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  1. I’d probably crop that list down to the first 12 teams.
  2. It certainly happens. I just don’t think he has the athletic ceiling to put up Mack or Watt type of numbers, which is why he wasn’t a first rounder. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn into one of those 7-10 sack type of guys. Coming out I was more impressed with his ability to disrupt than his pass rushing.
  3. I think he actually admitted to being wrong about Allen after the Raiders game. Cowherds opinion shifts like the wind according to what he thinks will get traffic though.
  4. He’s surprisingly good at hand fighting. Seems that a big issue though is recognizing blocking angles and combo blocks quick enough to respond before they get into his body. He’s dedicated enough to get there and seems to be improving as he gains experience. I think a year of NFL 🏋️‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ along with that drive will get him to a point where he’s a reliable starter. I don’t think he’ll truly be a top end DE though unless he somehow manages to get back up to 280ish without losing any explosiveness.
  5. In hindsight the Janikowski pick wasn’t as bad many others. At the very least he solidified their kicker spot for almost two decades. That first year was brutal though. IIRC he only connected on around 70% of his kicks that year and the fans wanted Al Davis to stop making picks.
  6. I hope they brood for two weeks and hate everything living by the time their season restarts.
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