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  1. Seemed like a very distinctive explosion between the color and type of plume. Have to imagine someone knows exactly what that substance was.
  2. Yikes! That's a lot of skin issues batman!
  3. Lacking multi-media center. Nice "stand to throw up" design. You need a breathalyzer auto-lock wall on that thing too.
  4. Some folks just have to keep up with the Jones of the world. I'm fine with even them getting on the government as long as they don't linger on it. Going broke from making a lot of money would be traumatic. I would hope for those folks that a lesson would be learned, but there are all types out there.
  5. Two things for me, one, the woman whining can go ahead and whine just don't expect anyone to take you seriously. Two, I would rather have someone making 500k living check to check because they are spending the money. They are paying the nanny and the private schools etc. To me that's better than the government getting that money to prop up things that don't work well. My biggest issue with the taxes is inheritence. You've lived the American dream, made a lot of money but either give it away or give it to the government. Your kids should not own an outlandish pile of money because you did well. I will also say I don't mind paying fees or taxes if the money is used relatively well. My biggest issues are things like the post office or the VA hospital system that just needs a do over instead of cash infusions to keep a bad process alive.
  6. Probably the "owner" of your feeder, the others are watching out for him when they're drinking.
  7. That's a little ray of sunshine, you're definitely a glass half full kind of guy. Otherwise, glad they're trying to collect some real transmission data, hopefully we will learn something.
  8. My thoughts are that since Knox can make the difficult catches, he can catch the ball if his concentration is there. As opposed to a technique issue or a talent issue which would be more difficult to address, IMO. During the season I think it's difficult to work on a basic part of your game like that; their days are pretty loaded with the weeks game plan. Plus being a rookie who didn't catch a ton of balls in college, maybe the coaches were hoping the game would slow down for him a little as the season progressed. I am glad they kept going to him last year, it gave him plenty to think about this offseason. Hopefully he can translate that to some production on the field this year. It would be huge for JA's development too.
  9. I find this much funnier than my wife does.
  10. You must have an active imagination by nature. 😄
  11. Is that the pizza with the special mushrooms on it?
  12. Honeysuckle is another one, but it also can take off. I have that and the trumpet creeper too. I also like to use 50% sugar in my feeding water.
  13. aka the Washington Sleestak's. Has a nice ring and is close enough to sleazy for plenty of correlation. It's the logo that sells itself.
  14. You can also bring it up by hovering over the username (above their avatar) and choose ignore user, it then puts you at line 6. Also, don't forget to save!
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