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  1. Seems to me the Dolphins should be required to provide that to the visitors, if they request it. In the interest of the facilities being equal and all.
  2. I'm hoping Spencer Brown is ok, usually an IV and the player can come back in.
  3. Do you remember when Vince Wolfork took out Losman with an elbow to the knee? While he was penalized, I think if that happened to Josh the optics are much worse and the penalty is more severe. More people are invested in Josh so that kind of naturally breeds protection of him. As far as the refs, seems to me if the calls are being made you don't have to yell for one. It helps we are winning, whining about referees are is for the losing team. I'll put in here to, there are a lot of fans here that got on the kelly bills bandwagon that are still riding with us. I'm sure ja17 will bring some folks permanently into the fold.
  4. Seemed like they were giving them drives instead of switching by down, and it seemed like Moss was in more toward the end of the game so that might have skewed the numbers a little more. They might be seeing Moss as more of a game closer, if the game is still in doubt we might see Singletary get some more reps.
  5. That's nice to kind let us get our breath. Now Diggs and Davis all the way into the endzone. Let's settle this down.
  6. Maybe he was thinking of college? https://www.si.com/college/2022/04/22/ncaa-football-rule-changes-kenny-pickett-fake-slide-targeting-injuries
  7. Think it's time to move on, seems like Poyer wants to max his last contract out. More power to him, he has to do what's right for his family.
  8. ...hard to confirm or speculate further? Pfft.... Have you seen this thing we call the internet? Many things are hard, but absolutely not speculating
  9. So you don't want Josh to try and make a throw in tight quarters after he decides to run it, right? Because that's what causes Josh to put himself at risk, the fact he tried to get the ball to Davis. If he just commits to the run and protects himself as a runner he's less likely to get hurt in that situation. And this is from 2020, right? I think Josh has already done a better job of getting down on these type of plays to live another day. I do think there will be less running this year, with the expectation that Josh will dump the ball off to one of our overpopulated short to mid range targets. I think we're really going to use the width of the field this year, hopefully it will work.
  10. I agree. Our defense had trouble for the last couple of years against a balanced offense, we should be able to match up better this year. We might even see an uptick in blitzing if tre and Kaiir are playing at a high level. I also think the influx of offensive coaches will also help us even though we didn't devote the lions share of offseason player acquisition there.
  11. RIP Goose. Too young, will be raising many a glass in your honor today.
  12. I think his availability will be much better this year. Going from easy money on a crappy team to a prove it deal with a top team will matter. On a couple of those early plays he wasn't even paying attention when the ball was snapped. Assuming he made a lot of business decisions last year, and the jets knew that too.
  13. I like either one. I've talked to embroidery folks about putting a high school logo on a hat like that, but they were a little concerned about causing issues because the hat I happened to want the work done on was waterproof.
  14. Close but no. Same shape, McD's is not straw.
  15. I felt a little dirty because I cared, but I got over it.
  16. I looked at the roster, still haack.😀 and putting a date on it helps no one.
  17. I think the chances we bring a vet in are much lower now that we drafted Elam, unless he proves in OTA's/beginning of camp he's not up to starting. Then I think we start sniffing around vet cb's.
  18. I'm ok with giving Miller/Groot 60+% of the snaps and toning down the rotation.
  19. The captain's hat needed a walk about.
  20. Maybe, but I don't think they spent the draft pick to keep him on the ps. If he shows any ability to kick the professional football in the preseason he would get poached. In the end he seems like a good enough athlete to get the holding done well and change his kicking style enough to hang it as well as be more directional. For me the bigger issue with bojo was his holding, I think we'll let Matt work things out as we go along.
  21. I'll take this the other way - since Araiza isn't good at pooching it and not a proven holder, we're going for it from our 40 and closer and not kicking field goals unless it's 4th and 10+. We'll let our defense get some work if we have to.
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