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  1. I heard that the activist was injured/burned during the incident. Which imo makes it so much worse for him. He brought something onto the field that could have seriously hurt someone. Not only does the guy not deserve to win this battle, but I think he should actually be facing criminal charges.
  2. I’m fine with Miami losing as long as they’re up by 7 at some point and Edmunds scores the first td of the game.
  3. I miss the lead up and entire draft. It’ll take some getting used to the draft not being our super bowl. Of course, that means the super bowl is actually our super bowl, so that feels good. I’d just like to say I posted my post at the same time as yours so I didn’t steal your draft vs. super bowl stuff.
  4. It happened for me when I signed up for fubo yesterday. Didn’t feel real til then.
  5. I think the Phins will win, but I’d love for the “struggling” Pats to come out and beat them and put a damper on the hype train rolling for Miami. In the end the Pats don’t have what it takes, so they can have the W. The Phins may actually have something if Tua performs. Though I might be biased, the Phins are still my most hated division rival. I detest the Pats, but we’ve never been good at the same time, so I’ve never felt them as a true rival.
  6. My board looked the same exact way except I didn’t have Rudolph in there at all. Never been happier for being so wrong in my life. I thought drafting Allen was a guarantee we’d be drafting another in two or three years.
  7. Oh nice! We’ll get next years Shakir for Ford.
  8. That’s fair, but the team is far ahead of that team in terms of talent, motivation, and leadership. I trust that the team and coaches know what they need to and will play him accordingly. If he doesn’t seem like he “wants it” I don’t see them playing him in big spots. Also, Josh doesn’t strike me as the type that would let that fly. If they’re on board, I’m on board. They know where his heads at a lot better than we do.
  9. Sounds like a good problem to have considering Elam looked very sticky on the Colts first stringers.
  10. Kelly, Bruce, Thurman, Flutie, and Poz (afl 50th anny one). Almost had a Matakevich but the guy that sold it to me started ghosting me as soon as I sent payment. Have a PayPal claim going for that one. That bummed me out, I don’t even care about the money, it was signed and I wanted to wear it to the Bills-Ravens game. Something about the double 4’s I like.
  11. I had a dream I was eating the worlds largest marshmallow. When I woke up, my PILLOW was GONE!!
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