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  1. He's definitely trolling.....must be bored Bet his next tweet is that there is nothing to do in buffalo
  2. Being completely judgemental based off the picture the falcons tweeted He looks like a guy that will call plays for the first 2 seasons, in season 3 he will hand the play calling duties over to an offensive coordinator in week 3. The offense will continue to be bad. At the end of the year ownership will say they completely back him but will fire him week 4 of the following season
  3. Just like last week 2 guys that give them flexibility if an injury or covid attacks at positions that have a few injuries the rb position and CB position
  4. Frazier is known as being a stand up guy. He has helped turn a chaotic team in buffalo to an organized success Houston is a disaster right now, the ownership and front office are considered pricks and the team is influx going back to trading Hopkins Frazier has the experience and reputation of what Houston should be looking for
  5. I look it like this, if the bills offense comes out and does what they have done all year the media and fans around the country will be in awe That and a pass interference call or 2 early. I can't wait to see those corner backs upset
  6. Crazy to think singletary or yeldon will have a big game receiving? I imagine we will spread them out 4 wide and the ravens will probably want to blitz and spy Allen leaving potential screens and dump offs to the rbs open
  7. I'm still surprised by how much respect the ravens d gets They're a good unit but the bills have beaten the blitz all season and I'm still hearing/reading articles about how great of a match up it is for the ravens Am I missing something?
  8. Its not a good sign when your game plan for our wr's is "pound them" "make them pay" Youre already behind and trying to play catch up
  9. Things I'm pretty confident will happen Bills score more than 24 points Ravens rush for 200 yards The key will be how long it takes the ravens to score and if they score tds or fg's or turn it over on downs
  10. Last seasons ravens game highlighted that we needed a top wr We have that guy now, gotta see it pay off
  11. Agree. Think the talk of the blitz is a smoke screen? The colts laid out how you beat buffalo, will the ravens use it? Another huge key to this game will be the field position battle, as long as buffalo doesn't get dominated in that stat I am pretty confident the bills win a close one
  12. The ravens are a cocky/confident bunch I don't expect them to change
  13. If I recall from last seasons game, Allen took some shots and it was a very physical game on both sides
  14. You know the ravens would be confused as hell Have fromm play the 1st drive then bring in Allen Lets get creative!
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