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  1. Hey buddy, you only need one space after periods.
  2. Who wants to trade for a player that is bad at playing football?
  3. You’re not concerned that Allen played abysmal on Monday?
  4. If Allen doesn’t turn it over FOUR TIMES then this isn’t even an issue. Quit crying about penalties.
  5. Not much worse than whining about penalties in a game your team didn’t deserve to win. The penalties had nothing to do with it. Suck it up.
  6. WHO ELSE DESERVES BLAME??? Ya. His team lost a game they should have won. Like wtf.
  7. This fan base wears punters jerseys. I can’t get surprised an anything anymore.
  8. I’m just a fan and always will be. And no matter the reason, it won’t be any of those terrible options provided.
  9. I hope he has a massive season. Then Buffalo tags him and some team trades for him a La Peerless Price and they’ll realize dude was just standing on the shoulders of others. Then I’ll sit back, light up a cigar and say, that’s right. While I look over my kingdom. Of idiots.
  10. This is the best thread you’ve ever made. Think about that for a second.
  11. Thought I could go a month without another punter thread. On this board? Never. Punters. Lol
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