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  1. Just a couple thoughts: I'll be surprised if Bates makes it this year due to the rookies. They didn't seem to want to use him last year when they could have and we don't need the jack of all trades now since we (hopefully) have decent depth on the inside and outside. I guess they have moved away from the fullback role, nary a peep has come out about trying to acquire one. It's now all about the pass first it looks like. I'm also not going to be surprised if Brieda is getting most of the carries this year. With the athletic oline you'd think we'd want to get on the
  2. I'm a strainer from way back, although I am not afraid to use the dirty strainer from yesterday. It's boiling water after all. Ingredients in addition to the noodles: 1 slice of american cheese (per ramen pack) with a little bit of water left in the noodles = cheese sauce 1 hotdog cut up in slices Any veggie that would work in soup and half the packet of seasoning.
  3. Well, it seems like the future of our oline is tall and athletic - in other words, don't get your hopes up.
  4. Never really paid attention to Norman on that play before. Tough to win with only 10 competing.
  5. I like the fact Rousseau played safety in high school and is 6'7, now we have someone who can knock down the hail mary passes! 4d chess! I do think these d ends are more run stuffers than twitchy pass rushers and I'm okay with that. I hope they can help us force more 3rd and longs, which will help our sack numbers. I also hope they can win one on one battles because having to double any dlineman will help the others. The oline guys might not be ready this year but if just one of the tackles hits it will be a good thing. With a deep tackle class I think of Gabe Davis hi
  6. I'm fine with that, it's just all the crap around the actual picks that I don't like. They could start later or whatever.
  7. It would be fine if the NFL announced the pick when it was in instead of making sure they get the programming in from the prior pick. Seemed like it was an hour too long, full of production value.
  8. Rousseau's pro day did not help him - falling down after doing the vertical jump will do that. Looks to me like he prepared the week before.
  9. Interesting, ok. I thought he checked a lot of boxes - versatility, young, raw, room to grow both physically and technique-wise. The proday didn't look elite though, you're right about that. It will be interesting to see who goes first between him and Oweh.
  10. Haha, well they say interviews are important - maybe we know now why some decisions are made seemingly in the absence of sensibility. With his neck injury and lack of tape I can see why he didn't get taken as quickly as maybe he should have, but I have to assume that he did not impress (or maybe put off) a lot of gm's in the interview portion. I don't have any other way to comprehend why he would have fallen that far.
  11. Why do you think that? I was just reading some of the quoted articles from his wikipedia page and while it didn't have too much about his personality it seemed to be good. Was a wr/s in high school, Miami had to convince him to get a nasty streak to play DE because they thought it would make him a better player.
  12. If I remember correctly Rodgers signed a second contract before he was a starter.
  13. You wondered what they were thinking. I suggested the last time they had a HOF qb and a backup drafted high might be a place to look for answers. Winning super bowls is a team effort, and quite often requires some amount of luck. We're talking about transitioning from a high level qb here.
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