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  1. Pretty much echo the same thoughts. Good player when healthy. Maybe since it’s a one year deal he’ll take extra precautions.
  2. I don’t think anyone forgot he didn’t get many balls thrown to him in college it was all anyone talked about. Media and fans alike. Id like to see him hold onto more balls though. Dude seems to be everything we ever wanted with the ball in his hands. He’s just got to do better getting the football in them.
  3. Radio silence from Beane and the Bills for days! I’m canceling season tickets and leaving the boards for good! Dont even try and stop me! I’m gone!!!
  4. Did you even read the post? I feel like the context may have been lost on you.
  5. Can’t upgrade every position. Biggest thing you can do for an oline is give them time to gel and grow together as a unit. Would we love to add an all-pro RT? Of course, but all teams have weaknesses and if ours is this oline with one more year of experience, I’d say we’re doing pretty darn well.
  6. Good. Because our schedule is getting a lot harder.
  7. They would probably be given like hundreds of dollars. Possibly thousands!
  8. I heard they might cut him if they can’t trade him. Maybe the knees worse than they thought?
  9. One guy said he was one of the only players that played with any fire. We’re you watching different game? A DT with those numbers don’t seem to back up your non-interest take.
  10. A lot of guys there seem to think he was being underutilized and think McD will get the most out of him.
  11. I like Nsheke as depth, and rotation for Ford. No thanks on that note. But id love another CB, DE, DT, and running back 1b. Beanes been good at finding these types of guys later in free agency.
  12. Haha... clear case of when you have nothing real to complain about. Grossville: population you.
  13. I like his smile. That’s light up a room material. I’ll take him!
  14. Who hasn’t become a joke with the Redskins?
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