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  1. Shocking. Never been discussed here or anywhere else, year after year, just nothing on the topic.
  2. Possible, see what OTs are still there and if any great player happens to slip. I would prefer BPA and I dont think Hockendon would be close to BPA at 9, some players always slides.
  3. I will be thrilled, and yes shocked if Gore & Shady total 1,600 yards rushing. If that happens and Allen doesn't regress, i think we are playoff bound. The fact they are (or might be) future HOFers is irrelevant to me, the relevant fact is both are extremely old and have a lot of miles on those tires. I think it was far too risky have too aged RBs, frankly borderline ridiculous. If one of both just crap out no one should be shocked. ANd also I dont think Shady gets into HOF unless he has a great year or two, Gore probably has done enough. Seriously, a mentor to Shady, if Shady needs a freakin mentor at his age he has some serious issues. Shady should be mentoring other players.
  4. The overwhelming evidence shows the church wasn't interested in the redemption of the pedophiles, their major concern was in covering their arse, hiding the evidence, shuffling priest around meanwhile putting more innocent victims, mostly the young and most vulnerable at continued risk.
  5. This definitely deserved its own thread.
  6. I wasnt aware that any Catholic priest had the moral clarity and courage to actually speak up against infanticide, the new age pope is too worried about lecturing the world on immigration, the evils of capitalism and climate change. Meanwhile, like his predecessors trying to move the pedophiles around to hide them as if it was a shell game.
  7. Patriots will move up into the top 10 4 qbs will be taken in Rd 1
  8. would be amazing, makes the Kyle Williams retirement perfect timing
  9. A former Chicago Bear announcing a Bills pick, serioulsy? Just because he is from Rochester?
  10. crazy, he would be snatched in a nano-second
  11. They might be "slaves" but I doubt it. Tthey slept on the table because the rent was free, they are there to make money and when they don't have some guy looking for a handjob sleep on the massage tables which aren't much different from a bed, if that is your "proof" they are slaves I laugh at it.
  12. It is a fact they were slaves? Better be careful about such assumptions. They very easily could be there at their own free will. Not coincidentally no one was charged with trafficking? If they were "slaves", then how could the police sit on this operation for months, should not they have let the "slaves" go. ADAP! No the DA & Cops wanted a big splash, that rich important guys were getting handjobs and the sting was on.
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