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  1. Wait a second...What About Shaq Lawson????

    He could be replaced by an equivalent sphere of water and not be missed.
  2. OJ Simpson Talks Bills

    I see OJ!
  3. Preston Brown to Bengals

    Yes. You're right. The St Louis, Buffalo, and Washington defenses Fletcher payer for were right up there with the '85 Bears.
  4. Preston Brown to Bengals

    Why are they so different? Fletcher didn't fly sideline-to-sideline, picking off passes, and making a ton of sacks. I think he averaged ~2 sacks a season.
  5. Preston Brown to Bengals

    Better! Player Seasons Combined Tackles Tackles/Season London Fletcher 16 1796 112 Preston Brown 4 512 128
  6. Sign Kaepernick and power slam him through a burning table. Then we'll be done with FA!
  7. Preston Brown to Bengals

    I agree. Don't get the hate. He played in the middle. He wasn't going to get 10 sacks. He did exactly like London Fletcher did for years. What do you expect from a MLB?
  8. It did help. Thanks. I thought you were going to trash me.
  9. Where Will EJ Manuel End Up?

    EJ Manual Labor
  10. There is another dude who has the name "Badthings" who was on the board first. He has some rather bizarre posts and I'd like not to be confused with him. Can I change my name to "Irv"? Thanks.
  11. What's in a name?

    I asked admin to change my name to "Irv" but admin don't respond. I respect that you are enamored with my genius. Thank you.
  12. Where Will EJ Manuel End Up?

    Chick-fil-A is hiring in Rochester.
  13. What's in a name?

    McDermott, McBeane, McCarron. Coincidence?
  14. What ya'll are getting with AJ

    Why did AJ drop so far in his draft class? Projected at 2d round drafted late 5th. So the OP says the man is full of P&V, but can he play? I'd also like to note that he looks out of shape in a lot of photos. He can't pull off the double chin like Big Ben. Maybe the Buffalo brass just likes the dude with "Mc" in his name. AJ  NFL Draft Profile
  15. Sign Colin Kaepernick

    Racism? Protests? WTF? Nobody wants Kaep because no team is able to find a helmet large enough to hold his head mop.