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  1. BBQ Trail is a must, it’s really one of the best ways to find what places you like. Also, don’t be shy about ordering the fried chicken as some of the BBQ joints really shine at it. Feel free to hit me up with a pm. I’d rather not bog down this thread with an off topic conversation. 👍🏼
  2. It’s certainly starting to change as he’s getting more consistent and he’s flashed on prime time a few times. I didn’t say it was fake news. I’m simply pointing out that he has to perform at a level that puts all doubt to rest in order to earn an MVP. There have been plenty of debates on this board about Allen’s accuracy and whether is inaccuracies or a lack or precision or poor footwork or..... Fact of the matter is that he started behind the curve, and - just like an employee that shows up late the first day - is going to have to perform at a higher level to get equal recognition. His play influenced the bias, but now that he has the reputation how it was gained is irrelevant. In contrast let’s look at Baker Mayfield who after a decent rookie year played worse than Allen last season..... His performance was placed on his coach, and now that Baker served up a turd burger under a well regarded coach the networks are now starting to pile on. Good or bad reputations linger for a while. Exactly my point. 👍🏼 If Allen shows consistently high play he’ll get the recognition. If he does something insanely awesome like beat Mahomes in a shoot out on top of that he’ll be in the MVP conversation automatically. To be honest, I never really expected Allen to start playing at a high level until this year or next. He was so raw coming out I figured it would take at least three years starting for Allen to be where he seems to be now.
  3. I’m saying the media pushed the inconsistency and inaccuracy narrative so hard that Allen will have to do something insanely impressive on the national stage to force them into supporting him. Jackson doesn’t face the same bias as Allen. Both QBs are still developing though. Allen could very well get to that elite MVP level.... It’s just gonna take longer for him to garner support for any type of MVP run. It’s also an uphill battle for anyone not named Mahomes.
  4. Read all of what you quoted..... Jackson has a very different narrative being fed to the public No. It’s Miami.
  5. 5000+ total yards, 48 total TDs, 0 INTs, and 32 fumbles won’t happen. I get what you’re saying, but let’s be honest...... Allen has a way to go before getting an MVP. Plus, he’ll have to break the stigma of his labeling. He’d have to have some great playoff games to do that.
  6. People tend to forget that coaching a bad team to a respectable record is a different challenge than beating good teams... For all we know Flores could just be this times Dick Jauron.
  7. I don’t think his coach at Wyoming is to fault so much as playing at a small high school and then going the JUCO route. Folks seem to forget that Aaron Rodgers went the JUCO route to an air raid offense, and he was set back by that as well.... tweaking his footwork & motion as well as learning to read defenses and run a pro offense.
  8. Made that move years ago (Orlando to Oxford, NC) before moving back to Rochester last year. You’ll love the fall, spring, and early summer. Mid summer is unfortunately like central Florida with no breeze, and morning rain just sits in the clay and turns into steam.
  9. It’s either piss poor preparation or an inability to get the players to take it seriously. I haven’t watched the pats/fish game yet, so I can’t comment exactly. The only other possibility is that Flores tried to scheme around talent deficiencies and Darth Hoodie knew exactly what his former assistant would try. After seeing what Flores did last year I can’t imagine that he dismissed the possibility of a healthy Cam running all day, especially after watching Allen exploit the holes in his D last year.
  10. I would hope not. Aaron Jones had 16 TDs and averaged 4.6 y/c last year.
  11. Without seeing Cam execute that offense in the preseason the players disregarded Newton’s running ability when healthy. 🤷‍♂️ I didn’t watch the game, but on the highlights it certainly seemed that Miami wasn’t prepared for some of the blocking schemes and/ just got manhandled on the edge.
  12. Went out like Pennington and they traded for Favre. Probably would have had a good career with today’s procedures.
  13. They let him out of the corner, but he still has to wear the dunce hat for another month.
  14. Don’t forget that Favre replaced Majkowski who was a probowl QB that got injured. Plus all of Favre’s backups: Brunell, Brooks, Hasselbeck.... As soon as Wolf landed there they made it a policy to “stay drafting quarterbacks.”
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