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  1. I welcome this thread over 60 pages about a punter.
  2. So this is a thread.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA this thread. punters. Lol.
  4. Because it’s a punter, and for some reason Bills fans are obsessed with punters. Sorry, lots of Bills fans (not myself as I’m not insane enough to care about the least important position on any field at any time). Yeah, punters. He’d totally be worth another couple of wins. Or nowhere near that because he’s a punter.
  5. Or cut him and sign Matt Araiza as starting QB.
  6. Every single team would have cut him. I can’t believe I’m talking serious in a punter thread but cmon. Also, he’s a punter. LOL.
  7. Maybe you need to hear him out? He may have some insight this board desperately needs. Most likely not, based on the post history but all you need is a crack.
  8. I 100% would have cared in 2008
  9. True. This has never ever happened before ever. Or even ever. And also…..EVER
  10. 100% you loved Cyrus Kouandjio as well. Lets be realistic. You just love that you’ve heard of him. Love it. Lol.
  11. Tough call. But close. Both better than mock drafts though. Or schedule release parties.
  12. 1) BPA 2) BPA 3) BPA 4) BPA 5) BPA 6) BPA
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