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  1. There is hazing, and then there is hazing. Huge difference from making a freshman serve dinner to upper classmen or picking the worst Halloween costumes for them to wear and what is alleged here At the end of the day someone needs to know how to read a room
  2. The interaction actually makes me think he knows he isnt getting top 3 money but is gonna test the market
  3. In my opinion McDermott severely out coached bill o brian last week And McDermott didn't have a good coaching game
  4. This is what I never understood about the browns interviewing daboll, he failed miserably there and the fans were happy to see him go It would be a very browns thing to do
  5. I don't get it. He never missed any time game wise or even practice wise. If he is healthy enough to practice he is healthy Honestly this "investigation" is probably done because there is a player's union and by doing their due diligence will limit their liability if the injury becomes worse
  6. Isn't he the kicker that supposedly has a really strong leg but just lacks accuracy? Could it be he is the punter and long field goal kicker?
  7. A couple things work against him. 1. He has been a head coach 2. He is a defensive coordinator 3. Age 4. Salary bump may not be worth it for him
  8. I would love rex there. It would be a train wreck. But it won't happen since rex hates baker and baker hates rex Christmas was a few weeks ago but is it too late to ask santa for this to happen?
  9. Thats actually my thinking as well especially since he appears to have no motivation to re sign with them
  10. I'm also in the group of if daboll gets a head job good for him, if he is the bills offensive coordinator still also good for him. He isnt the problem right now but I wouldn't be sad or upset if he leaves
  11. Its very strange. Its almost like they are trying to gauge the publics opinion Letting the fan base choose the head coach
  12. I went over the schedule next season with a few friends. And we thought 9-7 or 10-6 is probable Line of thinking: 3-3 afc east 3-1 afc west 2-2 nfc west 1-1 Pitt and Tennessee Gets you to 9-7, a lot of the tougher games next season are at home which helps not to mention that maybe just maybe brady leaves new england and they take a step back
  13. I usually listen to pardon my take on my drive into work. I skipped today because I'm not ready for sarcastic/funny/blunt takes on the game yet. I still want to be angry lol I'll probably listen on the drive home lol Highly recommended if you like blunt sarcastic humor. Give it a listen.
  14. A healthy aj green is exactly what the bills need The problem a healthy aj green is no where to be found
  15. This is a good summary It comes across as a guy who turns his 2017 civic lease in for the 2020 civic lease
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