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  1. They did. They have a game or two like that every year and were missing players. But their roster is talented. Landry and Simmons up front, Byard in the secondary, AJ Brown and Julio are two top 10 receivers, Lewan is a top 10 left tackle, Henry is a beast. Their roster isn't perfect, but "full of scrubs" is just flat out wrong.
  2. The league does have the right to nix any trade. But if it ends up being challenged it has to justify why. Saying "oh it is because of his legal situation" is fine but then a court is entitled to ask "well why didn't you suspend him." I don't disagree with what Florio said in September. I think the thing is at that point everyone was banking on the status quo lasting the year and if that had indeed happened then just letting him sit on the Texans bench made sense. But once he is traded... I think the league has a problem.
  3. Exactly. Glad I am not dying on this hill alone Dave 😆. You are 100% right.
  4. It was when trades breached league rules. If this one doesn't I am not sure it has any authority under its own rules.
  5. Again though, they need a basis, under their own rules or it could end up in court. The league can do whatever it wants as long as it is in accordance with its own rules. Once it takes steps outside of that it becomes vulnerable.
  6. They HAD that option. They can't do that now without a material change in the legal situation without being vulnerable to a legal challenge.
  7. They would have to say that, correct. And then if Watson's side or Houston or Miami challenged they'd have to justify that in court.
  8. On what basis would they do that? Legally the League has to follow its own rules. Once it decides things for expedience it gets itself in trouble in the courts.
  9. They can't suspend him now. Not until something materially changes in his legal case. They should have suspended him before the season. League have messed up.
  10. So now what does the league do? They have mishandled this terribly and it is about to look really bad for them.
  11. Seems Watson to Miami is heating up.
  12. So I think Leslie had a poor night. But some of my least favourite calls of his were some of his more aggressive ones.
  13. You have a stylistic preference for another sort of scheme, that is fine. But the Bills have been very successful with this scheme. It isn't that this scheme if failing. It is just that you don't like it. Personally I don't like blitz heavy schemes, but I look at the Ravens and I go, sure they have had success being blitz heavy. There is no 1 way to win in the NFL. Sitting in zone is not a loser mentality. It is just a different scheme to the one you'd prefer. Tannehill was moving the ball at will second half, but it is hard to send lots of blitzes when you can't even get a team to 3rd down. One of the two third down conversions we did give up 2nd half was when Leslie sent Milano (not technically a blitz because he dropped Obada out). That was a bad defensive call.
  14. Which was not very often. 4 times in their last 7 drives were they 3rd and 5+.
  15. You should look harder at their roster then. Look they are weak at corner and the Bills did expose that... Beas, Sander and Diggs all had 90 yard days. But people on this forum trash the Titans every offseason and write them off and every year they have a winning record and make the playoffs. Their roster is not perfect, none is in this era, but it is pretty good.
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