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  1. Good for you, take a guess, genius. Yes I know what a walk through is and you don't walk through with boots. Stupid.
  2. I agree. You are not going to risk injury to your players forcing them to wear work boats, prima facie absurd. Also more than likely a violation of many CBA and NFL rules/regulations.
  3. Is this a joke? Stop it already. I dont think ANYONE ever thinks of this. If you really believe I feel sorry for you. I will agree on the the espn media is worthless.
  4. I saw it this am, don't disagree with it but kinda went on and on and on, like most of the worthless sports shows do. Like the never ending debate about the college playoff selection process.
  5. Now that Leslie Frazier, Ken Dorsey are gone, it is now McDermott's turn. As to the GM not listening to the HC during the draft, that entire premise is toxic. It would be like going back to the Doug Whaley days.
  6. Thinks about what your wrote. In a million years, would you have ever thought you would make such a post of the Bills message board?
  7. "breaks silence". Oh what incredible silence to break, as if some great revelation is here. Author must work for modern media and/or is a Drama queen
  8. Similar to what happened with Buddy Nix overpaying Mario Williams. I looked up Basham season, thus far, he has done next to nada, no sacks, QB hits or TFLs.
  9. Every year, it is the NFL , every team has the same issues, NFL parity.
  10. Stay the course, keep continuity, dont jump from coach to coach because you hit a dry spell which will ALWAYS happen and staying the course is exactly what will happen.
  11. The Pats??? You think a different OC would have stopped Mac Jones from have a career day? I know losing is a bummer but at least be more accurate in your scapegoats.
  12. Now that Dorsey is gone you have to select someone to be a whipping boy.
  13. Is he? Boy fan anger over this latest loss is near an all time high. I already experienced my max frustration after the Mac Jones career day he had versus us a few weeks ago, I have since been talked off the ledge.
  14. Is this a joke? The Frank Reich nostalgia by Bills fans is endless.
  15. Yep. I "knew" this season was destined for a disaster when you let Mac Jones look like Joe Montana at his peak.
  16. Spill the truth on 13 seconds huh. What if in fact it was 100% his (Frazier's) call, would that make you happy? No you are frustrated we lost yesterday and want to get some psychological payback on McDermott and hope Frazier would come out and say it was all McDermott's fault.
  17. LOL, Rex Ryan would be a good fit for this team, hilarious.
  18. WEll you want to Buy Joe Brady and sell Gabe Davis, Gabe Davis, the same guy Brady said he was the player of the game. A bit of a logical inconsistency.
  19. Agreed. I have writ this sentiment here in the past and got lambasted for it. One who historically is wildly variable in results (reflective of his overall game) at it is Josh Allen, he can either be have and incredible effort as he did versus Dallas on Thanksgiving, just not make it like vs Jax a year ago or a disaster as he did versus Minnesota last year.
  20. Yeah, brady of QB sneaks was incredible, dont know if he was as good as the Eagles but he was smooth, just go to the line, often rush to the line and get and easy 1 yards.
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