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  1. It would be freakin hilarious if corona beer bought the naming rights
  2. It's going to be something ridiculously stupid like "Wegmans field" or something like that
  3. You're ALL a bunch of boy scout troop leaders, if ya ask me
  4. It's not politically correct to call them basements anymore. It's called garden level now. How many cats live in his garden level room with him
  5. In NYS private schools have been open for some time now. Since at least October, I believe. My older has been in full time school since then and there haven't been any problems with in person learning with a full classroom so far. My younger is still young enough that we aren't as worried about in person learning, he does well with virtual learning so he is still in public school, and learning from home. Now, I glean a couple things from this. 1. Children of parents with means can still get a normal education. While children of lesser means are falling behin
  6. The laws of man will never supercede the laws of nature, and the #1 law of nature is survival of the fittest. Covid isn't doing anything that nature hasn't already and always done. Stay frosty out there peoples
  7. Oh crap, you're part of the pitchforks and torches mob aren't you.... Well this is awkward... Hey, it is helpful of you to post those reports of what charges those people are being brought up on. It's interesting to see that information
  8. I knew the majority of those people would get off with nary a slap on the wrist seein as how they didn't really do anything except enter a few restricted areas. The media coverage of that event is what should be on trial in a federal court for overt sensationalism
  9. Writers are professionals trained in using language to invoke certain tones and feelings into a written piece. The same facts reported bytwo people of distinct different backgrounds can be made to sound slanted to the writers opinion. And if the writer is good enough he or she can do it without you even realizing it. Same thing as how statistics can be manipulated to support a specific belief, like "tyrod taylor has the highest completion percentage in the NFL"
  10. I like reuters and AP and I try to stick to just fact based articles. I try to read between the lines and use common sense to form my opinions.
  11. You don't see a problem with a world where like 4 mega rich greed mongers are controlling the information that 379 million people read? A world where Wal Mart, amazon and home depot, basically subsidiaries of the CCP, are allowed record breaking profiteering while small family owned business is shuttering for good, as mandated by our big big government? The propaganda machine is working triple overtime and you damn well know it. I'll read the washington post when he starts paying those warehouse workers and delivery drivers $35 bucks an hour plus health insurance,
  12. As you do. Maybe you could link something from the national enquirer next?
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