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  1. Hard to believe they kept him as HC for 9 seasons from 1975 to 1983 though... part of the dark age of Packers football. Still, one of the greatest champion QBs ever.
  2. Fantasy-football fans, please don't get caught up in the stats again. True legend, no doubt., may he RIP.
  3. Now that TT is gone, I have no problem with OVER THE MIDDLE.
  4. Infinitely improved with Yolo being the main guy on reporting scoops and info.
  5. Yeah, but a high percentage of the scrubs he drafted are still in the league, look it up.
  6. Can't get past him puking on the field during what could've been a Super Bowl game-winning drive.
  7. IMO the most entertaining poster in this board's history.
  8. Excellent! I’m jealous now. Raquel was smoking hot, and still looked pretty good the last time I saw her on TV.
  9. In a similar vein, I was wondering which posters are no longer with us. Now njsue, and off the top of my head, T80 and bib. Sorry for going OT...
  10. I will pick 1 of the 10-page threads, usually based on who started it., and disregard the other 2-3 threads. On the other hand, I will completely disregard the 30-page thread.
  11. I can see the thought process between limiting the number of threads created. One thing to consider though, is that a lot of people (including myself) aren’t going to take the time to check out any 30-40+ page (and up) monster threads.* * not including the actual game threads, which are whole other animals.
  12. Yep. That's really true for just about anything on Off The Wall if you ask me. If I like someone, I do still enjoy reading their takes.
  13. That. These two didn't bother me as much. Maybe if I was a more of a Mothra fan, they would be more annoying.
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