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  1. What is defined as a missed tackle? I ask because how many times did Phillips have first contact behind the line of scrimmage, not make the tackle but slow the play down and allow the second guy to make an easy tackle? 20% still seems high though That stat also seems very impressive for ed oliver
  2. I'm agreeing this is bad ha, I think if it lasts into the fall that its worse than what we know which is very bad
  3. By worse than what they are telling us, I meant worse than what you linked to If the shut down/quarantine goes past the summer, we will be talking about cities being war zones, entire cities would be homeless. We are talking collapse of society as we know it. We are talking much worse than corona. Like people being murdered for a glass of water type bad
  4. I don't see how there wouldn't be a season unless this corona is worse than what they're telling us Now will there be a full off season of otas training camp and pre season, I doubt. Also want to point out if there is no football this fall, we have a lot more pressing issues other than football and frankly that thought gets very depressing
  5. I follow the logic on the old vs young players but i think you could argue that betting young players may be better; more time to train less stress about family etc. Not sure if its an advantage either way I do like the coach aspect, new or bad coaches just hammer the other way Also with pre season win totals if you can create your own line, this could be a great spot for a lotto ticket of sorts. Example moving the bills win total to 13 and betting the over to get better odds
  6. There was a joke going around that bill obrien would trade him to the pats and that he would get himself fired or quit the texans job. Just to be named head coach of the pats afterwards
  7. That would be in line with the other signings we have made so far. Very under the radar but solid
  8. Not sure I understand the anger towards not saving them their jobs. Its hospitality/service work employees move and work multiple places all the time. Seems very run of the mill. Now not paying the PTO out is a lame move, don't be cheap(comes with zero knowledge of there pto program) But dear lord pay the arena workers, the amount it would cost them to do so is nothing comparatively is nothing and would make a huge difference in each staffs lives.
  9. Tyrod and Lynn always seemed like good guys so ill hope it works out, but I wouldn't hold my breath Good point about a QB at 6, by all accounts tyrod is a great mentor/trainer If the chargers sign Bridgewater they're just asking for a QB controversy
  10. Was wondering the same myself Had 11.5 sacks last season and seems to have averaged nearly 10 sacks over a 16 game season the past 5 years. So seems he would be a solid addition
  11. I think Lynn saw what the ravens did this past season and thinks he can do that with tyrod.
  12. I have to imagine the texans wanted no part in trading him to another afc team
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