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  1. It did and guess what, they still won the freaking Super Bowl, now they get their first rd draft pick back, incredible.
  2. I not so sure, wouldn't mind it if it happened on the PAts, esp since the man gets to collect on a big rookie paycheck while rehabbing and learning the pro game
  3. Pretty good, not sure i would include Shannhan and Elway, not sure they were togther many years. How about Landy/Staubach or LOmbardi/Starr?
  4. I enjoy his analysis but his delivery takes way too long and is redundant, what takes 10 minuted with all his jabber and really only has two minutes of value added content. His free form speech is obnoxious.
  5. Last year was a real; aberration, it was the perfect formula for Allen to run. A porous offensive line, sub par receivers, he wont (hopefully) have those issue this year. His big runs come on unscripted, broken plays. He wont have the same "excuses" to take off like he did last year.
  6. Interesting, as long as we can run the ball I dont care who gets the yards, provided our leading rusher is NOT Allen again.
  7. No he has just been reading & compiling the pre -season fluff pieces bandied around here lately.
  8. However the rate, calculate "aggressiveness" is totally worthless if they rank Allen in the bottom third. He is one of the most aggressive QBs i have every seen. How often does he do the dinking and dunking of Tom Brady, next to never.
  9. A good enough accountant, especially if it is unaudited can make the "profits" in a situation like that pretty much disappear..layer in tons of unallocated overhead on it. Now if it is 5% of revenue, that is a lot more problematic.
  10. Incredible revelation. Josh Allen is aware of the pressure of being an NFL QB. Who would have ever guessed that?
  11. Probably correct, not sure why the fired Gaine until they secured a new GM anyway.Cal McNair has is shaping up to be one of the NFLs worst GMs.
  12. The Texans are right now paying 2 GMs, they dont want to pay a third and THEN next year hire Caserio from the Pats and then potentially be paying four GMs at the same time. Caserio had a clause in his contract expiring next year that effectively rendered the Texans ability fo hire him as naught. And the new Owner cal McNair has not accomplished much of anything in his life without Daddy supporting him, he has an excellent shot at being a terrible owner.
  13. We are going over the same ground. Strange you dont mention how many red zone rushing TDs he had? You keep cherry picking whatever stats you want to support your thesis. Why soddenly are you going to to teams stats, PPG, from his individual stats to demonstrate he didnt improve. (BTW the Bills avgd 15 ppg with Allen starting before he was hurt, so 18 is actually an improvement). And Why did you only use the last 5 games for your PPG instead 6? If you dont think Allen improved in the second half of the season I am not going to try and convince you otherwise.
  14. My god. 1) The KID was a raw rookie 2) He improved DRAMATICALLY from before and after he got hurt, he made tremendous progress. 3) You claim again he was abysmal in red zone, but now you add as I mentioned he was very effective running the ball in the red zone, i dont care if he throws it or runs, a Td is a TD. 4) Look at his supporting cast, was that a mauler oi line that was effective at all, esp in the red zone. And look at the receivers and TEs, enough said.
  15. Josh Allen had red zone ability bu t it was mostly with his legs but he did get TDs And his big arm do make plays, two plays off the top of my head, notably the play he got hurt in Houston and the long 75 yr bomb to Foster, And that pre-season TD at Carolina, where he threaded the needle, under 5 NFL QBs would even dare that throw.
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