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  1. About the same as Tyrod to be honest.
  2. Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah were both scouts. Jeremiah worked for the Ravens, Brooks for Seattle. And teams don't assign scouts by position, they assign scouts by geography.
  3. Sammy Watkins and the Rams

    Nor me.
  4. Yea I only have 1 (Rosen) but I do have him at #2 on my board. Chubb, Rosen, Barkley, Fitzpatrick, Nelson is my top 5.
  5. This is not about keeping Tyrod folks. That ship has still sailed. This is about maximising his trade value. The Bills are essentially willing to take a cap hit by paying the option to buy a draft pick (or an improved draft pick). Cleveland remains my prediction. They have zero at the position and might be taking a guy in Darnold who is not ready day 1. Arizona is in play too depending on what their draft plan is.
  6. Simple question?????

    Plan A is move up in the draft and they have a guy in mind. The decision they have to make before FA starts is how likely is a team to trade back in a spot where "their guy" is available because as others have said the vet on the roster by the end of that initial FA period will tell us something. Interesting the Tyrod news yesterday. The Bills are essentially willing to take a cap hit to get a pick for him. So they will pay the $6m option and someone else will then trade a mid to late round pick (4th maybe) for Tyrod and pay the $10m salary.
  7. They might it is true.... but Wilson and Brandon put a number of things in place to make the Bills less attractive as a prospect to someone whose priority was move the team. Now had we not had buyers with local ties in the Pegulas that might not have been enough because a relocation buyer would have been able to drive the price down accordingly, but Wilson and Brandon did make it less attractive to relocation buyers and every little helps.
  8. Trevor Siemian expected to be on trading block

    Any reason for us to have interest went when Rico walked out of the door. He is a limited talent and a very specific scheme fit. Pass.
  9. Vontae Davis on FA visit to Bills

    Depends what he is looking for. If it is a payday then Cleveland is definitely a factor.
  10. LOL have you heard Mel Kiper's mock 2.0?

    He'd have had to go some to beat our very own Bandit. Bandit nailed the 1st round last year. He got a lot of exact matches.
  11. They needed a front man because Modrak came to the facility about three times per year. It was totally and utterly dysfunctional. The original idea, I think, behind Levy was that he was a sound football man who would be able to advice from Modrak and Guy and be the trigger man. Brandon was supposed to run the rest of the organisation as Director of "non football operations." It was doomed to failure from day 1.
  12. He said it in the famous 1 Jan 2013 presser. I can't find the exact transcript, looks like the Bills have removed it from the website but from memory it was something like "I own it, we all do." It was words not actions.
  13. By last count people have tried to argue for signing Cousins in Buffalo through comparisons to Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. What a time to be alive.
  14. Made a few upgrades on the farm

    Wait.... you have a farm?
  15. Vontae Davis on FA visit to Bills

    I dunno on Richardson it is basically 1 year of number 2 level production. Jones got $8m two years ago, Woods $7.8m last year and they both had more production than Richardson. Mohamed Sanu is closer production wise and he got $6.5m avg per year two years ago. If the cap was stationary I think he is right in that $6.5m range but clearly it's not and that is what his agent will argue... cap inflation in two years is about 15% so maybe that lands him at $7.5m?? I am not sure Richardson is worth that to be honest. I suppose it depends how much interest he gets but I feel like Spotrac are closer to where I would want to be to sign him.