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  1. I agree, although I could see him signing a cheap deal with Philly, Buffalo, KC, etc. Regardless, it’ll be with a city and/ coaching staff he’s familiar with.
  2. Going by how his improvements have occurred from college through his rookie year... I’m inclined to believe that we aren’t going to see a massive jump in Edmunds performance. Rather, he’ll just continue to never make the same mistakes he made before, and eventually we will all be trying to figure out how he got so good.
  3. Everyone seems caught up on the 3-4 and 4-3 comparison. We should probably recall that White played in a Buddy Ryan 46 for the first half of his NFL career. Which means he was often inside shade of the RT. Go watch some Eagles highlights of the guy rag dolling a RT and Guard before running over a RB enroute to a sack. He’d have been a beast in a 3-4 too. Its really too close to call. Either guy could dominate in any scheme you put them in. They were both that freaky. Heck, you could probably stick either at 3-tech and they’d still come away with 10+ sacks a year.
  4. Well, I feel dumber for having read that. Thanks.
  5. I want to see 3,500 yards in the air with 1.8+:1 TD to Int ratio and completion percentage at 58% or higher. That’s enough improvement for me to keep the faith. Hopefully, he’ll hit that with an added 400+ yards on the ground. Ideally, Allen will provide about 4,200 yards of total offense, 23-26 TDs (pass and run), while throwing 13 or less interceptions. If he does that this team is likely competing for a playoff spot unless there are serious injuries on the defensive side of the ball.
  6. Taller? How? AB is 5’10”. Davante Adams is 6’1”. OBJ (who I mentioned earlier) is 5’11”... All three reliably win contested catches. I agree that separation matters. I’m saying that body control coupled with attitude and vertical matter more than height. Literally, guys with average to short height can out perform a lot of the tall guys on contested catches if they possess other elite traits. Just for future reference... I’ll put out a prediction for future reference. Deebo Samuel and AJ Brown will be better than DK Metcalf and Hakeem Butler with contested catches and YAC. AJ and Deebo own the ball... Attitude and body control.
  7. Adams is a freak at jump balls. The other factor to consider is how he and Brown manage to catch balls outside of the field of play while keeping their feet in bounds. They have elite concentration and body control.
  8. True, but height isn’t always indicative of skill set. Some WRs play a lot bigger than their listed size. Davante Adams and OBJ aren’t “big WRs”, but if offensive success is predicted on jump balls and contested catches I can’t think of two players I’d rather have. That’s not to say we have anyone with that level of talent on the team, but vertical, body control, and attitude can go a long ways.
  9. Yup, obvious info that this board has been aware of for a while... However, this was written for more casual fans. Nothing wrong with articles like this floating around as they give “fall Sunday only” fans some hope and insight. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Pretty much. I think it’s going to be a rotation based on matchups. That’s how you make it happen with a bunch of 2’s and 3’s. Foster is definitely the most likely to become a #1 right now. I think a lot of folks have brushed over how he seemed to improve against zone last year. If he keeps that up and improves against press... watch out. Of course... All these guys except Beasley come with a risk of regression. 🤷‍♂️
  11. I’m not sure it’s about size, but rather beating the press and making contested catches. The problem for Jones is that he’s not massive, and he doesn’t play big either. He doesn’t seem to play with that Debo “my ball” attitude. Zay has a shot though. He’s going to need to show up in camp with a good report with Allen... And he’s going have to show he’s improved dramatically at the LOS. It’s going to be fun watching this competition. I fully expect Daboll to establish a rotation at WR depending on matchups and schemes. Unless a player really shows out (my moneys on Foster) the “starters” May very well change week to week.
  12. If Allen posts numbers that dwarf Darnold and Rosens’ then they’ll talk about this team. If the Bill go 2-0 against the Pats then they’ll talk about this team. If the Bills cut Shady they’ll talk about this team. If the Bills make the playoffs they will y’all about this team... Got do something, good or bad, for them to talk about it.
  13. I can see Long starting at RG next to Nsekhe. However, only reason I view that as a possibility is that they’ve played together on the Skins. For that to happen the sum will have to be greater than the parts. In general I agree with you. Long was signed to take Groys role.
  14. But how many times have they been sewn back together. Gotta factor in the Humpty Dumpty effect. 😂
  15. Nah. I meant what I typed. In football terms he’s elderly. I’m reserving the right to call Anderson elderly, since he’s my age and just as smashed up.... I had to move south to escape joint and bone pain. 😜
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