  2. Had you cheered a little harder that would not have been the case. Shame on you. You obviously don’t live in NY.
  3. So, NY can't have fans. Other states can have fans. Wrecks any home field advantage for Bills. Thanks Cuomo! Another spit in the eye for Upstate.
  4. When I was growing up they invented "wind chill". That never existed before the seventies.
  5. There is no substitute for Nick Tahou's. None. Often imitated never duplicated.
  6. That dude looks like a chick
  7. I saw that. Haven't we been quarantined for the last 4 months? I've watched every surf fishing video on YouTube but never seen any dudes get shredded. Got a link?
  8. I thought he was a HOF'er but then heard him on TV and radio.
  9. Breaking news: Rope found in Wallace garage not noose but portion of anchor rope cut from back of his car.
  10. Using that logic, our entire TE squad is safe.
  11. I bought a surf casting rod and am reading online how to use it. Going to Oregon Inlet mid-July if no new COVID restrictions are implemented in NC. Anybody got advice on fishing down there? Any other advise on things to do and where to go? Thanks!
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