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  1. On Dyami I am with them. I think his best fit is somewhere where there is an established #1 and he can be the #2. I think he can become a #1 receiver but it won't be as a rookie. I also agree on the subtlety of his route running. He doesn't run a lot of routes (that is a product of the offense he is in) but the ones he runs he runs as well as anyone in this class. I have said it before but I see a bit of Stef Diggs in him.
  2. In order to succeed in the playoffs you need to make the playoffs. I don't think an indifferent playoff record invalidates Kamara's impact as a difference maker. Not I was not arguing that Kamara is worth a 1st round pick, I wasn't, but I think running backs who can be receiving weapons as well do have more value than guys who are just runners.
  3. I've alluded to it elsewhere but not sure I have completely set out my thinking.... high end athlete, speed, strength size guy. Like his speed to power conversion and think he is a solid tackler. He is the definition of "toolsy" but his lack of production to me as much as anything comes down to his lack of situational awareness. Think he bites on misdirection, doesn't really yet demonstrate an understanding of how blockers play him and so misses counter opportunities. In the run game he plays the inside run well and can crash down from the edge, but again it is a bit instinct and not insight a
  4. Interesting on Ojulari that is pretty much word for word my scouting notes. Solid all around player, nice burst, but not a special pass rusher, inconsistent hand technique, 3-4 OLB only.
  5. Agreed, Kamara and McCaffrey are not just running backs, they are offensive weapons. Kamara caught 83 balls last year. The only other one I might put in that category (though like McCaffrey he was hurt for past of last season) is Austin Eckler.
  6. If Diggs is asking for a renegotiation I would expect he just wants some of what he is due guaranteed, he has none left. Opportunity for the Bills to be creative with his cap hits if they are in talks "we'll guarantee this and give you a small bump in overall salary if you will take signing bonus so we can spread out the hit."
  7. I have him pegged 4th / 5th borderline and as a safety.
  8. He was which is ironic because he was more deserving of recognition in 2019 than 2020.
  9. I see your logic. Not what I expect them to do though.
  10. Meh. It just isn't what I see on his tape. I agree on Burrow's pocket feel as well. He has a great pocket presence. I think Mac has nice timing but I think it is timing within the rhythm of the offense rather than what I think Burrow has and Philip Rivers (mentioned above) had in that instinctive nous of when to let go. Again, I get that stuff is subjective though - but you can only grade on what you see when you watch the tape. I can't grade on what other people see.
  11. Not watched Rashed. I presumed Perkins was gone..... he is actually my BPA then... revise my list!! He is #43 on my board. Mid to late 2nd round grade. I think for a 4-3 base team they could value him a little higher. His tape is fun to watch. He plays angry. Would not be oppose to the Bills moving up a few spots in round 2 if they go in another direction at #30 and Perkins is sitting there 6 or 7 picks before we go on the clock.
  12. I have him just above his stable mate which I know is not the majority opinion. I just think he has more chance to be special as a pro. Williams is probably safer but I can imagine him being one of those JAG starting running backs.
  13. If he wants a 2 year $10m deal then sure. I don't think he will play for that much. Even for a contender.
  14. Then you get to Badol's point though - why would he take that? He is getting $8m this year on his current deal. To get him to forgo a shot at FA in 2022 and the chance to earn one last chunk of guaranteed money on a signing bonus you are probably going to have chuck around that much again on top. At that point he is too pricey for my tastes.
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