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  1. I accept that on Eli Apple @YoloinOhio was right. I quite liked the film I watched on him. Yolo told me I was wrong. I was. He sucks.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Romo is the best pre-snap. Collinsworth is the best post-snap. Troy is the best at stating the mind numbingly obvious and then saying something about the Cowboys.
  3. I'd be surprised. He is a guy who they surely think they can help them next year and beyond.
  4. I will defend his drafting the way I always do - the run they had 2008-2016 is one of the best spells of consistent drafting by any team in the league in the last 20 years. They drafted really well and it is no coincidence that run of drafting coincided with the setting up their second era of Superbowl runs. Jerod Mayo, Matthew Slater, Patrick Chung, Julian Edelman, Sebastian Vollmer, Devin McCourty, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Nate Solder, Marcus Cannon, Shane Vereen, Chandler Jones, Dont'a Hightower, Jamie Collins, Logan Ryan, James White, Malcolm Brown, Tre Flowers, Shaq Mason, Joe Thuney…. plus Malcolm Butler and David Andrews as UDFAs. I make that 20 actual difference makers who were established starters over a 9 year period. That is without including guys like Elandon Roberts and Ted Karras and Nate Ebner and Duron Harmon and Brandon Spikes and Tavon Wilson who were solid depth and role players.... oh and of course Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett one starting level and one top end backup Quarterback who were trade away for more capital. Those drafts were the backbone of a roster that won 3 Superbowls and produced 7 all pro selections and 20 pro bowl selections (some were the same players multiple times). They have however drafted incredible BADLY since 2017. I don't know what you put it down to. It coincides with the coming and going of Bob Quinn in a senior personnel role in the Front Office but my understanding is he was mainly on the pro personnel side and he has hardly smashed it out of the park as GM in Detroit.
  5. Their oline was a fair bit better this past week with Andrews and Mason back. When they are all heathy LT to RG is a top 10 unit. They do have issues at RT but I think they can run the football on us. They were blocking well for Harris. The key for the Bills is get up on them and take away that run game with scoreboard pressure. That is what the 9ers were able to do and the Pats unravelled from there.
  6. #2 sounds like he should fit in well around here.....
  7. The tackles are not the problem with the run game. When our slow running backs get to the edge there are lanes there. The issue is they struggle to get the edge because they lack that burst and we get no push at all inside which is where the problem is with the run game. The two guard spots have been a disaster.
  8. Pick em is not going great for me this year. I haven't had a terrible week yet but I just seem to get 8 most weeks. I am still in survivor though. Only 1 faller this week. 20 left. This is the furthest I think I have ever got.
  9. He is a huge upgrade for Cincy. He would be a significant upgrade for the Bills too. I am thinking his release was not about football. Yes he played poorly week 2 at Miami but you don't bench a long term starter for one poor game unless there is something else going on. I suspect some years down the line when the relevant parties are no longer involved we will find out there was some sort of argument with coaches or teammates.
  10. Agree. I thought he was off first half because he was trying to force feed Diggs too much. I don't think he had the deer in headlights look. Wood touched I haven't seen that look yet this year. The Titans definitely confused him some but I didn't see that glazed over panic we have seen from him at times before.
  11. Anyone who thinks we only scored 18 because of Josh did not really understand what they were watching. He was not very good first half but he was almost perfect second half and penalties and miscues from others stalled drives.
  12. It would be up there. I really don't expect the Pats to have armory to beat us. If we lose this game it will be turnovers and special teams mistakes IMO. It would be extremely disappointing to me. That 2017 Jets loss is the other one up there for me. They absolutely demolished us in the trenches on both sides of the ball. The Titans loss two weeks ago I am sorry to say I expected. Not as big as it was but I think a lot of Bills fans have been guilty for a couple of years now of underrating the Titans. We had beaten them in the last 3 meetings in very tight games where the bounce of the ball went our way in critical moments. They were due some bounces like the one they got off Roberts's drop right into the DBs hands early on.
  13. Romo is #1. Unpopular take but Collinsworth is easily my #2. Worst is Rich Gannon. Cannot stand him. Talks utter rubbish and always appears to have done minimal research on the teams he is watching. Oh yea and Aikman is easily the worst of the #1 team guys. If you enjoy watching a replay so that a color guy can just repeat the thing that was obvious from the original tv angle then Troy is your guy.
  14. Same. I would have had no issue with him going round 2. Just thought it was too early.
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