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  1. It's funny how many BLM signs you see on people's lawns in affluent suburban neighborhoods. You don't see nearly as many of those signs on lawns in the urban, lower property value areas.
  2. How do you suppose all this heroine and illegal guns get into our country in the first place? You're aware of our long standing "guns for dope" program in afghanistan right? I'll look for a link for you Go ahead and laugh that off and show everybody your naivete
  3. Honestly the cops are the criminals and you all know it
  4. Well, the acceptance of these issues is what enables them. Thanks for your contribution.
  5. You seem so acceptant of that fact. Can we live in a world where we don't have to fear being blown away by the cops? This isn't a dirty harry movie you know, this is real life
  6. Damn, alot of you are really dancing on the fine line between "innocent until proven guilty" and "if a suspect doesn't comply, an officer has the right to shoot them" It's scary to me
  7. Now you are just being ridiculous. Because this is America and everyone know rich people don't go to jail in america Jeez
  8. I get the ex cop thing. But do you not see the irony of the wise ass thing I said basically being true. The point is, is that the racial divide is insane in this country
  9. Do you think they will put her in general population? Or will she be in one of those special white people prisons with a pool?
  10. The cops should be driving little three wheeled electric golf carts, have little rubber billy clubs and wear those funny old time hats that they used to have back in the day. That's my solution
  11. She mistook her glock for this
  12. Dont abolish police, where did you get that from. Just don't give them the ability for deadly force. Why you getting all passive aggresive with me about that? You like the cops having the ability to kill people?
  13. I just don't think I trust cops with guns anymore. Maybe they should just carry tasers. Or blowdarts or slingshots. Something way less lethal.
  14. No What I gave was an analogy, not a hypothetical. Now THAT I'll argue with you, the difference between an analogy and a hypothetical. Not this "is she would have this then he would have that" crap
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