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  1. I agree. But, why can’t public opinion be a factor as well?
  2. Don't hate anyone. I pray for them. Sincerely, Pelosi
  3. Awestruck by the violence in your post's title. You've said it all man. Said it all.
  4. I currently have a $14.2M layaway balance at multiple stores in greater Jim Thorpe, PA area hoping for a similar outcome.
  5. I feel the Bills consistently being the underdogs has a lot more to do with sucking for almost 20 years than the team that is on the field today. The guys who set the lines factor that in. It’s going to take a long time to get the stink off the team. I have no doubt they win outright Sunday night.
  6. Dude wins the Super Bowl and goes to either NYC team. They both have messes at QB and the Brady's own a house...scratch that, a mansion just north of the city.
  7. Frankly, I don't feel one bit sorry for Kyle. Sincerely, Archie Manning
  8. Whaley and Marrone should be power slammed through a burning table.
  9. Marrone needs to be power slammed through a burning table.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all our soldiers and sailors and to the guy who posted the pic above.
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