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  1. Depressing but accurate. Good thing we are going up against one of the best offenses in the NFL, on our defense: "The defensive line was just late on pressures. The linebackers could not shed blocks, take good angles, tackle fundamentally or cover. The defensive backs played back or were slow afoot" In other words we sucked at all three levels.
  2. Stop addressing it with me, address it with the other poster, as i said either way our D Line has been woeful this year
  3. Is he really only 210? A rookie 210 lb Defensive Tackle...what could possibly go wrong? Mahomes has 20 lbs on him!
  4. People and the media have git to drop this narrative already, what happened in the past is irrelevant. By the same logic we could also say we have had one of the worst offenses, strange how we never say that and is hardly mentioned? Lets get real here. Our defense is NOT good this year and sp all they need to is "just find their mojo"...yeah all I need to is win the lottery, all the defense needs to is get real real lucky tonight.
  5. Pretty feeble explanation.excuse on the past of EJ imo, not a shock to me at all he fizzled out. Looking to blame others and the circumstances and then claim other teams saw him as a bust because it is a "copy cat league", pretty pitiful to be honest.
  6. I would gladly take 32 out of 85 score for a guard with want Ford and Winters have displayed.
  7. Yeah sure, he got hurt just standing around. Probably got his ankle rolled up. Injuries happen on the sidelines, esp in practice when you are not paying 100% attention.
  8. Neither do I, assuming we are talking about the same person. I recall stating something uncomplimentary about field hockey and I got a wyorant, as she would term it. I still miss McAddict, he was the best poster.
  9. Haha, i believe it is an allusion to the New Orleans Saints where he/she has an outline of the state on the Avatar. Probably stuck on Louisiana trying to root for the Bills, I know I used to live there. Obnoxious as heck fans and there slogan "who dat" is a lot more ignorant and offensive imo than is the "Bills Mafia".
  10. The copyright/trademark comes first, then the cease and desist has some real teeth.
  11. No one knows just a bunch of wild arse guessing including this implicit assumption the Bills are going to be selling T Shirts with Bills Mafia on it. I wouldn't be shocked if they just want the term to die.
  12. Yep, the fact that he might be a "good guy" or is small compared to the Bills organization is totally irrelevant (except for the optics). And it isnt just Del, you set the precedent NOW. Maybe some others start to market the name, maybe they are not small and/or not :"good guys". You get it under control as soon as you can. And he did put the bills in a lose-lose situation, read some of these responses if you need the evidence, all they are doing is trying to protect the Bills name/image/likeness.
  13. Where you the one that brought up the Saints trademarking the name "who dat'? That was a great analogy to what is being discussed here.
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