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  1. 4BillsintheBurgh

    WR Duke Williams of CFL’s Eskimos Signs with Bills

    Don't worry, be happy.
  2. To a point, but then you bump against the cap and the decisions regarding player talent become more difficult. I would say it's more important for the coaches to get middling talent performing when (hopefully) we get to the stage where we can't keep all our talented players.
  3. It will be interesting to see, but I don't know what type player Bobby is looking for to make an educated guess. Miller had shown promise at one point; Groy and Mills could get signed as backup depth. I would say Ducasse has the greatest chance of not being back since he seemed to be riding with Juan. I understand your point, and far be it for Beane to admit the guys he has on the roster just sucked, but if mcbeane thought the talent overachieved Juan would still be here. Between the "edge" comments and what Dawkins was saying about this year seems to point to the smoking gun.
  4. I guess I choose my words unclearly, I meant when I read the quote it sounds like the coaching did not get the most out of the available talent. Maybe guarantees were made before the season like "I can get it done with Vlad" or whatever and it just didn't happen. I don't know what went on, but there was enough to say that castillo's efforts were no longer required for the team.
  5. Obviously there were issues with the coaching since he is no longer employed by the Bills.
  6. They fired the oline coach so I don't think the lines need to be read between. They will hopefully get some new players, but "being in sync" and not meshing seems like a coaching issue to me. I didn't, nor did I say I did.
  7. 4BillsintheBurgh

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Ha ha, I was thinking of something with the offense, like Bald Guy Ball, but nothings growing on me yet.
  8. 4BillsintheBurgh

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Is there a bald guy hiring rule?
  9. 4BillsintheBurgh

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    There's a nickname in here somewhere, but I'm not coming up with it.
  10. I think we had players there that have talent, we just didn't mesh. We needed better coaching is what I see
  11. 4BillsintheBurgh

    Dave DeGugielmo O Line Available

    Decent point, but that would be at best an unfinished one since they weren't really coaching together. Could have ended up like McDermott and Castillo if given some time.
  12. 4BillsintheBurgh

    Dave DeGugielmo O Line Available

    No thoughts on that, just hoping they get it right.
  13. 4BillsintheBurgh

    Dave DeGugielmo O Line Available

    I don't believe the words, just the actions, sorry. Yes, the results are important and should have been important to BB* and Reich. That's my point, the results weren't extraordinary enough to keep him. Maybe it's nothing, but it seems a little odd to me.
  14. I really don't understand why the DL didn't knock white on his ass every time he went out for a catch. You're not getting to Brady anyway, take the easy pass away from him. Make him, as you said, throw it over your head because it doesn't look like the ball will go more than 40 yards in the air. Sigh.
  15. 4BillsintheBurgh

    Dave DeGugielmo O Line Available

    Whatever was going on, he was not enough of an asset to keep around. Actions speak the loudest here, between the hoodie dumping him and Reich not seeing the value to keep him even when their oline performed well statistically this year. Just causes me some concern, maybe a little smoke there. Could be personality issues as some have mentioned he's gruff. Hopefully whoever the choice is will be the right one since it will be a big part of Josh Allen's development.