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  1. If only the coaching staff knew as much as the fans when it comes to Duke Williams. 🙄
  2. If they lose out they still get in 56% of the time. Not that anybody wants to get in that way... I keep seeing people call a Hodges 3rd string. If Rudolph is benched and Hodges promoted doesn’t that make Hodges 2nd string? If Rudolph was hurt and that was the reason Hodges was promoted then he’d be the 3rd string QB.
  3. QBs have to read leverage. Brown was covered. If he looks to Beasley he’d see the DBs hips turned the wrong way and immediately know Beasley has his man beaten. He shouldn’t be waiting until Beasley is actually open to make that decision. It looks like Allen saw single coverage one Brown and was going there no matter what.
  4. If the Bills beat the Pats in 2 weeks and KC wins out the Pats don’t get a bye.
  5. MDH

    NE v KC

    Yeah, I’ve had my fill of Allen getting hit on slides with no call.
  6. MDH

    NE v KC

    Not with the Raiders losing their last 3.
  7. If you can’t admit when he has a crap move then yeah, there’s bias being shown, but it’s not on my side of the table.
  8. Yep, if Titans win everything the Bills needed to make the playoffs today would have happened...except the Bills win. Get it done next week and all is forgiven.
  9. The Bills offense played to the strength of the Raven’s D today. Teams have had much more success with 12 personnel on the field but the Bills decided to go 11 and keep 3 WR on the field against and elite secondary. Most teams try and keep the Ravens in their base D, not the Bills. I’m confident the Bills would have had much more success with Kroft and Knox on the field at the same time. Both running and throwing.
  10. The Bills are defiantly a good team and playoff worthy. What worries me is that anytime they play a good D the game will be very close and they can easily lose to teams who, overall, aren’t as good. The Bills are a more complete team than the Steelers but that game worries me because they cause turnovers and play very, very good D. Will we see a repeat performance from today’s O? Much like today, one miscue on D could be the nail in the coffin. The O’s deficiencies means the D has to play nearly perfect.
  11. Yeah, that was huge. As was the Knox drop on 3rd and 10’when they were driving. The drops dove me crazy today, though to be fair, so did Allen’s misfires.
  12. Why do people think “WR1” equals “HoF type WR”? Brown is one of the top 32 WR in the league. He’s a WR 1. Is he elite? No, but all the guys people list as elite are guys who will garner serious HoF consideration.
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