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  1. Probably not possible, but I think of a challenge question to create a thread for a brief time after the game. Just something bills related that needs to be looked up. "what number did Jay Reimersa wear?" since there's a little work needed they'll get frustrated and not create a thread unless they really want to.
  2. I find it interesting that Vlad Duccasse is still on the team. I expected them to release him to give him a chance to catch on with Castillo. I wonder if they think he has a chance to make the 53. I also wonder how many heads would explode around here if he does.πŸ˜… Because Lee will look better going in motion? I don't have much else.
  3. I'm thinking maybe 20 passing attempts per game for Josh, sort of like Big Ben in 2004. Pass more if you have to, but the goal will to be win next year with the run and defense. Then 2020 round off the weapons and open the offense up.
  4. I am getting the feeling we are going to be running the ball 65+% this year. It is one way to give your young qb some help.
  5. We'll know if the words will translate to action by where he ends up come week one.
  6. I looked a little bit and never saw any info, but do you know exactly how the neck injury happened? Was it something like Sterling Sharpe's injury or hitting the ground?
  7. For me, at this point, I would rather have DK than Singletary and Knox. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  8. I am the horseman, goo goo g'joob!
  9. If they didn't want to give him a chance I think they would have moved him by now.
  10. I like the move because he can be the third down back as well as fill in for injures. Just need a PS player that might be able to fill in if needed.
  11. Hoping to go to @pittsburgh (live locally) and @cleveland, depending on ticket price/availability.
  12. I for one would love to see Metcalf, Brown and Beasley on the field at the same time. I think that changes how a defense will approach Josh and probably keep more defensive people away from the line of scrimmage which will also help his underneath game develop. I understand the risks but it will take a wr some time to develop and it would be better to get him sooner rather than later. I don't want a TE at 9. A first round TE is a nice pick after you have a playoff season since most of the higher priority positions are filled with enough talent. Probably the reason why we haven't had a good TE lately. In the end, it feels like we're probably looking at pass rushing DE as the most likely pick. Even though we lost Kyle, it seems in the next couple years the DE position will have the most change because I can't see them really thinking it's set either this year or for the future. Hughes, Lawson, Murphy and Yarbough could really use a young talented player before any of the other needs we have.
  13. I would not mind seeing Lawrence and star in front of Edmunds, if Lawrence is as athletic as simms is describing.
  14. They have(S holmes Polamalu) , but not recently. I think they were disappointed when the deal with the Bills for AB and the swap of firsts fell through. With Ben's time running out and a hole in the middle of their defense it will be interesting to see if Colbert does something. Low possibility they will come up, granted, but you never know.
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