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  1. I’ll be happy as can be. 1’ O clock please! The more the better!
  2. I don’t think it’s an issue of mattering. I think there’s something up with the guy but it’s not like I can’t sleep at night over it. Its a message board during the off-season, what’s left to say? During the football season we discuss the most interesting/entertaining topics of the day/week. Unfortunately Icebowls schtick may have been the most interesting thing going on that day. More of a killing time issue than a visiting message boarder. I didn’t call him names or anything. If it’s against the rules let me know. I’ll stop.
  3. Tough guy? I was saying we can meet up and talk like fellow Bills fans. Weird that to you it instantly meant fight. Wow... crazy how quick you go from upstanding moral authority to savage. “Will get me much further in life”, you were either born or became a fan in 1973. You’re not there yet? That doesnt bode well. Also, 1973 and you write “lol” like a 14 year old? Interesting.
  4. You’re not restricted to what you can post at games. Are you going this year, maybe we can meet up and finish this conversation. You can articulate exactly what “ethics” you’d like me to adopt, and I’ll counter like a reasonable adult. Or you can continue telling me how I should live and we can start delving into where your life stands in contrast to my own. I wonder how quick you’d be to insult me in person? I’d also love to know where this strong moral code has gotten you in life.
  5. When did I say he can’t come here? You get a kick out of him, I get a kick out of discussing his intentions. Also, i decide what I think is cool, not you. The day I start living by your code of cool is the day I pack it up for good.
  6. No, it’s just odd. I get if you want to stop by and chat about a matchup but why come and drop tmz he said she said style articles about the Packers qb? I wouldn’t read that anywhere, least of all on a message board for Bills fans. Also, this golly oh gosh, oh gee, only works for so long. It becomes a little much, especially since you do it with our rivals on the dolphins board as well. Not sure what the angle is.
  7. I was super concerned with the whole Packers-Rodgers debacle so naturally I stopped into the Buffalo Bills message board and entered a thread titled “A message to Bill fans” couldn’t have been any happier with the result.
  8. Guys, please stop! I’m excited as it is, I can’t constantly be reminded it’s almost here. Oh! Why can’t it just be schedule release day... TODAY?!?!
  9. Hey dudes, I heard there was a schedule release party going on for huge Bills fans! Anyway i I can get an invite to that? I love words on a screen! Any words, any screen!!
  10. I really don’t think the poll was a big deal. It’s fan bases voting for themselves. It’s like voting you’re the best kisser in your school. Kinda silly. But the bot thing? That’s flat gross. Seriously they should be ashamed.
  11. Zomg! I can’t wait to find out if we’re a better fan base than the Titans!
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that a representative for Dez and other free agents, etc... post in all teams message boards to drum up interest. Unfortunately for Dez everyone is well past interested. Byyyyyeeeeee...
  13. He’s not joking, I saw him slip his hand in the back pocket of a local weatherman’s jeans. When it comes to semi-attractive, semi-celebs Teef’s all hands.
  14. Don’t forget D&K and the butcher shop.
  15. Ha... I bet that sounded way better in your head. Fell pretty flat. “I’m going to make a joke about a timeshare, it’s going to be so funny! I’m going to get so many likes, and laughs, and thumbs up! Zomg!!!”
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