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  1. Maybe but All asset classes have plummeted (except for gold which hasnt done much), commodities, bonds stocks, private equity....... they can hedge a bit but no way they can "protect their assets" unless they were in all cash which I highly highly doubt.
  2. Pure speculation on what the Pegulas are worth. Do you have any idea what their financial burn rate is now, the number of employees they have? The leases and debt, mortgages they are paying with little to no revenue coming n? Do you have any idea how much their alleged $5 billion net worth is at right now after these market collapses?
  3. Wow, in 4 years he caught 3 passes, sounds about right. Actually he was a good special teams player FWIW.
  4. Interesting, you are the only one to ever ask. He is one of the main protagonists in Blade Runner as portrayed by Rutger Hauer, here is his death scene
  5. I want Duke to succeed as much as any player i can recall, great come back story BUT he when he had his shot when it was most critical to making a tough but very catchable TD he didn't. Had he made that TD catch vs Houston we most likely win that game.
  6. I have to wonder who is writing this crap for him or did he go off script & just wing this one, either was it is embarrassing. His family cant throw in the towel, if trump gets re-elected a lot of the graft and corruption of the Biden extended family is going to come out.
  7. Yep, it doesnt sound like a lot but ii is and still reasonable. I have been saying for a year now every weekend on ESPN you see 5 or 6 miracle catches buy the pros and you know what, they are never by the Bills. Well we got Diggs now, we got an O line, a good RB. J Allen in his third year has all the tools now, been in the same system, same OC and HC.....lets see what he can do, no more excuses imo.
  8. Thanks for posting. This helps explain why the Diggs trade, makes total sense "Beane also said the situation in the world impacted things when it comes to getting a veteran with a chance at shortened offseason."
  9. You are so unbelievably gullible, posting these pictures is akin to spreading propaganda . And you wonder why Trump calls it fake news. The one show Putin as taller than Trump even though n fact Trump is half a foot taller. The other shows Obama towering over Putin. Reality is Trump is taller than both of them.
  10. You have just proven to be intellectually dishonest. You hatred and anger is consuming you.
  11. I posted this 20 hours ago, go back and check it out and after that come back and admit you were wrong and apolgize. "Do I think Trump crossed the line their, yes more than likely. I am not a 100% Trump fan some of the things he does I shake my head in disbelief but overall his policies have been 95% spot on. I didnt vote for him but i guess I to am a 'Trumpahole"."
  12. I agree with the brokered convention but not sure about Coumo. There is no way in hell they can trot out Biden, none.
  13. Hilighting your text in red and large font deifnetly proves a point.
  14. WTF are you babbling about, is the above "proof" of anything? When Joe Biden, which this thread is about, told the disable politician to "Stand up ChucK" was that ok, if Trump did that it would be totally "mocking him" but good ole Uncle Joe gets a pass, doesnt he.
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