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  1. He is a slot guy anyway. If he had come I'd have been all for it (he never was coming here though he was always getting a big deal somewhere) but it wouldn't have stopped us being 1 injury away from Jake Kumerow on the outside.
  2. That one and the one on Dane Jackson blitzing were absolutely horrible no calls.
  3. I am not sure it had anything to do with budgets. I am sure I remember that Rex's second year the Bills had one of highest pay bills for a coaching staff in the entire league. I don't think since the Pegulas bought the team that has ever been a problem. It was much more reputation IMHO. How attractive is a first time Head Coach, in a cold city, small market, with a team on the longest post season drought in the league and a history of firing coaches? It meant that first staff generally had to be guys who knew Sean and had some personal loyalty to him / trusted him or guys who had no other options. Remember his first OC search? He wanted Mike McCoy as his first choice (bullet dodged he is awful). He chose to go back to Denver for a second stint instead. Then he wanted Brad Childress who was co-OC with Matt Nagy in Kansas City (and bearing in mind Andy is the playcaller that is a bag carriee role) and Childress declined to even take the interview. Then he wanted Greg Olson who took a QB Coach job with the Rams rather than come here. He was left with Dennison. It was a staff of people he had connections with or people whose stock was low. Rick Dennison OC (just been fired as OC in Denver and his buddy Kubiak was retiring). Juan Castillo OL (worked with McD before) David Culley QB (worked with McD before) Kelly Skipper RB (just been fired in Jacksonville) Phil McGeoghan WR (hired from East Carolina University so one can imagine had crossed paths with McDermott in some way while he was with the Panthers) Rob Boras TE (probably the biggest "get" at the time a respected Tight Ends coach but had a disastrous year as OC in LA and had been fired) Leslie Frazier (worked with McD before) Mike Waufle (had just been fired in LA) Bobby Babich DB (worked as a defensive quality control guy for McD in Carolina) Bob Babich LB (Bobby's dad) It was not an attractive place to come. Only 4 are still here. Frazier, Babich Jnr, Boras and Skipper. Chad Hall our current WR coach was on that staff in a junior post as an Offensive Assistant too. The likes of Joe Brady and Aaron Kromer were not walking throught the door in 2017.
  4. Did we? Where was that said? The initial line from the team was standard ACL tear no damage to surrounding ligaments.
  5. They do. But if they remove him from the PUP list today and he plays on Sunday that would already be almost exactly 10 months from his surgery. That is the high end of what you'd consider normal for a "standard" ACL with no other damage. If he doesn't come off for another week and we are into the 11th month since the surgery I start to think that he has not been "on schedule" the entire time and somewhere there was a setback. That wound me up maybe more than it should have done but I honestly swore out loud when I heard him say that.
  6. You mean Zack Moss with the highest YPA of our 3 backs through 4 weeks? I agree btw, Moss sucks. But all 3 backs are just hurt by a complete absence of blocking.
  7. Joint 4th in sacks with 7 other guys. Including some fella name "Jerry Hughes."
  8. He was pretty consistent his 2nd year. He took a big step forward from his rookie year and while his lane discipline in the run game was still occasionally an issue he had 1.5 sacks, 9 passes defended and 10 tackles for loss and put up his best full season in terms of completion % and yards per completion given up in coverage. At the end of his second year I was very much in the "Tremaine is trending towards elite" club. He got hurt at the start of year 3 and I don't know if it knocked his confidence or what but he just never played with that same consistency again through 2020 or 2021 and I was starting to think maybe it never happens. But he has been brilliant so far. Easily the best 4 game stretch of his NFL career.
  9. KC and Tampa I am giving you. TEN was not a bad spot, it was an OL that got blown up. Miami they were in attemptable FG range at least and then the RT got beat and so committed a gratuitous holding penalty. In Jacksonville they gave up a terrible sack. At home to the Patriots Josh got hit on his last two pass attempts as he released the ball. The constant in four of those seven defeats is scrub OLine men getting beat and killing drives.
  10. In that situation you have to know the clock is a factor. If the Bills drive down and score you are not getting the chance to respond. So you only kick the FG if you trust your defense to stop Buffalo. The Ravens went into yesterday the 32nd defense in the NFL and had struggled to stop us all second half. I think kick the FG and trust my defense is the wrong approach in those circumstances.
  11. Poyer. He was a deserved 1st team all pro last year and he has played like one this year. In the three games he has played the team has given up ZERO second half points and he himself has FOUR second half INTs. I have always said he is in that category just below elite... but man the last season and a quarter he has been consistently elite. Incredible.
  12. They had basically two drives all game. The rest was points spotted to them by offensive mistakes. You are not going to keep a team as talented and well coached as Baltimore to zero productive offensive drives. The Bills kept them to two and kept them out of the endzone on one of those two. That is pretty excellent.
  13. It is both. It is Josh Allen and it is the deepest, most talented defense in the NFL. The problem is that assembling and retaining the deepest, most talented defense in the NFL has come at the expense of offensive investment. Which is why at times the offense feels like just Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. They have too many sub par players on the OL, their running backs are "meh" in the best case - Singletary; and bad in the worst case - Moss. At tight end their TE2 is a former UDFA who spent the whole of last year on the PS. And now at receiver they are down (admittedly injuries have hurt) to a hobbled Gabe Davis and a 5th round rookie as their supporting cast to Stef.
  14. That was one of your claims in your 2018 thread. You wanted someone to give you a single reason not to be negative about the GM and coach because you couldn't see one. Not many. Kansas City, definitely. Tampa, arguably (certainly the losing play in OT was on Leslie Frazier). As I set out last week four of the 7 can be traced directly to major offensive line breakdowns on drives to win the game. That is on personnel, not coaching.
  15. I agree too that Harbaugh made the right call going for it. Just to prove, by the way, that I am not arguing with you just to be contrarian. I only argue with you where I think you are wrong. If the Bills needed a touchdown at the end it is hard to believe they wouldn't have got it. The Ravens stopped them once all 2nd half. You have to try and put 7 up there and he might even have gone for 2 had they scored the touchdown.
  16. There was nothing wrong with my punctuation. Maybe you should try, you know, reading? As for what you said then it included claiming there was not "a single reason not to be negative about the coach and GM." I think this is one where you might be better off taking the "L".
  17. Agree. He doesn't need to practice to get into shape. He is allowed to do that now while on PUP. He can work out. He isn't allowed to do any football stuff. But as you say, vet, been in the system 5 years.... while you may want to have him on a pitch count the first couple of weeks to let him get used to the exertions of a football game the idea that he needs 2 or 3 weeks of practice before he can get on the field is for the birds I think. Anyone know when we find out? Is it today or tomorrow that they can activate him? I repeat what I said last week... if he is not activated this week then there has been a setback we have not been told about.
  18. I was in favour of the Knox extension I actually think he is super talented. Other than Kyle Pitts there isn't a tight end in football (aged 25 or under) that I'd take over him. He is playing hobbled at the moment which is hurting him a bit but I have been worried by his use in the Ken Dorsey offense. Maybe because of the injury they are not asking to him to do as much as they would otherwise but it started in LA before he got hurt against TEN. They are using him as a blocker. He should be a passing game mismatch as he was a lot last year, especially in the redzone and the fringe redzone area. It is concerning having signed him to that deal.
  19. "IN" Baltimore. No they haven't. I was the biggest Peterman sucks guy going. I told people before that draft I didn't even think he was draftable. I was Peterman sucks before being Peterman sucks was cool. Of course McDermott is lucky to have Josh Allen. You don't win consistently in this league without top Quarterback play, no matter how good of a coach you are. The good ones keep teams around .500 without a good Quarterback. McDermott did that. Of course with a talent like Josh you have to win divisions (tick), make and ultimately win, Superbowls. Nobody is denying there is still a bridge to cross. Nor that McDermott at the coaches screwed up at the end in Kansas City. But you criticise him for things that are not legitimate criticisms because you have an agenda. You told us your agenda in September 2018. You were wrong with your prediction then and you are wrong with it now.
  20. Especially give that Dorsey basically wants to use him as a blocker.
  21. You were out on McDermott after the opening day defeat the last time the Bills played in Baltimore. You had a whiny thread about it where you told everyone that anyone showing any optimism was wrong and that this regime of coach and GM was just like all the others through the drought years. Since that day the Bills are 46-28 regular and post season. I think your credibility on this point is rather thin.
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