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  1. Could be a lot more games if Rudolph didn’t no-sell the helmet hit. He should’ve dropped to the turf holding his head.
  2. This pales in comparison to Joe ‘Turkey’ Jones piledriving Terry Bradshaw’s head into the turf and Mean Joe Greene spreading Bob McKay’s legs like a wishbone + stomping him in the nuts. It’s Steelers-Browns.
  3. I’m not sure how long he’s out, but I just want to say ***** the Steelers, thank you Garrett.
  4. I don't usually do this, but since there was some confusion, let me explain the mechanics of the post. I fully realize that there was no way that KtD would nym-drop any names from this board, because while it would be good for some cheap laughs in here, it's true that no one else in the fanbase would know what he's talking about. The post was really just a shout-out to some of the nitwits in here... nothing more. nothing less. As an added bonus though, one of the said nitwits was triggered enough to write an illiterate response, which ended up making the post a win-win.
  5. Good article as usual. Could’ve been great if he would’ve nym-dropped some of the nitwits on this board.
  6. Regardless of what happened in the Super Bowl, I would put the 2007 Patriots far ahead of the 2007 Giants on this list though. 2007 Giants were a mediocre team that got hot at the right time.
  7. Yeah, but I would say disrespecting your country is worse than praising Jesus. For the record, I don’t really hate Kaep at all, I just like laughing at his supporters.
  8. Your game needs a lot of work. Read and learn. https://tinyurl.com/izq4
  9. I haven’t seen the entire list, but I would have a hard time putting more than a handful of teams in the post-free agency, watered-down NFL ahead of them
  10. I think the Bills should send Chris Fischetti to the workout with a stop-watch.
  11. That’s the last song on the 1st LP, yeah I would say it’s good. I particularly like Ben Orr on lead vocals & no cheesy synth until the last minute, and very little at that.
  12. I wouldn’t say they are overrated right now, not at all. Extremely dated, yes. The JA were extremely overrated in the 1960’s though compared to their counterparts like the Dead... while The Cars were extremely overrated compared to the real new wave bands in the late 70’s like the Talking Heads.
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