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  1. I was shocked that GB traded out. I thought for sure there was no way they could pass on Edmunds.
  2. I’m still reserving judgement on Jackson. There are two reasons for this... 1. Jackson is young and still developing. He hasn’t yet shown that he can work the whole field, but his running has more than made up for it so far. Long term he needs to substantially improve at getting the ball to WRs outside the hashes. 2. Greg Roman’s track record. The guy is brilliant at drawing up run schemes and innovations. However, he seems to get “figured out” after three years. A large part of that is due to his passing attacks and game calling being less developed. McD figured it out last season and Ten copies and executed the scheme. We’ll see how he adapts. I certainly think Jackson is more talented than Kap and Tyrod. He has a lot of room to grow. The challenge is going to be Roman’s growth and ability to involve WRs into an effective downfield attack. Roman and Jacksons’ strengths amplify each other as do their weaknesses. One or both need to improve for long term success. As it stands right now the Ravens are a leg injury away from a very limited offense.
  3. One thing that Wilson, Mahomes, and Rodgers all do rather consistently is line up their front foot to where they want the ball to go.... even when in the air or traveling sideways.
  4. Agree. Sticking Edmunds on the outside would diminish some of his strengths... The ability to go sideline to sideline, drop into deep middle, etc. People often miss a few nuances such as Edmunds - and Milano - are excellent at coverage which allows Hyde and Poyer more flexibility to disguise what they’re doing. As for run defense, he’s not a thumper, but I’m sure that being 6-5 and 250+ makes an impact. Plus, when some of those backs try to jump cut Edmunds length often allows him to compensate. He’s difficult to gameplan and prepare for because he’s unique at the position. Some impressions by Henry and Ingram... “Henry admitted he learned something new about Edmunds later in the regular season. “I didn't know he was that young until they played the Steelers,” he said of the 21-year-old Edmunds. “He's a big dude. He's fast, physical. He's going to be one of the great ones when it's all said and done.” Henry wasn’t the only Pro Bowl running back to come away from a game against the Bills with a positive impression of Edmunds. The Ravens’ Mark Ingram was held to just 50 yards on 15 carries (3.3 yards per carry) in Baltimore’s Week 14 win over the Bills. Edmunds made eight tackles in that game, including two for losses, and also intercepted a Lamar Jackson pass. “He's big, fast, physical,” Ingram said of Edmunds. “He runs with speed sideline to sideline. Great game awareness. So he was just a linebacker who you truly had to know where he was at, because he can make an impact on your game and affect your game in a negative way if you don't account for him.” https://buffalonews.com/2020/01/24/tremaine-edmunds-on-growing-leadership-role-with-bills-thats-a-challenge-im-ready-to-take-on/
  5. To a certain point you are correct. However, if the seating is reduced and distancing is maintained the chances of a cluster go down. Security would need to enforce the policies though. I think teams that have outdoor stadiums will be better off here. Particularly if they eliminate food and beverage purchases in the concourses and have the venders deliver to the seats. Should be possible with phone apps.... as would a cutoff on the number of beverages served. Tailgating is a different matter entirely. They might have to just ban it completely or confine folks to the lots they park in until game time.
  6. That was laughable. At least now we know who Darnold caught mono from.
  7. IMO, Brown was a bit better than many here are giving him credit for. That said, he’s a clearing the HOF list guy if anything. As for Moulds... definitely WOF worthy.
  8. I think they have Bridgewater on a perfectly fair contract though. $21MM/yr is just about right for a game managing starter QB with the current money getting tossed around. Honestly, there needs to be a lower bracket for guys like that in order for some of these teams to remain competitive. Waiting to see this Mahomes deal as that should stabilize the QB market when coupled with suppressed revenue from Covid. We shall see though.
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these guys like Brown and Evans get inducted down the line. Particularly if they continue with the senior enshrinements. 20 years down the line people may look back and wonder why a guy with those pro bowl and all pro nods wasn’t voted in earlier. We should also remember that the guy could continue broadcasting and stay relevant because of that.
  10. That list neglects position coaches and coordinators though. There’s no Gill Byrd, Leslie Frazier, Edgar Bennett, etc. Then there are the guys who do not want to deal with the NFL grind and coach at the HS level instead: Mike Alstott, Kurt Warner, Terrence Mathis, Jon Kitna, Jeff Saturday, Mark Brunell, etc. A lot of these guys retire, get the bug, and start coaching high school. A few like Mike Singletary, Bennett, etc then move back to the NFL after their kids are older if the passion grows. It tends to be a different time table than the backups.
  11. Seriously. There’s a substantial difference between a high schooler at some podunk town and a starting QB for an SEC team. Jake Fromm State Farm should have known better. He’s spent time in a diverse locker room at a large school and been prepped on social media conduct, interviews, etc. HUGE DIFFERENCE between the two.
  12. Tilting a 3 tech has very few uses, but they are notable - at least at lower levels of competition. It can dictate blocking schemes because he’s aligned perfectly to penetrate and chase a pulling guard behind the LOS. A good gameplan if an opposing offense relies heavily on sweeps. Can also help with stunts and blitzes by occupying an extra blocker. In the NFL though most blockers are so athletic and experienced that they can adapt to the situation, change line calls, etc quick enough for this to not matter.
  13. Vikings fans aren’t particularly educated about this team. Another comment made light of our training facilities being old and rundown. 🤷‍♂️ I’m sure there a little fire causing the smoke. That said, a change of scenery could easily fix the issues. Particularly if he shows out and the fans get behind him. Very few fanbases can be as vocal and supportive as Bills Mafia. I think he’ll probably benefit from playing with Allen too, as I can’t recall the Vikings having a fiery on field competitor at QB during Diggs tenure.
  14. Can you please define molecular adhesion for the class?
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