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  1. Mostly agree, just think it’s weird it always comes up. Why are they talking about Buffalo when they’re at the pro bowl or about to play in the super bowl?
  2. Man, Buffalo’s really taking a beating lately. Pro bowl players rate Buffalo the worst place to play. Ragland and Sammy talking before their super bowl about how happy they were to be saved from us. Top free agents at the pro bowl saying we’re an undesirable destination. How is Buffalo such a hot topic at the pro bowl and before the super bowl? Makes no sense.
  3. I don’t care what anyone says I like the idea that Lamonica only speaks in third person, so I’m pretending that’s what happened.
  4. Something’s telling me he’ll be okay missing those classes. You think if a genie asked him if he’d like to switch places with you and understand the difference of pray/prey or be the millionaire he is playing a game for the duration of his working life he’d give it all up?
  5. Also, Canadian. Growing up so close to the border many Buffalo kids grew up with many Canadian tv shows. Mr. Dressup, Casey, and Finnegan told me it’s spelled with an E, so it’s spelled with an E!
  6. There’s a reason why this thread is “hot” and the other is not. I think you belong in the not hot one.
  7. Poor move. He should be using this 15 minutes to help elevate himself. The fact that the Bills themselves are using his video is free publicity. All he going to do is ruin his ties with the Bills and in turn ruin the relationship with the fans. No one, player, fan, etc... is bigger than the emblem on the side of the helmet. Fatal error.
  8. I’m seeing way too much Tre love these days. Remember when he cheated and looked through those photos in front of the entire world?!?! Tre cheats, people arent tackling ever! Im done with this team! It’s almost like the Bills are finally pretty darn good and the pessimists (or realists according to no one but themselves) are looking for anything to keep their miserable Schtick going.
  9. imagine how much we'd have to pay both when we pay Tre. i'd rather our situation now paying for one, than paying for two and not being able to afford anything else.
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