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  1. Teams have also been isolating him with their better receivers when running RPO’s. It’s been exploiting the coverage scheme and the run defense scheme, and Johnson’s lack of size. The past few weeks that’s been amplified by the injuries around him. Without Edmunds and Rousseau in the game Johnson has added pressure in run support and he’s been caught peeking in the backfield too long.
  2. Edmunds is one of four LBers in the league(Barr, Campbell, Warner) with the size to make Henry’s stiff arm useless. It’s a big help on the edge. For some reason he also seems to up his game against the guy. Makes me wonder if McD/Frazier tell him it’s Henry first instead of pass first against the titans. Happened in the Vikings game. Cousins was having fits with Edmunds length and range. Two tips and a few poorly arched balls.
  3. Edmunds also shrinks other guys zones due to how rangy and big he is. Working around him was a problem in the first half for Cousins the other week. The change after he went out was notable; flatter and shallower passes in the intermediate routes haven’t been contested in the past two weeks.
  4. Small market isn’t the problem so much as owners depending on the team for income. Bills and packers would be fine. Raiders and bengals would need new ownership
  5. For sure. He was certainly running more than three routes under Daboll. I haven’t paid that much attention this year though.
  6. Mr Bungle would apply to this thread as well. 😜
  7. I know the episode. I was pointing out Randy leaning up against the lamp post nutz in the wheelbarrow, puffing in front of the cop while singing “Buffalo soldier”.
  8. I’m liking this line up under center and use the run game offense.
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