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  1. I think a QB carve out will eventually happen but won't be for a while Things I think will bring about a QB carve are the cap stagnating or if teams actually stop spending money and term on mediocre/bad qbs and start to churn rookie qbs on rookie contracts With covid the cap has stagnated slightly and now with the 49ers with the success of Brock purdy might be the start of churning qbs
  2. His comp is urlacher but he is coached to be kuechly Being used wrong in my opinion could be a lot better if utilized as a rusher more often
  3. Both coordinators back is bold Dorsey fine it was his first season Frazier this has been an issue every season Bit of a hot take but never thought the day McDermott loses the locker room would be a legit possibility but next season can snow ball quickly. Also thought I was done seeing mind numbing play calls an average fan would never call (3rd and short, let's throw a 30 yard fade or on defense 3rd and 10 let's use a time out then line up and give 15 yards of cushion)
  4. We at least have a safeties coach opening for wilks, after all he was pass game defense coordinator with the Panthers
  5. Did this continue the rest of the game? If so McDermott calling plays potentially yielded 13 pts vs Frazier 14 in two drives
  6. Possible that we are only hearing this firing because he is one of the only defensive coaches with a contract?
  7. Where is it being reported that his contract has expired?
  8. Let's keep on restructuring all the contracts, as long as the pegulas are cool with fronting the cash Kick the can down the road. Rather be in cap trouble when Josh Allen is retired than right now
  9. Between KC and Cincy KC by a large margin, if Cincy wins that will put Cincy into the same love fest tier as KC and that will be unbearable
  10. The bills offense has become easy to defend - rush 4, dt's hold ground and de's pin your ears back and rush QB don't worry about the run. The bills have to show a willingness to run the ball if they get looks that say run the ball. If they don't they become easy to defend. Too many times the bills face a 6 or 7 man box and refuse to run. Defensively if you are fine beating up on average to below average qbs while above average qbs will feast then you keep the same system I'm not sure how you "run this back" without a lot of changes. How do you sell that you're a contender after being thoroughly out played and out coached in every aspect of the game
  11. It's a re tool This team and coaching staff I believe will look different for the first time in a while
  12. Sean McDermott needs to start leaning into his Jim Johnson coaching tree
  13. I've said this many times over the past few years The offense and defense is not aligned The Team likes to or at least says they want to be aggressive on offense but then plays a passive defense. It doesn't match. The ideas/goals/thoughts should be aligned A guy that should get a call is vic Fangio, I know he plays a different defense than what McDermott has coached but that shouldn't matter
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