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  1. I just want a normal Buff primetime game. I do think a lot of the moves Beane made was to improve the options in bad condition games. If it does end up with rain it will show how the additions in the offensive line, big RB options and Kincaid/Harty short passing game will help Josh. I would rather that happened after a month+ as the team gets used to the new players but if tonight so be it. Jets have to play in the same conditions with a whole new offense after all.
  2. That's how I interpreted the comment too. I think he's trying to get the fans to realize where ever he signs he wouldn't be on the field for significant snaps the next week. OBJ's value to any team is the playoffs. Having him sign now let's him learn the playbook, practice with Josh to get some chemistry and show the staff what he is capable of to scheme him open when it counts. Basically the last 4 weeks would equal a normal players preseason.
  3. Well see if he Smoke see the field... but if he does I am certain Josh will be looking to get him a catch immediately. Bet NE thinks that too, so as a decoy threat he can help too.
  4. We'll never know the exact timeline of events but I suspect Beane reach out on Monday to see if the Colts were selling offering the 6th for Hines and was rebuffed as being too low. It had been leaked there were a couple of teams looking into Nyheim's availability and then changed to he was getting moved by Tuesday Moring. I interpreted that as Nyheim figured out who was offering picks for him and decided he wanted out preferring going to Buffalo. I am sure the Colts tried for a better pick and Beane wouldn't do a 4th or something thus he thought the deal was dead with Hines going to a different team. Hines may have told the FO he wanted to go to Buffalo around 3PM and Beane made it a conditional 5th to show a bit of attrition and get a player that fits the offense/clubhouse perfectly. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear the Colts did right by NH and took a lesser offer of conditional 5th/Moss over a better pick.
  5. Hines can be a 3rd down back, slot receiver, returns punts and kicks at a high NFL level for what amounts to a 5th and Moss (who has been inactive). Not sure he replaces Isaiah Mckensie but he can do the similar sweep and gadget plays. Hines being a back can be hidden better on those plays flexing out of the back field. Swiss army knife weapon that the front office has been looking for. Cooks started to show signs and may still get that role but now they know they can use that part of the playbook to diversify the run game. Being able to fill all those role and being a home run hitter is valuable asset for a deep team as insurance at a number of positions. Even if he only impacts as a Kick/Punt Returner it may be worth it considering the current state of the roster.
  6. While I know there was talk about 2TE sets OJ Howard being released ended that experiment. Hockinson is better than OJ but will need to be paid next year. Knox was given the extension and I can't see Beane paying 2 TE's top 10 money. Solid move for Minnesota but not a move that would help Buffalo right now.
  7. Question. For those of us out of town will the Bill's be live streaming the scrimmage somewhere?
  8. "First Round: Belichick. Second Round: Back to KC with Patty Mahoney. AFC Championship Game: Possibly Tennessee with Derrick Henry. Super Bowl: Possibly Tampa Bay and Tom Brady." And exercise every past past demon narrative with the win. Sounds all to perfect and what needs to happen to win the Super Bowl. Patriots were first on to Maholmes.
  9. I don't like paying RB top value but the thought of replacing Gore's carries with Gordon is tempting. Considering MG's lackluster market if they could get a 1 year deal the money won't matter next year. It would also be premium injury insurance for any back getting hurt.
  10. I assume that was BB's thought process on the potential of trade... Getting Gordon would be protection if Gore of Singletary gets hurt late into the year. We have all seen the flashes Singletary has shown but it was on limited touches and does have the hammy which is an injury that can reoccur. I have been pretty pleased with Yeldon as a third down back (other than the fumbling risk) but replacing him with Gordon to split reps with FG/DS would be an upgrade. Defenses would need to recognize MG as a threat to run/catch to keep the looks Allen see's more basic. If it only costs a third (which would be replaced by a 3rd rd comp pick if let go) and a couple of million dollars to keep the threat and help Allen it is a logical mix. I also would think the integration time to get a RB into the lineup would be faster than a WR (learning routes, QB/WR chemistry).
  11. McShay in particular was very high on Sweeney saying he had best ball skills of any TE in the class. He also picked him as the one stand out player from rounds 5-7 in ESPN's Draft Recap Last night and predicted he'll make the roster. Kiper agreed with his ability to catch, and added if it would have been 15-20 years ago would have been a 2-3 rounder. Of course that is a bit of the problem, sense offenses have evolved from Sweeney's type of game so we'll see if it works for the Bills. Could be more than just a 7th round flier that my first impressions were.
  12. When I first say Wilkins rumored to be a possibility @ 9 I was underwhelmed (mainly due to being focused on Oliver or Williams), but I have been seeing there is a lot interest in other teams in the Top 10 and him even going as high as 6 to the G-Men in a couple of mocks. I took a look at some prospect lists and he is considered a top ten talent in this class and would fill a major need of 3 tech DT for McD and I am warming to him being a very viable pick for Beane at 9 or move back a couple of spots. At least he wouldn't be a reach and would help give pressure presence on the D-line. Gil Brants Top 150 # 10 Christian Wilkins, DT School: Clemson | Year: Senior Wilkins had a very good pro-day workout. At the combine, he ran a 5.04 40 at 315 pounds. The very disruptive player won the William Campbell Trophy, a.k.a. the academic Heisman. The very high-character person has very good quickness for his size and is extremely flexible. He's a better pass rusher than run stopper. Random fact: Wilkins has seven siblings. ESPN Scout # 5 Christian Wilkins, DT (Oliver is #8) Pre-Draft Analysis Wilkins is a polished pass-rusher with quick hands and an excellent motor. He is an active and disruptive run-defender who slips blocks and makes plays in pursuit. He plays in every facet of special teams and contributes as a lead blocker in some short-yardage packages. Dane Brugler # 8 Christian Wilkins, DT Lining up primarily over the B-gap, Wilkins became the school’s fifth unanimous All-American (2018) and the first Clemson player to win the William V. Campbell Trophy, also known as the Academic Heisman. Moving differently than most his size, he uses his loose lower body, contact balance and active hands in conjunction to squirt through gaps. His high-character intangibles will be a strong selling point for an NFL team looking for a high-floor prospect. Overall, Wilkins is an inconsistent run defender, but his quickness, body flexibility and ball awareness lead to backfield production, projecting as a penetrating three-technique in a four-man base.
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