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  1. On its current course. Take an object of equal or greater value and send it hurtling toward the moon at mind numbing speeds and depending on the trajectory we may get lucky. Think of it as an intergalactic game of billiards.
  2. Saw that, which is how I knew Poyer had interceptions. I’m saying it’s a little weird that one guy gets praised like crazy, the other gets questioned as a team player. From all accounts both are doing well.
  3. Didn’t he just get two interceptions the other day? One or both off of the “hot two minute driller” Josh Allen, during said two minute drills?
  4. I didn’t see much I like out of Jackson’s game. The receivers became decoys much like our receivers were for years. Defenses are going to pick up on his one dimensional play like in the playoffs. People were screaming for Flacco in the second half of that game. I don’t see him lasting very long honestly. Looked like a less talented Kaep imo.
  5. Yeah, I mean who wants fun and positivity with their football? We need more crummy garbage spewers like Sullivan and every local ny sports radio jockey.
  6. Umm... that’s exactly my point, duh-wight.
  7. People have to say this at least once in every thread. You’d think they’re being billed by the thread around here. Why anyone would care enough to waste their time ‘alerting’ the masses is beyond me. It’s a football message board.
  8. I am jesting, but please don’t call me Shirley.
  9. Can we decide as a fan base to not use the “lighten up Francis” line anymore?
  10. I held on to Howard for a while but dealing with Sirius was extremely annoying. Once Eric the actor passed and Beat stopped showing up regularly the show didn’t seem worth the hassle anymore. Im considering giving it another shot.
  11. Not really unfathomable that something would confuse you. Maybe you guys can hold each others hands and discuss with one another how deep my words sliced you.
  12. We decided it deserves its own thread, but thanks for the helpful input. Tell yourself whatever you have to but you cannot dictate to me what the intention was. I know exactly what it was, and you do as well. You could own in and start your path to being a better man. But something tells me you’ll continue the charade.
  13. “Little late bud...” wonder how anyone could take that rudely? Your intention was exactly how everyone took it. I for one am happy for the thread. I don’t listen to garbage radio and I appreciate the chance to discuss it with fellow fans.
  14. You straight up murdered his name.
  15. You and I both know he was with you in April. Stop trying to get me to bring it up on the boards, name droppa! I’m just saying Croom’s current girlfriend sitch better not play into the depth chart.
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