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  1. Absolutely not. Women. Yes. Men? LOL. Grow up. Ans if this were the BBMB, T&C would infraction you for a call out thread.
  2. I think you you should act like a human and make your own decision.
  3. I’d be more interested in a throwing footballs at a lineup of millennials competition.
  4. All the stupid in this thread is second to this post. And I’m not a fantasy geek. I’m someone with a brain and two working eyes.
  5. My feet are actually good man feet. No hair, nice heel. I just choose to keep them covered in public. Go Canes. At least we know they have the most badass punter in the country.
  6. All this says to me is you’re a sandals guy and filthing up restaurants where other people are enjoying food. Don’t make me go kerouac on you Duke.
  7. Having an issue seeing a mans disgusting feet while I eat is disturbing? Bro. Not having an issue with that is the disturbing part.
  8. 1. If you’re a man, you can’t wear flip flops in public outside of parks and beaches. If I see you wearing sandals/flip flops on a plane, or in a restaurant, I reserve the right to punch your dick.
  9. I don’t care what anyone says. This is my favorite post of the week.
  10. Abysmal idea. Expand playoffs and reduce preseason if you want but not this trash. 16 game max through and 18 game season? What the fudge.
  11. We all know that @Royale with Cheese was answering for his dog.
  12. One of my least favorite Bills of all time. People like to romanticize his his time as a Bill. But he just wasn’t very good. And he wasn’t any good with San Diego either.
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