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  1. I understand your intent, good natured and well reasoned but there is almost NEVER a 100% of all revenue goes to charity and even if you send a check there will be overhead/processing fees to manage the payment.
  2. Lo and behold, a Jeff Tuel quote. Don't know how much of this is just to attract attention but it sure is hard to fathom it isnt wildly exaggerated.
  3. This was just the start of the evolution/chaos. Saban is a dinosaur and too slow to recognize the trends. College system was dysfunctional for decades before NIL but now they are effectively paid athletes, not much more than employees which also means they can start to sue (CTE anyone), demand more from the Universities, maybe unionize.....we are only in the third inning on this. . Everyone was bitching and moaning about the exploited student athlete not getting paid, well they found a "loophole" around it. People are going to beg for the old system to come back, the NFL got their free farm system and Collège football made Billions. Lets see how this all plays out, it has just started.
  4. This has all the element of Turing into a long drawn out three ring circus, already been going on for over a year.
  5. Stating "#Facts " on a hypothetical opinion is an interesting polemic tactic, not sure it adds any real value or credibility. I agree with Watkins, that INT was the game winner. What happened after that was all a factor of that INT. Ravens at home with a come from behind to tie the score, total momentum changer. After that INT the Ravens were beat/deflated. So yes, call it woulda , shoulda, coulda but that is the way I see it.
  6. by most accounts. it was the owner, Haslam. Another ego driven owner like Ross of the Dolphins trying to get Watson as well. Yes it could end up well but with each passing day looks less and less likely. Have to consider Watson hasn't played in a year and he will be lucky to play this year. And the PR fallout on the Browns is getting worse by the Watson revelation. At this point, for it to be a "success", Watson has to, at a minimum, bring them to the Super Bowl.
  7. Sex trafficking is an entire new aspect ......far beyond the scope of this board and my expertise. Also there are some cultural issues involved. Go to the Philippines or Thailand and there is little to no stigma to getting paid for sex. And correct me if I am wrong, neither Kraft or Watson were held criminally liable BUT is there any doubt what Kraft did? The NFL in yet another act of letting important people off Scot free. Because of Kraft the NFL might have a legal issue about suspending Watson or at least that is an angle I would play of Watson gets hit hard.
  8. If, and this is a big IF the reports of the deposition are correct, I am amazed Rusty Hardin, Watson's counsel, would let him say such a thing in a deposition. Just based on that alone, I would be shocked if the NFL lets Watson play this year. Fortunately for the NFL, Cleveland is not a critical market
  9. Correct, unless a state has legalized prostitution, it would still be a crime. But IMO if they were all "sex workers", that would be a major mitigating factor.
  10. Unless they were ALL sex workers the fact that some "seem" to be is irrelevant. And sure, some of them maybe did "tug" other dudes for money but again, unless it was everyone of the 22 that is irrelevant. The Defense will drag each of the 22 through the mud and we wonder why women are afraid to bring up sexual accusations. And I agree, certainly not the worst crime.
  11. Why, to satisfy our curiosity? These aren't politicians, esp the woman involved deserve privacy.
  12. Egomaniac. Now it is guaranteed to suck, just like his podcast with Jim Grey.
  13. I was sick of Brady with the Patriots, gave him a break first two years away from New England now he is overexposed and is once again is unwatchable, how much Tom Brady do we need. And what another 10 years as a football announcer...will this nightmare ever end.
  14. No, and the camera angle/footage were next to worthless.
  15. Whole thing doesn't look real to me, looks staged
  16. The dude Gore beat isn't much of a boxer, a few weak wild swings with little power, guy doesn't cover up then Gore barely touched him and he drops unconscious? Almost looks like it was staged it was so pathetic.
  17. LOL, always look at the bright side of life! Another added bonus is that Tom Terrific doesn't always win. Imagine he let AB into "his house"....probably without real access to his kids and/or supermodel wife.
  18. Fine, you cant have six teams all within one week of your bye even if you exclude the Bengals..
  19. Probably the most exciting "non-consequential" Bills game I ever went to.
  20. How is that possible? Unless you think there are only three "expected to be good" teams.
  21. Yep Start of the thread closing. Over/under 30 more posts.
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