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  1. No benching. The change this year was at offensive coordinator so there is where most of the change needs to take place, not at qb.
  2. JA is going to hit the atlas machine after the game to work out his issues
  3. So you're saying they have a shot at the number one pick in the draft. Why would any player want to re-sign there?
  4. I'm going to like blitzing a lot more once Tre is back in the lineup full time.
  5. Kinda funny how on the McKenzie td that Diggs climbed up to go block Alexander
  6. Yeah, might take some snaps away from McKenzie also, possibly the kick returns too. Making a lot of money to not get him involved as much as possible.
  7. Claypool has never stepped up when the Steelers needed him. Plenty of opportunities with all the drops they've had. Just something off with him, maybe the mental side of it. I think it was the main reason they spent a 2 this past year on Pickens.
  8. Calling bupkus on this one. Everyone knows that it's only the first piss that smells when you're drinking. Once the seal is broken it's basically water getting pushed out. With the partying all day there's no way that piss smelled, it's a figment of your imagination.
  9. I thought Cook took another step last night. He looked more confident and played faster to me. A far cry from fumbling his first touch. I think his touches will keep increasing slowly, hopefully he can be in a groove by the time playoffs are here and get 10-15 touches.
  10. Did look like that intercepted football hit that wire a little, the rotation changed slightly.
  11. No you can't. Which is why it's always interesting to see who does get the money and who doesn't. I was surprised they paid Knox, but maybe that's more for Josh than anything else. It's going to be a fact of life around here that good players are going out the door. Really with the injuries the team gets to see how other players fill the gap. Do we miss Oliver that much, enough to pay him top dollar? Or any of them?
  12. If he was that big of a cog in our defense I think he would have been signed already. For me that says a lot more than other teams fans and coaches. The Bills and his camp do not see eye to eye on his value. And he may very well end up re-signing with the Bills if they can get closer. I think Beane is going to have to decide if he can keep enough DL in front of him to have this defense cover the run and the pass, and it's going to be a financial decision with Josh's contract and how the cap will move etc. I really don't think the marquee player in this defense should need coaching chops and deep dives to be identified, that's what role players are for. You don't pay those guys top dollar and maintain the rest of your team.
  13. I've seen enough for me to form an opinion. If you disagree, that's fine. I would definitely trade Edmunds for another Milano, any day of the week. And no, 32 teams would not be bidding for him. Seems like we will get to see how that goes though, doesn't it?
  14. The goal is to win your assignment, whatever it is. And read your keys. Those are not apples to oranges things, sorry.
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