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  1. Here’s a tidbit about Ed Oliver. ”He’s very good” said Jay_Fixit.
  2. I mean, I even provided some sample numbers (stats, if you will) from this last season (not opinion, but fact) to support my very correct stance. And that was just a small sample, as if I delved into more, this argument would be more one sided than it already is. And all it takes is a simple visit to football-reference.com or maybe a view of a Seahawk game or two to see how “elite” (which isn’t even quantifiable) Wilson is. Not to mention, you can see that a guy you’ve said is elite (Luck) isn’t even as good or has had the success Wilson has had. Maybe you’re not a Ciara fan? Or maybe you don’t like that Wilson posts videos with his shirt off in bed, but refusing to acknowledge that he’s in the same class as the elite QB’s in the NFL is absurd. But hey, it’s your opinion. Even if it’s wrong.
  3. Yet still my opinions have provided more to my correct side of the argument than your stomping your feet and crossing your arms saying “No.”
  4. This post ranks last in DVOA amongst posts in this thread.
  5. Using DVOA for a receiver who averaged 60 yards per game doesn’t mean much. Especially since using DVOA as part of an argument towards the eliteness of a QB is reaching to begin with. And the fact the Seahawks led the NFL in rushing and Wilson still managed to throw 35 TD’s with and 8.1 Y/A and only 7 picks and a 110.9 QB rating does nothing but boost my argument. Again, as I said originally which was correct... Wilson is as elite as elite gets.
  6. The context of 1) Using your eyes and 2) Looking at his numbers especially considering the weapons and offensive line he’s had, should be context enough.
  7. Fun list to do, and I may have time to do one but until then I’ll comment... Allen at 17... That’s definitely ambitious.
  8. If Peterman wasn’t terrible, he’d probably be decent.
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