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  1. Perhaps.... and I hope not. I lost a TV that day when they announced Watkins instead of Mack.
  2. I think a swap of 9 and 40 for 12 and 30 with some value picks balancing the trade out is equally likely. We have a young team and I’m sure Beane would love to get two players with a fifth year option.
  3. This WR class reminds me of the 2008 WR class... Gotta make sure we take this years DeSean Jackson or Jordy Nelson and not Devin Thomas or James Hardy... I’m not even going to predict who the best WR in this class is going to be. It’s going to be fun watching when the run on WRs happens though.
  4. Integration with virtual assistants will probably eliminate a fair amount of the clutter as we move forward. We’re still not there yet, but that seems to be where things are trending. Some of these streaming services will probably disappear or consolidate over time as well. Gonna be an interesting decade as all of this tech evolves. As for myself... I’m pretty content with Netflix (standard), Amazon, Hulu (limited ads), and Spectrum Choice with HBO. I used most of my 10 choice channels for sports programming. That said, spectrum choice isn’t something the company advertises. You have to request it, and they kind of spam you in an effort to get you to upgrade.
  5. I'd actually like to see the franchise tag be a fully guaranteed contract that allows for a players option of 1 or 2 years. That way the player could basically lock in two years of the top5 average pay if they're worried about injury and security. The teams would have to gamble a bit which would probably make it more of a pain for position players, but keep the same value the franchise tag holds now for QBs.
  6. I'd take him on the condition that he can't drive a vehicle with more horsepower than a Fiat 500.
  7. An interesting trade to ponder would be with GB... we give up 9 & 40, and receive 12, 30, & 76. I believe that’s a little under the 20% premium. We’d only move back a few spots, get a second player with a 5th year option, and the extra 3rd would afford us some flexibility. They’d obviously get a targeted player, but still have 3 picks in the first 3 rounds. Its going to be an interesting draft.
  8. Please quote my post and highlight where I wrote Shannon. I’m pretty sure I just wrote Sharpe without a first name since, you know, Favre never played on the Broncos or Ravens. If you wanna beat this like a dead horse feel free.
  9. I mistook 95’ for 96’. Fun with charts and phones... My mistake.
  10. One reason we rarely see guys coming into the league and improving with a poor short game is that they usually don’t see the light of day for at least a year. Rivers sat. Aaron Brooks sat. Jeff Blake sat. Favre sat. Go watch the Falcons 1991 game against the Redskins. Favre literally pulled a Peterman; 4 pass attempts, 2 incompletions (one high another in the dirt), and 2 interceptions. The first two games he played for the Packers weren’t much better. His first pass as a packer was intercepted. The second game he was booed off the field after fumbling 4 times.... He was horribly inconsistent. Crappy footwork and body position lead to tons of inaccurate passes. He benefited greatly from having Sterling Sharpe. Fun fact... Favre’s completion percentage dropped by 5% to the high 50’s after Sharpe retired. A few of these guys can improve. It’s not usually for guys to improve like Favre. The reason to have faith is that Allen seems to have a similar will to succeed as Favre along with enough intelligence to learn from his mistakes. Time will tell whether we have a Favre or a Kyle Boller.
  11. While he wasn’t underrated in his playing days, he’s certainly been forgotten about since then... Rickey Watters. Another forgotten guy... Ahman Green. He put up six 1000 yard seasons with a 4.5 ypc career average.
  12. Interesting thing about Tiki Barber... He got to run behind his college fullback (Charles Way) with the Giants. Way was certainly underrated in his own right. Definitely a top 5 blocking FB, and a beast in short yardage... until his knees deteriorated.
  13. Interestingly, Rivers had some similar issues his first few years. He consistently forced/pushed the ball down the field instead of taking the easy yardage. It was really chunk yardage or bail to the back at the last second. His short game numbers are actually inflated because of those swing passes and screens, which is expected when your backs are Tomlinson and Sproles. This is not a direct comparison, but rather an example of improvement. Rivers was light years ahead or Allen his first year as a starting QB. However, he was also more pro-ready coming out and sat behind Brees. The thing to take away is that these guys can learn to utilize the short game, but for gunslingers it generally occurs after some time and experience. In contrast, it’s damn near impossible to get a timid QB to improve the intermediate/deep game.
  14. Which is saying something because Wolford, Ballard, Richter, Hull, and Davis were a damn good unit. Probably the second best o line at the time.
  15. Definitely one of the most dominant positional groups I’ve ever seen.
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