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  1. Think initially they will have White on a pitch count. They will ramp him up through his first 3 or 4 games back so you will see plenty of both Elam and Jackson. So the question might be where do they feel Kaiir is by about week 11 for the stretch run.
  2. Not about excuses. About asking whether that one season is a pattern or an outlier. That is a legit question. Personally I think there were some unlucky bounces here and there but as I said yesterday the element that was consistent in that run was OL struggles. It would have been interesting to me if Harbaugh had, wrongly, taken the 3 at the end of that Ravens drive. Because now the Bills need to score a touchdown to win and the Ravens D has something to hold onto and they might call it differently. Still interested in can we hold up in pass pro late in games when everyone knows we have no option but to pass? That is the theme to watch going forward.
  3. Not really the place for it but wasn't sure where else to put it... after struggling against Miami Jaquan Johnson has lost his status as safety #3. Damar Hamlin played 100% of the snaps alongside Poyer against the Ravens. That might, a little bit, be a style thing. I think Jaquan is more a box player and that is usually where Jordan plays but they played a fair amount of cover 2 on Sunday and it was always Damar and Jordan. I feel a bit for Jaquan because he is a good kid, has worked his ass off since he has been here, played well his one start last year but we know for guys like him in the NFL when your moment comes you have to take it. If you miss it you rarely get a re-do. He missed the mark against the Dolphins and Damar has now passed him on the depth chart. In terms of the long game think that is good news for the Bills because Damar has two more years on his rookie deal whereas Johnson is a free agent next March. So if Hamlin can prove himself this season and we lose Jordan next year then maybe we don't need to use a premium asset this spring to find a starting safety?
  4. Agree and it will be so nonsensical. Because ALL CBs get beat sometimes. It comes with the job. Especially rookies. The only thing to actually consider when he gets beat is can he have a short memory and move on to the next play?
  5. Thanks. I noticed that when I watched it back yesterday but couldn't work out who it was because I couldn't see the hair from the TV view. Hell of a play by Bryant.
  6. True except it was not Ricard it was rookie tight end Isaiah Likely that Edmunds stoned in the goalline stand.
  7. Remember the rule of the NFC West Rams own Cardinals 49ers own Rams Seahawks (at least pre-Greno) own 49ers The reason the 49ers own the Rams? Because Sean McVay's offense is just Shanahan's offense with less creativity. Shanny knows what the Rams are doing almost as soon as they send out their personnel grouping. Except last time we faced it we shut them down. And played bear defense against them to do so.
  8. He has got better each week through 4 weeks. You can't ask much more than that. There will still be bumps. He is a rookie corner. But he is learning fast. Very impressed.
  9. I will say and have said you will get away with it once. And I understand how it happens. If it repeats is where I think he has a problem.
  10. Miami just stopped shaking.
  11. Haven't watched the all22 yet to get a better understanding. Normally out tomorrow. On offense some of it was we just settled in and executed. It was very frantic early. On defense we seemes to get a grip of the inside run game a little better 2nd half. Made them bounce everything which gave Edmunds and Milano and Taron time to get up to it and tackle. And then when you need your playmakers to make plays Josh Allen and Jordan Poyer made them.
  12. Yes, but his job isn't. If he keeps responding like that though, it will be. He will lose credibility, lose control and once you do that in a leadership position you are dead in the water. Clearly. But I am a professional leader and have been a sporting leader. I promise you once you lose control you are done.
  13. Because leadership is about control. Once you exhibit a loss of control it damages your credibility as a leader. He will have to stand in that room at some point and talk to his players about the importance of keeping their discipline under fire - for example not committing desperate holds when you get beat on the final drive of a game - it is hard to do that if you are the first to fly off the handle and lose it like Dorsey did in Miami.
  14. The Pegulas were never scared to spend money.
  15. One action. I said last week I'd understand Dorsey slamming the headset. It was the full flip out after that where he demolished the booth that was a loss of control I consider unacceptable for a coach. I did something similar once when I was coaching so I understand it. But you can't let it happen. He has to do better. Hopefully he will learn from last week.
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