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  1. lol. I am in a miserable mood, that is true enough.
  2. Not sure what being a rookie has to do with dropping balls that hit you right in the hands.
  3. Next week is a “just win” game. Today wasn’t. Win next week and I don’t care how.
  4. Feel good about the game if you want to, I don’t mind. Personally, playing vs. some of the worst talent ever assembled in the NFL (zero hyperbole) that was a horrible performance. Winning is the ultimate goal but you can judge a team by the how, not just the what.
  5. blame the play call when Allen makes a decision to throw deep to a guy who is open by 6 yards and can’t hit him.
  6. Who still thinks this D is as good as the Patriots or Niners?
  7. I haven’t read this entire thread but it strikes me as humorous that many posters think that PFF “has an axe to grind” yet believe Bills’ fans in general the best place to get some levity on the subject. Fans on this board greatly overstate how far along Allen is right now. Im guessing its because they just have to believe he’s “the guy” after suffering for so long without a legit QB. Allen has shown more than I thought he would early in his career and I hope that he develops into the franchise guy we all hope he can be BUT he’s nowhere near that yet. Nowhere near it. He’s on a pretty good trajectory but he is, right now, a bottom half of the league starting QB. Maybe bottom 10. Thankfully he’s not a finished product and he’s shown a propensity to be able to learn from his mistakes. I agree that the accuracy issue is overblown by the draftniks however, his decision making - both in how quickly he recognizes a D and his decisions on where to throw it - is bad right now. But that can be learned with experience. All of you who disagree vehemently with the PFF grade, if Allen, right now, was a finished product would you be happy with the draft pick? Personally, Id call him a bust. So when I see people criticizing his play it doesn't upset me, they're mostly right. He’s not good. Now, if they said he has no chance of ever developing, then Id take umbrage. He’s improving and not nearly a finished QB and thats good enough for me right now.
  8. And then the Bills have to go face the Chiefs (with Mahomes) in the wild card game. That couldn't be worse for the Bills. I hope Mahomes gets back, and fast.
  9. I like his show a lot and listen daily but the single best Bills podcast is the Nick and Nolan show on Wednesday’s at Buffalo Rumblings. Bruce Nolan knows his stuff. Marino actually had him on as a guest last week. It can can easily get lost in the shuffle of all the subpar/crap pods from Rumblings but it’s really good. They had an excellent pod today that was different than there normal in season stuff. It did a fairly deep dive into analytics. It was fantastic though not Bills specific.
  10. Depends what they gave up for him. At his age he has, what, 3 productive years left in him? One great LT doesn't cover the rest of the sieve that is the Browns OL. It helps, sure, but if they gave up a 1st for him they overpaid for a guy on the wrong side of 30.
  11. I hate that he keeps trying to do a Romo and predict the play and he’s never right. Like, never. Booger is like me trying to guess, Romo actually reads the D and O and knows.
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