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  1. I think singing as an UDFA he would try and be ultra careful until he made the team at least.
  2. Exclude the word 'Sports" from your last paragraph and totally agree
  3. Just reducing the number of drops (which they should do with Diggs and better TE play of Dawson Knox) he should improve again next year.
  4. This is like saying team X wins 95% of the time when they run for over 200 yards. So what is Allen's record when he doesnt hit 60% (which he has never done for a full year).
  5. Does what exactly? Run routes with the new team logo on it? If so we dont have very high expectations of what a "professional does".
  6. Yes he really is, all his questions to Josh were like half a minute with him asking and the effectively answering what he wanted josh to repeat.
  7. From Sporting News "INDIANAPOLIS — He hopes to emulate one of his mentors in Carson Wentz. He shares a physical resemblance to a young Ben Roethlisberger. His throwing velocity has drawn comparisons to other strong-armed predecessors like JaMarcus Russell and Kyle Boller. And his college completion percentage is reminiscent of another major draft bust in Jake Locker."
  8. The similarities always bothered me BUT there is one major difference. Josh Allen loves the game of football and is wiling to be a team leader and work hard to improve. Locker didnt love the game, didnt improve at all and just walked away from the game when he should have been in his prime.
  9. It was a good listen but I wish Jordan Palmer wouldn't ask and effectively answer the questions he is giving Josh. Great to hear the young receivers already know the playbook.
  10. Didnt we try the two place kickers back a few years ago, one to just do kickoffs and it was somewhat of a failure. Awfully "expensive" to have two kickers unless you put the rookie on the PS.
  11. Last 6 years Hauschka has hit 88.8% of his kicks, Tyler hit 79.4% in college. Tyler can boom the ball punting though, he would be a nice emergency leg. He is headed for the practice squad esp if the league decides to expands it to 14 slots.
  12. The two guys listed ahead of Tasker on that list arent eligble yet for the HOF. IMO Tasker absolutely belongs. It is rather obnoxious to read all the "erudite" Bills fans constantly dumping on Tasker as an announcer
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