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  1. As additional enjoyment... Man it’s fun to watch how aggressive those backs and Dyami Brown are at initiating and finishing blocks. Our very own Antonio Williams pancaked a couple linebackers and DBs in that highlight reel.
  2. A bunch of top 10 picks that haven’t gotten into their extension cap hits yet. For example, Myles Garret has the same cap hit this year as Jerry Hughes.
  3. And at this time last year Lynn Bowden was a QB. 🤷‍♂️. If Hawkins had good vision to go along with his elusiveness there’d be a real difference. At this point he’s an elite athlete that runs into his linemen too often. Nothing wrong with spending a late round pick on a developmental player with speed.
  4. Agree completely. I still hold the opinion that if Fitz had a slightly stronger arm he’d have been a franchise QB. Fitz has all the intangible boxes checked and then some.
  5. I like the idea of KA as a backup to Allen. He’s most likely an upgrade from Barkley when on the field, and won’t break the bank. As I pointed out, he’s uniquely qualified to point out any technical breakdowns JA may have in game due to their friendship and off-season work. My question is whether or not KA has the experience in the league to diagnose and relay information to JA which provides an advantage. We know that Fitz and Dalton have started enough games to recognize schemes and exotic defensive packages. Truth is that after JA gets another year or two of experience that need will be dow
  6. Kyle Allen wasn’t even a thought to me. I’m not sure if he has the experience to really help Allen diagnose what’s going on in game, but he may be uniquely qualified to point out any technical or mechanical issues that Allen has in a game or practice due to working with Josh and Palmer in the off-season.
  7. IDK. It’s not like he’s replaced elite QBs, but there’s a bit of merit to the cycle when you actually look at the entirety of his career. Fitzpatrick definitely gets a starting opportunity on every team. A large part of that is due to him being a low end starting talent. From an article in 2016.... “Stop No. 1 – St. Louis Rams Drafted as a late-round backup QB onto the St. Louis Rams in 2005. Replaced injured starter Jamie Martin. Played well, earned starting spot. Played poorly and traded to the Bengals. Stop No. 2 – Cincinnati Bengals
  8. Fitzpatrick is the best of the bunch. Fitz is a Library of knowledge and Allen could learn a lot from him, but..... let’s just stay away from the Fitzpatrick Cycle..... I’d rather not have Allen suffer a season ending injury. Realistically, this is going to come down to value. Backup QB is an area this team can improve, and the O line is good enough at pass blocking to allow for a bit of a statue if they have a big arm.
  9. I’d be worried about his vision. A lot of his college highlights - I haven’t watched full games yet - look like they’d end up as TFLs in the NFL with bigger, stronger, and faster defenders at every position, especially because he doesn’t run with the patience to let combination blocks develop or really press gaps. So the question is.... Does he provide anything that McKenzie doesn’t? To be blunt, this teams run blocking isn’t good enough for Hawkins to just nail gaps reliably inside or outside without breaking tackles or running with creativity.
  10. Similar situation in rural VA. I installed a commercial 4g repeater, got Verizon’s 4g home service, and dropped satellite service. There are work arounds. On the plus side, my total service price is lower. The downside is the upfront cost of buying and installing a repeater/booster. I wrote it off as a business expense though.
  11. Having watched this I’m skeptical about every front 7 defender from that Miami defense as a full time starting prospect. If we’re looking into Phillips as just a pass rushing specialist that’s another thing, but.....
  12. He was outplayed and basically lost his starting spot while injured as well. Barnes and Martin played well enough to make him a cap casualty. The Wagner release is a bit stranger to me. He played well at RT all season, and OT is a lot harder and more expensive to replace.
  13. I think Williams will improve as a pro if he gets on the right team. He’s a patient runner who didn’t play RB until his senior year of HS. However, I think his running style will lead to a shorter career. He’s a guy that will maximize the run blocking of a good line, but isn’t creative enough athletically to overcome atrocious line play. IMO he’s the best back in the draft at pressing the line and testing holes. It’s a joy watching the guy freeze pursuit before he get to the LOS. Carter’s going to produce, but I’m not sure if he’s better. Faster, more agile, more fluid athlete than W
  14. Not really in the modern NFL. I think the kid will be fine with the way NFL rules work. However, I’m not so sure that he’ll be able to reliably beat press coverage on the outside without bulking up.
  15. He’s the type of player that’s hurt by the combine changes. Showing up around 335-340 and showing some burst would be good for his draft stock.
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