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  1. Only skimmed the first couple pages but I wonder if dropped interceptions correlate with pass attempts? So 4 of the top 5 in dropped interceptions were in the top 6 in pass attempts (brees being the one that isn't in the top 6) Edit: The dropped interceptions stat would need to become a percentage of passes because its obvious that a QB who throws the ball more will have more Edit 2: looking at the Twitter looks like the non percentage tweets were to strictly drum up clicks/likes/retweets
  2. A friend in a group chat mentioned this, I felt it was necessary to check out all her social media and really get an understanding on her opinion and where its coming from
  3. Screams tactic to get more people vaccinated when demand is dropping, it should work or at least get people interested into it again. Which is a good thing With that said I do expect that you will need to show some proof to enter, how easy it will be to fake this proof is another question entirely
  4. So they are saying its the games themselves that caused the spike? Cities that allowed larger number of fans were also more "open", wouldn't/couldn't that be just as much of the cause. More bars more parties more gatherings Feel like they picked the NFL games to avoid having to say an open economy was the reason for the spike
  5. Hollister is solid depth tight end If youre expecting a star, you'll be disappointed. Think you can expect what hollister has shown in his career thus far. A few big plays and chip in here and there
  6. Akiem Hicks apparently given permission to seek a trade, wants a contract extension so im not sure if we can afford it but he is a player that would help us immensely
  7. Signing Lindsey would make a lot of sense and seems like he would fit in the mold of rb the bills want A moss singletary Lindsey is a solid back field, not spectacular but very solid
  8. Hed be the perfect 5th wr here Plus it would be hilarious to hear him interact with media
  9. I do believe that the delay was to get a hold of Barkley, what I don't believe is that this conference was initially set up for a state of the Union so to speak I think there was more to it, could just be a negotiation tactic, telling a team we are done in hopes a price comes down or they expected something else to be completed But to me it was kind of a silly time to have a press conference
  10. Do we believe that the press conference today and hold up was about Matt Barkley and Mitch trubisky?
  11. Daboll playing 4d chess, gets a first hand look at a former top pick so when he gets a head coaching job he knows if Mitch is anything
  12. Could be as much the pegulas having beane and McDermott do this so attention is off the sabres for a minute
  13. Sabres new interim head coach was once the interim head coach in Chicago, maybe he has friends or family there.
  14. It sounds like he isn't over being cut, which is very understandable. Especially when the reason you got cut are things not entirely in your controll - ie the cap going down and injuries
  15. Just play an entire extra quarter, if its tied after that then its a tie. First to score favors the team that wins the coin toss a little too much
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