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  1. Nothing. I hope Dez Bryant is running go routes for the Chiefs on Sunday. I kid, I kid.... fundamentally the Bills should just play their defense. There are some differences between how I'd play Baltimore and KC but at it core the plan should be play our defense.
  2. There is a chance. Yes. I don't think it is a very high chance bases on the comparative production rates. But some games come down to one play and there is a chance they end up losing to Tampa or in the Superbowl to one play that MVS or Alan Lazard don't make that Higgins could have done. I just think the chance of becoming irrelevant quickly if you don't have a QB in the building to be the heir to the thrown is greater. In fact it is 99%. We have seen it this year in our division. Kings to paupers. And that is with the best defensive mind in the history of football coaching them.
  3. So tell me the guy who is covering Kelce man to man. I'll hang up and listen. The Bills should play their defense. Don't let Kansas City beat you with the explosive play, make them play perfect football on offense every drive to beat you. Try and tighten in the redzone and hold them to FGs. And then we just have to score on offense.
  4. While if it fails it can be classed as mistake it is a mistake you should always make because the alternative mistake is a thousand times worse. Strategically, taking a guy you think can be a franchise QB is never the wrong decision. Even if the talent evaluation is off. Rather than focussing on the Love pick people in my mind should be analysing the number of picks they have blown in recent years on the secondary trying to fix that unit. Could they not have got Rodgers his offensive weaponry with those picks?
  5. They might win a Superbowl regardless.
  6. I hope so. I have mentioned to him on twitter that he is a new entrant on the list of analysts we hate. I am up to 2,037 people on that list since I started keeping count. Why can't they all just come on every week and say "The Bills are awesome and everyone else sucks" godammit? I need to take my pitch fork in for sharpening before the weekend predictions start.
  7. Yea. If people mean maximum long term flex when they say team friendly then it is possible I'd even say likely. If they mean leaving money on the table then that ain't happening. Allen is going to be getting paid over $40m per year average value.
  8. This only happens if the supply of young QBs who work out gets somewhat close to the demand. At the moment that is just too risky because demand massively outstrips supply.
  9. Tee Higgins has been a good pick for Cincy. He had 908 yards (good for 3rd among rookies) and 6 touchdowns. So he is about a 250 yard improvement on Valdes-Scantling. Different type of receiver, I get it but I am sure he'd have done well in Green Bay. I liked Higgins more than most coming out folks will recall - more than Aiyuk, Reagor and Jefferson who all went ahead of him - oh well 2/3 ain't bad. But I don't know that I value that additional yardage as so critical to an increased Superbowl chance that you should willing to pass on a guy who you think (as the Packers front offic
  10. No Mahomes contract is very team friendly. But it team friendly because of its structure not because of its numbers. It is a really clever contract where the money is all in roster bonuses and the guarantees escalate. So after the 2021 season his 2023 roster bonus guarantees and so on. Gives the Chiefs almost unending flexibility for restructures throughout the life of that deal. But he didn't take below his market value. He reset the market by ten million dollars when he signed. Watson signed after and is still $7m off.
  11. Josh is not going to take less money than his value. Might he be willing to some creative structuring like Mahomes was to try and manage that big money in a team friendly way? Yes. But he is gonna get paid.
  12. I haven't looked at the whole tight end class yet but I have done Kyle Pitts. No chance he is there where we pick but if he was I would sprint to the podium. And I generally hate tight ends in the 1st.
  13. I'd be stunned if they used the late 1st on a running back. Genuinely stunned. Now a day 2 pick.... that wouldn't shock me but I would dislike it immensely. I am pretty sure their first round pick will be on defense.
  14. Aaron's been great this year. Back to his best. Haven't changed my mind about the fact that the clock on his time in Green Bay beginning to tick or the strategy behind the Jordan Love pick one iota. Still a move I'd make every time. If you love a guy (no pun intended) and your Quarterback is 37 you take him. EDIT: The one thing I was unsure about - whether Rodgers and LaFleur would ever really mesh.... well they absolutely have this year. Aaron is way more comfortable in this offense in 2020 than he was in 2019.
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