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  1. They have no problem with underage boys though. I don't see too many people getting upset at the “hot for teacher” threads. I’ll take a joke about R. Kelly in stride because it was, you know, a joke. Those threads in Off the Wall are embarrassing and not done for humor.
  2. Yep, and that would be good enough with a QB who can go through his reads quickly and deliver an accurate ball. 3-4 legit #2 WRs is fine in that situation because the QB will consistently find the one guy who got open on that play. While I like Allen's long term potential this isn't his strength yet and might never be.
  3. He certainly has great vision, keeps his feet turning and has great balance, all important elements to being a successful RB. My only concern, like most, is his athletic ability with the big jump up in the speed of the game to the NFL. It's a huge jump when making the move from high level college, it'll be even bigger for Singletary given his level of competition. Will he be able to scoot through those holes when they close a lot faster? It'll be interesting to see how his game translates. As others have mentioned, his size isn't an issue. He appears to be plenty heavy enough, I'm not sure why that comes up. If anything his height can make it more difficult for defenders to locate him behind the OL. That extra moment to locate him might be enough to counter his lack of speed.
  4. I just don't see a trade unless they get a DE in return and that would be an oddity, DE for DE trade. Murphy is too injury prone to be relied on and the depth at DE is thin. I think they let him play out his contract this year and maybe try and work out a new contract along the way.
  5. Not only want him but they'd hav to sign him to the active roster. Without a full camp with that team there is very little chance a team signs him to the active roster. He'll be on somebody's practice squad this year unless he just absolutely tears it up this pre-season.
  6. No, he won't. You can't teach size and put that together with soft hands and good body control and teams will- at least - be willing to put him on the practice squad and let him learn the position for the next couple of years.
  7. It's funny how fans take the "experts" boards as gospel. Like you say, each team is different. Also, the entire league doesn't draft a guy until round 3 but if some sites had a round 1 grade on him suddenly he's a "steal." If the opposite happened and the GMs were the media and had a round 3 grade on the guy and the media guys were GMs and drafted him in the 1st he'd suddenly be a "reach." Somehow, whatever info they get first is the truth.
  8. Sills reminds me of a less polished Tyler Boyde coming out of college. Tall, skinny frame, great body control and soft hands. Boyde was a better route runner when coming out due to playing the position longer but I think thats where Sills could end up with enough work/experience.
  9. Different people find different things entertaining. I enjoy the analysis of the players being drafted and the teams drafting them. I don’t need goofballs up on stage pandering to fans to be entertained.
  10. Not to mention that Marrone opted out, the Bills didn't get rid of him. That just leaves statements of Whaley being better than Beane... 😂
  11. This isn’t exactly true. Its true of running the ball but there’s a reason coaches don't start talented HBs their rookie year - they don't understand protections. Putting a rookie in the backfield is a great way of getting your QB killed.
  12. I imagine its a pick for the future and he’ll mostly see time on ST this year unless injuries strike. I don't think Shady or Gore will be on the roster next year so he’ll be a potential replacement next year. Who knows, if he shows enough in camp this year he could see more PT than I think.
  13. Yeah we did, but I still don't think they're satisfied with it and will make more attempts to upgrade it this year. They might not be able to but I think they'll keep trying based on the attempt to get AB and the talk of a trade with Atlanta.
  14. I have a feeling they're going to make a trade for a WR. I don't think this is the WR group we'll go into the season with.
  15. I don't know about drafting one but they definitely need to bring in some competition, either by late draft pick, rookie FA or street FA.
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