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  1. Pathetic Demented Weak Biden. What a mess!
  2. Any all-time QB list excluding Brian Brohm is essentially pointless.
  3. When someone in an Easter Bunny outfit stops you from answering sensitive questions - you are not in charge. What a mess!
  4. Why work 24x7 when you can work 8x1 for more dough? Dude went to Harvard. He also has about 20 kids. Not happening.
  5. OK. Before you ask. Yes I’m bored and need to get a life. Hypothetically, if you had to field a full 53 man roster of clones of a single current NFL, player, which one would you clone? For example - a roster of 53 Tom Brady’s. Hmmmm.
  6. I’m going to let this stay in PPP. There has to be some way Tibs or Billsy can tie Hamlin’s heart failure to Trump, systematic racism, or Russia. They’re just not trying hard enough.
  7. I agree with this 100%. Nowadays a guy makes a freakin' spectacular catch and one square micron of the ball touches a single blade of grass and it's a no catch. That's BS. That's not what fans want to see, and it slows the game down with all the reviews. Just give it to the guy. I agree with this too. How many times in the old days did a DL pull his arms back making a tackle to make sure every pound of his body landed squarely on the QB? I'M FEELING AGREEABLE TODAY!
  8. How many times were linebackers covering Chase and the rest of them? WTF?
  9. No. I don’t understand how this works.
  10. I am not a STH. I got some code. Not sure what to do with it? Anybody?
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