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  1. It's either nothing good or "should we kick the tires?" They are the two Chad Kelly threads forever.
  2. Unless a tackle is running through a field naked it doesn't register for me.
  3. If I was worth £10m+ I'd stay at home. Screw the wife. Or the husband. They can go to work. Luckily my partner is a workaholic we have agreed an age at which I am going part time. I enjoy my job, but I enjoy not being at work more.
  4. I have always been clear I think Shakir can be a good slot receiver (and indeed was last year). He can't play outside. The wing and the prayer were the outside guys. Shakir was the alligator armed slot receiver. But apparently that is the wrong reptile.
  5. I went to a Catholic High School. I was experienced dismantling their nonsense by 15.
  6. There are some awful cases, no doubt. But there is, despite multiple studies, no evidence that trans people commit sexual offences at a higher rate than cis gendered people. There is, however, evidence that they are four times more likely to be victims of sexual offences.
  7. I can't be responsible your understanding being based on nonsensical.
  8. Not a PFF thing. A measurement thing. I suppose a combine thing.
  9. What about the LG and B. Would you not want gay men using bathrooms with your son?
  10. He played for the Bills when I was at an age where I'd have thought t-rex was cooler than an alligator.
  11. He is in the 1st percentile among NFL receivers. Why mention what? I am not the one who started a debate over whether alligators or t-rex's are the right equivalent for short armed receivers.
  12. I have to fight the good fight with you lot 13 months of the year.
  13. I know what people are trying to tell me. I am not dim. I am telling them it is nonsensical. I mean no ill on Shakir but he has arms like an alligator.
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