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  1. Cleveland did lose their LT during the game, sometime in the second quarter.
  2. I didn't see anyone correct this, but if you didn't like the RG play you should blame Ford, not Feliciano. Especially your comment about the play next to Williams. Feliciano is next to Dawkins and played LG.
  3. It was a simple block he attempted to make, he did not do it well. That does not bode well for him on any down, this isn't preseason anymore.
  4. You should watch the job Brown did as the extra LT on the 4th down shovel pass.
  5. Yeah, I guess my point is even though Feliciano looks bad against the top interior linemen of the opponent, it's a bigger problem that we can't win the other battle. I guess they did try Boettger for a few plays but he wasn't effective either so we'll have to see what the adjustment is.
  6. Saw on a highlight or two that Morse had to slide and help Ford on Alualu which left Feliciano alone on Heyward. Thought Ford should be able to handle single blocking and leave Morse to help with Heyward, just looked like Alualu came through quicker than Heyward on those plays.
  7. Yeah, looks like they overloaded someone and Klein ended up releasing pretty early, they saw the weakness and got us. They should be timing Haack i practice (I think it's around 2.1 seconds to get it off) but he does look a little slower than Bojo was.
  8. That ball did get tipped by a linebacker which might have saved the Steelers on that one. But it was such a bang bang play I would have thought the flag should have come out then been picked up.
  9. I thought I saw McKenzie lined up outside too, don't know if Breida is prepared to do that so I assume that is why he did not replace McKenzie. Seemed like Daboll was more comfortable with the plays built around Knox instead to me. I don't know how he blocked, but I thought Knox played ok.
  10. Seemed like they wanted to use McKenzie a lot early, then after he got hurt it seemed like Knox was on the field. I'm sure that changed the game plan some.
  11. Gilliam was "watching" Josh as part of the fake, so he was steps behind against a faster player. Coupled with Brieda getting outside faster because he didn't watch and making the block more difficult it really was a hot mess. Plus you're running it at Sutton, who made a lot of plays Sunday.
  12. Spencer Brown also missed his block, a big wiff on Ingram.
  13. Haha, I can't even find someone to tell me the Steelers are going to win. They're all resigned to losing.
  14. Watt did see Bud Dupree tear his knee up last year on a one year deal. That may be enough for him to sit out, especially since he hasn't done any team work yet, taking a huge risk with his health after what he's tried to do this summer.
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