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  1. I don’t want to see any Day 1 or Day 2 picks traded. Day 3, don’t care. Time for this staff to coach up what they have.
  2. Back then though, those teams were garbage & it didn't matter so much, anything to keep a good portion of the fanbase (ie. HMLP lovers) was a positive. Then again, Kelsay was quite the conundrum.
  3. High-motor lunch pailer (HMLP) who makes for a feel-good story for HMLP lovers, but he’s no Kyle Williams on the field.
  4. Whoever it is, can Eric Washington coach him up? I haven’t seen anyone talking about this genius.
  5. Don’t want any major roidheads.
  6. Brain dead as in how he played QB for the Bills particularly in 2003. Just stupid af.
  7. Josh is easy to love, while Brain Dead Drew was easy to hate.
  8. Drafted by Buddy Nix.
  9. I can blame the defense for 2 personal foul penalties and neither of them is on the Rat.
  10. Not one hard hit/cheap shot on the Rat all night.
  11. Here's to Cox Jr. being a thug like his dad and punching the Rat in the face.
  12. Punch the Rat in his Ratface and the Bills win.
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