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  1. I'm always stocked up on food. This body doesn't build itself!
  2. Nice. I was going to go with "Looking for your wallet"
  3. Don't know if he would need a new contract. Who's going to throw him the ball next year and beyond? He might be ok catching some JA bombs next year and then hitting the market. Especially when we make a deep run in the playoffs.
  4. Considering the Giants have oline issues, Dawkins might appeal to them. Dabol could also want Knox, but either way the Giants will know how we value our vets and would have an advantage in putting a package together. But, as I've looked at these drafts it seems like a move up via the Eagles to 19 would get us above the steelers and pats or even up to 16 to get us above the chargers. Don't have an idea of how a trade would look with them though.
  5. I would like the guy who is going to help us win next year. I don't want to split hairs about it, get the best guy to help us win next year.
  6. The door has swung wide open to continue hoarding DL. Maybe the broken kid from UM will be the pick.
  7. Unfortunately the slap will embolden others to do the same if they feel offended. Smith does need to be reprimanded in some way with the way laws are written. As an aside, I would rather stuf like this wasn't assault because I think it is good for some physical release, too much emotion is held inside and bottle up, which then can blow up in a very bad way.
  8. It would have been, but with the salary cap looming I think the roster decisions need to be adjusted. Really there have been some head scratchers on the oline anyway, Mongo and Spain seem to have been bad re-signs and probably contributed to Bobby Johnson heading out. I'm thinking Kromer might have more confidence in coaching up a youngster instead of hanging on to a vet due to his experience in the league. In the end, there's a lot of hand wringing this off season about holes and contracts. I was merely pointing out beane was thinking about these two positions last off season with the guys that got plucked so it's pretty safe to assume he has a plan this offseason too, even if it hasn't come to fruition yet.
  9. Agree. Will also add if Anderson and wildgoose had not been plucked off the ps we'd be looking better right now. So beanes process is good, we might need to shift our 53 man roster thought process in the future.
  10. Wasn't he Arnold Palmers nephew or something?
  11. I always thought the Bills put that out there themselves, they would have been highly motivated for Josh to drop.
  12. Well, when things are basically secret, the band is not there to welcome him. Kind of gives you an idea of what it takes to be the unknown team in the mix.
  13. Nice to see you back, it's been awhile.
  14. Don't we need a replacement for Klein too?
  15. The kids call it a hall pass, mainly for celebrities, right?
  16. I'm still thinking DL in the first round. We'll need an intervention soon.
  17. What they should do is put plaques in the troughs at the ralph. Just imagine the fun! A name and a few words about the person.
  18. Yeah, seems like we're getting a lot of cooks in the kitchen. Hopefully Dorsey can mold them into one voice.
  19. I will be. They generally use the draft to help their team win the next year. There were even some rumblings when they took Rudolph. That's just the way they operate. Maybe with Colbert in his final draft he will get a little crazy like what Ozzie Newsome did, but I doubt it will happen. They could really use an inside lb, Bush has been a miss so far and they don't have much other than that.
  20. The only thing is the Giants know him well and need decent oline. Luckily they also have cap issues, but they might take a stab at him here. I'm sure Beane has a plan if we lose him, it will be how many dips we take into the Kromer's kronies bucket to get a replacement.
  21. I think the Steelers have seen enough of Rudolph to know he isn't taking the team anywhere. My only concern is that the money is less from the Steelers, but hopeful it still makes it to the third round comp pick level. Maybe we can get this to happen again this year, rehab a semi-young qb who's had a rough go of it and turn it into a pick.
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