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  1. At this point I think most fans would settle for a motion of the ocean WR if it results in celebrations.
  2. He would have read the book if it was athletes foot.
  3. This game is making the Dallas and Philly games look easier.
  4. I’m aware of that. My point was that trading arguably their two best offensive players the week of game 1 likely influenced that teams performance. It definitely incited trade demands from other players, tanking talk, etc. Expecting that team to give top effort immediately afterwards is a stretch at the least. I’m not saying the Dolphins are a good team, and I’m not saying the Bills played well yesterday. I’m simply stating that the week 1 Fitz start isn’t indicative of how they’re going to play with Fitz starting from here on out. As a whole that team looked apathetic and lost week 1. The dolphins team we saw yesterday came out punching, and didn’t get put in it’s place until the 4th quarter.
  5. Week 1 after they just traded Tunsil and Stills rearranging their offense. The Ravens also rolled out an offensive scheme that wasn’t on tape yet, which is why it’s generally wise to take week 1 results with a grain of salt. Fitzmagic or Fitztragic plays a role as well. That said, this team has been playing to the level of competition every week. It’s concerning, but it’s the hallmark of young and/ inexperienced teams. It was something I expected going into the season (didn’t see 5-1 coming), but it needs to get rectified as that’s the difference between good teams and great teams.
  6. Neither am I. The kid keeps eliminating weaknesses in his game, and I honestly thought he’d be getting his first start now instead of his 17th.
  7. Probably. That’s the type of stuff that likely will get sorted as Allen gains more experience and the line plays together more. I wasn’t a huge fan of Spain missing A gap blitzes, and I assume some of those play calls are designed so Allen and Morse can change protections, etc.
  8. And if Fitztragic had had started the game instead of Fitzmagic I think one of those early passes could have been picked. I watched the game with a bunch of friends and was amazed that they’d forgotten what “good Fitz” can do. The guy drops dimes when he’s in the zone.... until he isn’t.
  9. I think some of those motions were inserted to help Allen recognize coverages and the gadgets may have been added to keep those from being predictable. At least none of them got blown up like the fish’s Gadget pass.
  10. Yeah, but Rodgers has a perfect game yesterday and that’s josh’s new standard. 🤦‍♂️
  11. Everyone, ESPN included, seems to be forgetting the Greg Roman effect with running QBs. That’s making a huge difference in Jackson’s performance running the ball. The kid is gifted, but eventually Romans schemes get figured out. I believe it’s 2-3 years. Lynn found a working game plan in his second game against the Ravens last season. BB will have a gameplan for it as well. I’m curious about how Jackson will perform with a different OC there.
  12. Exactly. It’s going to cause Wallace to look bad at times as teams will put their #1 WRs on his side to try and win on a physical mismatch. The kid isn’t particularly fast or strong. However, he’s smart and plays like a dog. I’m okay with that side of the field giving up some first downs if Wallace isn’t giving up any big plays. I’m sure he’s coached to do so.
  13. Im not a big fan of the coordinated team celebration. Reminds of the Riverdance scene from Baseketball (below). However, I have no issues with a quick dance, leap, spike, etc. especially at a critical moment like a go ahead TD.
  14. I think fans forget that both our HC and DC were top rank secondary coaches before being promoted. Coupled with how game smart Hyde and Poyer are it creates an incredibly good back end. Levi is also playing opposite Tre so he’s going to get picked on.... Fitz just proved why yesterday... Throwing the ball at Tre is like playing roulette.
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