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  1. I thought it was extremely classy. McDermott is a top class individual.
  2. I'd go the other way. RayRayRay.
  3. James Lofton? Jesus. Shoot me now. Edit: Running back runs for 8 yards. Lofton analysis: "the running back burst right through for 8 yards." You are supposed to do the colour James. It is the other guy's job to just tell me what happened.
  4. Not sure it gives us bookends. I still submit Dion Dawkins cannot play RT. My answer to the question is I'd offer a 2020 #2 and a 2021 #3 for Stefon Diggs. That is my maximum price though. If the fee is ant higher I walk away..
  5. Character and class? Sean McDermott's answer to the Zay Jones question today at the presser. Man the Buffalo Bills are lucky to have that guy as Head Coach. I would run through a wall for him.
  6. The guy off Dolphins radio told Howard and Jeremy yesterday that in all 3 games where the Dolphins have changed QB mid flow this season the guy off the bench has outperformed the starter. I know you often get the backup bounce when a team has totally prepared for the other guy but this does not say much about the game planning if the starters are always sucking so bad.
  7. Yea.... I remember telling you they were gonna suck.... Quinn is toast.
  8. Quinton Spain > Roger Saffold. This is all.
  9. I missed on the 49ers too. Had them 7-9 and Shanny Jnr and GM Lynch being shown the door at the season's end. I undervalued the Cardinals as well. Had them 1-15 I think they are going to win 5 or 6 games. NFC West was my worst set of predictions I think.
  10. Yea Hill - but this was his first game back. I don't think Kelce is playing that well at the moment.
  11. I think the being run on thing goes further than just time of possession though. Indy just ran it down your throats and I agree that week after week has limited success. But in the Houston game them being able to establish Hyde meant they kept your defense off balance all day. Gave Watson lots of time on the RPO and play action looks AND scored points. So every time Mahomes and co were getting the ball back they HAD to try and match. That in turn allows the opposing defense to ignore the run even more (I do think KC need to try and establish it a little more even given the lack of push up front) and key in on rushing Mahomes. Then the pass protection woes (and I agree with you - the interior of that line is struggling big time) really show up because you have guys teeing off on your Quarterback. I still think Mahomes, even in a bit of a down game, played well enough to win on Sunday. But the other parts of his team are just not functioning. After Mahomes what is the best part of Kansas City right now? It is hard to pinpoint one.
  12. Fair play Zero. I won't ever criticise you or anyone else for having strong opinions on players and teams and expressing them on this forum. I do it all the time. We all get some wrong too. The key is if you want the next opinion to be respected you have to 'fess up to the ones you get wrong. I loved Watson coming out, I was wary on Mahomes. I was wrong to be wary on Mahomes. I was right to love Watson. You win some, you lose some. Nobody is batting 100. Not even the professionals.
  13. Whether Kap is being black balled or not the truth is after this long out of the league there is no route back in any event.
  14. Yep. Tannehill is worse than almost any alternative. If I was a Tennessee fan I'd be in burn my season ticket mode.
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