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  1. Tre is a natural comedian, great delivery. yes that was impressive but he did call the puck a ball
  2. What do the bottom 5 all have in common, rookie or 2nd yr players. The player that breaks that mold is Lamar Jackson in the top 10.
  3. Some of those "curses" were real stretches. I think it got notoriety because the first "winner", Barry Sanders retiring one week after he was put on the cover
  4. Not sure why you have this apparent need to grill me bit to answer your question, no i did not play QB, you think that info is only privy to the QBs, think again, part of broad strategy in playing the game. Also my son currently plays so yes safe to say i am up so date. Besides the endless hours i waste reading & listening to football experts in the media.
  5. I guess Patrick Mahomes didn't read the stats on running QBs. I was always taught QB sneaks are about as safe a play for a QB as you can get.
  6. The best is politicians act like they are supposed to be glorified, i love how the corrupt bastards use OUR money to build memorials and name them after themselves
  7. Interesting and counter intuitive data, thanks.
  8. His fainl game in the 2-2 season, I was in Reliant stadium watching in almost slow motion the EJ to JJ Watt 80 yd pick six, at that point, with that one play I "knew" EJ was nowhere near ready. Maybe, if he stuck around for 8 more years and some point he could have but I doubt it.
  9. The point was did EJ progress and is J Allen making progress, i think JA is. I dont think EJ progressed from year 1 to 2.
  10. I agree, if the light doesnt go on by the end of his rookie contract i think he is gone, that is why i wrote on his third team. I am going to disagree with you time frame, look the Bucs and Titans have FINALLY figured out they will move on from Winston and MAriotta, i can see something like that unfolding here, is it idea, certainly not. And both Winston and Mariota will attach to other NFL teams, if they want to as backups.
  11. No idea how long it will take. Right now i just want progress. Lets not always fall back on the EJ Comparison or anyone in the past. EJ didnt progress in year 2, he actually regressed, Allen has, imo progressed. And I think with a hard worker with a good attitude he can continue to progress for several years. J Allen is a great teammate, hard worker nice guy, stays out of trouble and the physical abilities are obvious. I can see him as a journeyman for years in the NFL if he wants. Who knows maybe 8 years from now on his third time the lights goes on and he starts to light it up.
  12. No. Josh is very raw and needs a lot of work but he has an incredibly high ceiling. He appears to have a solid owner, HC and GM behind him. He needs to reach for the ceiling. Watching the Lions over the past years almost as dreadful as the Bills. I want a super bowl appearance which means we have also conquered the Pats dominance.
  13. Sadly the Browns have not self destructed yet, waiting for Mayfield to really vortex down the toilet bowl like a rancid turd
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