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  1. Jay_Fixit

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    Liked their uniforms while watching on TV as a 9 year old in 1989 from over here on the west coast.
  2. Jay_Fixit

    New Player Jersey Numbers?

    Nothing official.
  3. Jay_Fixit

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    Yes, and Justin Hunter. The comparisons to Calvin Johnson are ridiculous. Calvin Johnson was a fantastic college player, Metcalf made a few decent plays. Maybe DK’s teammate who was also the better receiver of the two will be available.
  4. Jay_Fixit

    What do we do in the first round? (Options in Poll)

    Yeah, Ed Oliver or Clelin Ferrell would make me run around naked with joy.
  5. Yeah, at the time I can see them being furious. But at the draft it worked out in their favor. Darnold and Mayfield were the ones I wanted, but I’m currently happy that Allen is the guy in Buffalo.
  6. Jay_Fixit

    Trent Murphy probably not going anywhere

    Trent was pretty good when he played last year. I’m happy he’s around.
  7. Jay_Fixit

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Nope. Proud. And when the Bills are champs, I’ll be making sure all of the new fans hear that they’re new fans and not ones that stuck through all of the ***** and piss and ballz.
  8. Yep just look at the Jets. Had Wilkerson and Richardson and y'know, grabbed BPA in Leonard Williams.
  9. Yes, sometimes. Not always, like the other dude claimed. Not always whatsoever in fact.
  10. Jay_Fixit

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    That’s my boy.
  11. Jay_Fixit

    Smokey and Beasley show!

    An outside guy that runs straight and a 29 year old slot guy who averages 32 yards a game for his career. Yes!
  12. AJ Brown And N’Keal Harry.