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  1. So I will publish my first round grades in order at some point closer to but I also have 20 and in terms of names, remove Jefferson, Swift and Henderson and replace with Fulton, Taylor and McKinney.
  2. I think Virge needs to get a bit ruthless. No more than an hour. Then boom you are cut off.
  3. Agree. Unless you can get into the top 12 (they can't) there is no point giving up a load of capital. I think the drop off between the end of round one and the Bills round 2 pick is not that steep.
  4. Yea I loved the Gilmore pick too. I knew a bit more about the college game and the individual players by then.
  5. It wasn't McKelvin that I had the issue with. It was the strategy. It was flawed.
  6. Yea - throw EJ in with Losman and Maybin for me. Question their talent evaluation on those players - 100% - but the identification of need to add players at premium spots I can give some credit there even if they were failed talent evaluations. The reason McKelvin and Spiller stick in my throat so much is both were taken in drafts where there were good prospects at premium positions - EDGE, OT, even QB (they could have had Flacco in 2010 - he was good not great but he won a Superbowl) - where we had serious deficiencies on the roster and we were taking a corner and a running back when we already had decent starters in those positions. Neither Spiller or McKelvin were as bad as EJ, Losman and Maybin but they annoy me more because it wasn't just the talent evaluation that was flawed...... it was much worse than that. It was the whole damn strategy.
  7. Why does nobody reply with "sorry mate I lost it"? If I knew I was roster fodder and didn't worry about being blacklisted no way I am giving my playbook back.
  8. It is which bit of him is pumped that I am worried about.
  9. Whaley was still in name. But he was fired right after the draft. He was entirely doing McDermott's bidding that year. They didn't even let Whaley do the pre-draft pressers or the short pressers right after the picks. Sean did everything saying they believed in "one voice." They hired Beane a few weeks later and forgot they believed in one voice immediately. Whaley was just a functionary at that point.
  10. Breathe @Sherlock Holmes, just deep breaths.
  11. @Blokestradamus only wants to do 7 rounds so he can select whichever kicker he fancies.
  12. I say it all the time Kirbs.... when you are grading a player you are not just grading him against this year's class. You are grading him against every player you have ever graded. As an example let's look at someone like CJ Henderson who I have as an early 2nd guy and I am lower than the consensus on, I have to ask myself where does he rank when I put him against someone like Byron Murphy who I had as a late first last year. And my conclusion was I felt safer with Murphy. Murphy's floor to me was a starting corner in the league for 10 years (though must be said I didn't love him as a rookie I was disappointed with how he played). CJ Henderson's floor is Artie Burns like... a guy who gets plenty of chances because he is a first round pick but never quite nails down a starting job because while you see the physical traits flash from time to time the mental side consistently finds him out.
  13. Yea. @Blokestradamus and I were discussing the other day. No way he is a first round talent. I have him as a round 3 guy, and Blokes liked him even less than that
  14. And he was a bad pick. Because we had Lynch and Fred. And not much at all at edge rusher or offensive tackle. There were good players on the board at both spots when we took another running back.
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