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  1. It only gets truly interesting if they add Shenault or Bowden in the draft. If they do that then the threat of a run or formation change exists every time they line up in a five wide set.
  2. From what’s been reported the bills have met with: Swift, Akers, Eno Benjamin, Zack Moss, and Edwards-Helaire. I’d expect Beane to go to the well here and pick someone they interviewed, but without order aft visits.... who knows who they’ve actually talked with in-depth (Mims aside). IIRC some of the staff also spent a fair amount of of time around all the senior bowl backs like Perine. They also interviewed two WRs with a lot of backfield experience (Shenault and Bowden), so drafting one of them and signing a FA RB could also happen.
  3. He needs to work on his craft. High potential with lower floor than a lot of casual draft followers notice. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lasted longer than a fair amount of folks project with all the other options in this draft. None of us got to interview him and those around him though, so we can’t gauge his work ethic, etc. The question I have is , how much of what you don’t see on tape is because he couldn’t do it vs wasn’t asked to do it?
  4. Perhaps they’re all at Trent Murphy’s home gym lifting in hazmat suits. https://buffalonews.com/2018/05/10/new-bills-linebacker-defensive-trent-murphys-home-gym-is-insane/
  5. I’d imagine that the optics and intentions matter. I can’t see the NFL allowing the trade to go through if the owner makes a public statement lambasting BOB. Imagine the public reaction and ***** show if the owner made an announcement that BOB made the trade after leaked info about him being fired...
  6. Are you sure there wasn’t some sort of compensation for the jersey number? I didn’t hear anything either way about it. Granted , it’s not like many folks were following Da'Mari Scott. I certainly wasn’t.
  7. I’d be tempted just to see what Oliver does in camp. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Moss is certainly intriguing. Unfortunately it sometimes looks like his cleats are made of lead. Heck of a blocker with reliable hands, and the kid can catch when getting smacked. You might be dead on the money with him moving to fullback/H-back.
  9. I picked him for the packers with the second round pick in that mock draft we all did. 😉
  10. It’s bad juju to not pay the cut candidate for his number in one way or another. Dude may be unemployed afterwards so a cash send off is ideal.
  11. After a few night sweat talking the room while drenched in drakkar noir and coke sweats anyone will crash.
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