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  1. I’m always a little put off by how fans devalue lineman; interior linemen in particular. A team can have crap at the skill positions and still hit 8 wins or better with 3-4 probowlers on the O line. Nabbing top talent on the interior is particularly valuable in the late 1st where a center or guard is often BPA. Same goes for NT and WLB.... Late first is often where their value shines. As an aside... I’ve noticed that you’re going through tape on players. I’d be interested in your take on Bryce Hall (CB, UVA). The injury makes me curious, and I’m waiting for combine performance to answer questions. Also interested in your perspective on Lynn Bowden Jr. I love the kid, but the switch to QB mid season throws me for a loop with prospective draft slotting.
  2. I’m never mad about BPA linemen.
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see DE and CB with the first two picks followed by 2 WRs and a RB. McD would jizz his pants to add say Epenesa and Bryce Hall (who could drop due to injury).
  4. Roberts isn’t necessarily a lock by any means. What confuses me is why Roberts didn’t fill McKenzies role... They’re both quick guys that are dangerous reading the field. Pick one.... My opinion is Reagor and/ Bowden could make both cut candidates.
  5. All the WRs except Brown and Beasley are replaceable. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Beane bring in a bunch of players. What I disagree with is the idea that we need some big proto-freak WR opposite of Brown. We certainly have enough smurfs, but the “open when covered” thing is overplayed. We need guys who can separate and have elite traits (plural). Size is just one trait, and it’s useless without others (ref Benjamin).
  6. Yup. Cousins is an interesting case coming off of those franchise tags. He didn’t take less total cash per year at the time of signing though. Cousins set the market per year, but with a three year duration. I was eluding to how the NFL doesn’t do this, and players aren’t willing to take less total money in favor of fully guaranteed deals at say 85% of the full value. It seems like it’d make sense for some of these other QBs. Particularly guys who rely on their legs a lot or guys that aren’t top tier.
  7. Spottrac has these cool little features you can toggle through to set search parameters. Feel free to use them if you want to eliminate “club options” from the search. I think it’s pretty nifty, but I’m all for letting other people do their own research into the matter.
  8. Snacks is the last guy I’d be looking at in FA. DT might be the most talented and the deepest position group in FA this year. It’s one of the few spots where there’s a bevy of value signings for talented rotational guys. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/defensive-tackle/
  9. That and optimism. People tend to believe “that won’t happen to me” until it happens to them. This is particularly true for younger guys. My attitude changed early, but that resulted from three months in ICU after a car wreck. Without that wreck I’d have probably been an idiot till my 35th birthday.
  10. I think this has been a sore subject since the early 90’s when GB pissed off the owners by guaranteeing that Sterling Sharpe the highest WR salary. It was a precedent the league didn’t want to set. Still, I’m surprised that no one has bargained down for a 100% guaranteed contract. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.deseret.com/platform/amp/1994/9/16/19131074/sharpe-catches-top-pay-as-receiver
  11. I still think it’ll be to jump ATL for Epenesa if we move up.
  12. There are a few others that could potentially start day 1, but they don’t check all the boxes. Van Jefferson and J Jefferson for example could be plug and play. Flipside is high floor, lower ceiling. Reagor can probably start, but he’s similar to John Brown. Shenault and Bowden would instantly take McKenzies spot, but they’re likely not day 1 outside receivers. 22 might be a rough spot to be for WR. Of course, Beane could always go another rout if talent drops. Hopefully some of these WRs separate themselves during the combine.
  13. It’s a bit harsh, but might fit for his first year or two in the league. It’ll probably shock casual fans if he gets drafted in the 2nd, but it’s certainly possible. I think most forgot about his WR tape after he lead the SEC in YPC the last 7 games of 2019’. He’s generally fearless in traffic and could rack up YAC. I can see him having extra value for us and the Pats due to his QB background due to system complexity. For anyone that hasn’t watched Lynn Bowden... 2018 is all WR... 2019 is WR and QB
  14. Anyone saying that Spiller wouldn’t be a 1st round pick does not remember how good he was in college or any of the hype. It’s that or knowing how he turned out as a pro is tainting perspective. He was a dominant RB good contact balance that could catch and outrun defenders even when they had a good angle.
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