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  1. One additional prediction (not sure I'd call it bold) - I expect Jack Anderson to have an impressive camp and pre-season. Wouldn't at all stun me if in 3 or 4 weeks we are talking about him as one of those guys who it might not be easy to sneak onto a practice squad.
  2. Yea it would. I just think if the corner battle does not go well early in camp their only way to address it is a trade and nobody is giving up a starting level corner at that stage without something of value back. Morse took a paycut in the spring to stay, that tells me there is at least some willingness inside the building to countenance life without him. I suspect this is his last year in Buffalo anyway, and trading him would save $5.5m in cap space this year. While it would also leave about the same in dead cap that would be spread across two years (this year and next). They have Feliciano
  3. Agree. But they don't want to suspend him for a season he is happy to sit out anyway. I have said all along the NFL is in a tough spot here.
  4. Stevenson would have to win the return job and show he can do the jet motion stuff. Plus someone else would have to outplay McKenzie. I just don't see it this year any more than I saw it before
  5. At this stage it seems almost a bold prediction to claim McKenzie makes the team with so many people writing him off. For the third year in a row I will tell people he will make the team and for the third year in a row health permitting he will be here for the opener. My bold prediction for things that happen between now and the season starting... I'd go: The Bills trade Mitch Morse straight up for a starting corner.
  6. I tried defending your corner in your absence jw. Beat reporting for pro-sports teams with rabid fan bases is not easy. I lasted one year. You have my respect and personally I always find your reporting of the Bills fair. It isn't up to the Bills to decide what is news and what isn't. They are entitled to circle the wagons on any issue they choose - including this one - but that does not mean the media shouldn't seek out stories where they exist just because the Bills would prefer they didn't.
  7. Correct. The police will look at allegations made. I understand there was already an active file. At some point they will need to decide to put that file in front of a prosecutor when they feel it is strong enough and a decision on criminal charges is ultimately the prosecutors.
  8. Indeed Green Bay's season could end up a real mess. And if it does Rodgers will blame everyone else. Like he always does.
  9. Keenan Allen and Amari Cooper too high, Mike Evans too low. But this is 8 of the top 10 I named last week. I had AJ Brown and DK in ahead of Allen and Cooper.
  10. Yea the same with the 5th DB. You very rarely get an actual nickel (or dime) in that spot. Not sure I completely agree with you but I get the argument.
  11. He only actually got 1 All Pro vote. It was just that they put 3 receivers on each team.... and the vote was dominated by Adams (selected by 49/50) and Diggs (48/50) then there was Hill (24) an Hopkins (21) and then Jefferson (5). That gets you to Adams, Diggs and Hill as 1st team and Hopkins and Jefferson 2nd team... but the second team needed one more and three guys - Ridley, Beasley and DK tied with 1 vote each. It was. You have to be in the top 3 to be a 1st team all pro and in the 4-6 range to be a second team all pro. Only 5 guys got more than 1 vote and then three guys ti
  12. But at the moment there remains no sign of criminal charges. Like it or not (and it does leave an unpleasant taste) if there are no criminal charges brought he will continue his career.
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