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  1. I really like what Seattle's OC is calling on these last three plays or so
  2. If I'm Pegula/Beane I'm asking wtf I'm paying 8-10 dlinemen if we're not going to perform in the 4th quarter? That's the point of having all the depth at DL, is to perform well at the end of the game. Seems like there is an issue there. My thought is the players are used to getting X amount of snaps and they go over that, they're going to be tired. Doesn't matter if X is 20 or 40, once it's over that, they're tired. For me that is something that needs to be improved upon, if you have that many guys you have to make sure you're practicing them at a high enough level because they need to be able to go beyond their normal conditioning at times. It's tough if you're trying to dole out first team reps in practice and half of them are standing around, but that's what we have.
  3. I assume McDermott will be back next year even if we don't make the playoffs (not an option on the poll). Because of the issues on offense and what seems like problems getting guys to play well in it (all the miscommunications, I forget who, but one guy who came in said it was complex) I hope we revamp the offense with either Brady or someone new. I also think we should hire a defensive coordinator. I think McD will get fired if Pegula/Beane want changes to the staff and/or operations and he refuses, like if he wants to retain the DC role and they want someone else, for example.
  4. I didn't like what Epenesa did on this play nor the one prior. Don't know if that's what the scheme called for, but he basically crashed on both and took himself out of the play.
  5. The only way you stop it is to get a hit on Hurts. With folks pushing him from behind and slamming him from the front somethings going to give. Easier said than done. Their LG is awfully quick off the ball too.
  6. They absolutely have a chance, don't know if it's a probable yet. Half of those are backups and there could be more by the time the game is played. The Ravens lost Andrews for the year and possibly Odell for a while too. Pickett will have to stay healthy to continue their barely treading water qb play, but I would say they probably will win the division now. Kind of bad of the Browns and Bengals to have so little behind their starting qbs. If I'm Haslam I'm kicking the browns gm squarely in the nuts for trading Dobbs preseason.
  7. Sure, but if your offense can't come out early and put something together it is a drain emotionally. Thoughts like "why have we been practicing this stuff all week if it's not going to work on Sunday" type thoughts. That erodes confidence in the coaches. That can be overcome but you're just digging out of a deeper hole. I wouldn't mind seeing where our first quarter time of position sits compared to the rest of the league.
  8. The stat for me was when they showed our -11 point scoring deficit in the 1st quarter. That speaks to the scripted plays which have been designed by him and practiced all week aren't working. That's a huge problem. No momentum built, just nothing helping about that. Hopefully Brady has some different ideas, but all that should have already been tossed out there when they went over the game plan. Maybe Brady will be able to make the right choices.
  9. I guess the running game isn't working, so just start throwing it around
  10. So Ed Oliver shouldn't talk about 3 sacks - bad juju. He should be 500K richer by now.
  11. If they talked pregame about doing things like getting down etc because Denver is aggressively turning the ball over and Cook comes out and fumbles on the first play, then yeah that's pretty irritating.
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