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  1. I guess it’s better than a thread about a punter.
  2. Holy ***** you people and punters. Who ***** Cares
  3. OH MY GOD with the punters. ***** off.
  4. Doug Flutie Chris Kelsay Chase Claypool The Uniforms from 2002-2010
  5. Bills fans and punters. LOL Who ***** cares.
  6. I can honestly say I have no clue what this means.
  7. They’re not in Kansas anymore.
  8. This is the answer to all of the questions. And I’m here for it. Nobody. Knows. Anything. Post draft reactions. Lol.
  9. And yet, I still meant every word I wrote. Imagine that.
  10. Claypool is a clown. Hope he’s cut before preseason.
  11. Hey guy, I don’t know you in real life but your posts are really bad in real life.
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