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  1. If your in the league to win, then how can Peterman and Tyree Jackson be on a roster and CK can’t?
  2. If we are honest about it and set aside the past, if he agreed not to kneel would you rather have Kaepernick on the roster than Jackson? After last night I would.
  3. "Goodnight Saigon". Makes me feel for all the guys that had to fight in Vietnam.
  4. Marijuana is not legal yet in NY. Put it down.
  5. I had a #14 Fitzpatrick. It is now a #14 Reich. Old Fitzpatrick name panel now used for toliet accessory.
  6. Hull - safe move. He's dead and can't decapitate his ex wife leaving you with an tough decision on wearing the jersey or not.
  7. I think the thing that sticks with me the most about a Bills gameday is the parking lot burning smell. One of a kind.
  8. You know, I took graphic arts in college. A certain moderator, unfortunately does not share our affection for the Zay/Armadillo masterpiece.
  9. I'm interested in people that will not sell at any price. It tells me a lot about a person. Are they selfish?
  10. I really never liked his name. Was it Doo-cas or Doo-cassee? And no matter what, Wlad and Ducasse do not go together. Russian and French?
  11. You guys are jerks. Do you know how difficult it is to put a contact in with a frying pan?
  12. Everyone has a price. Ask them again. There is no limit.
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