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  1. Agree. There are some things you can do with him outside to help him scheme wise but that is fine just to spell your top guys or maybe fill in for a 1 week injury. But you are not going to be able to pull it off week in and week out without teams cottoning on and then you get back to can he win consitently on the outside when matched up with a DB and the answer to me is unlikely.
  2. Lacks the functional strength and some long speed to play outside consistently in my opinion. He is at his best in tight spaces where that short area quickness and initial burst come into play.
  3. And Gordon is still in the league.... Martavis Bryant was a meh player who wasn't worth the hassle. It is also worth saying here (though I know I will be met with responses of "yea but which is worse") that the Substance Abuse Policy is a very distinct subset of the Personal Conduct Policy and has a different investigation and discipline procedure. So really there is no precedent to be drawn from comparing these allegations to drug offences. There really is not a recent precedent for this situation. I think the closest precedent I can come up with is Big Ben and that was 16 years and two iterations of the policy ago. If you are desperate to try and draw comparisons the domestic violence suspensions handed out in recent years are a better place to start. I think Watson is going to get somewhere between half a season and a season.
  4. Especially when it is quick game. And the Dolphins the last two years have had one of the highest quick game %s in the NFL.
  5. I saw that. Matt knows all about the edge. He is teetering over it.
  6. Meh. Call me unconvinced on the Bengals moves.
  7. I didn't think Josh played well that day and still don't. He made some plays but he held the ball for freaking ever when there were guys open. I just think he had got in his own head a bit. I think Dabes going to the booth did help a bit too. I always just think as an OC you see so much more up there.
  8. I'm not sure I was quite at great by the end of year 2 but I was sure he was going to be a franchise QB. To be honest even after what was a very uneven first year I was pretty sure the Bills had chosen wisely and I hated the pick when it was made as is well established. I think the other difference is in development. Our consistency at OC and HC in Josh's early years has been remarked upon but the thing that coaching did well was expose him to everything. They never babied Josh. They said make your mistakes we will live with them. There was just one little spell in the middle of year 2 after the New England game where he got a bit tentative and maybe in his own head for a few weeks until that Cleveland game. After that game he and McDermott sat down and McDermott told Josh to play fearless and to be honest there has barely been a single bump in the road since. On the contrary with the Dolphins they have babied Tua... as if they are scared of finding out they got the pick wrong. They took him out in crunch situations as a rookie rather than letting him face them and fail and learn. They have not given him any control at the line they have simplified playbooks.... I just don't think it is the way to develop Quarterbacks in 2022. Expose them. If they fail you find out more quickly and can move on. If they are going succeed it will set them up well for situations down the road.
  9. So long as Josh is healthy, the Bills will win the division.
  10. He needs to take a step this year for sure. I don't think he has to prove he is "the guy" this year. Wilson is legit a guy where actually the Allen development curve is relevant - much more than with Tua. That doesn't mean he will be Josh Allen, but I do think Josh's 2nd season numbers are the kind of target for Wilson this year.
  11. I'd definitely go Chiefs, Browns and Patriots 1,2,3 in some order. I'd have the Ravens in that group as well if Ronnie Stanley is back fully healthy and then the Chargers just behind. The Colts are certainly significantly better on the interior but have a question mark at the most important spot at left tackle so them and the Bills is close but I'd just give Indy the edge. That puts the Bills around the middle of the conference for me. 7th/8th.
  12. IGNORE. I replied thinking it was Will Fuller, now seems it is Kyle.
  13. No. Statistically teams do not lose trap games. The concept exists whether teams lose them or not. A trap game isn't only a trap game if a team loses. People talk about trap games before the event not after.
  14. Yea he definitely appears to have some sort of exhibition kink going on. Simply the fact of being naked in what on the face of it does not seem a sexual situation in front of these women arouses him. And he seeks that out for his own sexual arousal and gratification. He gets off on his own exposure and their embarrassment at the situation. Completely believable to me that in the situation he could ***** (a word I never expected to write on this forum) from minimal physical contact.
  15. The Dolphins will be a fringe playoff team again. I expect their offense to be a little better - the biggest addition isn't even Hill for me it is Terron Armsted. They have been a liability at that spot basically since Brandon Albert. However, I expect the defense to be a little worse. They have a nice secondary but the production Flores got out of the front 7 felt very Belichickian to me, taking some one dimensional pieces but fashioning a way to make it work. Let's see how they do without him.
  16. Tua has always thrown a pretty ball. Does he throw a fast enough or accurate enough ball that are the questions.
  17. Fail. Not nude. I wanna see if he is THICK. Yours are backed up on my very hard drive Gug.
  18. You are changing the point. On the should he be the coach in 5 years if we haven't got over the hump you have a legit argument. On the "The Bills could collapse under the pressure next season because McDermott won't cope with the expectation" I say no chance. That isn't how he is wired. He is going to coach his team one week at a time to beat the next opponent and no point is he going to let them lift the lid to look further ahead. Listen to 'Zo and Kyle talk about him. That is clear as day.
  19. I slighlty challenge this. This time last year I was bullish about our OL (wrongly, as it turned out). I don't think this can just be put down to "normal OL chatter by fans." This is based on actual play on the actual field last season. And I watch lots of other teams. The Bills OL was bottom half of the league in 2021. Are there reasons to think it will be better in 2022? Yes - Kromer's addition, Dawkins at full health, year 2 for Spencer Brown, hopefully fewer musical chairs required among the starting 5. But it isn't a given. The concerns are legit.
  20. If you think that is possible I understand your takes in this thread. But you don't understand who Sean McDermott is.
  21. Personally I think the point when this becomes a real question pending a collapse before then is after the 2026 season. At that stage Josh would have just played his age 30 season and his guaranteed money will have run out (with two years to go on his deal). That is the point when he comes up for a renegotiation. If at that point we haven't got over the hump you think about whether a change makes sense. But in doing that you have to think about what Josh wants too. Is he frustrated or is he still totally aligned with Beane and McDermott? You have to factor that in.
  22. I think the thing both Greg and Von have is a good understanding of leverage. They generate it in different ways - Greg with length and Von with bend but where I think Von can help him is once you have won that first half of the rep and established leverage on the OT how do you convert that into pressure on the Quarterback. That is the next step. Once Von wins the first half of a rep it is game over for the tackle. That is where Greg can get better. When you have the advantage how do you hammer it home rather than allowing the lineman to recover.
  23. We will see. I think he can play some reps outside but as for being a regular outside player, I am sceptical.
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