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  1. Is that moron still capable of driving? What a mess.
  2. Demented Biden too busy creating new wars to do anything. Thankfully Larry and Fred can get their third trimester abortion. What a ***** mess.
  3. Demented Biden, Third Term Obammy, and Jew hater Schumer caused all of this. Another holocaust thanks to these sh*theads. All these ***** want is the Michigan vote. ***** them. What a mess.
  4. Better off without her and cancer! Congratulations!
  5. Sad and pathetic. You have no idea how an economy works.
  6. There's been student loan debt ever since there was student loan debt. Now Demented Biden wants to "cancel" it? There have been Democrats in charge many times. Why didn't they "cancel" the debt before this??? Why now? Desperation. Sad.
  7. That’s none of your business and you wouldn’t be able to comprehend it if I told you. Stay in your lane like I told you son.
  8. Quit fantasizing about me. I don’t go that way, like you. What a mess.
  9. The Three Musketeers from Fantasyland in a full-blown circle yank. Wear eye protection. Hilarious.
  10. Stupid thing to say. I'd have a beer with every one of you jokers. It's just a stupid website chat board. You that filled with rage? Nuke Gaza. 4th&schlong. What a mess.
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