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  1. The box players are amazing. Great vision and teamwork and ability to take a pounding, keep the ball, and still have vision to pass. Dating myself, but we focuses on a few key things in field lacrosse: Solid faceoff strategy Good team defense with communications Innovative clearing the ball with lot's of attack/ midfield swaps/tricks to confuse the riders on Offside situations Unbeatable fast break plays and also getting to the hole on defensive Offside Getting the ball behind on all offense set plays and working plays up top until they were not there a
  2. What's the difference between Canadian style and the American style? I tried lookng on the net but couldn't find anything. The only thing I noticed is that they sometimes play on concrete north of the border. I played outdoor in high school and college and indoor during the summers. I enjoyed the indoor game becuase it was faster and less running than I did playing outdoor as a midfielder. It pretty rough. When I played (In the 80's) cross checking inside the arc was legal even without the ball and fighting common. Also the rink owners did not have AC and it was f-ing hot in there. Th
  3. I'm offended by the word "crazy".
  4. I think they did a great job changing to a tour rather than home games. Very smart. But I'll watch indoor lacrosse or NCAA any day over this product.
  5. Seven. The number of ricochets off Zay/Clank's hands opening day.
  6. Sorry you skipped fact checking when it was taught it in scool. The Court Street Dam is a completely different dam. And yes, it regulates the height of the canal. I'm talking about the dam for RG&E Station 2. Totally unecessary and only generates 8.5MW. Insert mic drop sound here.
  7. At first I thought filling in the Inner Loop was idiotic. Now I don’t think so. On another note, I think the biggest travesty is the dam, train track, and what’s left of the Inner Loop that runs directly over the Upper Falls. Who agreed to that in the old days? Also the Lower Falls is completely underutilized. If I was Mayor that would be my first priority after the murders, drugs, corruption, and violence.
  8. What’s not attractive about incontinence?
  9. Tuel made up for it after that. He was light's out.
  10. Music City Miracle close second. Ronnie Harmon dopped pass gets on the podium in third.
  11. Good post. I agree. We're not that far away! But only for those disproportionally impacted by the pandemic and marijuana laws.
  12. I forgot. Dems don't pay taxes. So you would not know about this. But federal taxes are due by midnight 04/15 annually.
  13. 16 and 17 year olds were eligible to get a shot on 4/6. Free? I like the way Dems think. Like nobody has to pay for it! Hilarious. You're going to need pliers to get your foot out of your mouth.
  14. Why is Cuomo rewarding yet-to-get-vaccinated losers with a college scholarship opportunuty, while the vaccinated get stiffed? How long before Cuomo starts paying people to get vaccinated? Utterly ridiculous.
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