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  1. I never understood it. Moss could be a nice back. Or he could not be. Singletary was and is the best back on the team and I’m not sure it’s close. If he was inactive, then we need a thread.
  2. I liked it. And I’m never wrong so this thread is ballz.
  3. This and the MNF broadcast is unwatchable threads are two I’m gonna keep my eye on.
  4. Makes sense, he’s probably the 3rd best RB on the team.
  5. True. Josh actually exists.
  6. .85 sacks per game for White .71 for Smith. And I do agree that Smith was better against the run, and more athletic. But White doesn’t get appreciated on this board like he should. As my original post stated. There’s a reason why White is 5 and Bruce is 20. Based on?
  7. I know Bills fans love to make it a competition between White and Bruce but White was that good. ”oh but he was and LDE and Bruce was a RDE in a 3-4 defense.” Don't care. Bruce at 20th of the all time players is perfectly fine with me. That’s damn impressive.
  8. He literally just wrote what the OP wrote. That’s it. The crap of it is that I clicked on the link.
  9. This thread is approaching punter level status. I mean, it’s Jacob ***** Hollister.
  10. Yeah. NFL players voting and then someone tabulating the votes is so sketchy. How can Josh Allen only be the 10th best player out of over 1700 players. It’s madness.
  11. Definitely not “that bad.” But definitely not good.
  12. Yeah. In his opportunities, Michel has been pretty good. I bet he does well for the Rams. Dude has averaged 60 yards per game in the ground at a 4.3 YPC clip. Decent production.
  13. Yeah. Only to people whose eyes don’t work.
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