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  1. They have always kicked short by design some but when was the last time you actually saw Bass kick it through the endzone? Even when he has had touchbacks in recent weeks they have been the downed just inside variety. There is definitely something beyond strategy going on. And agree on the coverage teams, worst they have been in a long time. They have really missed Taiwan Jones and it blows a hole into the "anyone can be a gunner" narrative.
  2. No Diggs is not done. KC have just always played him well. The drops are concerning to me though. Especially the one at the end which was huge.
  3. I think Martin is done. He was good for us last year coming in right before the season but I honestly think his leg has gone. As for Bass I am pretty sure there is something physical going on. He is getting the distance he normally does on kick offs and the Bills have been noticeably more conservative in trying long FGs than other years. I am pretty certain that after the season we will find out he has been carrying some sort of injury that has lingered.
  4. Agree. Beat Dallas and at the very worst our destiny will be in our own hands in Miami.
  5. It DEFINITELY has. But nobody breaks down protection schemes better than Spags. In 2020 when our Oline was pretty good, certainly above average league wide, we had two really bad games. Both vs KC. I think if he has the horses he finds a way.
  6. Having played and coached semi pro sport that I was paid for I can say definitively that if you have lost faith in the coaching you don't consciously decide not to try, but your lack of faith shows up in your lack of hustle on the field. It is just human nature.
  7. No the effort shows they respect him. Even if it had gone against them that would still have been the case. That wasn't a team that has quit on its coach playing tonight.
  8. They should shut him down, fire Staley tonight and play for draft position.
  9. He does. And even had that Toney play worked that was a complete freak. Now don't get me wrong the Bills losing to freak plays is a theme. But you couldn't have legislated for that. He called a good final drive. Blitzed early. Simulated late. And as a result even on the simulated blitz Mahomes was fidgety.
  10. Based on what they are reporting happened in the meeting where Hyde and then Josh stood up in front of the team and told Sean they have his back it could just have that kind of galvinisng effect. Success is failure turned inside out; The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell just how close you are, It may be near when it seems so far; So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit; It's when things seem worst that you must not quit.
  11. The players are still fighting for him. There was a lot wrong today on both sides but the effort was outstanding across the board.
  12. Well played much maligned defense. You won us this game.
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