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  1. There are great 0-0s...... they are very rare. There are also atrocious games with more than 5 goals in them.... they are very common. If a game finishes 5-4 it is usually a very poor quality game.
  2. Yea I thought Heap was elite. Top 3 in the league during the prime of his career IMO. Sharpe obviously had Elway most of his career.
  3. That's the chap. Thanks.
  4. The guy Baltimore had for a period when their QB was a carousel of hopless or injured or both.... their first Superbowl era... can't think of his name but he was elite for a couple of years. It's the guy who tragically reversed his vehicle over his own young child. Not wanting to pile on the misery, obviously awful. Can't think of his name.
  5. And I was much lower on Tyrod than you through the last year and a half of his time here. I was also someone firmly of the view from the very start of last season that at some point the regime was going to want to "see what they have" in Peterman. That didn't change my view that I didn't see it as likely that Peterman succeeded but I thought it was inevitable that they would get him on the field at some point. Just not being Tyrod is not enough to believe someone is likely to succeed.
  6. The chances of Nathan Peterman being a successful or even passable NFL Quarterback have precisely zero to do with Tyrod Taylor. I can't understand why he keeps being referred to.
  7. Huge blow for the Chargers and the kid. I think he was primed for a monster year where he put himself right in the conversation as one of the elite TEs in the game.
  8. I do see the argument for that Happy Days. I am more on the Kirby side of the argument that keeping 3 because you don't have a proven good one serves little purpose unless you think all 3 have a chance to turn into something great, but I do see the other side of that - especially when the Bills are hardly overflowing with quality players at other positions demanding roster spots.
  9. Can I say +2? And yes..... the 5th round was too early. Peterman has to crush it in OTAs to even get a shot at being considered "in the competition" in camp. And I mean look like freaking Aaron Rodgers in shorts. I didn't expect him to look quite as bad as he did in LA - that was a particularly spectacular disaster movie. But having watched some of his college tape last draft season and then watched his 50% passer pre-season him looking overwhelmed was pretty much what I expected. He just isn't an NFL talent for my money. I'm sure he is a nice guy and I'm sure sometimes you can look at him when he has the red jersey on in practice and say "hey this guy is physically limited but he gets the ball out quick maybe he can effectively operate a short passing offense" but the truth is that when the bullets are flying he isn't accurate enough, doesn't see the field well enough, and doesn't make good enough decisions under pressure.... and obviously he doesn't have the physical tools to overcome all of that.
  10. GunnerBill

    Josh Allen. Let's get real people!

    Almost certainly true - but then our 1st round QBs since Kelly are limited to JP and EJ.... it isn't all that high of a bar.
  11. GunnerBill

    2018 Schedule Weeks 5-8

    Too early for me. I always do a full 16 game schedule prediction during the pre-season with scores and a bit of colour for fun too. In 2016 I was strikingly accurate although was one game out on the record as I had them winning week 1 at Baltimore. Last season I had them 5-3 at mid season (which they were) but then had them slumping to 7-9 and obviously the Bills came home at 9-7.
  12. GunnerBill

    Good luck in retirement Peter King

    I like Breer as well actually. Think he is better on paper than he was as a broadcaster.
  13. Nathan was still selected about 60 picks too high! Mind you.... I think Allen was too 😊
  14. GunnerBill

    Roster Review/Offense

    No Benjamin isn't that sort of receiver regardless. He is more a kind of bigger Anquan Bolden to me if you can get him healthy and focussed. If they can he is a key part of this offense. If they can't he will be a free agent next spring.