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  1. Is he just trying to get paid, or does he want contract security in case the Browns end up making more poor cap choices? With Watson potentially suspended Hunt has more leverage now than he’ll have later….. especially after Watson starts playing and Hunts numbers drop.
  2. It’s not. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Elam have a similar rookie season to Eric Stokes (GA) last year…. Looked bad in preseason trying to guard Davante Adams, looked better against lesser competition, got burned bad a few times by top WRs but displayed talent, everything started to come together by the last third of the season. It takes a season for a lot of these corners to round into form. As Fans we often want instant success, but displayed talent and trending upwards with experience is the more realistic expectation.
  3. Makes perfect sense…. That touch of extra relief and joy that we saw with Cubs fans a few years ago…. That.
  4. It’s all wild. Rice’s 2002 season was playing beside Tim Brown who was coming off of 9 consecutive 1000 yard seasons. Reggie White played with both Clyde Simmons and Paup who each topped out with 19 and 17.5 sacks in a season (respectively). Very hard to figure out who’s actually overrated, but the discussion is entertaining. Over Epenesa for sure.
  5. Bryce Paup…. He never had more than 7.5 sacks in a season when he wasn’t playing with Bruce Smith or Reggie White. 🤷‍♂️
  6. That average goes up if you factor in that he missed half of 2020 after being IR’d with a knee injury he tried playing with for four games, and he missed a game or two last year with Covid.
  7. It’ll be interesting to see how Dorsey uses all of the weapons. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he utilizes TEs in his game plans a lot more than Daboll. Dorsey certainly benefited from throwing to Jeremy Shockey and Kellen Winslow in college… not to mention handing off to Gore, Portis, and McGahee. Football has certainly changed in the last 20 years, but there might be some interesting things that carry over from his playing experience.
  8. Because it would be freaking hilarious if a QB they passed on in the draft for Mayfield became their franchise QB going forward…. It would also make the Dolphins and Cardinals look bad too if Rosen looks good. Personally, IDC…. But laughing at Haslam is always a good time.
  9. I don’t think anyone other than Titans or Ohio State fans consider George a generational talent. He was a very good back, but not the best of his time…. Kind of like Ricky Williams or Jamal Anderson. There were a lot of “hall of very good” running backs during that stretch. That said, keep in mind that the rules and defenses were built differently twenty plus years ago. Run and stop the run we’re much more prolific philosophies. Thurman Thomas only averaged 4.2 y/a. A lot of the guys we remember as actual freaks often only had 3 or maybe 5 dominant years ( a la Earl Campbell)…. Which is why Barry Sanders averaging 5 y/a over his career is insanely impressive. It’s also why I do give Curtis Martin and Frank Gore some props…. They just maintained that yardage and Y/A every single year no matter what for an extended period on several teams. That’s impressive…. HoF impressive? IDK, but it’s impressive none the less.
  10. Love was a bad pick, but it was in response to Rodgers having two consecutive down years (for him) after coming back from a broken collarbone. In hindsight the only tangible benefit was stoking the “prove them wrong” fire in Rodgers. A skill player at another position would have been a much better choice there. AJ Dillon is an entirely separate matter. They run a two back system and their power back (Jamaal Williams) was in the final year of his contract. Dillan was drafted to upgrade that role, not take over for Jones who can also line up at WR to exploit matchups. Jones also gets banged up frequently, so taking load off is crucial towards his health late in the season.
  11. Rumor has it that JC Jackson still owes Diggs a years worth of milk money.
  12. Elway’s weight going up over the course of his career had a negative impact on his ability to run. People forget that he played his whole career with a torn ACL, and that extra weight hindered his agility amongst other things. Cam’s probably the best “body type” comparison. Elway/Favre are probably the best arm comparisons... JA17 has a bit of their arm arrogance too. Kid is a freak and there really isn’t a complete talent like him. As for the height evolution….. that’s to be expected with the size of linemen increasing as well. QBs have to keep up in order to excel on the field by seeing over larger Olines and/ avoiding larger defenders. Brees and Wilson are aberrations in that they’re so good in the pocket while being shorter even when they don’t have top shelf receiving corps. Most shorter guys have difficulties timing routes, seeing through the trash, and anticipating throwing lanes. As a result bigger more mobile QBs are going to be more likely to succeed.
  13. This ^^^. I don’t think it’s about maximizing cash as much as it’s about maximizing value. Money can certainly compensate for things like location, facilities, losing, etc. However, once you have a substantial amount of wealth quality of life tends to be determined by factors other than money…. Granted, happy wife happy life may be one of them.
  14. Oddly, Rodgers has been better record wise without Adams in the lineup. Gonna be interesting to see what he does with a pair or rookies and Tonyan back in the lineup instead of MVS.
  15. Could be worse…. He could’ve taken his pay in frozen orange juice.
  16. The problem with using one year for Jerry Rice (particularly in the early 90’s) is Sterling Sharpe. Rice wins handily if longevity is factored in though. Agree with Hutson 100% though. He’s sort of a forgotten relic at this point in time. One could also throw Kelley Winslow into the discussion at TE as he changed offensive and defensive schemes forever, but he also had a relatively short career.
  17. He wasn’t asked to. He wasn’t even on their roster to start the season. He was signed after being IR’d by the 49ers who released him with an injury settlement halfway through the season. The Packers picked him up to return kicks and punts as their returner went to IR…. I’m not expecting much from the guy as a receiver at this point of his career. If he can reliably field kicks, avoid turf monster fumbles, and keep Hyde from being McD’s safety blanket that’ll do. Anything extra is a bonus.
  18. There will almost always be light boxes with Allen at QB. That’s one reason why drafting Cook made so much sense…. He’s a RB that can potentially maximize gains from an open gap. That said, Allen is still the best short yardage option on the roster in no small part due to the Oline’s inability to get consistent push up the middle. This team could use a hammer at RB, but that’s not gonna happen this year…. So 🤞🏼 that Kromer can get this Oline to a level of reliability in the running game.
  19. Maybe the kid has black eyes; like a dolls eyes.
  20. I’d assume the Pegulas are sitting on a substantial amount of liquidity. IIRC he was buying up oil and gas companies when the market tanked during Covid…. Those are now pushing towards record profits.
  21. I wouldn’t either. However, one could make an argument for Byrd if McD and Frazier would switch the base to a big nickel. He’d certainly add size and splash plays. Speaking of splash plays….. Terrance McGee. Could play outside and slot cb. Electric returner that was a threat to take any interception, FR, PR, or KR to the house. I’d take Winfield over McGee all day, but if we’re going pure center of the drought remembered for one team guy McGee fits the Bill. Dude could flip the momentum of a game at any moment.
  22. Didn’t he lose that position after a second DUI and a recruiting scandal?
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