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  1. I’ve been to many downtown stadiums. They all suck. No tailgating. No fun at all. The Bills would be making a huge mistake by putting the stadium in the heart of the city.
  2. You'd probably need 17 surgeries if your leg got power slammed through burning table by a really fat guy.
  3. I love Fitz but would not be disappointed in a beard tackle or two. You could hide a German Shepard in that thing.
  4. With electronics we have, there has to be a better way to a) spot the ball and b) determine if the ball hit the ground on a catch and c) determine if there was Offside or the QB went over the line of scrimmage on a pass play and d) broke the plane on touchdown calls e) feet in bounds.
  5. We're not that good. The guy doing the rankings should be power slammed through a burning table.
  6. If you get power slammed though a burning table, you should be power slammed through a burning table.
  7. You missed out. The responses were compelling.
  8. Byrd was hated. He held out for most of camp, whined that he wanted to be the highest paid safety in the league or traded. So they slapped the franchise tag on his butt and let him walk the following year. Then he proceeded to get injured and suck.
  9. Have you heard me talk? Sincerely, Shannon Sharpe
  10. There always seems to be one that we ('ol Irv included) Bills fans pile on the hate. Beast Mode, Byrd, Gillmore, Dareus, Benjamin, and lately Zay. All got run. I wonder if other teams fans have a similar situation every year.
  11. One and a half years of community college graphic arts classes down the drain.
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