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  1. GunnerBill

    Potential Cut Candidates in the Offseason

    While I agree he should not be extended.... he has been the 2nd most consistent player on this dreadful line this season. After Dawkins who I'd mark about a 6/10 I'd have Miller about a 4.5/10 and Bodine a 4/10. The others are lucky to get past a 3.
  2. GunnerBill

    Potential Cut Candidates in the Offseason

    Star hasn't been great. He is overpaid. But he has been a solid addition. I'd be stunned if he was cut.
  3. GunnerBill

    Potential Cut Candidates in the Offseason

    Yep. It was designed with a one year out. It wasn't a bad punt to take, but he has been hobbling around like a wounded zebra all year. It hasn't worked out. He has been significantly outplayed by Shaq Lawson. You don't spend $5m on someone who hasn't contributed
  4. GunnerBill

    Potential Cut Candidates in the Offseason

    I'd still take Demaryious Thomas. He came into the league a raw route runner. He is now a professor of route running. I think he could contribute in the passing game as the redzone type KB was supposed to be and as a 3rd down chain mover but he would also be a fantastic teacher for our young guys - the Foster and McKenzie's of this world.
  5. GunnerBill

    Potential Cut Candidates in the Offseason

    Trent will be cut. Groy is a FA. He will not be back.
  6. GunnerBill

    Patrick Peterson Trade Value

    Lattimore has most decidedly not taken a big step back this year. He has been a top 10 corner again. I do think Tre has very slightly outplayed him but they remain right there neck and neck. Patrick Peterson is still the best corner in the game. If I thought I could do it without giving up a 1st round pick I would not hesitate to go and trade for him. Peterson and White would give you two of the best corners in the National Football League. If the Bills wanna slow build this thing then fine. But you could go and get a stud like Peterson and get maybe sign Golden Tate in FA and say "we are going to win in 2019". It is a leap of faith in Allen but it is not that different to the leap of faith the Bears took in Trubisky.
  7. GunnerBill

    Black Monday Is Coming: Which Coaches Get Fired?

    People who should be fired: Gregg Williams and Joe Philbin (neither should get the permanent gig) Vance Joseph (should have been fired last year - he's hopeless) Dirk Koetter (God only knows why he was ever hired in the first place) Steve Wilkes (in waaaaaaay over his head) Adam Gase (personality is ill suited to being a head coach) Marvin Lewis (it's time) Todd Bowles (had his shot) People who will be fired: Philbin will not get the Packers gig (Williams is 50/50 IMO) Dirk Koetter (see above) Marvin Lewis (see above) Todd Bowles (see above) Vance Joseph (I think he had a chance of saving his job until losing to Nick Mullens - that sealed his fate) Gase and Wilkes I think survive.
  8. GunnerBill

    Pass Rush?

    I don't agree with send more and more until you get home. The best defenses in the NFL in recent years have not been blitz happy teams. That was so 2008. You have to get pressure with 4 and use the blitz intelligently as a change up. It is fair to criticise Frazier for Sunday. He failed to generate any pressure at all on Darnold in the 2nd half. But this "oh he is too vanilla" and "oh he doesn't blitz" enough is hot air from fans. Rex blitzed plenty and his defenses got ripped. This is a ball out quick passing league. If you are waiting for a delayed safety blitz to get there all you have done is opened up the middle of your defense for a good QB to exploit. The blitz % league wide is down at its lowest for a decade and has been trending that way for the last 4 or 5 years. Unless you get more teams reverting to 7 step drop deep passing offenses then I expect that trend to continue.
  9. GunnerBill

    Vikings Fire OC John DeFilippo

    I think a team who hires him would regret it. I just don't think he is ready. Because McVay and Nagy have worked does not mean every offensive coordinator will.
  10. GunnerBill

    Offensive Line Struggles

    I think he is a potentially a good run blocker and an average pass blocker. He has been inconsistent in the run game and bad in the pass game so far.
  11. GunnerBill

    Offensive Line Struggles

    I am not writing Teller off by any means. But that play he was the breakdown on the OL.
  12. GunnerBill

    Vikings Fire OC John DeFilippo

    I think DeFilippo got a lot of credit for Frank Reich's work. This is his 2nd shot as an OC and he sucked in Cleveland too. Not to say he is finished.... but I would not be rushing to hire him as a Head Coach based on what he has shown at this stage.
  13. GunnerBill

    John Harbaugh availability

    I'd take John Harbaugh in a heartbeat. Terrific football coach. That said, he isn't getting fired and nor is McDermott.
  14. GunnerBill

    Vikings Fire OC John DeFilippo

    Agree on all counts.
  15. GunnerBill

    AW23 Beef with the Bills-Any insight?

    They cut Fred too didn't they.