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  1. He wasn’t , but the Islay brothers wrote a song about it…. Then Biggie slowed it down and changed the lyrics for Keon.
  2. I’m not overly optimistic, but some of this bigger corners — like Rasul Douglass — take a few years to really get their mechanics sorted out. Still, with Elam’s physical tool kit, and background of NFL DBs in the family things like poor footwork shouldn’t be this big of an issue.
  3. I’m more interested in the Vikings imploding.
  4. Same strategy for the Steelers with Big Ben; defense or trenches in the first, pass catcher on day two. Protect the QB, affect the opposing QB, skill players. Unfortunately for this team it usually takes a 2-3 years for the strategy to really pay dividends as the day two guys generally have a flaw in their game or are less experienced. That said, I can view it as a possibility if you include Kincaid. Still not enough though. I agree that he probably should have double dipped this year or last year to expedite the process like the Packers did the last two years… because unless Shakir, Kincaid, and Coleman are back to back hits like Greg Jennings, James Jones, and Jordy Nelson this team might be behind on talent without a resurgence from Claypool or MVS.
  5. The Packers have really been taking that approach since the 90’s; only Javon Walker in the last 35 years. Going from Favre to Rodgers they basically prioritized offensive tackles and defenders in the first round. They’ve perfected the art of nailing their day 2 wr picks over that timeframe. It would be interesting to hone in on how they scout these guys. The Steelers and Chiefs seem to take chances on guys who drop due to character concerns, while the Packers seem to avoid that and come out with - mostly - better talent. It’ll be interesting to see if Beane goes this route moving forward, or if this stable of cheaper WRs is a one off for a cap strapped year.
  6. It would be interesting to see. Honestly, if they’d have resigned Gabe I could see Shakir sliding into Diggs old role, and McConkey taking up that old Beasley roll in last years offense. I’m not exactly sure how Brady is going to change things moving forward though, so it’s going to be guess as to how they see each of these players fitting into the offense.
  7. Different era for Rice without the combine specific training, and despite the google 4.71 40 time everyone likes to quote Walsh said he clocked in at 4.59 and Brant had his lowest at 4.55. What’s more notable though is definitely Walsh stating that Rice could move as fast sideways as forwards…. It’s that fluid change of direction without losing speed that really made him unstoppable. Rice could just be in the same place on the stem at the same time every time.
  8. I think he needs to do just enough of it to open the intermediate and deep stuff. At the very least the running game needs to force teams out of those two high defensive shells.
  9. For sure. They looked to be becoming a wrecking crew before Milano went down. Now that Bernard has a full year under his belt… I want to see the damage they can do to opposing offenses. Hopefully Beane can take care of DT well, so the two can stay clean and play fast next season.
  10. Remember though… Cook is a RB. Just like Aaron Jones and Kamara he’s gonna drop some passes that make you 🤦‍♂️. He’d be a receiver - like Deebo Samuel - if he had better hands. The threat of Cook scorching a defense is a large part of his value to the offense…. On any given play that kid can break off a huge gain. IDK what the answer is for a hammer to go along with Cook. It could come from the draft. Could be an AJ Dillon in FA. 🤷‍♂️. I was all for Montgomery last offseason. I’m sure Beane will find someone though.
  11. Having fun with all the “theories”. Just playing around man
  12. Spitballing…. but…. I suppose they could want an AFC counterpart to Green Bay. Small market, rabid regional fan base, top 5 QB that has some Favre in him. It’s even better for them because Pegula is legit wealthy, and doesn’t have to disclose financials like a public company. Bills are also that wedge into the Canadian market. There are a lot of fans in SW Ontario, and they want that viewership.
  13. No ability to game plan for what the Chargers this week coupled with an emotional let down.
  14. Facts. You start with jewelry, then you’ll be in a Lexus commercial on your tenth Christmas. 😂
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