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  1. KC didnt have to figure anything out last year, they beat us at the lines, dominated both sides of the ball.
  2. Just out of curiosity, how do you know this? Or what makes you think that?
  3. All were playoff teams last year, what do people expect, dominance as in many of our other games?.
  4. No I will leave it up to you to look at the original scrolls from 12 BC, I would rather waste my time watching football replays but to each his own.
  5. "Unlike many other forms of poetry, haiku poems do not need to rhyme. For a challenge, though, some haiku poets will try to rhyme the first and third lines. Exploring the unique form of haiku can be a great way to introduce budding writers to the world of poetry." I dont need to try harder'
  6. Allen bounces back Tua 's weak arm is exposed Bills dominate Finns That is not the principle behind Haiku
  7. Yeah the great blocking fullback Gilliam. Go back and watch the infamous 4th down play where we lost 5 yards, Gilliam job was to 1) "sell" the were going to run 2) block ahead for Breida. He did neither, whiffed on the one defender that got to Breida, we had two bills and Pitt needed only one guy to make the tackle.
  8. The defender on that play was laughable, no way that should happen in the NFL,
  9. I used to think the Texans game was as close to a gimme as you can in the NFL but after our putrid performance, those hapless Texans are at the top of their conference and dominated their game last weekend yes versus a weak JAX. People dramatically underestimated Tyrod Taylor and yes he will have special motivation against the Bills.
  10. Didnt Moorman throw a TD on a similar play one year against Seattle to stay the season?
  11. Dabol is wrong, it is NOT the same play, back then they had a tight formation, moved the TE from the right to behind the LOS to sell the run and you are correct Josh did a terrible fake versus Beldsoe. Other difference is as I wrote it was a tight formation, why we had McKenzie out wide to the left, then it was idiotic then put him in motion to draw the CB right to where the play was being developed, than Gilliam whiffed on the tackle and let Sutton make the play all by himself.
  12. Good point. Looking at it more, #41 Gilliam did a horrible job blocking the Pitt defender, Sutton? who single handed beat Gilliam and got the tackle for loss. True BUT as someone else pointed out versus Seattle, and we had a tight formation, as well as all the other aforementioned mistakes on that play.
  13. Excellent, not EXACTLY the same play with one HUGE difference. Yesterday we had Isiah McKenzie split out wide left, he goes in motion, stops right behind Allen and they hike the ball. What Isiah moving did was have the covering CB on him follow him RIGHT to where the play was being developed. Also in the first play that worked, they moved the TE to the right of the line trying to sell the fact they were going to run and the QB (11) did a better job at selling the run as well. Two huge differences but the motion by Isaiah was really what helped blow it up.
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