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  1. If someone who knows morse code could please decode what he is saying via blinking, it seems the real message is there. Thanks in advance.
  2. If he can translate to the nfl that would be fun to watch every week.
  3. I believe walk-ons would have only been in a game program, at least that was the case with me. Looks like it was a home game so he was probably there.
  4. Thanks, that has a few more moves. It will be interesting to see what happens with him. Do you know if he happened to play against any top rated OT's?
  5. I'm getting Maybin flashbacks with this guy. I don't see many pass rush moves, just speed and excellent recognition. If he really wants to play football and he gets some power in his game and learns pass rush moves as well as counter moves then he will be able to use the athleticism he has. You might get a good/great impact player by his third year. That might work for us given Hughes and Addison, but I think it would be a daunting task for him to be an every down player in the NFL next year.
  6. I don't think backup qb matters much until we can run the ball better. No backup will be able to throw and run the ball as well as Josh so our offense collapses without him. So if Barkley wants to accept the Bills' offer, that's fine. I think the cap situation will be good enough to keep him and he will probably accept a similar deal.
  7. There were also multiple quality players in that time frame, tony dorsett and hugh greene just to name 2. Was he at the game against notre dame where dorsett went for 303?
  8. I don't know if I'd call what we were doing swinging and missing for a franchise qb.
  9. I was on campus those first two years, tower b then tower c. Had to call the team the second year because in the lottery for housing and I was getting ready to come to camp and didn't have a room yet. They were able to get me that tower c room. I think the extra travel time would suck for practice, I've been to a couple of games and the feel is just different. I don't know how the students work it, but I know the frats on the hill used to roll into the student section feeling no pain, that was always good for the atmosphere. 😁 I have to assume it's good for recruiting, but I'm with
  10. Hail to Pitt! Good stuff getting some money, I know it isn't the easiest thing to do. I walked on for a couple years in 86 and 87 as a kicker. We were pretty successful, beat Penn state at home, went to bowl games both years. Some good players and coaches were on those teams. It was the first two years of Mike Gottfried era. Then walked on the soccer team but that didn't work out.
  11. For some reason I have this image of a high school aged teef running around and throwing little kids aside as he scored a touchdown - AGAIN!
  12. Sure, but I don't see that being the case here. At least it looks like the Bills are doubtful, because as you pointed out, he didn't seem to get on the field much when he was healthy. I'm thinking it will be in the Bills interest to play him a lot in the preseason to see if he can hold up but given the past it seems likely he won't. It will also be telling if we draft someone for that backup mlb spot too.
  13. I guess the answer to the question posed by the op might be: injury release.
  14. McKenzie looked decent when given an opportunity, but he wasn't given much of an opportunity. Have to assume he was not trusted at some level, maybe not being on the same page with Josh or not trusting him with the ball. Like I thought it was interesting Hyde returned punts when Roberts got hurt. If McKenzie can't do that I have to lead toward us not really wanting to re-sign him.
  15. The fact Beane was bringing wr's in during the year leads me to believe he's got some more work to do in the room. I don't know if an injury in 2020 is enough to get Brown a reduced contract or even let go, seems to me like it shouldn't. I think this will be an interesting decision for Beane though, judging by the way Beane structures the contracts it seems like he gives himself a < 2million dead cap hit to cut guys and Brown is definitely in that boat so it wouldn't surprise me if he approaches brown about a salary reduction. Just seems like he'd be creating a hole if he cuts brown, especi
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