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  1. I don't know, seems like the good ship lollidoooooomed has cast off! Run for your lives!
  2. I hope nobody wonders why coaches don't usually go outside the milque toast responses. Dude was just having fun, relax people.
  3. Yeah, I'm seeing Johnathon Stewart/DeAngelo Williams type rb rotation, and throwing Singletary in there too, at least to start the season.
  4. With the influx of meat eaters this year, we better be running it successfully. I will not be surprised given the olders guys' contract situations if Singletary gets in there he may get the lions share in the second half of the season. My outlook isn't so rosy this year in general, I see a lot of new faces that have to get in sync, a quarterback that still needs time to develop and I still need to see Beane bring in some useful FA's for the offense. Seems like he has done the last bit, but the proof will be during the season and if the offense is still bottom part of the league that's not helping his professional resume given the amount of effort and money he spent. Overall I'm bullish, but the first half of the year might be an adventure. I am really hoping McDermott can cut down on all the penalties this year, for me that will help josh and the whole offense function more effectively.
  5. Eh, I'll go with Singletary. Our backfield might be revolving around him by the end of the year, and I think we will be running the ball a lot more than throwing it. Zay will have a tougher time getting targets with the other options on the field and Singletary might end up the healthiest back pretty quickly.
  6. I'm assuming the perceived improvement in Murphy led to Shaq being moved to the other side. This will be a year that will determine Murphy's future here, it'd be nice if he responds and stays healthy.
  7. Jeff Fisher started requiring their drafts picks to get some training about handling the money they are about to get before they actually receive it. I'm assuming they are still requiring the draftees get that training. Should be something every team does. Once all the training happens they will sign.
  8. I'm going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that Marrone/the oline coach did not talk to him prior to making the switch, since Cordy is pointing out that his current coach is...
  9. I find it interesting that Vlad Duccasse is still on the team. I expected them to release him to give him a chance to catch on with Castillo. I wonder if they think he has a chance to make the 53. I also wonder how many heads would explode around here if he does.😅 Because Lee will look better going in motion? I don't have much else.
  10. I'm thinking maybe 20 passing attempts per game for Josh, sort of like Big Ben in 2004. Pass more if you have to, but the goal will to be win next year with the run and defense. Then 2020 round off the weapons and open the offense up.
  11. I am getting the feeling we are going to be running the ball 65+% this year. It is one way to give your young qb some help.
  12. We'll know if the words will translate to action by where he ends up come week one.
  13. I looked a little bit and never saw any info, but do you know exactly how the neck injury happened? Was it something like Sterling Sharpe's injury or hitting the ground?
  14. For me, at this point, I would rather have DK than Singletary and Knox. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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