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  1. You dont like him I get it but the fact he played more pro games than college is interesting but hardly relevant and is highly selective data on your part to try and prove a point. Sorry, but a 22 year old pro football player by any reasonable definition is "young".
  2. I agree, Trumaine is no where near the players London Fletcher was then again he is still very young so "instincts" can develop, I do worry about his passion.
  3. I am not saying you are wrong BUT this is the EXACT narrative fans used to help railroad London Fletcher out of town subsequent to another strong 7 years of NFL play including 4 all pro years
  4. You dont read very accurately do you. No i quite clearly stated, there is NO public announcement of a criminal investigation and to my knowledge that is til true. Got it PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT, that is why you said you would have no idea unless you worked for the DAs office and were basing it on non-public info. I never said there WASNT an investigation, I said there was no official announcement of it, or at least of of the time I first wrote that. Sure there might be one. And you can label my comments "absurd" and there might be a "deranged" GM if that makes you feel
  5. I most certainly did what, EXACTLY? Write this? Your quote of me. "I never claimed there wast a criminal investigation, fac, nothing had been publicly announced." Yes I did, bad typo of fact. Do you know hat a public announcement of a DA entitles? Not some chatroom gossip or lawyer speak. Yes, it was a fact. maybe the DA has announced an investigation recently, i dont keep up with this at all hours. As of when i posted that I was correct, you were wrong, simple fact, no debate.. Now to your next jewel of wisdom, "In light of t
  6. I am very able to make that statement because when i wrote it, there was NO CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION ANNOUNCED. Did you want to selectively highlight what I wrote to try and make a point? What did I write after your highlighted quote, "unless you work for the Harris Country District Attorney and know something non-public." I never claimed there wast a criminal investigation, fac, nothing had been publicly announced. Yes there has been no announcement from the DA or from the police definitively saying they have an active criminal investigation.
  7. The Josh Allen was a high risk and high reward payout, J Allen success was much more the exception to the rule than "the rule". And the Bills brought him up correctly, kept same system, some HC, OC, got actual NFL receivers around him. Had J Allen gone to a dysfunctional team like the Adam Gase Jets, i would think J Allen would be viewed as a failure right now. And no three #1 is NOT too much to give up to a proven TOP TIER franchise QB. D Watson pre scandal was easily worth 3 #1s imo.
  8. Maybe YOU as Gm wont trade for him but I can absolutely see a team taking a flyer/educated gamble on trading for Watson. Watson is "damaged goods" now and some team will potentially get him at a bargain price. Unless you have a your franchise QB a lot of teams would roll the dice and take a gamble on Watson, price just plummeted on him. Issue is will the Texans face reality and try and trade him. And there is no active "criminal investigation", unless you work for the Harris Country District Attorney and know something non-public. That was more Buzbee creating a media storm th
  9. I have to ask an incredibly naive question. What do they mean he and his sister were "trafficked" in London? Was someone selling him or her for sex? A 10 year old kid and where were the police? And then just dumped on the streets? Truly an incredible story.
  10. LOL. You fail to understand that a civil case is as much an economic decision as anything else. Settling out of court is NOT an admission of guilt. And no settling out of court and not "clearing his name" doesnt mean "he is done", whatever crap that means. Yea no team will sign him, do i have the right? He settles out of court quickly and this will be nothing more than a trivia question on his wikipedia page.
  11. Nice try but no. You wrote if Watson settles "we will know the truth", now you change it to "publics eyes he is guilty", that is a huge difference. Public perception versus whether or not has is lying. And those are YOUR assumptions about the public perception, sounds like that is yours and I already stated why he might not want to spend the time and money to "clear his name". A trial could turn into a media hanging circus with every girlfriend or and lady Watson has ever interatecd with.
  12. Defending? I defended no one but i think it is naive and shallow to blame everyone for the Bills demise, esp Overdorf that is essentially a glorified accountant. So why are you ATTACKING everyone in the organization even with people that were not the primary decision makers.. So you are upset and angry they had a losing stretch, get over it already. Did i defend the primary decision makers, not at all.
  13. Sorry but you could be further from reality, that is NOT the way lawsuits work. If Watson settles it might just mean instead of spending hours/days in discovery & court and a $100,000 legal bill he pays here lawyer $50k to go away. And no if she drops it doesnt mean she was lying, maybe she doesnt want to relieve the experience in public. And for both of them to make it go away may have nothing to do with this particular incident but they might be fearful of what the other side might find out in discovery and what the press would do with it, a lot of people have skeletons in
  14. He is tailor made for the Pats. An incredibly accurate pocket passer system qb. Not much of a runner but not something Belichek is looking for. Give him a few years with Josh McDaniels and he could be the real deal.
  15. 7-9 does have its advantages, They can draft a QB . I think they go Mac Jones if he is still available.
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