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  1. Completely agree. Which is yet another reason why I, like you, would not choose to hide behind that if in the public eye.
  2. No I didn't say that. Indeed, I said the opposite. "Root of all evil" is in my view an inappropriate thing to say.
  3. Fine. But then don't expect everyone else to just accept that is the answer. In this context it is a cop out. I think "root of all evil" is unfair. But it was Jake Fromm who put God in this conversation. Not Chandler..
  4. I get it. I do, and I appreciate your explanation. But it isn't my job to interpret his religion when he thrusts it into the public discourse.
  5. I am entitled to my view on someone's religion. But they are also entitled to their belief. However, when it gets thrust into a debate such as this by that individual then questions will be asked about how appropriate that is.
  6. I'd have no problem with the G word. My best friend is a devout as they come. It is when people immediately reach for it when faced with serious questions about how society operates. When that happens I reserve the right to question motives.
  7. I don't have a relationship with God. And it isn't my job to understand the basis for Jake's.
  8. Sure. And I respect and defend his right to have one too. But when he uses it to answer a question like this then he has to acknowledge that people who don't share his world view are going to perceive that as a cop out.
  9. Yea. That reads to me as people are less important than God anyway. I don't care what his faith says. That is his business. When he decides to throw it into this conversation.... then it is fair for people to question him hiding behind it.
  10. Oh he definitely dodged the question and he hid behind his faith to do it.
  11. If he had made statement without throwing God into the first sentence I would have zero issue. It is not everyone else's responsibility to interpret what Jake Fromm means from scripture. It really isn't. That is him imposing his belief system on me. That is why he should not have made his first comment on the situation about God.
  12. Because what it essentially said with God 1st, people 2nd was "well God is more important than people anyway". When being asked about issues affecting society to start your answer with that is a defense mechanism. It might be his religious belief and though I vociferously disagree with it I equally vociferously defend his right to hold that belief. But using it as a means of deflecting that question is a cop out and I don't think it does him any favours.
  13. If I was an American citizen I would spoil my ballot if presented with that choice.
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