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  1. I live in the UK. I am a civil servant working developing policy for central government. I left journalism and originally joined government comms as essentially a PR guy worked my way into policy. People always presume working on the radio must be a cool job. But it doesn't pay great, the hours are long and often unsociable and the contracts and job security often short and temporary. Oh and journalism (which was what I was doing) increasingly gets squeezed on radio in the name of entertainment and the lines are pretty blurred. I get much more fulfillment out of what I do now.
  2. DJ is a good scout and a good guy. I don't think the Bills are nailed on to be a top 5 defense. They have a chance but I don't think it is a sure thing. I think Jacksonville and Chicago are the right top two in terms of all round talent on defense. I am a little surprised to see Denver in his list (though the Fangio factor probably plays in). To me they are on the downslope. I see the Chargers and the Bills similarly. Talent all round on D, no obvious weaknesses. Dallas have some stars. They have pass rushers and they have the best young linebacking duo in the league. That said I think you can get at their DBs - Byron Jones apart. Not convinced any of their other DBs are more than passable starters. Other than the Bills the other two not in his list I'd throw in are Tennessee (a bit like the Bills in the sense not many "star names" but a lot of good football players and efficient team defense) and Indy, who if Justin Houston can give them some pass rush have the potential to be really good.
  3. Yea I don't mind Chris Brown but he isn't a broadcast journalist. He is a PR guy. The two jobs are similar. You still write stories and articles but you do so to "sell a message". That was the route I went originally too after journalism.
  4. Everybody should know who Greg Cook is. Without Greg Cook and his unfortunate injury there is no west coast offence, no Bill Walsh in the HoF and no 49ers dynasty. Yep. Did it every day for 18 months. Was pretty good at it. Left it because of a bit of a disenchantment with journalism and for a better long term career move. I promise you it really isn't as hard as Steve Tasker makes it sound.
  5. Yea - I agree they learned a lot during that period. I get that they are generally shy people.... but if you are going to run sport franchises then you either need to hire a figurehead (which I believe they tried with mixed results with the Sabres) or you need to be willing to front up yourself when called for. I hope they don't need to fire a coach or GM for a very long time with the Bills but if they do they have to do a better job of it.
  6. He was solid on special teams. That is the point. And the fullback's main job is neither to run the ball nor catch the ball. The one thing DiMarco has done reasonably well on offense is pass block.
  7. I'm not sure I agree. I think they still need core special teamers. We lost games on teams last year. Giving away one of the few solid teams players we have doesn't strike me as a particularly wise way to start fixing that problem.
  8. He has been decent on teams. He has not made a great impact on offense.
  9. I think even after that they were keeping him. I believe the point when the decided they weren't keeping him was when he disagreed on strategy with their new favourite son McDermott at some point in that offseason. I suspect they decided Whaley's fate at some time during February of that year (though I believe McDermott was intending to get rid of him and make room for his own guy from day 1). As for the press conference... I still say as much as Whaley was not a great public speaker some of that was on the Pegulas. Rex was THEIR choice, he was THEIR guy.... when they admitted inside two years it was a massive error it should have been THEM who were up infront of the press to explain the decision. That is how leadership and accountaility work. I always compare it back to the Jeff Lurie example in Philly when he fired his handpicked coach Chip Kelly. He fronted up. He was the first person from the organisation infront of a camera. He spent 45 minutes taking questions from journalists. He owned his decision and was ultimately accountable for it. The Pegulas' approach was for their interim Head Coach to go first and get an absolute grilling that left the poor guy so fried he couldn't remember which of his two bad Quarterbacks he was being ordered to start in the finale (said Cardale when he meant EJ) and then the next person out in front was their GM who was clearly not seeing eye to eye with the Head Coach but whose role in the firing was ambiguous at best to get asked questions that the man who made the decision - Terry Pegula - should have been explaining. It is my biggest black mark against the Pegulas so far. It was an abdication of their responsibility. And they then ended up doing a one on one phone interview with JW afterwards to try and smooth things over. I don't care whether they "wanted" to do it. I don't care if Pegula doesn't like being in front of the media. It was his responsibility to do so.
  10. Mine would be Sweeney so long as he shows something in camp and pre-season and then I'd be between Williams and Johnson I think. Side note the Williams fetish seems to have become a fetish for Johnsons......... which is phrase I've heard somewhere else.
  11. I accept it is a conspiracy theory and I accept it is unproveable. I am not usually prone to conspiracy theory rhetoric but the visits and the Gaine situation do both seem awfully suspicious. If it was simply coincidence it was a lot of very convenient coincidences.
  12. On the receiver battle my mind is exactly where yours is. They want a short area quickness gadget guy more than they want a size guy. It is about the offense Daboll wants to run and if it comes down to that last spot I imagine him banging on the table for his gadget guy. I said as much to Alphadawg the other week. I must confess I hadn't paid much attention to Bolden Jnr but if Joe B thinks he has played himself in with a shot then I will keep my ear out early in camp. I am not absolutely certain they even keep a 4th back. I think all of the three potentially in the battle to be a 4th back are in the "show me something" position. I don't think they will just keep whoever is the least bad of the 3. There is a potential spot there but one of them has to earn it. I think you are right - 10 DBs and 9 OL. Where I differ is I think the 10 DBs are all but set and someone is going to have to put something together to break into that. Five corners (White, Wallace, T. Johnson, K. Johnson, Gaines). Four safeties (Hyde, Poyer, J. Johnson, Bush) and the hybrid / big nickel / backup slot (Neal). Barring a camp injury I think that is your 10. On the OL I think you can pretty much write in pen the names of Dawkins, Ford and Nsekhe at tackle and the names of Morse, Spain and Long on the interior. Feliciano has the inside track as well which gets you to 7. The leading candidates for spots 8 and 9 are probably Waddle and Teller but I still think Ike Boettger has a shot and his versatility might give him a squeak of making it. EDIT: Just thinking about things a little on the back of this I think the basic split is: 2 QBs 1 FB 3 RBs 6 WRs 3 TEs 9 OLs 8 DL 6 LB 10 DBs 3 STs That gets you to 51 spots. There are then two remaining spots which come down, in my mind to a battle between: 4th RB, 7th WR, 4th TE, 9th DL, 11th DB.... When I translate that into players I think what we are really talking about is Yeldon, Perry, Williams, Sweeney, D. Johnson, Pitts as being the guys in play for those final couple of spots.
  13. According to Bandit (who I always trust on these matters) if Oliver was gone it came down to Jonah or Wilkins at #9.
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