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  1. ”Only time would tell if they stood the test of time.” 35 years later, they didn’t. Looking back now, it’s safe to say that VH jumped the shark after ‘1984’.
  2. Yes, if he would’ve jumped up and down on Ralph’s head.
  3. I’d rather see them automatically slot the regular season winners as the home team in the NFC/AFC championships and then have playoffs to see who the road team will be. Congrats to the Chiefs for winning the SB, but the Ravens were the best team in 2019... not a fan of upsets by lesser teams who get hot at the right time.
  4. Drought-era Bills = losers, so it would be best to get them before they were tainted by playing here. I’ll take 49er-era TO.
  5. Even though he got a ring in Philly, I'd rather stay away from players who have a track record of losing in Buffalo.
  6. All info is in that thread. Stones have done this the last few tours. You buy a pair of tickets for like $100 or less total, but you don’t know where your seats are until you pick them up. You have to go thru the Stones tickets web page for the link to TM. They go very fast once the official sale starts. Me, I’ve never had any problem self-upgrading my seats in a stadium show once inside if necessary, if you know what I mean. Others may be less inclined to take a chance.
  7. Sorry, but I can’t get excited about spending major capital like #1 picks on players from loser franchises.
  8. If I was going, I would try for Lucky Dips tomorrow. Fraction of the cost, but you have no idea where you will be sitting until you go into the stadium. You could be in the pit, or in the last row of the upper deck. https://iorr.org/talk/read.php?1,2716744
  9. Oh yeah, the ticket pre-sale is going on now on TM. Password for Rolling Stones Fan Club tickets is RAINBOW
  10. There are some positives about the current set lists. The Keith set and Miss You make for a nice extended piss break. Also, you can get a head start on exiting traffic as soon as Gimme Shelter ends and Satisfaction begins.
  11. 19 is close. https://www.setlist.fm/setlists/the-rolling-stones-bd6ad22.html
  12. Charlie Watts’ birthday is June 2nd, he will be 79 when he plays New Era.
  13. I remember the hype about Lil Donte after he was drafted: you could play him at any DB position because he had the speed and most importantly the talent to get the job done. Not as bad as Mike “Puddinhead” Williams legendary mean streak coming out of Texas, but bad enough.
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