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  1. Fine but About half the NFL coaches would go before McDermott if they went 4-12 so to put him at #1 is asinine, imo. You think Jason Garret or Maronne would survive 4-12, aint not way. The only coaches that would be safe would be yr one coaches and some of them would be vulnerable. I think if the Bils went 4-12, depending how badly, McDermott would survive.
  2. Why Mitch Morse was so critical this year, J Allen has enough one his plate, expecting him to make line calls consistently is asking too much at this point imo.
  3. After I read Cossell & others said he was struggling in camp makes perfect sense. Who voted on this, what exactly or who is the ESPN NFL Nation? And Milano the breakout player? He already broke out (figuratively with his leg) last year?
  4. there is an elegant solution, instead of cutting him outright put him on IR for the year, Yeah might be correct. I also think the Cardinals with a rookie QB that I am not a fan of and goofy arse head coach could be in the running as well. Be a thing of beauty to watch the Cardinals picks a QB rd #1 three years in a rwo.
  5. I would be happy with same lat picks for out too many TEs and WRs (never thought I would say that a year ago).
  6. Rosen sucks, Fitzmagic wil start the season, by game 6 his arm will give out and Rosen or some other scrub will fill in. Miami could go through multiple QBs this year.
  7. It was the Jarius Byrd effect, he happened to be at the right place at the right time for ints and fumbles, recall his first half year here he was extraordinarily "lucky" imo. Just like Jarius Byrd having Marck Sanchez as a division QB.
  8. Great write up. Consistent, slightly optimistic. I would e thrilled with 10 wins. We always play poor in Cleveland (it is in the Bills DNA) and they are stacked, i dont see us winning that one. Nor do I see us beating the titans in Tennessee. Also going 4-0 vs the Dolphins and Jets, I dont se that happening. One game would could easily win is the Ravens game, I think Lamar Jackson will be horrific this year, no more great defense, no Terrel Suggs. So i will opt for 8-8 which is good progress as far as i am concerned.
  9. Comically premature agenda driven assumptions. I remain steadfast in the camp that Murray has EXCELLENT BUST potential. Could he be great yes but i highly doubt it.
  10. You have ZERO evidence we traded for brown beyond AB's unsubstantiated claim,, to repeat again, this is what he said, "We inquired about Antonio Brown on Tuesday, and kept talks open with the Steelers". Inquired is a long long way from "we traded".
  11. Just New England references alone: Josh Allen will get more yards from scrimmage (passing and running) than Tom Brady. New England will put up over 400 yards rushing against us in 2 games, and, most importantly The over/under on the marriage of the love struck couple getting married at the Bills-NE halftime with be 60 months,
  12. Jack Kemp at 36 seems incredibly too high. He was the QB two lead the bills to their only championship, twice, AFL players of the year. The list has Lee Evans ahead of him? In the Kemp write up discusses his yards etc, it was a completely different game back then for QBs. And I agree Wray Carlton & Reich should be on the list and Tony Greene too high. Reich deserves consideration for the Comeback game alone.
  13. Good write up, be a real shame if they cut Vosean Joseph and try to sneak him on the PS, i dont think he would clear waivers. Vosean was always an up and down player at FLA, make some great plays an have some real head scratchers.
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