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  1. Not going to matter in a couple weeks. Sincerely, B'aker
  2. Irv

    Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Parade

    Where's it being held? Fantasyland?
  3. Sheeeeshhhh. Save the beatings for the lawyers.
  4. Actually went through Cleveland on my way to Tiffin. Daughter a Freshman on the soccer team. Brother-in-Law was prof at Case. Very good school.
  5. Irv

    McCarron and Peterman injured?

    Sign TO as QB and Johnny Football as WR. BAM!
  6. I was in Cleveland today dropping a daughter off in college. Caught this in the Plain Dealer and I though TBD would like this. Based on this analysis - sounds like a 7th is about right. Credits to Cleveland Plain Dealer and Cleveland.com. Sorry about bad fonts. Not sure how to fix that. By Terry Pluto, The Plain Dealer terrypluto2003@yahoo.com ABOUT COREY COLEMAN Why did the Browns trade Corey Coleman? Some media members focused on comments by offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who ripped into the receiver for a lack of effort in the first episode of HBO's Hard Knocks.(....) John Dorsey had to say (...) to the media "I think there are some younger talent (receivers) who develop faster than the way Corey has played," said Dorsey. (....) My guess is Dorsey saw the Browns' 2016 first-rounder as a young man who was overrated by the previous front office and lacked the desire to make up for his weaknesses. It was more than him just breaking a hand in each of his first two seasons. Coleman seemed to have a sense of entitlement as he was immediately declared a starter as a rookie.There was something missing with Coleman. The 5-foot-11 Baylor product didn't run crisp routes going out for passes. His hands were suspect.
  7. Irv

    Kyle throws punches at Jordan Mills

    I'd suggest he be power slammed through a burning table, but there isn't a forklift in WNY capable of such a feat.
  8. Irv

    Josh Allen needs a nickname

    Josh Allen “Wrench”
  9. Irv

    Josh Allen needs a nickname

    Josh "Ten Gallon" Allen
  10. He also cannot get the constant clanging sound of footballs ricocheting fof of Zay's frying pans.
  11. Famine, war, nuclear proliferation, Mideast peace. Nah, Nah, Nah. Gotta work on the Jets 4-3 scheme today. A lotta work to do. Sincerely, God
  12. Agree. Let's not forget his second (alleged) racist comments to another player. Gonna be a real hard sell, as it should be, to any GM in the current take-a-knee NFL environment.
  13. I think this just sealed the fate of the Jills ever coming back. I think I'm going to hurl.
  14. Irv

    Interesting Astro Tweet re: Beane

    Two really good players and a 1st. I'd consider that a fair trade given that Mack is looking at three more years there (1 yr left on contract and two years on the franchise tags) totally underpaid.
  15. Irv

    Best Position Groups

    QB: New England RB: Pittsburgh WR and TE: Pittsburgh O-Line Pittsburgh D-Line (excluding pass rushers): Houston Pass Rushers: Houston Line Backers (Off ball): Green Bay Secondary: Buffalo Special Teams: Buffalo