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  1. Maybe with a settlement. Anyways, highly unlikely he’s back next year.
  2. Just got back from the Ravens board: https://forum.russellstreetreport.com/showthread.php?233409-Time-to-fire-Harbaugh&s=28579d475655def7711abfbe916af664 https://forum.russellstreetreport.com/showthread.php?233411-They-should-have-let-Peters-take-out-Harbaugh&s=28579d475655def7711abfbe916af664 https://forum.russellstreetreport.com/showthread.php?233415-Did-Jerome-Boger-have-money-on-the-Bills&s=28579d475655def7711abfbe916af664
  3. I have never donated or cared for others. I do buy Girl Scout cookies though because I get something for my money.
  4. If it makes people feel good about themselves by doing it, more power to them. Me, I’m not impressed by it at all.
  5. Agreed. It’s been fun laughing at him the past few years because Miami, but he was one of the all-time greats at Alabama.
  6. Kelly Clarkson > Taylor Swift. Sad!
  7. Agreed butterface. I think she may be related to John Elway somehow.
  8. Love Micah, want to see him play for this team as long as possible… but I would like to see what Jaquan can do in a big-time situation, I think he’s up to the task.
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