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  1. I'm starting to think the new Dem strategy is to let Biden give as many speeches as possible and watch him babble incoherently. Then, on purpose, Karine gives an incredibly stupid excuse. This way everyone is drawn towards the President's dementia and looks away from all the failed policies of whoever is running the Executive Branch. I wouldn't even be surprised to see Demented Biden dying of Clintonesque "Natural Causes" just to get the sympathy vote. What a Mess!
  2. OK. As a Moderator here on PPP, I'm going to pull rank. Leave 716er alone. RIGHT NOW. I mean it!
  3. Not only is this idiot unqualified to be WH Spokesperson. She (it?) has the impossible task of covering for the worst President in US history. And who picks out her clothes, does her hair, and make-up? The LSD Club of Greater DC? What a mess.
  4. I also believe he swerved to avoid a deer WHILE speeding WHILE texting WHILE swinging his helmet at his passenger. Great player. But he is kind of a car wreck.
  5. I'm disappointed the punted ball didn't get lodged in the Miami's blocker's butt. That would have made the loss bearable.
  6. What? It’s obvious your sucking the government teat. You don’t pay taxes. Why would Trump inflate his net worth? That would just inflate his taxes. Girls like you should just stay in the kitchen and do what you’re told. Leave the opinions to the men. What a mess.
  7. She not he. Tibs sucks off the government teat. Pretty obvious. What a mess.
  8. More distraction politics by Demented Biden and his buddies. Wake me up when this one's over like the others. What a mess.
  9. This is starting to look a little like Vietnam. Another example of a Demented Biden botch job. Up there in front of the UN General Assembly begging for others to help. Soiling himself like a baby. What an embarrassment. What a mess.
  10. Where Is My Helmet? That's Water Under the Dam Spear Gesicki's Spine
  11. Rock-a-Bye Baby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Chop Block Howard's Knee
  12. Once Upon A Time In A Land Far Far Away Clothesline Waddle's Neck
  13. The Easter Bunny is in charge. What a mess.
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