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  1. So you're saying we could draft more corners than wr's? 😄
  2. I think the Bears need someone to keep blockers off of Edmunds, and they have some space. Git 'er done Buddy!
  3. If you really want to, blame Goodell and the NFL. The cost driving the money grabbing originates from the huge contracts these guys negotiate and that in the end just comes out of our pockets. The only thing you can do is not pay for it and/or don't support the advertisers. Not many people are going to do that.
  4. I'm out on Ridley. Just seemed to disappear when things were set up for him to show up. Seemed on the wrong page with Lawrence at times - just reminded me of Gabe.
  5. Josh can't quarterback in fear. He has to trust his guys to do the blocking or he would never get through reads. Jones wasn't the same at DE, tackles had arm length advantages over him, that's why he has mostly played at DT since the experiment KC tried last year.
  6. Disagree. I think as a qb that's tough to determine where the pass rush is while going through your reads. It didn't help that it was a bull rush so Josh didn't have the advantage of seeing the jersey color in his peripheral vision. By the time he felt the pressure it was time to throw the ball. Dawkins has had problems anchoring on the past, just unfortunate he could not hold up for another 1/2 second.
  7. Unfortunately that slide probably throws the timing off, so Shakir is not in the window at that time.
  8. I'd take a shot on DJ Chark and draft a wr fourth round and after. Do folks realize we've spent two 1st's on pass catchers already? Now if they move on from Diggs it's a different story. But with Kincaid and Shakir emerging, someone like Chark who is just an outside guy is missing from the offense. I'd rather get an interior lineman with some versatility at 28 than a wr. It's probably going to be a dl though, maybe that safety from Iowa.
  9. I didn't think so before this, but I think now we need a wr that can win on the outside. I don't think we have that player now, someone like Hopkins would do it. Don't need any more than that at wr, because we will need d line and safeties next year.
  10. They're going to get softer as we go, got to keep hammering them. I've already seen some tired looks
  11. Set up a table, light it on fire and jump on it off a vehicle. Takes the edge off.
  12. You also have the Josh factor, that ball is coming at you fast sometimes
  13. I'm assuming it will be a point of emphasis for him this off season.
  14. We have to get someone to chuck kelsey at the line, Klien will not be able to hang
  15. Would love a stop here. Then bring in the ground crew again!
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