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  1. GunnerBill

    What do you want to see this offseason: TRADES

    Actually it is very likely Atlanta lets Sanu go. They are tight to the cap and have Ridley and Julio.
  2. AAF is the NFL.... and Finkle is Einhorn. Now it makes sense.
  3. Equally the criticism of his accuracy pre-draft is often misunderstood. The issue I had with Josh's accuracy and I still have to an extent is not that he is inaccurate with every ball. He clearly is not. It is that the inaccuracy when it comes is wild and still, to my mind, unexplained. I know some buy the Jordan Palmer "he is overstepping" theory. I personally have looked for that and don't see it. Maybe my eye is just not trained enough that is certainly possible but to me technically his inaccurate balls still generally look no different technically to his accurate ones. I compare him to someone like a Sam Darnold and I can pretty much tell you with Darnold whether the ball is going to be thrown accurately before it leaves his hand. With Allen I can't. And it is that natural inaccuracy that does concern me. It concerned me a lot on his college tape it concerns me a little less now because his legs raise the floor and take away some of the throws he would otherwise need to make more of. But it is still a concern. I am sure if any two people did the same exercise as transplant they might quibble with a few throws here and there but overall I don't dispute the value of what he has done. It just isn't really answering the questions and concerns that I and some others had. Josh has mitigated them to an extent his rookie year but they do remain.
  4. GunnerBill

    Allen: “Hey Ramsey...am I still trash?” Hahaha

    I don't hate it. I don't get excited by it either. It is just a bit of a jab back at Ramsey. Off season fluff.
  5. GunnerBill

    Inside Info (somewhat) - Kyler Murray

  6. Not a Saint. Just the best HC in NFL history.
  7. GunnerBill

    Inside Info (somewhat) - Kyler Murray

    How will he measure?
  8. GunnerBill

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    No and I am not likely to get any either. This was post-draft that the guy I know who used to be a position coach in the league got told. Didn't see them as process guys I presume.
  9. GunnerBill

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    I am still not convinced by the Washington trade but who knows. I think a trade down with Carolina for a pass rusher arguably makes more sense especially with connections. But whichever way they play it I agree they are going to move about the board. Which is interesting because that wasn't really the Carolina MO. They were more of a "let the draft come to us" organisation but it does seem to be in the Beane - McDermott plan to focus on specific guys who are scheme and culture fits. I wonder if they might even be New England like in that I suspect they actually have a relatively small board. You will recall I shared here intel from a league connected source who was told after the draft last year that Mayfield and Rosen were not on the Bills board. If that was true (I have no reason to disbelieve it) then a QB desperate team with only Peterman and McCarron on the roster that is willing to take two highly rated QBs off their board because they don't see them as a fit will be willing to do that for any position. And while people like to talk about the Patriots trading down all the time in the middle and later rounds they do trade up a fair bit too (not far very often but like 5-10 spots to get a guy they have specifically targeted).
  10. Indeed. But there has to be the offensive guys worth taking at 9 and I am far from convinced I see them.
  11. GunnerBill

    Poor O-Line play is league-wide problem not just Bills

    Sorry - yes.... ignore the erroneous Miller that slipped in. I mean Mills. Johnson counts, Matthews doesn't - because he was specifically listing guys on the top 10 ranked OLines of 2018 who have been top 10 picks. The Falcons line was not a top 10 line. I like Jake Matthews a lot though. I couldn't believe Greg Robinson went off the board ahead of him.
  12. GunnerBill

    Poor O-Line play is league-wide problem not just Bills

    Indeed - it is always about tiers. But you have to start from the principle that you are going to select the guy who is at the top of your board when you go on the clock. Then you look at how that player fits your team. Never pass on an elite prospect to draft a good prospect even if you have two pro bowlers at the position the BPA plays and two borderline starters at the position the "good" player you want to take instead plays. As my board starts to come together I have four guys in my top tier:- Bosa, Oliver, Allen and Quinnen Williams. If any of those four are there the Bills should select them. I then have another tier that is made up of White, Gary, Ferrell, Greedy Williams and did have Simmons too (obviously the off field stuff and the ACL affects his stock). I'd be very wary about passing on any of the four of those still healthy to reach down the board too. After that I get to a tier which includes Jonah Williams (my highest rated offensive player and the #13 player on my board). I would be less concerned if they took Jonah ahead of say Deionte Thompson (who is my #11) because I think you are still picking in that same tier of talent.
  13. GunnerBill

    Poor O-Line play is league-wide problem not just Bills

    This is the key for me with Mills. If he'd sign a similar deal to now to stay one more year I'd do that and try and draft his replacement somewhere from round 3 on. I suspect he will get paid as a starter somewhere though (rather than the quality backup money we have been paying him). Basically the worst outcome at right tackle is moving on from Mills to make ourselves feel better only to end up with inferior tackle play next season. Miller is among the worst 5 or 6 starting tackles in the league but he is better than almost anyone who is a backup.
  14. GunnerBill

    Dolphins hire Reggie McKenzie

    Kolton Miller definitely contributed..... he contributed badly.