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  1. I’m not normally one of these “does this deserve it’s own thread” post police. But I feel like it would have made an excellent addition to the “I was actually the reason they lost this game” thread still hanging out on the first page.
  2. Definitely noticed more optimism overall and I’ve definitely noticed a huge number of newish fans (see: bandwagon) who’ve had no problems thumping their chests for a super bowl. But I think most fans that have been around long enough know anything can happen, and the game can turn on you in a second. I don’t want to speak for an entire fanbase but I think most of us feel like it won’t be time to expect anything until we can get that super bowl monkey off of our backs. Until then, it’s just hopeful optimism for me. I will say I didn’t let last Sunday’s game get me down too much, even the super bowl team of the 90’s had a few bad blowouts each season. This one wasn’t even all that bad, ran into a tough Defense.
  3. I don’t avoid this place, I don’t mind commiserating with other bummed fans. But I do avoid YouTube clips, gmfb, etc. which I typically enjoy throughout the week when we win. Now that I’m thinking about it I get almost as much enjoyment watching people talk about the win as the actual win itself. It also puts a damper on watching football on Sunday and Monday night. By Thursday I’m about over it so I can enjoy Thursday night football. A loss sucks, but it sucks a bit more when I know I’ll have little to no football related enjoyment throughout the following days.
  4. I think that what we’re seeing here, is we have a talented offense. But much like the Ravens, people have found out how to keep us in check. It’s easier said than done, you still have to have the personnel to do it, but the blueprint is out there. If you can manage to get a decent pass rush using four D lineman, whilst also getting away with an aggressive “sticky” D in the secondary you have a solid shot. I will say, it certainly seems like opposing teams are allowed to use that “sticky” d much more often and with less consequences than when we do it. Maybe they’re better at toeing that line?
  5. Haha… I don’t have anything against what you said here. I agree with some of it, albeit a tad dramatic. I do find some irony in this thread coming from a poster named “foreboding.”
  6. Easier said than done. I don’t think it’s a case of the fans “knowing when to be loud”, I know for me I have a certain amount to oomph to give each play. I’d prefer to give it my all when they’re at the line and make it difficult for them to audible/make adjustments than wear myself out when they’re in the huddle. Am I safe to assume from this post you were there giving it your all from huddle to snap on each Defensive play?
  7. I mean, that’s kind of an unspoken rule. People typically aren’t screaming when the offense is out there. If Josh thought the fans were conversing too loudly while the offense was out there he could’ve made the universal gestures for settle down.
  8. It wouldn’t open, so I searched online and found a story about Trevon Diggs and a model. I got it now.
  9. Agreed. I’ve never understood why so many dislike bww. Sure, there are better wings, but you don’t always have better options. Some of the flavors are great and I like the option of getting different sauces. Mango habanero, spicy garlic, blazin’.
  10. Did they also find Trout’s post to reaction ratio outrageous? Ahh… yes, it’s obtuse to find your own creative angle to express your opinion when you can just blanketly agree with one of your post mates with the push of a button. Thanks for taking the time to explain yourself to me. Though I would’ve thought you’d be above such things. Do you think if we go the way of the logo you might consider a name change to TroutReaction or ReactionDog?
  11. Yeah, that seems like a reasonable response. Surprised you didn’t give me a reaction. God help me? 2,600 posts, with well over an astounding 10k reactions, but god forbid someone might like a small icon next to their avatar. Mr. Reaction over here!
  12. I mean, you say “why is this a big deal?” But is it? It’s gone 5 pages, it’s not exactly Ertz level stuff. Icons aren’t my kind of thing either, but if some people like it and they get a kick out of it why do you care? You say you don’t, but you obviously do on some level. Have you always been a big reaction guy? Just taking a dip into your profile you’ve given out thousands and thousands of reactions. I bet you didn’t always fashion yourself a reaction giver. That had to start at some point. Maybe you’ll grow to like your logo. Idk, seems like a weird thing to have an issue with. I can say I don’t care, and I truly don't, makes zero difference to me. Give me a logo, don’t give me a logo. No bigs. You say you dont care, but you really seem to.
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