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  1. i know, i hate the new rule. I will give credit to Belichek, he had his kickers able to frequently kick it high and land about the 5, more often than not the returner never go it to the 20 or 25. Now that strategy/gamesmenship in football is gone.
  2. Good question. Trevor Lawrence looks like he has regressed, He looked like sheit vs the Texans. I thought the Jags would be a serious threat this year, so far I have been proven wrong.
  3. I was listening to the Washington feed on Sirius on radio (big mistake, terrible homers) when the Kincaid tripping call, it was so egregious they were laughing about it and urged the Commanders to quick run a play.
  4. I agree 100% on the touchback as well. I was very disappointed the Bills dint challenge that Tre was down and touched in the endzone. That was brutal field position and definitely worth the challenge imo.
  5. I am a big believer in Williams, went to Tulane Grad school so I watched a lot of him. Tulane is not a football factory school like so many Div 1 schools, the players actually attend real classes. I have watched him play & heard Williams speak, he is very articulate and speaks intelligently. Give him time, he will become a great LBers. Too young and inexperienced to be MLBer this year except when the game outcome has already been decided.
  6. I know that and is exactly why I wrote "until it is outlawed and deemed too dangerous".
  7. About time they made a move, why the delay, so as not to offend Zach Wilson? Everyone dumping on the "dropping bombs and banging moms" QB, even Joe Nonmatch chimes in. How frail pyschologically is Zac Wilson? Jets should have kept Mike White.
  8. Kickers are just too strong now. Maybe start kicking off from the 25, that will eliminate a whole lot of touchbacks.
  9. No kickoff returns are not dead. The Texans had an upfield blocker go all the way for a TD in a kickoff last Sunday. The NFL will continue to tweak it until it is outlawed and deemed too dangerous. I would suggest they start by putting a ball kicked out of or downed in the endzone back to the 20, 25 is too generous imo.
  10. When I first heard McDaniels talk, I almost started to laugh, never thought he would command respect from NFL players twice his size. So far, I hate to admit it but I am wrong, especially with the dysfunctional Miami ownership, have to give the weird alien credit. DId I say i wasn't impressed with their offense, no I did not. Although it wasnt impressive versus the Pats. Re-read what I wrote, you have to play defense and special teams and thus far their defense is suspect. The most over-sued current expression is, you have to play "complimentary football".
  11. I noticed that with Diggs yesterday and he does a very good job of that. He is not going to try for a Dawson Knox roll over a defender. I was impressed they was he can do that, very Russell Wilson like in his prime.
  12. This aint college and in the NFL you have to play defense and competent special tams. Look at Miami versus San Diego, a coin flip on which team was going to score last. Hard to say Miami is the best NFL team when their defense is highly suspect.
  13. NFL parity is for real. Any team can lose to any other team, just ask Dallas and Jax from yesterday and the Bills from opening week. I think Josh would have benefitted from more work in pre-season. I learned almost nothing from the Jets game (Josh collapse) or yesterdays Washington bombardment, neither game "told me" anything about the Bills, all were statistical flukes.
  14. LOL, my mistake. I will correct it. I think Jimmie G looked like sheit last night. Totally agree on Groots length. One reason why I always held out hope for Edmunds but not missing him at all.
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