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  1. I mean it is what it is. Humans are not built for monogomy.
  2. I think it has been consistent actually. They have traded high picks for players and built the roster in the middle rounds. Donald is actually the exception, he was old regime.
  3. Right now, yea. The Rams. I actually fall more on your side of the fence if long term v short term. But the Rams approach has worked (and actually the representation of them as purely short term is overplayed... 5 winning seasons in a row under this regime... the Buccs are the better "all in" example... the Rams really value the draft, they just crush those middle rounds) and as yet, the Bills approach hasn't.
  4. On the first question, who knows? On the second question leveraged in terms if a better settlement, unquestionably. The court should still decide on the evidence in front of it regardless of the outside noise... but given that you guys still have jury trial in civil cases frankly it is naive to think the jury would totally ignore it.
  5. I do question it. Not because of his Xs and Os. Nobody elevates QBs like Kyle on that I suspect we agree. But his game management is as questionable as Sean's and the story I have heard from multiple people who know that organisation well is Kyle quits on seasons when they go south. I think there is a genuine question mark against his leadership. That said, I have him in the McDermott and Vrabel (who I don't crap on btw) tier. McVay has elevated himself by winning a Championship. He is a tier above.
  6. So I am the ultimate the law is the law guy and have taken heat for it on this Watson topic. However, the personal conduct policy allows the NFL to discipline someone for conduct that is not criminal but is to the detriment of the league. They should apply that policy properly and fully with regards to Watson.
  7. It is feast or famine is the point with the 49ers. A superbowl, a NFCCG and 3 seasons winning 6 or fewer. Not that I am totally crapping on that because without a top 10 QB that honestly isn't the worst return. Shanny Jnr is in the top 3 Xs and Os coaches in football. But he has questionable game management ability and isn't the best leader. I honestly think he is the best offensive playcaller in football, but as a Head Coach he has limitations.
  8. I do think this is a legitimate discussion point right now. Obviously if it was guaranteed 1 win vs 10 years of contention but guaranteed never winning one then I think 99% would take the one.... but in terms of if you offered fans 1 guaranteed but only 2 playoff seasons in the next decade (which I think was basically Tampa post Dungy) or to take their chances the next 10 years and see what will be then I think it would be an interesting poll.
  9. I agree to an extent. But our best talent evalutor so far in the regime wasn't even in Carolina he was in Miami at the time. Do I think Beane said to McDermott "draft Dion Dawkins, I really like him" - no. Do I think they talked about the type of player and the profile they wanted and that helped narrow McDermott's focus to Dawkins? Yes. And did he likely know Carolina's nareowing down process was similar? Yes, hence he traded above them. On White even now I believe that on defensive back more than any other position, McDermott calls the shots. They draft the DBs McDermott likes.
  10. Knox was a 3rd rounder not a 4th. They traded back into round 3 for him. Otherwise I am with Prisco. My two favourite picks of that draft were Oliver and Knox. Didn't love Singletary (took him a round before I would have). We have seen how that has played out. Overall a B is fair.
  11. They are certainly the drafts that turned things around. Arguments have been made for 1 v the other but I think taken as a combination (and with the 2017 and 2019 free agency groups that produced Hyde, Poyer, Morse, Beasley and Brown) they were the turnaround.
  12. I don't think they knew they were getting Allen at that stage. They did know they were punting on what was generally regarded as a lesser QB class (not by me I liked the 17 class) for what was regarded a better QB class (2018). I do agree with the premise that you still get lucky cos if you pass on a guy who turns out great and the best guy you can get the next year is good but not great then you are in trouble. So they were lucky, but it wasn't blind luck. It was a risky strategy call that played out for them.
  13. Nah. He sucks. Even last year when I watched him he sucked.
  14. We can't be over. You are not allowed to be "over" once the league year has begun. However, the cap currently is counted on the 'top 51'. According to statements Beane has made he thinks he might need to make some room to get a projected 53 under the cap, and then obviously give himself a little pot for signings in-season of any street FAs to cover injuries etc.
  15. I agree with all of this except Ereck Flowers 🤢
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