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  1. Regular season duds happen all the time. Hell, the Packers in route to a Super Bowl lost to the Colts who were in route to Peyton Manning…. No doubt 13 seconds is an issue, but the Cinch game I can give a pass to considering all the injuries, emotions and turmoil surrounding the season. That said…. Can’t let that type of issue go again. The defensive passivity needs to end.
  2. The flipside though is they probably wouldn’t poach Davis if they had Hopkins on a 2-3 year deal. And definitely F the Jets. Last thing I want is sports media jets hype to get more pervasively annoying.
  3. I certainly wouldn’t complain if he went to the NFC. Particularly if it was to a team that was in that second tier like NYG or Det.
  4. I certainly make exceptions for folks who change due to bad ownership moves. I certainly know a few former die hard Skins and Browns fans. If the team relocated, or a new owner is horrendous and drives the franchise into the ground switching loyalties is okay…. But, it should be a one time thing and you can’t switch to your former teams rivals.
  5. Yup. They haven’t made any meaningful improvements in a decade.
  6. Man….. if they’d have just grabbed Orakpo instead of Maybin that’d have been a damn good time draft; three probowlers and a starting guard from the first four picks. SMMFH. I would have lost a TV that day with the Maybin pick if we hadn’t started drinking when the brisket went on smoke.
  7. It’s likely Brown or Jim Thorpe. Sad day when a legend passes, especially one who utilized his influence to push the progression of both sport and culture.
  8. I think it’s just as interesting that this will be the second year in a row that the Bills will be playing a “home game” on the road. You’d think the schedulers would’ve accounted for the Detroit/blizzard issue.
  9. Greene only played in Pittsburg for three years. He had eight 10+ sack seasons on other teams, and the only players with more career sacks are Bruce, Reggie White, and possibly Deacon Jones. Being third or fourth in career sacks is HOF worthy.
  10. They didn’t have the cap space for rookies before the Smith trade. As for elite…. Yes, when healthy. He had 8.5 sacks in the first part of the season. Then he got injured and only had 1.5 sacks in the last 8 games. He’s also had a lower body ailment (usually plays hurt) every season since 2019. Factor in a one year rental and a decent chunk of change… lower compensation. That said, I certainly wouldn’t mind having him here while Miller recovers. A fast start followed by moving to a rotation or the old Lorax role would have been an awesome addition.
  11. It’s what happens when the team can’t afford the cap hit. I’m not sure what the comp pick would have ended up being though considering he’d be a 31-2 year old player with a back surgery. His production also tailed off after he suffered a knee injury against our Bills.
  12. Shhh. If the league doesn’t like snowballs, they’re definitely gonna hate fans throwing lotion at the opponents linemen.
  13. Getting bigger and tougher not only helps against the Bengals and Jets, but should seriously improve how this team matches up against NFC opponents who are more run and defense focused.
  14. $10. I’ll up it to $25 if the fight is refed by the “bum fights” guy dressed up as Dr Phil.
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