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  1. They may have had one of the best player/player rivalries. Constant smack talk between the two of them that turned into a friendship. Not a Bills artlicle, but it’s a cool piece about their relationship with a bunch of 💩 talk stories https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tampabay.com/sports/football/bucs/sapp-favre-rivalry-results-in-mutual-respect/2134272/%3foutputType=amp
  2. And Warren G, Snoop, and Nate Dogg started their careers in a group called 213. IIRC, Snoop is also Brandy and Ray J’s cousin. Also…. Anyone check on Beasley? He may have to be checked for priapism after this signing.
  3. That’s my perspective as well. However, I will acknowledge that sometimes concessions need to be made to manage the cap. With how many college tackles become guards it’s entirely possible that Beane drafted with that in mind as well as the trade value of said players. I will admit to being unsure how much of our poor running performance last season and poor pass blocking against the Chiefs was the result of scheme vs available healthy talent. It’s possible that something clicks for Ford and Feliciano bounces back without an injury. I’m not holding out hope for that though. It’s more
  4. Part of the reason is that average starting guards in particular are a lot easier and cheaper to replace in FA than the other line positions. Honestly, if he’d have wanted to nab a center he had the pick of Myers or Humphrey instead of Basham in the 2nd.
  5. We’re likely at an impasse. I just don’t fundamentally believe that a team needs to go out of its way to make changes to the #1 scoring offense in the league. Particularly when they have a below average run defense and a hole at CB. The later of which (King getting roasted like a flaming marshmallow) was a large part of them losing the NFCCG.
  6. Absolutely, correct about Rodgers having a right to be miffed about a replacement being drafted (most players would be), and them scrapping the bottom of the barrel in FA for WRs…. which is what happens when your 38y/o QB has a $40MM cap hit while you’re paying market value to an all pro LT and and all pro edge rusher. If Rodgers wants Brady toys he might want to take Brady money so it’s a viable option. To be blunt, they’ve already catered to Rodgers by giving him a new head coach, new GM, and a new contract while all the “disappointing defensive drafts” were happening. If you rewind to 6-7 y
  7. Jordan Love aside, they added 5 offensive players in last years draft along with Funchess and Austin in FA. Year before that was very weak offensively, but they added a starting guard in FA and nabbed Elgton Jenkins in the draft who made the probowl last year. They certainly haven’t gone all in like the Bucs did after acquiring Brady, but Rodgers was playing with more talent than most other QBs… two all pros and a probowler on the offensive line, all pro WR, pro bowl RB, and a TE that should have been in the probowl. There aren’t many teams he could go to who have more talent on that side of t
  8. I think people underestimate how difficult it is to master every coverage technique. There’s maybe one corner a decade who can come close to pulling that off, and it usually takes them half a career to do so. Then… they have to stay healthy and play in different schemes. Gilmore’s the closest right now. Charles Woodson when he was in GB was likely the best recent example. Both of those guys had serious issues with some of the zone concepts employed by Belichick and Capers when they transitioned, but they had the mental attitude and drive to home their craft. We’ll see how Tre develops, but he’
  9. Could be ETN. Could be Landon Dickerson. Could be on of the CBs. I’m sure Beane has called around and checked on who might be willing to trade and for what value. Given the track record he may very well trade up for certain guys. In any case, I’ll reserve judgement until the rookie plays.
  10. I was thinking more along the line of how he was utilized on the Vikings with him and Kevin Williams rotating 1 tech responsibilities while Pat W was usually the one doubled. IMO, Williams matured after he got paid. Oliver is certainly capable of playing the Kevin Williams role. But, you’re absolutely correct. As far as run stuffers go he was more Jeremiah Ratliff than Casey Hampton - NTs I know, but the play style comparison fits.
  11. Pat Williams. Ed Oliver and T Edmunds would improve immediately with Pat Williams eating doubles and driving centers into QBs. The run D would improve instantly.
  12. My interest in the draft has waned due to Covid. For the first time in a while I just couldn’t get into watching college football. I’m sure part of that is moving back to NY which just have a different type of sports fan than down south. All of the opt outs also took some of the allure away. That said, I’m all in for the draft, especially rounds 2-7 and the subsequent UDFA signings.
  13. Best I ever heard was “My lord, you’ve been blessed with a touch of the downs.”
  14. Allen is an archetypal underdog story this country loves. Coupled with his personality and play style, it’s going to bode well for him with regards to fans and endorsements as his career progresses.
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