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  1. I mean, you paid for the ticket. If you think the product you paid for wasn’t performing up to your standards I think you’re within your rights at a consumer to boo. I dont boo, just think it’s a waste of time. But who knows, maybe it lit a fire under them. It was a pretty sloppy lackluster performance.
  2. I think people get too hung up on this stat for DTs. He has a ton of pressures which in many ways is just as good as a sack. Especially if you get a trigger happy qb. I’d rather have a pressure forced int than a sack for two yards. Sacks are nice and look good on a stat sheet. But keeping a qb uncomfortable for an entire game is much more valuable than two flashy highlight plays a game. The problem is is we don’t have a truly elite DE to capitalize. Hughes is good but we need a true sack artist. Probably going to be our biggest concern in the offseason if we don’t pull off a trade by deadline. I’d be a big fan of trying to pull this off, no matter the cost (draft pick wise) we have a team and schedule poised to make big noise in the AFC this year.
  3. Incontrovertibly, unequivocally, not-not this. Am i playing right?
  4. How fun would it be if everyone all made a short non-frills professional response to everything? No personality allowed? I think you read my words in an unintended tone. If you were next to me and I said it there’s no way you’d take it as personally as you seem to be. Is the comment about his avatar okay? Just making sure, don’t want to cross the line. He didn’t specifically ask about the avatar so o may have been out of bounds.
  5. He asked for fans opinions. Oh, i get it, you want to make this another PB related post about you. Weird. Not "this", he asked for fans opinions.
  6. What's next a reality show? Just not into this superfan celebrity movement. Your avatar on the other hand...
  7. What about consistency? Who else would you bring in (right now) that could step in right away in an emergency situation that already knows the playbook? Can we upgrade next year? Of course, but until then, why not? The questions shouldn't be "can we do better?" the question should be "can we do better right now?" The realistic answer outside of some crazy trade scenario is no. So, again, why is this even a thing? Cheap. Knows the playbook. No brainer. EDIT: (after reading your edit) oops. sorry, misread your post. point still works, just not for you. i agree with your post.
  8. Meh, he knows the offense and is a cheap emergency option. Don't really get the problem. Not sure why it's even a thing.
  9. Will people stop quoting that line from Stripes, please?! I know it's easier than thinking up thinks on your own, but that movie is not that good and needs to stop. Also, wow, you went on a bit of a name-calling tirade there, huh? I can also call names but being that i'm an adult with reasonable intelligence i'll refrain. I may not have made the thread and predicted this Browns self destruction as you seem to think, but i did predict you would find any and all ways to save yourself the mature response of taking accountability. But really it doesn't matter, you're just doing what most humans would do, read, take words personally, and attack. Personally, i don't like being put into boxes and being so predictable but you seem to thrive there. Congrats?
  10. Political commentary aside, he wants to be a starter and paid as one as well. He wasn’t all that good at the end of his career and would be a back-up. Not worth the money or the attention and distraction he’d be every week. This is is a non-story and needs to go away.
  11. The prediction was for 2-5... "I’ll bet 800 of my rep points the Browns are no better than 2-5 by October 20. Any takers?" So there was actually no better time to post the prediction. He could have waited til after and taken no accountability if he was wrong, or gloated after he was proven right. He's actually putting himself in a position where he has to take accountability which is sorely missing from these boards. I don't know you, but if i can use the boards MO to properly predict your response it will either be complete silence or some sort of post using moot points to somehow get you out of actually admitting you posted before knowing the facts. There's a saying in the English south "you have to put your mind in gear before you drive your mouth."
  12. It not okay with me! No one’s going to sit here and tell me what day of the week I get to crush on a man!
  13. Got to agree here. Sthustle kind of making everything PB about himself. Not a good look.
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