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  1. Yeah, they should take away the Astros championship. And if it's proven the Sox did the same thing in '18, take that championship away too. And yeah, I agree the Pats championship from spy gate should be taken away as well, but that's over a decade ago, I'm not sure the talking heads are going to bring that up now. I don't remember what they said at the time it happened.
  2. Top 3 DT...😂 Thankfully our GM and coach look at the film and don’t just box score scout.
  3. Yeah, if they could get rid of the worst color commentator (Though Fouts might have something to say about this) and replace him with the best I’m all for that. Really, getting rid of Booger for anybody on a nationally televised game where I have no alternative football has got my approval.
  4. Not just the AFC, the NFC has 1 team left that seems legit. These games just reinforce the idea that once you get into the playoffs anyone can advance. You shouldn’t just be happy to get to the playoffs
  5. Why not just give the money directly to charity and cut out the middle man and any chance it doesn’t get to the charity?
  6. They’re right. His splash plays make fans think he’s one of the best in the league and he’s simply not. Add to his higher than expected sacks given The number of pressures he’s also a big liability vs the run. Maybe our worst DL vs the run. Oliver had a much better year than Phillips even if the sack totals say otherwise.
  7. Yeah, that seems about right. I'd be happy for the Bills to bring him back for about that rate.
  8. Yeah, these are both good points. The way I see it is this. A lot of OCs in recent times have altered schemes and tailor made the to hide their young QB's faults and accentuate their strengths. This enables the QB to experience success earlier than they normally would. I think this is fan's biggest problem with Daboll, he hasn't done this with Josh. I might be the only one, but I prefer it the way Daboll has done it, at least for this team. We've seen too many times a young QB comes in and the OC protects him and he's pretty good the first few years and then bam, he hits a wall and never develops much further. Particularly with running QBs. Daboll hasn't simplified anything, he makes Josh get to the LoS, look at the D, make the OL adjustments and alter the play and then drop back and run a, mostly, pro style offense from the pocket. Occasionally he'll mix in some running plays for Allen (usually in the red zone) but for the most part he has taken the training wheels off and let Allen sink or swim, like an old school OC used to do with their QBs, which is why it used to take QBs 3-5 years to develop. The Bills knew that their window for the SB wasn't in Allen's first two years, so why not teach the kid how to play honest to goodness QB in the NFL right off the bat. Particularly with a kid that's so raw and hasn't had any real coaching thus far in his QB career. Not only that, he's doing it with a multiple scheme where Allen can't get comfortable with a base set. It changes game to game. I'll admit, it's not the way to win games immediately but it's the best way to prepare your QB for the future. Yet just when that future is about to get here we change OC's? Ugh, that's the last thing I want to do at this point. Go back and look at Allen's Wyoming tape. He was a totally different QB. They have molded this kid these past two years into a reasonable starter and I believe if they stay the course he has a chance to become a good to very good QB. if they change OCs and Allen back slides next year Josh might not get a 4th season in Buffalo, who knows. Again, Daboll isn't perfect and he has his flaws. He sometimes let's the game get away from him and they're a tad conservative in certain situations for my taste. But overall I think he's been a good instructor for Allen and a big reason he's made the strides he has.
  9. Imo the last thing Allen needs to be worried about this offseason is learning a new playbook. That is not going to help him progress with the things he struggles with. Allen struggles a lot with quickly diagnosing what the D is doing and figuring out where he needs to go within the offense. This isn't going to improve if its a new offense. He’ll be even slower in his recognition of his proper read and outlet. The better he knows an offense the quicker he’ll be. Im not saying Daboll doesn't have his faults but the biggest issue with the offense being consistent is Allen knowing where to go with the ball, getting his platform set and firing a good ball. Plays are there to be made time and time again and the players aren’t making them with the regularity they need to.
  10. Sounds to me like this a preemptively telling the fans I want to be here but let’s see if the Patriots still believe in me, I.E. Pay me. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he played for another team next year.
  11. You pretty much said what I said in my 2nd paragraph while giving the same types of excuses along the way that I mentioned in my 1st paragraph.
  12. I remember people using catch per target percentage as a knock against Zay Jones even if it wasn't his fault that the ball wasn't a completion. Duke in week 17 had a 50% catch/target percentage (6 catches on 12 targets) Duke in the WC game had a 40% catch/target percentage. (4 catches on 10 targets) So NOW we're going to acknowledge that it's not always on the WR? Interesting...
  13. Yep, it's Zay Jone's fault, it's the OL's fault, it's Foster's fault, it's Daboll's fault. Not saying that these players/coaches don't share some of the blame but a lot of the offense's struggles can be pinned on the QB running the show. Not all of it, but quite a bit. Allen improved greatly this year, he's not there yet. We need to see another jump next year. If we do and we get a little more help around him the team can contend for the AFC.
  14. 1) WR 2) DE 3) OL (RT if Ford moves inside or LG if he stays outside. Spain won be re-signed Imo as he will command too much. OL was okay this season, needs to improve though.) 4) CB (both an outside and a slot. Taron gets hurt too much to be relied upon at slot) 5) DT (Phillips isn’t worth the money he’s going to command. Not very good in the run game. Who knows how effective Harrison is in his return) 6) #2 RB 7) OLB Replacement for Alexander. 8- K and P could be upgraded but not a necessity.
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