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  1. That is a name I will be happy if I never hear it again, he will be a bad Bills trivia answer.
  2. Even McDaniel is not stupid enough to go for a hattrick. A little too late McDaniel you functional idiot.
  3. He might be medically cleared but i would be stunned if Mcdermott allows him to play. I heard that functional idiot of a Head Coach McDaniel and his Mcgruber comment as if that somehow minimized the severity of the entire Tua fiasco.
  4. Most NFL players one on one are going to miss tackling Lamar in open space.
  5. Tua needs to get a big ass settlement from the Dolphins and the NFL and never pay again. Couldn't happen to a bigger d bag own than Ross.
  6. He got us the Win vs New England when he punched the ball loose from Cam Newton.
  7. In another thread same poster said that play was 99% on Allen. I think poster has lost objectivity and credibility when posting about Allen.
  8. Posters are missing why this was a pivotal game. This was the game that ignited the loud noise for the home team so opposing QBs couldn't be heard. After this game it became common place. Refs no longer stopped the play if it was too loud pre snap.
  9. Interesting, he does go hard to the left and the o line i think was shifted to the left. Note there are two edge blockers #29 and #8 so i would understand that move to the left. Of all the mistakes on this play major kudos to Knox for taking care of #29.
  10. Correct we will never know but to say it is 99% on Allen to me is absurd unless he should or could have audibled out of it. The entire play is totally out of sync beginning with the snap. And it doesn't matter if the blockers were outnumbered, when you have 2 blockers going for the same man and are clearly beaten it is on those two guys.
  11. 99% on Allen? Even if he was back to where he was at the snap he would have gotten nailed, look at your picture 2, both Dawkins and Singletary badly badly beaten. Maybe it buys him a millisecond if he is back may have been able to throw it away and then he is going to get whacked.
  12. VanRoten at center lifts his head up to take a peak just before he puts his head down to snap the ball between his legs...a comically easy tell for the D. Jerry Ostroski pointed it out.
  13. There is so much wrong with this play, i assume they spend a long time going over this. Bills looked totally out of rhythm and overwhelmed. !) How much was due to no Morse? Anyone know his status? 2) Expect more and more blitzes till we can handle them better.
  14. I looked up his stats, he has lost as many fumbles as TDs,
  15. Your posts are so predictable. Miami has another 7 hours to ride the wave of excitement after barely beating a decimated Bills team on a short schedule. Cinci will brutalize them.
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