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  1. Snowflake Mountain was just added to Netflix yesterday, this looks outstanding!
  2. Still best as always to grow your own.
  3. And when he got fined for the hit, he said it was the best money he ever paid. RIP Goose.
  4. Well, if it’s on Arrowhead Pride, it has to be true.
  5. This gem popped up at the front of my YT account:
  6. IMO more likely that Barry Sanders would've been squished if he played in Jim Brown's era.
  7. Well I care about you BB, glad it’s working for you.
  8. Mount Rushmore of Bills #80 WR’s: Jerry Butler James Lofton Eric Moulds… Jamison Crowder! (Never liked Bill Brooks, what a downgrade from Lofton).
  9. No doubt if you have chemistry with Josh, you are ahead of the game AND you have a spot on this team AND you will play. Night and day from the Packers situation (ie. Rodgers-Kumerow). Josh is going to get what he wants, and rightly so.
  10. They have one thing in common AFAIC: I had zero expectations for Beasley when he came here, and he ended up being a great Bill. I also have zero expectations for Crowder, and I would love to be surprised again.
  11. Maybe. But I think Diggs is Diggs, Knox is going to get even better, and Cook may bring something to the table. Above all though, I think Josh is the best QB in the league, #1 with a bullet. They will look a whole lot better than middle-if-the-pack.
  12. Beasley left because more than anything he was no longer a good locker room fit. Cutting him saved the team $6.1M. Crowder left because one of the worst teams in the NFL wanted to upgrade from him. He was signed for 1 year, $2M. Bills took a flyer on a potential replacement that was dirt cheap.
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