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  1. I think hollywood has some potential there on quick timing routes with the Ravens Overall I agree though, still hope he performs well. Seemed like a goofy highly skilled kid that just wants to have fun.
  2. This show alluded to the fact especially the final episode that he got bad advice Off topic but watching the show its hard to not root for Hollywood Brown
  3. I feel bad for the amount you wrote on this topic, I am drunk but its pretty simple, Allen was and is a nfl QB. Stats are not everything. Jackson is no where near a QB that should be starting in the nfl. He should still be the QB for the bulls in the mid American conference
  4. Plans to move him outside? Or special steamer Also potential to hide blitzes and coverages with him edmounds and alexander
  5. He had a bit of a down year but didnt have the talent around him like he did the year before I actually thought if he had come out last year he would have been a first or second round pick, in the range of mason Rudolph/Lamar jackson
  6. Troy vincent butchered saying rochester ny haha He corrected himself and had a look on his face like how could I mispronounce that city
  7. I think DiMarco's job is more about how many tight ends the Bills keep rather than how many running backs they keep
  8. I hope they face time poncho back in. He was our third round guy
  9. Can the Bills draft a darn eagle scout already, all the good teams are doing it
  10. True I could also see a competition that breaks down to gore vs mccoy and yeldon vs singletary ( as a basis of course)
  11. Daboll most recently coached at Alabama and new England, both teams utilize multiple rbs
  12. This pick to me means that if mccoy gore or yeldon do not look good in the pre season they will be gone, no hesitation
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