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  1. Vick was less accurate than Josh is and I’m not sure Jackson is any more accurate.. Ability to throw? LOL. Josh’s decision making and mechanics are his issue.
  2. Come to TBD for Bills talk, stay for the Masked Singer talk. ***** I love this place.
  3. I’ll be at @teef’S house showing his wife what a real man looks like.
  4. The 6’1” 210 LB Chris Hogan was the reason you didn’t the like 5’8 175 LB Cole Beasley signing. The math checks out.
  5. Translation: This guy really caught my eye on Monday During the Championship game.
  6. Any truth to the rumor about fat and slow @DFT ??
  7. I like the turn this thread has taken.
  8. I don’t see them cutting DiMarco. He’s the perfect deep threat for Allen.
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