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  1. I think they did the right thing by bringing in Shell this off-season, I'd be interested to sit down with him to understand if he retired because of a coaching decision. It's too bad they haven't found someone else to try and compete a little, but it would be difficult at this point. One option on the roster if it gets really bad would be to move Dawkins over there and send in Van Demark. You'd like to swap Van Demark and Brown, but Van Demark hasn't looked good on the right side. I don't see that swap happening unless there is an injury, might be tough on Dawkins too. I've gotta think that will be the biggest issue on offense in the offseason, it will be interesting to see what resources are thrown at RT or OT in general. At this point I'm thinking another vet and a 1st or 2nd round draft pick and let them sort it out.
  2. Well that and Brown's inability to get low enough as well as deliver a punch and recover. During the broadcast they pointed out how Gabe Davis' routes were not crisp enough to get the safety moving in the wrong direction, and the safety got good jumps as a result. Gabe just doesn't seem to be body position aware of the defense, between that and not high pointing the ball etc., trying to get calls or snatching the ball through the defender instead of waiting on the ball to come to him. I'll throw this in here too; if Josh is playing crazy, run the ball for a series. When Josh comes off, let him know that continues until he stops playing crazy.
  3. I would have liked to see a little better execution in the preseason, to see some of the new folks pop, but that didn't seem to happen. I think with the on paper improvements in the division I'm in a wait and see mode, at least early, to see if this years version of the Bills will have what it takes. Probably didn't help that I went to the Steelers preseason game and we sucked out loud.
  4. I'm sure someone is collecting opinions for the bulletin board.
  5. I had to also. After seeing that I think something like: Dylan Mulvaney is available, she seems like your type. Maybe you can turn her!
  6. I hate to say this, but from what I read he was low on calories 4-5 weeks, not months. I'm also thinking he was sneaking more than a couple of salads and some water in a day. In the end I don't know if gaining 12% body weight is that awful in 2 months, although I agree it's not optimal. I don't know what he does normally in the offseason, but it may not be much. Some of these guys don't have to work that hard to compete,they just have most of it naturally. My thought is he was depressed after the season between how he played, the team did and what happened to Demar and let himself go. So he got back on track and went from there. Being an offensive lineman in the NFL is not a study on healthy living.
  7. While he beat the Steelers first round pick in Jones, there was a reason Jones played into the 4th quarter.
  8. Yeah, gotta look at Kromer, doesn't seem like he's been all that so far.
  9. Yes. Looked like a couple scenes before that was the TBD tailgate too. Could have been @CountryCletuswith the sausage and corn dipper.
  10. I'm good with more late round picks since we don't get a good crack at priority UDFAs anymore. I think Beane likes to get them too in lieu of comp picks. More better. I was surprised Settle was listed as the backup DT with Ford behind him, thought maybe we are shining Settle up for a trade. Seems like plenty of other guys can share snaps at DT. Might be able to get something for an IOL, Beane's pulled some stuff out of his arse in past years.
  11. My kid goes to ohio university and I sometimes wear Bills gear when I'm there. Does that count?
  12. Well, it worked with Favre, why not try it again? 🤷‍♂️ Maybe we'll get Rousseau to have his Moats moment and that will be the end of it.
  13. Fixed it for you. Lot of times last year when Josh had the short pass but just took off running. It's definitely on Josh to use the dump offs.
  14. I went to the Ford topic, clicking on the title. Read the first page, clicked on next, went to the bottom of page 2. Clicked on prev, then on next and I went to the top of page 2. Cleared my cache and the same thing is happening. My title link setting is to go to the first unread message. Seems like there is an issue with the indexing of the last unread message. Maybe moderator maint is causing it to get corrupted? I am using a laptop running windows 11 and edge version 112.0.1722.64 (Official build) (64-bit). This has been happening for a while to me, it hasn't been a big enough issue for me to put something in the tech support. But since this is going, I'll add some info.
  15. Do you think Darius Rush could play deep safety? The strengths you're describing seem to fit.
  16. I like the idea of having a two tight end set, Knox could be freed up to be split out more often and we could get more use out of him. Having two TE targets should also help Josh focus on the shorter and intermediate routes. It should also help the run game. The backup TE position is basically a zero now, so any add helps if they want to change the offense to use one. I personally am ok taking one in the first round if he can be that well-rounded player, but like when they took Knox I assume they will target a list of guys and probably not take one in the first. As far as your question, I think they are fine with Davis at #2 and if all else was even would take a TE first. Probably why they will be going MLB or DL.
  17. No, he'll fit right in. On another note, I always thought Sims had some juice, but assume he's got some other issues since they're not hanging onto him.
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