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  1. IS that all we need, a ticket to the playoffs, defense shows up and Josh top play like Josh. Yes it is nice to be optimistic.
  2. Didnt we already use the " Allen will make a jump this year" last year when he dumped his girlfriend? I hope you are right.
  3. Texans are better than the Bills right now, much better position financially because they have a rookie QB contract, added Joe Mixon at RB and plenty of future draft capital. They have a coach a lot of players want to play for Demeco Ryans and a state with no income tax. I dont think they are being over rated at all. It is a team that will be a Super Bowl contender for years, they have leapfrogged the Bills imo.
  4. I dont care what Sportac, he is 30, simple fact and wont be 31 until very latte in November but if yoo want to claim he is 31 go for it.
  5. No, apparently he/she doesnt even follow football since he doesn't agree with you.
  6. We as fans dont really have any solid evidence of him being a cancer but that is what is going to be gradually leaked out by OBD that was in fact.
  7. This is up there with the Daryle Lamonica for Tom Flores trade, epic fail.
  8. Interesting. I actually think the Favre decision was solid risk adjusted gamble. I wonder what the Jet Blowhard Greenberg will say about all this.
  9. His attitude at the end of last season was embarrassing, wasnt very smart and really ruined any NFL future. Had he just been quiet it would have saved him a lot of $ and anguish.
  10. No surprises except for maybe Ghana, that is not much of a market.
  11. So then the victim's family is lying, he isn't a Chiefa fan, not a season ticket holder, didn't go to the Parade and doesn't have a Chiefs tattoo? They made all that up? Do I have that straight?
  12. He served only 16 months of his 36-month sentence and the Missouri governor, a big chief fan, commuted his sentence, he is now a free man. This after he went to prison once for having a "drug emporium" at his house along with his brother and was arrested for a Road Rage incident pulling a gun on someone. Meanwhile, the little girl he slammed into still has serious medical issues. I am certain EVERYONE would get the same break he got. Probably not the right forum but this really p*sses me off.
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