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  1. It was fun goofing on him for being a decoy, etc, but he's part of history now. Anyone can watch footage of him making plays in a Super Bowl that helped his team win the Lombardi,. Like Chris Hogan, that trumps everything else, and can never be taken away from him. Disappointing in Buffalo, yes. Bust, no.
  2. I'm sure someone has noted this somewhere else on this board, but Cole Kmet's dad Frank (from Purdue) was the 4th-round pick of the Bills in 1992.
  3. They didn't get rid of Kyle Williams out of spite. They did get rid of misfits like Sammy.
  4. He was part of the heinous 17- year drought which made him a loser in Buffalo.
  5. Steve Tasker gets a value of 7 points, tied with Bennie Anderson, Tiny Tim Anderson, Jerry Crafts, Robert Royal, and Chris Watson.
  6. Yep. Bottom line, all he did in Buffalo was lose. The current regime (playoff teams 2 out of 3 years, moving to the top of the league with a bullet) dumped him so fast that his head was spinning. Pretty obvious that they did not consider him to be part of any future success with the Bills. Congrats to him getting a ring though, that's something that can never be taken away from him.
  7. Thanks! Let's see... This one's brutal #30. John "Turnstile' Fina #38. Will Wolford This one's highly accurate: #57 Nate Clements #143 Lil Antoine
  8. And Stinky, Mike the Cop, Mr. Bacciagalupe.... all-star supporting cast. Even Bingo the Chimp.
  9. Sid Fields on the Abbott and Costello show.
  10. Jackson Browne tested positive too, but he’s OK. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2020-03-25/jackson-browne-interview%3f_amp=true
  11. If you're talking really underrated, I would go with Bubba. He was rarely very funny by himself, but I always liked having him around. "I WANT MY DADDY'S RECORDS BACK!"
  12. Sorry Chevy, I didn't see it. Mods please merge or delete.
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