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  1. Did I say I want him to be Trent Edwards? Look I know you are upset the Bills lost, so am I but venting on me isnt going to change the outcome. Deal with it, learn from it..just like Allen will do. Allen is not not Superman. He gets in trouble when he resorts to playing hero ball. You take what the defense gives you. For him to be our leading rusher again yesterday is the number one indictment of this team on offense.
  2. Did you see the coverage the Chiefs had, they were on receivers like glue. If Josh had one big fault just like in the first KC game he didnt take what they gave him...he needs to learn to check down...he has made incredible progress in this regard but still has a lot to learn. This experience will, like the Texans game last year, only make him a better QB. Experience at the position obvious;y means everything.
  3. Ah yes, the day after a big loss threads such as this are inevitable. I think his "nerves" are fine. He has made incredible progress, has obviously learned from his mistakes and wil work his arse off and come back and be a better player. Experience is NOT wasted on J Allen. Next playoff game I want to see him like Tom Brady throwing the ball in the dirt at the foot of a receiver instead of taking this comically bad and long snacks. J Allen has gotten a lot of the "superman" complex out of his system but the competitor in him still surfaces.
  4. I as a casual fan have known about playoff officiating after the Bills loss to the Redskins in the Super Bowl, they were mugging us all night long and no flags...then Andre Reed losses his cool over it and HE gets the flag. If the Bills didnt know and/or take it into consideration playoff officiating it would be a major shock to me.
  5. Sorry but I sure didn't need to witness yesterday to realize you would prefer home games and a bye.
  6. Move Edmunds to OLB already. He has so much physical potential he would be a commanding trade bait if we so chose. Oliver needs a big stud DT to play by his side so he can utilize his speed better. He had his moments.
  7. Is this a shock? No not a tall. Just like last year versus the Texans in the playoffs on that 2nd half kickoff..., even IF it isnt explicitly spelled out in the rule books the NFL will make the decision they think is "more fair". I have no problem with last years decision on the kickoff and no problem with them reviewing a situation that was "not re-viewable" according to the rule book. In the playoffs they can concentrate and use more common sense as opposed to just relying on the rule book.
  8. 1) We are playing better competition. 2) The refs are reluctant to call penalties in the playoffs, so just like our Second Super Bowl versus the Redskins, pass defenders can play very, very physical with receivers and not get a penalty.
  9. Brian Winters is a goner..one piece we will not miss at all.
  10. Thanks Buffalo Bills. It was a GREAT SEASON!!!!
  11. Yes I would think they have to do something and something radical. I cant believe Belichek wants to try and roll the dice and hope and prays he can get and train a franchise QB from the draft. They have to be a front runner for Matt Stafford,
  12. Agreed and I also subscribed. He is going to have a lot of Bills fans signing up.
  13. I have read the very, let me describe it as "sketchy" reasons to hire McCown i think it is bizarre and typical of so many recent Texans missteps to make such a blunder. Frazier and/or Bienemey imo are infinitely better candidates than freakin totally unproven coach much less HC Josh McCown. Of course McCown is big into Fellowship of Christian Athletes which means he is a huge green light for the McNair "brain trust".
  14. I guess that makes sense. I think if you are going to reward one team that gets a minority assistant hired away as a HC then the team that actually hires the minority HC also deserves some draft consideration.
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