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  1. I agree with most of what you said but weren’t two of his first moves signing Poyer and Hyde. Or do I have that wrong? If he did, they make the list.
  2. Wouldn’t matter for what? Not sure I’m following. Are you saying the Vikings will be better than the Bills this year?
  3. That’s the exact reason I stayed away from the whole breeding humans situation.
  4. I thought about responding and then I decided to scroll first. Saw about 50 people that said the same thing I woulda said. Played outstanding, got hurt, Super Bowl chance went out the door when he got injured. Dude coulda just kept gobbling up that cash. He did us such a huge favor restructuring and put HIS money where his mouth is. Said I’m going to earn it. That’s a huge move from someone that didn’t need to do that at all. Of course, we still have people blasting the move hindsight being what it is. But the fact that he’s still on the team, has a chance to really produce, and took a huge gamble to do so should cut him and the move some slack. Nah… that would be the full thinking adult thing to do. But please, don’t let me keep you from your schtick, regale us with how many sacks he had last year.
  5. That’s fair. But at the same time so is my question. Regardless of apples to oranges, I’m giving you that choice right now. Who are you choosing? I know who I’m choosing. And guess what? My favorite player on this earth (Josh Allen) is not it. It’s nothing against Josh, I think he’s great, the most entertaining player I think I’ve seen in my lifetime. Mahomes, imo, is better at staying cool. Is that really that bad? I mean, the guys great, what is so wrong with him being better at something?
  6. Okay… but ask yourself this question, and be 100% honest with yourself. You have 30 seconds to go down a field and win the Super Bowl. You have a choice of Allen or Mahomes? Are you picking Allen? My original post is not an indictment on Allen. Allen has Mahomes beat in almost all the categories for me (physically). I just think Mahomes has the ability to stay cool in any situation. He’s proven it time and time again. You’re not turning on Allen or your Bills fandom by acknowledging the dudes really good at keeping cool.
  7. I don’t know. Obviously Mahomes is great but I can’t say he’s better than Allen. There’s things Allen can do physically that Mahomes can’t. There’s nothing Mahomes can do that Allen can’t. Then again Mahomes stays cool under all circumstances, maybe that’s what he does better. Allen’s got the physical, Mahomes has the mental.
  8. “Dumb for him to hold out” because Miami doesn’t want to give him a big contract? That’s the entire reason why he or anybody holds out. I’ll break it down… players want as much money as they can get, teams want to give that player as little as possible. Player holds out because the team needs him now, team is then forced to give player more than they’d like because they need him to play. Is the player as good as the contract will imply. Not typically, but for the team it’s either pay him, or find a new qb when your team is built to win now. Just so I’m not accused of plagiarism, I got this from nfl hold outs for dummies.
  9. Yea, they’re talking because they’re given the podium when they’re drafted. Once games start it’s all about Josh and Diggs. I think you’re also taking away from Keon here. None of the players you mentioned have his personality. They were pretty bland to be honest. You’d better believe people will still want to talk to Keon even if he doesn’t have the prolific start we’re hoping for.
  10. Thanks for the heads up, Tipster!
  11. This kind of stuff is so silly imo. The fact that this is an actual thing an adult person is contemplating makes me kinda sad to be honest. You have some crummy humans, you have better than crummy humans, you have some great humans. You think somehow we just happened by the best of the best regionally here in Buffalo? Ridiculous. All fandoms have the good and the bad. Same as any group including human beings. There’s no best. There’s no hierarchy. We all like a thing and that’s that. The fact that I have to even write this down is icky. Also, I have a hard time believing the OP about ho many instances there were of bad Bills fans behavior. KC fans have become worse than Pats fans in the arrogant a-hole percentage and that’s saying a lot. I would imagine many if not all of them were egged on in some capacity. Just another guy that moved away from Buffalo trying to look cooler than he is, imo.
  12. Dude lost more than 80k at the end of the day. Obviously he didn’t have any insiders knowledge. Much ado about nothing, imo.
  13. Nice! Thanks for doing the leg work. This is awesome to see. So… more yards and receptions than all of them except Kelce who was in his second year. Looks pretty dazzling to me!
  14. Yeah, but this is coming from a fan of a team that’s been the afc east champion for a while. They’re not thinking the same way.
  15. McDaniel is going for the AFC east crown. Thus would be huge for him. He’s always trying to get his guys up for Bills week (the wish it was colder shirt, the 🤔 disrespect) He knows that until they beat us they’re second best. He also knows that as long as they win this game, it doesn’t really matter what else they do. Obviously they’d like to go deep, and win it all. But the division title is still improvement over last year. So they can lose the first game in the playoffs but still have something to hang their hats on. It’ll still be an accomplishment. We’re getting everything they’ve got. This is the game that was circled with a red marker when the schedules were released.
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