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  1. I know it isn’t apples to apples because of different systems, but who would start for the Bills that starts for the Titans? Obviously Henry, then Simmons, and I’d take Brown or Julio over Sanders. Byard is arguable, but I’m happy with our safeties. I’d take Saffold, and (though I hate him), I would hold my nose and take Lewan. That’s it for me. No doubt I’m a homer, but I see a lot of ham-&-eggers on that team.
  2. It had some GREAT kills but there was a lot of time between them.
  3. They don’t have anyone like you. Other than that, it’s like old-school TSW.
  4. They lost to the Jets. Sorry, I don’t see it. They’ve always been a BS franchise to me (except maybe when Bum Phillips was coach in the 70’s).
  5. Could be. The Texans have done dumb things, but I don’t think they are that stupid. If I’m them, all I want is draft picks.
  6. No to Noah, don’t give Dolphins fans a chance to laugh at us.
  7. My frustration is that when I look at the Titans roster, I see a team full of scrubs playing way over their head because they match up well against the Bills.
  8. I saw his goodbye thread, he took shots at mods, other people jumped in to take more shots at mods, then the thread got wiped (not just closed). All I could say was Welcome to the Internet.
  9. Steely Dan was originally RFeynman, or something like that.
  10. Just consider that the more that the Rat is embarrassed and humiliated, the closer Josh is to rightfully becoming the face of the league.
  11. 1. He went to QB U. 2. Regardless of the play where he slid early, he looked the part…. and that was only 1 play. You’ve got people excusing 2.5 years of Bledsoe disaster for the 1st 8 games of 2002.
  12. We’ll see. I think more often than not they play to the level of their competition, and I think with the Bungles, it’ll be more like the Lions & Colts games than the Chargers game.
  13. I also miss Cbiscuit97, as soon as the replacements for his Drought-Era losers proved to be winners, he bailed. He was posting on BZ for awhile after he left here, been a while though.
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