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  1. Fergy running backwards from the line of scrimmage away from DL pressure.
  2. Let’s take a look: Sorry, but NO.
  3. Any relationship to Lil Donte? DON’T TAZE ME BRO.
  4. I don't know if they were the 1st I ever heard, but those were my 1st 2 favorites lol.
  5. I want to win every game of course, but I think a slower start (with plenty of Fire McBeane posts) followed by a nice run to the playoffs would be rather hilarious in here.
  6. I’ve listened to most all thru either flacs from Usenet or premium Spotify. That one (Dick’s Picks 5), I actually bought the CDs when it came out, so I am more aware of it. The others are more of a blur, but I always liked Buffalo 5/77 from the Cornell box, Red Rocks 78 (the one of the 2 shows with Deal, think it’s a Dave’s Pick), Englishtown, NJ 77 (Dick’s Pick), Baltimore 72 (Dick’s Pick), and too many shows from the Europe 72 box to figure. Most would say Harpur College 1970 (Dick’s Pick), it’s nice but not one my top favs.
  7. I think it will take a while and maybe a couple moves for the OL to jell. I’m also not sure about the WR’s. I think Beasley is vastly overrated by this fanbase, and there’s no guarantee that Foster and Zay will progress. John Brown is nice, but I don’t know that he will be enough of a difference maker. That being said, I think both units will be improved over last year’s, and the schedule looks good in July. I believe in Josh, and if things break right, I can see a playoff team this year.
  8. Yeah, I am more of a 2nd set fan than a 1st set fan, but that show is played very up-tempo and the 1st set really swings. I particularly like the Me And My Uncle > Big River and Alabama Getaway.... plus like I said, the sound is just tremendous, so crystal clear.
  9. The only Bills player I’ve ever met was OJ, and I don’t think he counts for this thread.
  10. Steve seasons were Sunday night must-see TV for me. About a year or so after he left, I stopped watching it, not because of him but like you said, it just wasn’t that fresh anymore.
  11. I would say any Dick’s Picks from the 60’s thru 1979. My favorite one just might be #5 from 12/26/79, the AQ is spectacular.
  12. I thought the seasons with Steve were better & funnier, so I voted for him.
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