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  1. Also true. If McDaniel takes over after the season it will be interesting to see what Brady does. Maybe it will finally be the end of the Patriots
  2. When I heard belicheck was going to be running the defense this year I thought his time in new england is almost up If you planned on staying you would have hired a DC I didn't think it would be Brady first to leave
  3. Yes. That is widely known I just imagine that teams have scripts for 4th quarter drives depending on the situation Admittedly script is probably a poor word choice Ie they practice these plays more often, and know which series of plays they will go to in the fourth depending on the situation.
  4. I'm guessing one of the reasons he does better in the fourth while behind is that the plays are more "scripted" or practiced throughout the week
  5. I agree, the bills have done it a few times this year already which is becoming a habit. Thought it cost them in the games they have done it. I wonder if it is a game plan/coach specific strategy or if McDermott is going with his gut ach time?
  6. I'd normally agree but today in this game I thought it was the right call The first half was absolutely putrid and were lucky to be down only 5 points
  7. Probably what happened but found it odd that zero replays and the refs didnt even stop to review. Not to mention the ball is moving a lot and he is near the side line Ive seen less get stopped for a 5 minute replay review
  8. Am I the only one that thought the wr was down at the 1?
  9. Weird watching football on the bills bye week and thinking, wow the bills are better than this team and this team and this team
  10. Not to mention you'd get a comp pick if you don't re sign green
  11. Another possibility is beane putting in work for the up coming off season Next year is a year I expect the bills to truly go all in since Allen will still be on his rookie deal and the team has a boat load of cap room. Having manning as a back up would be great insurance
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