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  1. GunnerBill

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    I have just been throught the 4th Quarter again because my eyes were going on Friday night. It can't be Peterman. It obviously can't now be AJ. It must be Josh.
  2. GunnerBill

    49ers at Texans

    Wanna look what it is like to finally know you have hit on your QB. Watch the first drives for each of these teams. Jimmy G and Deshaun are gonna be a lot of fun to watch thia year. I hope this time next year that is us.
  3. GunnerBill

    Star Lotulelei: Where is the Impact?

    Star half assed it all night.
  4. GunnerBill

    Josh Rosen vs Josh Allen: Game 1 Comparison

    Yea that's cool. I am not saying Allen was not good either. I think Allen has been encouraging there was progress from week 1 which was a bit more look at the wow plays and kind of ignore the rest. I thought he showed increased comfort, increased command and was more efficient moving the ball. They are in very different spots too. Rosen has a similar style and proven able NFL starter ahead of him. Allen has two guys competing with him who are not up to it and are not even comparable in playing style terms.
  5. GunnerBill

    Josh Rosen vs Josh Allen: Game 1 Comparison

    I think Rosen looked the best yesterday. His anticipation and ball placement is just different level to the other rookies.
  6. GunnerBill

    Mahomes Struggling in Camp

    My two big knocks on Mahomes coming out were 1) footwork and 2) accuracy and speed of decisions in the redzone when the windows get tight. On 1) his footwork has gone from an absolute tire fire to jusy ugly. Which is an improvement. Sometimes it has no effect on his accuracy but sometimes it does. Will be interesting to watch as the season develops. On 2) that was on the film again last night. This is what he has to fix. I think he will make more plays than Alex Smith did but he will make more mistakes and throw more picks too. Where that balance lands will define his career.
  7. GunnerBill

    Josh Rosen vs Josh Allen: Game 1 Comparison

    Rosen was excellent yesterday. He looked every bit what I believe him to be. A bona fide franchise Quarterback. Still I am quitely encouraged by Allen so far. I still think Rosen will be the best Quarterback in this class but all I care about now is how Allen plays.
  8. GunnerBill

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    Nobody was saying there is nobody available. I was saying there is nobody good available. There are at least half a dozen teams in the league struggling to field a competent starting 5. There is a severe lack of talent in the NFL at OL and it is a consequence of the way OL is played and coached in college. To flip your argument on yourself.... maybe you think we Bills fans are so knowledgeable that we are the only people who have noticed Vlad Ducasse and Russell Bodine suck? We are not. Everyone knows that guys like that suck but they are still in the league because they are better than the alternatives. If there were a list of magical solutions out there sitting as backups on other teams then they wouldn't stay backups anymore. We saw that here when LA tried to pinch Groy. You wanna throw a 1st or 2nd round pick at an above average NFL guard (not even a great one) I am guessing some GM somewhere will bite on that. But it wouldn't be a good use of resources.
  9. GunnerBill

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    I was a big John Miller fan but there is no doubt that since Kromer left town he has struggled. He wasn't good last night. He wasn't Bodine bad or Ducasse bad but the only lineman I'd have even given a C to was Mills.
  10. GunnerBill

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    Go watch the games Tyron Smith missed last season. Brutal.
  11. GunnerBill

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    There is no oline depth around the league. The number of backups on other teams (that are not rookies being developed) that would make any difference is very, very small. I'd guess at less than half a dozen.
  12. GunnerBill

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    Who do you think is trading starting level offensive linemen 2 weeks before the season?
  13. GunnerBill

    McCarron starts preseason game 2

    I'd be stunned no longer.
  14. Apologies for this coming so late... I have been busy this morning but here is my breakdown of who helped and hurt themselves last night. Good Night Josh Allen - The rookie is in this competition now. He was by far the best of the Quarterbacks against the Browns leading 3 consecutive scoring drives including a nice touchdown play to Rod Streater where he evaded the rush, kept his eyes scanning the endzone and found his receiver. His arm talent is unquestioned but this was a step forward on last week in terms of efficiency and comfort level in the offense. Marcus Murphy - Murphy impressed last week and got the second go at running back after McCoy and before Chris Ivory. He didn't disappoint going for almost 10 yards a carry and then he showed his special teams ability too with a big return early in the 2nd half. It would now be a massive surprise if Murphy doesn't find himself on the final 53 man roster. I still wonder what would have happened had he been used to spell a less than 100% McCoy in Jacksonville in January. Nick O'Leary / Khairi Lee - The battle for the Tight End spots behind Charles Clay is still very much live. Nick O'Leary had sunk to the bottom of the depth chart and needed a performance pretty badly. His second half touchdown and team leading receiving showing keep him in the mix. The problem for O'Leary is I feel like he is in a direct battle with Khairi Lee to be the second all round tight end with Croom and Thomas contesting the more split out receiving option. Lee also performed extremely well with the 2nd unit and both could yet do enough to force themselves onto the roster. Dean Marlowe - I was less than impressed with the defensive backfield depth last week and I didn't think it was fantastic last night either. However, Dean Marlow flashed with a couple of good tackles in the open field and one important pass break up on a 3rd down and has probably edged ahead in the battle to be the 4th safety behind Hyde, Poyer and Bush. Rod Streater - Before his injury last year Streater was lighting up camp and was on everyone's list to make the roster. His offseason has been quieter this time and I had pretty much written off his chances of making the team, but two decent pre-season showings including the touchdown last night mean he is still in contention and as others in the younger group fall by the wayside it feels like Streater and McCloud might be the last two battling for that 6th receiver spot. Bad Night AJ McCarron - Even before the news of the injury broke last night was not a good one for AJ McCarron. Getting his chance to start he oversaw four consecutive 3 and out drives. It wasn't all on him, his protection was awful (more of which later), they struggled to run the ball and the play calling didn't really help. However, there were a couple of chances to make plays and his ball placement was not good enough to find his targets. I think his chance to be the starting Quarterback of the Buffalo Bills is over. Star Lotulelei - Sean McDermott conceded after the game that the run defence was not good enough last night as Cleveland's first unit found it far to easy to run inside on the Bills in scenes that resembled the Saints debacle from 2017. Star Lotulelei was brought here to fix those issues but last night he was totally dominated by Cleveland's offensive line. One of the knocks on him in Carolina was that he didn't always seem to show maximum effort - and that is what this looked like. Token efforts at every stage. In a word - dreadful. Starting Offensive Line - Okay, it is not exactly a state secret that Dion Dawkins had a rough night. But newflash - Myles Garrett is really, really good. The bigger worry was inside. Bodine was atrocious at center, Ducasse wasn't blocking anyone at LG and Miller was struggling to maintain his blocks at the RG spot. It is not often that we have had to say Jordan Mills was the least bad of the starting offensive line. If we are in that situation when the real stuff starts then we are in major trouble. One thing is for sure - Ryan Groy MUST start. Logan Thomas - He is awful. He really is awful. We are two years into this tight end experiment and he can't run a route, is a reluctant blocker, isn't that quick and he doesn't demonstrate really good hands. It is time to pull the plug. Do it Brandon, do it now. The fact that Lee and O'Leary both clearly outplayed him is a reason to knock Thomas out of this competition. The rookie and 2nd year WRs (excluding Ray Ray) - This group was on this list last week and they have not impressed with another week of opportunity. Brandon Reilly missed the game injured and he might still have just a squeak of a chance to make the roster, but I hardly even noticed Dupre or Foster on the field and both went without a catch while Cam Phillips snagged one ball for 5 yards. Austin Proehl had a slightly better game and may yet find himself on the practice squad but the receiver battle is starting to sort the contenders from the pretenders and this group is in the latter category. As ever TBD... let's hear your thoughts!
  15. GunnerBill

    McCarron starts preseason game 2

    It won't. Next week will be the guy they expect to play week 1. At this stage I would be stunned if that is Allen.