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  1. RoyBatty is alive

    Best one year wonder?

    Yeah I think Greg Cook might be the winner
  2. $3 million is nothing, probably what the should spend every year to keep it from deteriorating and rusting away.
  3. RoyBatty is alive

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    It is really hard to believe you think EJ was worse than Peterman.
  4. RoyBatty is alive

    AAF needed $250m emergency investment to make payroll

    " the Alliance of American Football, will kick off its inaugural regular season Feb. 9, 2019, and will include a modest broadcast deal with CBS, league executives announced Tuesday." https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2018/03/20/alliance-of-american-football-to-kick-off-after-super-bowl/?utm_term=.13bfc5944628
  5. RoyBatty is alive

    Best one year wonder?

    Easy Call, Vince Young He went from Offensive Rookie of the Year to a laughingstock, his last NFL game was pre-season with the Bills, he was 2-10 with 2 ints.
  6. RoyBatty is alive

    AAF needed $250m emergency investment to make payroll

    Well this makes 100% sense.
  7. RoyBatty is alive

    AAF needed $250m emergency investment to make payroll

    I dont care about any disrespect, you and i disagree. You clearly have more experiences starting up leagues, never been involved and never put any money into them, they are for people with big egos imo, money pits. But i am painfully aware of startups and the hidden costs put a $250 mil cash infusion to meet payroll after 2-3 weeks is absurd, that is my only point. And as for Soccer-rugby-football popularity, confusing world popularity vs US. Good luck getting a TV contract for second rate US rugby league. And yes soccer is popular in the US. But all the soccer fans I know watch Premier League, Bundes, etc, they watch the world class soccer, not the third rate MLS. AAF viewership has been very strong.
  8. RoyBatty is alive

    AAF needed $250m emergency investment to make payroll

    Yes i could expand this discussion and yes I didn't list every possible expense item, not did i list every possible revenue generator. If three weeks into the season they needed "$250 million to make payroll" then they are the most inept businessman I have ever seen. Makes zero sense. And yes a lot of money has already been spend, they started with alot of money, you thin they went through it all in three weeks? Laughable. And i dont know for a fact is they made money on TV, you cite reason why they didn't, i will only say football, even bad football, is a hell of a lot more popular in the US than soccer or Rugby. Borderline impossible, that is my entire point.
  9. RoyBatty is alive

    AAF needed $250m emergency investment to make payroll

    Certainly but they also have revenue TV, ticket sales, concessions, paraphernalia, etc, the number $250 million doesn't work.
  10. RoyBatty is alive

    AAF needed $250m emergency investment to make payroll

    Another headline grabbing wild exaggeration. *8 teams, 52 players, $250k piece over THREE YEARS, that is $104 million and they needed $250 million over a few days?. Even double the number for coaches, AAF personnel, refs,etc, $250 mil in emergency cash infusion laughable exaggeration.
  11. RoyBatty is alive

    Bills have only 5 players left from before McDermott arrived

    Not really, if he had 100% turnover it would be his decisions but not "his guys". There is only so much money and draft picks you can use every year, thinking he could get all players he wanted in just two years is ridiculous.
  12. Yeah i understand why people settle out of court
  13. Tyrod Taylor had a low TD to int ratio as well, look at how few yards he threw for. I saw his game versus the Bills he sucked, He went 13-29 187 and i TD, very Tyrod Taylor like. I didnt know this was civil court, i thought this was settled out of court. Anyway the burden of proof is actually no where near as stringent in civil court so that actually bolsters your argument but damages come into play in civil court so absolutely his career is relevant.
  14. 60-80 million if true they are dumber than I thought. Maybe they thought it was worth it from a PR standpoint but no way as an NFL QB.
  15. He could ask for $100 million doesn't mean he is going to get it. Yea he may have been at a prime age but his game had been slipping, he wasnt the boy wonder he was when he started. His first 2 years his QBR was over 70 with a 17-6 record, last two years in the 40s with a 3-17 record. His game was figured out quickly enough, he would have been at best a mediocre NF backup. He couldn't beat out Blaine Gabbert.