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  1. The thing with the Chargers is that if they are moving on from Rivers they might fancy a total reset. That makes Lynn more vulnerable.
  2. As night follows day Bills fans blame offensive coordinators for the Bills having below average offenses. For 20 years it has been the coordinators fault. We had good offenses under Roman and Lynn I agree.... but at that time we also had offensive talent in the shape of Lesean McCoy, a receiving corps that over that two years included the likes of Watkins, Woods, Hogan, Goodwin and Harvin, an offensive line with Cordy Glenn, Richie Incognito and Eric Wood, and a Quarterback who while limited was avoiding turnovers at an almost historic rate. Coordinators matter. Playcalling matters. You know what matters more? Talent.
  3. I think for me the Bills first two picks if at all possible should be spent on a receiver and an edge rusher. I'd consider moving up and down and around the board and packaging other picks to get in position to take the guys I like at those two spots. Both positions need an infusion of talented young players.
  4. The thing is I wasn't disagreeing that he needed to complete more balls early in the game. I was saying the Ravens did a good job (I still content a very good job) of taking the short throws to receivers - primarily Brown and Beasley but the tight ends too - away. They are the throws that really get Josh in rhythm typically. What they were giving the Bills was lots of opportunities to beat them deep. The Bills were trying to take those opportunities - especially early - likely because they knew it would open things up for them. I do not disagree at all then when the Ravens brought max pressure and blitzed with 6 guys Josh should have got it his hots quicker and with more regularity. I said that immediately after the game. But I think they threw a lot of deep balls - especially early because that was what the defense was giving them and they tried to open things up. And I agree 100% with this.
  5. Man U don't have hooligans. They got sanitised years ago. Man City still have a few being "new money" but they won't last much longer.
  6. I felt like that Eagles week too. And I have no reason why. I just hate the Eagles. I have admitted I wanted the Pats to beat them in the Superbowl (both times) I hate them that much
  7. He started the season on fire. Had an odd mid season lull but he is playing really well again now. A reminder, if one is needed, that for young players progress is not always linear.
  8. I don't really blame Josh on the final play. Yes the ball could have been thrown an inch or so more precise and yes if he held onto it maybe he sees Beasley open. But it was a throw that could have been caught. Peters played it well but Brown had a chance to make a play and that is all you can ask for in that situation. On Dawkins I am with Joe B. I was for moving on at LT after 4 games. Since then Dawkins has been lights out one of our best players. He is the future at LT. I think "on the money" is an exaggeration. It was good enough to be caught though, without doubt. And I agree that it was just a great play by the DB and that Allen was right to go there with the ball rather than wait on a 2nd option. .
  9. What is clear, in this thread and others, is that there are people for whom every offensive failure lies at Brian Daboll's door. Conversely I don't think either @Kirby Jackson or I am saying say has been perfect this year.... but most of what is put on him is not on him. Fans find it easier to blame coaches (easily fired) than players. Such is the NFL.
  10. What makes you think that? I am not disagreeing just interested in your logic. Kyler Murray never played at Texas Tech. He played at A&M and Oklahoma. Mayfield was at Texas Tech then Oklahoma if that is who you are thinking of?
  11. Depends where he fell to us. At pick 23 or 24 or whatever we will be (pick 32 Gunner....)? No. If he fell to us in the third round of the Draft yes, absolutely you take him - but that isn't happening. Tua is going in the first round, he will likely be long gone by the time the Bills pick (in the almost impossible situation where he isn't there will be teams drafting after us that would want to get up and take him so the Bills might have a bidding war for their pick). The Bills do not need to draft another Quarterback early. They will take one in this class somewhere I think to compete for the backup job.
  12. The reason for that is partly influenced by what the opposite D are ***** too. The most interesting part of that chart is not a single throw between the hashes. The Bills were playing to take away the middle of the field as much as possible and were willing to give Jackson short throws to the outside as a result - because he throws those less well. Compare the map of the Bills and 49ers games against the 5 or 6 games Lamar played prior to that. They were both able to restrict him in the middle of the field. I am absolutely a proponent of the Bills operating a short and intermediate rhythm passing offense - I have been for years. It was one of my biggest knocks on Tyrod he was the least effective rhythm passer in the league (among starters) I am not someone who has banged on about the deep ball all season because I care less about that than a lot of people. But Sunday was a day where hitting one would potentially have changed the game because that was the play the Baltimore defense was most vulnerable to and it might have forced them to change their whole plan. Take what the defense gives you does not always mean the checkdown.
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