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  1. If you think that is even in the top 10 reasons we lost the game I don't know what to tell you. This. You are way off. Yesterday more than almost any other loss of the McDermott era was on the players. They missed easy plays that were there to be had. The coaches put the team in position to win yesterday. The players blew it.
  2. The players have to play better. It is as simple and as straightforward as that. The number of mistakes on offense last night on plays that at this level you just have to make was inexcusable. Just flat out bad execution by the people around Josh (who but for the sack on the penultimate drive played an excellent game). If anyone else on the offense had played as well as Josh last night, we win. Well we lead the league in fumbles by running backs. That is unacceptable.
  3. He was pissed at the offense. I don't think it is a slam dunk that Daboll is back but McDermott should first turn his ire on the man who has put the talent around Josh Allen that drops key balls, blows key blocks, commits stupid false start penalties and puts the ball on the ground an unacceptable amount. The talent around Josh (or lack thereof) is the main reason the offense feels so Josh Allen centric.
  4. Did he drop the two third down conversions? What about the touchdown pass that hit our best receiver in the hands? Or maybe he committed the pointless false start or took the unnecessary sack that doomed our final two drives? Or did he fumble the ball? When players execute they get praised. When they fail to execute coaches get blamed. Welcome to TSW. The redzone issues have lingered all year and there is culpability there on coaching. But my word. For people to watch last night and think coaching was the reason we lost..... watch the game people. Just watch the sodding game.
  5. I don't know if he is a coach to win us a Superbowl. But I'd say I feel as good about him as any other NFL coach who hasn't yet won one. And let's not construct a straw man. I said last night's defeat was squarely on the players. We were the better team, that was clear to me. We didn't execute in big spots plays that were 100% there to be made. As for accountability for the season, yes McDermott deserves some. The Jacksonville defeat can't happen and that was largely on a team that came out of its bye complacent. And yes, you can still at times question his game management and time out usage. However, I definitely, definitely, definitely, hold the personnel side more accountable (McD has some say in that too so he isn't absolved of blame). I don't think they have made good enough personnel decisions the last two years for the most part to add the "over the top" pieces to a very solid core. Beane, Schoen and McDermott to the extent he was in on those calls have some questions to answer. As for firing people? Absolutely not. No way I am firing McDermott or Beane this offseason.
  6. No way. The Bills were the better team last night. Brieda fumbled in FG range early. Knox dropped two 3rd down conversions. Diggs dropped a touchdown. Allen took a bad sack on the penultimate drive that probably led to Bass missing the FG. Knox with an awful penalty on the final drive. This was an execution failure and is 100% on the players. The coaches put them in position in difficult conditions to win a football game against a good opponent. The players made critical mistakes.
  7. I suspect he'd rather go back to college than take that but we shall see.
  8. Nope. That rule changed with the new CBA. 5th year options are guaranteed as soon as they are signed now. The Head Coach in Cincy calls the plays. He isn't giving that up to a guy who has failed so dismally in the league.
  9. I think this Dolphins run is good news for the Bills. It likely means another year of Tua. The kid is playing pretty well at the moment and there has been some growth in his game for sure, he is getting the ball out a little earlier in the route rather than waiting to physically see the separation every time but he has very obvious limitations. Every year that it is Josh Allen vs Tua x2 I fancy the Bills to sweep the Dolphins.
  10. Yea they took up the option, that was a mistake but at least it is only a 1 year thing. As for what they gave up to give him... it's a lot. Who knows who they were bidding against. Apparently Brady was a big voice on moving off Bridgewater and bringing another vet in as well though. Bridgewater is the perfect bridge guy. They should have drafted a Quarterback for my money last April and held onto Teddy another year. I am surprised how poor they have been though. I like their weapons and I like some of their pieces on defense. Joe Brady did look in way over his head. The Head Coach increasingly looks the same.
  11. I agree he is not the only issue but he was definitely an issue. He has been a bit of a disaster in the NFL. They didn't give Darnold a big contract btw. They traded a 2nd and a 4th for him and they did pick up the 5th year option, but they are not tied to him beyond next year. No thanks.
  12. He was an absolute disaster of a hire. If he had been fired 2 weeks ago I think LSU might have hired him. He hasn't had great Quarterbacks but he has struggled even with great weapons to scheme anything up for them.
  13. Is that confirmed? Tirico in for Al? Would be an upgrade for sure. I agree with you on Collinsworth. Sure at times he says cringey stuff but he breaks down the play better than any other color guy.
  14. Not all the same people. But yea, there were folks here who just said "Brady has gone it's over!" Because they had a down year with Cam playing terribly and 8 covid opt outs.
  15. The thing Romo did best was the pre-snap stuff. CBS clearly and blatantly told him to reign that in because some people were complaining that it was somehow ruining the game. Once you take that from him.... he isn't great. Not the funniest, not the best breaking things down fast post-snap and the going really high at the end of sentences is beyond irritating.
  16. I think anyone who believe sports announcers are trying to control their thoughts probably should have their thoughts controlled.
  17. Oh and if people want the absolute worst.... James Lofton. Man he is horrible. I know he was a Bills player and so a lot of you older fans might have a sense of nostalgia about him but he is just bad at his job.
  18. All of them. Yea Collinsworth is a bit of a ball licker, fine, but in terms of breaking down a play that has just happened with why it happened he is the best in the business. I honestly do not understand the hate he gets. Give me him over Tony "I'm just gonna go really higgggghhhhhh now Jim" Romo and Troy "sorry am am I still awake?" Aikman any day of any week. Tirico should 100% have one of the 3 main announcing gigs. When he did ESPN with Gruden I thought he was hands down the best play by play guy of the big networks. Drew was okay on Thanksgiving. I wouldn't be against promoting him in to a more prominent spot. I still want more Matt Millen though. Still hands down the best announce job of the season on Dolphins - Bills.
  19. You are easily triggered is what I'd say. I saw it and it didn't even strike me as odd. Once I thought about (after reading this thread) sure it is a bit odd, but certainly nothing to get too excited over.
  20. I totally disagree with your second sentence. I agree with your first one. It is a shame that they don't play at the Patriots until week 18 because they might be on the beach by then. If the Patriots were going to Miami this week I'd be picking the Dolphins. They have a very good recent record at home against the Patriots.
  21. Oh I know who he is, for sure. I just can't make an accurate comparison on a guy I have only seen clips of.
  22. He was in his prime in New England. They definitely got his best play out of him. I don't consider that as being "home grown" not when you traded a 2nd rounder for him. Before my time I'm afraid. I remember Phil Simms only as a bad color commentator.
  23. Welker was not home grown. New England was his third team and they traded a second round pick for him after his 3rd season.
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