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  1. Sign me up. I don't think this can happen because of the time difference.
  2. Has he? Jesus. I wonder who from!? I suppose if I had to label him with a pro comparator (not something I am big on doing tbh) I'd go poor man's Carson Wentz - similar delivery, similar physical skills, "toolsy" but not as developed mentally in decision making and reading defenses as Wentz was. I don't hate him. I thought he was an intriguing day two prospect for someone - maybe one of the teams with a guy coming to the end - Pittsburgh, New Orleans.... whoever signs Brady.... There is absolutely no way I would spend a top 15 pick on the kid. I am not sure he has any ability to read a defense or recognise a coverage at this stage. Now that is the stuff that can be taught, for sure, but top 15 pick? Nah... too rich for me.
  3. So this is where I have chosen to start my deep dives this year. I think it is a good OT class. Not a great one necessarily but a good one. I think the top 4 or 5 guys in the class will probably be pretty jumbled across the league. I can see different teams having them stacked in a different order. But wouldn't be surprised given the Oline issues around the league and the talent in this draft if there were 4 taken in the first half of the first round.
  4. If Jordan Love is a top 15 Quarterback then I think we should give up football.
  5. If it happened 2 weeks ago for sure. They are into their process now. I think it is less certain.
  6. On the matter at hand I tend to agree with @MAJBobby. This late in the hiring period I am a bit dubious. First two weeks of Jan I am allowing most position coaches to interview for coordinator jobs. After that.... I need persuading.
  7. Worked with Leslie Frazier. He went DC, HC, DB coach and then back up to DC when he came here. Depends a lot on the personality I think.
  8. My point is more based on if KC get up 10 or 14 and they can slow the 49ers rush even just a bit and force Jimmy G to drop back, read the whole field and throw I don't think there is any way the 49ers win. If the 49ers get out to a lead and the can stick to run and play action they have a very good chance. They can't get behind. What we have learned from these playoffs is the running teams who rely on play action passing (San Fran are in this club) are significantly less effective once they are chasing a deficit. It gets them out of their comfort zone very quickly. KC have started slow in the playoffs so far... if they do that against San Fran they might not find a way back... but if they can start fast and build a lead I think it is very hard to see San Fran coming back. They are not built to do that.
  9. Not sure they tanked but they did bottom out. I don't think there was ever a season throughout the Tomsula, Kelly and first Shanahan year where they intentionally lost. The 2nd Shanny year they lost their QB in week 3. That helped them get Bosa but it wasn't an intentional tanking. If Jimmy G doesn't get injured there is no way they are drafting #2.
  10. Everyone has their own version of fandom. I enjoy watching every Buffalo Bills football game whether it is a 4th pre-season game in a year when we are destined to suck or a playoff game in a year when we have been good. However, I don't think that means I must be positive about everything. There are things about the current situation of the franchise that I still think are wrong or things they need to do better. It doesn't lessen my enjoyment to debate and discuss those. I actually love this time of year. We saw where the team are and now we have a couple of months to speculate on and debate the strategy for taking us to the next level. Is it better when that next level is going from the post-season to making a run in the post-season than it was when that next level was just trying to scrape into the playoffs? Sure. But now is when we get to fix the bits that are wrong. I think this is a massive offseason for Brandon Beane.
  11. He retired two years ago after the Dalton miracle. Has done a great job in his two years with the Titans. They will miss him. Been one of the best in the business for a long time. In 12 seasons as a DC his defenses have ranked outside the top 12 in points allowed just once (and that was the year the Ravens basically had everyone injured) and outside the top 12 for yards just twice (one of which was this year). Remarkably consistent.
  12. I don't know. But I do know that I don't care.
  13. Agree with all this. I don't think Milano had anywhere near as consistent a season at Sam as he did last year (pre-injury) at Will. I am for moving him back to permanently play as the Will in base defense. I think they have to find an answer at Sam. I actually think Joseph has more of the skills to be an effective Sam than Milano (could do with adding a little bit of bulk) but agree that he is also a more natural fit at Will.
  14. Whereas I think the 49ers can ONLY win if they get up early. If I am Andy Reid I want to win the toss, take the ball, and make sure my opening script on offense is perfect. If Kansas City get up by more than a single score at any point in the game it is over.
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