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  1. Larry David is a Jets’ fan, so that’s likely his reaction too.
  2. I think of Olsen kinda like Frank Gore. A veteran presence in the TE room who can show the young guys how a vet does things. The plus side of Olsen is he’ll be better on the field than Gore was. I’d love to see the Bills run more 12 personnel and keep defenses guessing. That can only be done effectively if you have two legit all around TEs. Olsen and Knox are good enough to do that.
  3. If I'm remembering correctly Nate didn't even pick Knox to win the award in the week he won it, he went with the Juszczyk run. Now, for angry run of the year he votes for Knox. I think they just wanted to leave it up to Kyle to decide.
  4. It's not inexplicable. He's a TE. If you don't want him sent into routes then you should put another tackle on the field. You have to keep defenses honest.
  5. I’ll plant my flag on the opposite hill. I don’t get hating a player who simply wasn’t that good. As long as they put in the work it isn’t their fault they suck. It’s also not their fault where they were drafted. It frustrates the crap out of me when they suck but given some distance/time the anger fades for those types of players. The players I truly dislike, I dislike for their lack of effort (See: Hobert, Billy Joe) or their personalities. Players like Baker Mayfield or Antonio Brown top the list in the NFL these days. Players like Dion Sanders in years past. For the Bills, the list of A-holes kinda begins with Flutie and his lack of accountability from the QB position. A position that is supposed to be all accountability.
  6. Goodell did. He slid it right in there: "We all want the Buffalo Bills to continue to be in Buffalo, to be successful." Would that make any sense if, before their new stadium he had said, "We all want the Dallas Cowboys to continue to be in Dallas, to be successful."? No, it wouldn't have and that's because there was zero chance that the Cowboys were going to move. Zero. Goodell just brought up the thought of Buffalo not having a team and he did it by saying the opposite, how we all want them to have a team. Pretty slick, but a pretty obvious threat too.
  7. The more I learn about this draft this is the direction I'm leaning as well. Grab one in the 1st or 2nd then another in the 4th/5th. Take advantage of the depth and make a weakness a strength for years.
  8. Was never much of a Shady fan anyway. I thought his contributions to the team were way overblown by the Bills' fan base. He was a good, not great back with us. I don't fault him for wanting to retire an Eagle, he had his best years there.
  9. Yep, he's pretty much unanimously considered the best OL coach in the league and one of the all time greats. It's a huge loss.
  10. Not just his injury history but the age of the Bills' WR room. They need to get younger there and start staggering when guys need to be replaced. They signed FAs in the WR last year now it's time for a draft pick or two. What makes the safties so valuable in this scheme is how well they know it and each other. They can play each others positions and take each others responsibilities on the fly. They can disguise a man look when it's still a zone look because they wordlessly take on the others responsibilities. This confuses the hell out of opposing QBs. The value of Hyde and Poyer isn't in how great they are as individuals but in how well they work together. You're kidding yourself if you think someone is going to step in to one of their spots without a significant immediate fall off. There is a reason the Bills had so few blown coverages last year and consistently lead the league in fewest big passing plays against.
  11. He also isn’t the fighter he used to be. There’s a lot of miles on his treads. He’s 4-7 in his last 11 fights. Not exactly top tier competition. Dana has carefully constructed Connor’s career with favorable matchups. Cerrone only had a chance if he decided to take it to the ground. Im lookin forward to Connor getting abused again by Khabib.
  12. Not shown in the highlight reel is his ability to break tackles, keep his legs turning and always fall forward for a couple of yards more. His toughness in some short runs between the tackles is something I never expected from him. Those plays done end up in highlight reels but they’re really impressive for a smaller back.
  13. There were two flags on the play. Illegal formation and holding. They accepted the holding penalty. The fact that so many people fall for these types of tweets/posts is disturbing though. People will believe anything as long as it jells with their previously held belief.
  14. Yeah, they should take away the Astros championship. And if it's proven the Sox did the same thing in '18, take that championship away too. And yeah, I agree the Pats championship from spy gate should be taken away as well, but that's over a decade ago, I'm not sure the talking heads are going to bring that up now. I don't remember what they said at the time it happened.
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