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  1. Rico

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Never embarrassed about the team or the city, but it was embarassing at times to have Ralph as the owner.
  2. Tim Graham was not afraid to call out Ralph and his stooges for being trash, and for that, he will always be appreciated by me. As for Rodak, I don’t really care one way or another, he’s JAG. He could be replaced by someone else tomorrow and I wouldn’t notice.
  3. Rico

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    I’d love to see Murray and Haskins off the board early and then the Lions taking Hock at #8.
  4. TD also had the worst owner in the NFL micro-managing his every move. That would give anyone a bad attitude.
  5. Rico

    Bengals Release Vontaze Burfict

    No, he’ll go to the Miami Felons.
  6. Rico

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    Congrats Fitz! but ***** Miami.
  7. For instant hot-take analysis of a FA signing who I know nothing about, I like to go to his previous team’s message board. If there are more than a few posters sad to see him go, If posters are laughing at the Bills,
  8. Rico

    Think Shady is not smiling ear to ear right now?

    Yeah, but I was mostly talking about the OL, though I did mention Gore.
  9. Rico

    Think Shady is not smiling ear to ear right now?

    Yeah, Morse is the only one I still see on this team 3 years from now, the rest are stop-gaps/depth... which is OK, that's what FA is for.
  10. Rico

    Think Shady is not smiling ear to ear right now?

    He may be smiling over Frank Gore and maybe even grinning over Mitch Morse, but I think he'll wait to see what the rest of the OL guys look like in camp first.
  11. I really loved Evans coming out of Wisconsin, much more than I did during his time on the Bills.... so much so that I remember posting once in here back in 2004 that I'd much rather have him & JP than Big Ben.
  12. Rico

    Saints C Max Unger retires

    A draft pick for Bodine.