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  1. In what idealized world do you live in. So you dont think they needs cops in dressing rooms? I =guess just let anyone walk in the dressing rooms. There is a reason there is no smoking in the superdome. What would have been your reaction if the cigar smoking wasnt stopped and a fire started and cost lives?
  2. the Texan absolutely saw it coming, you can tell by his body motion
  3. I used to love Booger McFarland, his asinine comment about selfishness pretty much finishes me off with his blowhard opinions.
  4. I have been Smith defender as he had great report with his teammates, Lorax was on the radio yesterday and one guy he highlighted was Smith. I was blown away at his ability to block Geno Atkins one on one. Anyway between the lack of productivity and missed blocking assignments, the ridiculous number of penalties, i think it is time for the Bills to move on.
  5. Define "deep", yes we have a lot of very mediocre TEs. Maybe Knox can improve on blocking and learn to catch the ball, Smith & Kroft were major disappointment to me. Sweeney is ok but very limited upside athletically. I will be shocked if both Kroft and Smith return, one of them is a goner.
  6. No. The man had something like 150 yards in 7 games starts. Great call by Bills management to get rid of him, (actually trade for him) esp with his fathers negative tweets re the Bills.
  7. In defense of Allen and Morse, verbal communication had to be next to impossible, this was as loud as i have ever beard it in that stadium and i have probably been to 10 games there.
  8. With Josh's style of play, when he gets sacked he can easily lose 15 yards plus.
  9. Yeah I understand, do your job, the Patriot way. Works out fine if the other guys all do their job and when they dont, you have a car wreck like this play. This is so bad it is almost comical 7 guys cant block three, cant really block any of the three.
  10. That was during the loudest part of the game, i wouldn't be surprised if they had miscommunication as to blocking. And even if what you say is correct, it is hard for me not to fault Dawkins, he has to be more aware of what is going on around him. Watt isnt even close to him, for Dawkins not to sense or be aware of the huge gap and the defender blowing by him, even it wasnt his assignment, still is troubling to say the least.
  11. It looks like the entire Offensive line is looking at Watt and Dawkins is oblivious to the OLB. Singletary may have been the safety valve receiver.
  12. This is an epically bad play on the part of the Bills. I am not sure who looked worse, Singletary, Lee Smith, Dawkins or Ford...all of them get beat or missed their assignments. Texans rush only three, we have 7 guys to block yet all three get to the QB, two almost totally unimpeded.
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